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Johns Hopkins University Studies


H. B. ADAMS, Editor.


The following Studies are either ready for the press or in active preparation. Some of them will be published in the first instance by the University. Others will be reprints from the proceedings of learned societies, magazines, etc., where they appear in some cases under titles slightly different from those here adopted. The idea of this series is to bring together, in numbered monographs, kindred contributions to Historical and Political Science, so that individual efforts may gain strength by combination and become more useful as well as more accessible to students. The Studies will be published at monthly intervals, but not necessarily in separate form or in the following order. A limited edition only of each monographic number will be issued and a price will be set upon each as soon as it appears. A few single copies will be sold upon application and receipt of price. By paying $3.00 in advance, subscribers may avoid the inconvenience of small remittances and be assured of receiving, at lower rates, the first twelve numbers, comprising more than twelve papers and about 400 pages. A title-page and table of contents will be furnished upon completion of the First Series.

Scientific communications should be addressed to the EDITOR; business matters, subscriptions, questions touching exchanges, etc., to the PUBLICATION AGENCY (N. MURRAY), JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, BALTIMORE, MARYLAND.

Subscriptions will also be received, or single copies furnished, by G. P. PUTNAM'S SONS, LONDON (18 Henrietta St., Covent Garden) AND NEW YORK; PORTER & COATES, PHILADELPHIA; CUPPLES, UPHAM & Co., (successors of A. Williams & Co.), BOSTON; SOULE & BUGBEE, BOSTON; ROBERT CLARKE & Co., CINCINNATI; Jansen, MCCLURG & Co., CHICAGO; JAMES ANGLIM & Co., Washington; TRÜBNER & Co., LONDON; KARL J. TRÜBNER, STRASSBURG; PUTTKAMMER & MÜHLBRECHT, BERLIN.

I. An Introduction to American Institutional History. By EDWARD A. FREEMAN, D.C.L., LL.D. With an account of Mr. Freeman's Visit to Baltimore, by the Editor, republished from the Johns Hopkins University Circular, No. 20. (Now ready. Price, 25 cents).

II. The Germanic Origin of New England Towns. Read before the Harvard Historical Society, May 9, 1881. By H. B. ADAMS, Ph. D. Heidelberg, 1876; Associate Professor of History, Johns Hopkins University. With Notes on Cooperation in University Work. (Now ready. Price, 40 cents).

III. Local Government in Illinois. Reprinted from the Fortnightly Review. By ALBERT SHAW, A. B. Iowa College, 1879; Johns Hopkins University, 1881-2: and Local Government in Pennsylvania. Read before the Pennsylvania Historical Society, May 1, 1882. By E. R. L. GOULD, A. B. Victoria University, 1881; Fellow in History, Johns Hopkins University, 1882. (Now ready. Price 30 cents.)

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