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The observations which I have here taken occasion to make have a common bearing on the Bibliographical Collections and Notes of 1876 and on the present volume, in which the same principle and aim have ruled me. The two books comprehend about 16,000 separate entries, gathered together at intervals from a great variety of sources, and often under difficult circumstances, but, I hope, in all cases with fidelity and success; and if to these we add 5000 for the portion of the Handbook of 1867, catalogued on the same plan, and therefore presumably of permanent worth, we arrive at a total of 21,000 orthodox titles. will strike any person of experience as rather big figures. No volumes,




indeed, in our own language, or probably in any other, afford an equal body of information on what in any country should be considered a subject of national dignity and concernment.

The NOTES will be found tolerably plentiful. They are, as a rule, relevant merely to the subject-matter of the particular work to which they are appended, but occasionally they illustrate the life of the author, or refer to some interesting point connected with another book by him. They have not been drawn up without very considerable trouble, and they ought, perhaps, to assist in dispelling the common illusion that a bibliographer is very little more than a mechanical transcriber. How few things, on the contrary, he ought not to know, if his functions are to be satisfactorily performed!

In conclusion, I shall do myself the pleasure to thank those who have most materially helped me: Mr. Henry Pyne, Mr. Furnivall, Mr. Richard Garnett of the British Museum, Mr. Aldis Wright, Mr. Christie-Miller, Mr. Alfred Wallis of Derby, Mr. Frederick Locker, my Publisher who invariably lets me see any book which he has bought, and the eminent auctioneers Messrs. Sotheby, Wilkinson, and Hodge, whose liberality and kindness this is not my first opportunity of commemorating.

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A. E. M.A.

An Elegy on Her Grace Elizabeth Duchess
of Ormond, who died July the 21st, 1684.
By E. A. M.A. of Trin. Coll. Dubl. In
the Savoy, Printed by Tho. Newcomb.
1684. Folio, 4 leaves.

A. G.,

Pallas Armata. The Gentlemans Ar-
morie; wherein the right and genuine
use of the Rapier and of the Sword, as
well against the right handed as the left
handed man is displayed: And now set
forth and first published for the commnon
[sic] good by the Author. [Quot. from
Valerius Maximus.] Printed at London
by J. D. for John Williams
80., 8 leaves: A-G in eights. With
woodcuts. Grenv. Coll.
A. J.,


The Good Womans Champion: Or, A
defence for the weaker Vessell, being fit
for Widdowes, Wives, Maidens, or others,
to read or heare. Wherein is vindicated
the bitter reproaches, and scandalous
writings of some fantastick men, against
poore, harmlesse Women, and Maides.
With a carefull Wives good Counsell to a
carelesse bad Husband. By J. A. Printed
at London for Francis Grove, and are to be
sold at his Shop neare the Sarazens Head
on Snow Hill. [Circa 1640.] 8°, 8 leaves.
In prose and verse. Br. Museum (the
Wolfreston copy).

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Country, to a Citizen of London. London
Printed in the year, 1660. 4°.

This letter from J. A. to his cousin is
dated from Yorkshire, April 22, 1660.

A., M.

Poems, Upon Several Occasions. By M.
A. Together with some Choice Letters
by the same Author. Licens'd June 12:
1668. London, Printed by S. G. 1668.
8°. A, 4 leaves: B-K in eights, last
leaf blank. Dedicated to John, Earl of

Some of these pieces are in the Derby.
shire dialect.

A. R., Cantabrigiensis.

An Elegie upon the Deaths of the Earle
of Southampton and the lord Wriottesly.
Licensed to Henry Seile, 22 Dec. 1624.
A. T.

Some Reflections upon a late Pamphlet,
in a Letter to J. H. Printed for Joseph
Hindmarsh. 1681. A folio leaf sub-
scribed T. A.

A. W.

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Libretto Di Abacho per far imparare gli
figlioli, gli principij Dell' Arithmetica.
Licensed to John Wolfe, to be printed in
English and Italian, 27 Aug. 1590.

A Briefe Description of the Whole World.
London, Printed by B. Alsop, for
J. M.... 1641. 12°, A-G in twelves,
including the engraved title.
ABBOT, GEORGE, Esquire, M.P.

The Whole Book of Psalms Paraphrased:
Or, Made easier for any to understand.
With the matter comprehended in each
Psalm, respectively collected, and pre-
fixed thereunto, by way of Contents. By
George Abbot Esquire, Deceased and
member of this present Parliament.
London, Printed by William Bentley.
Anno Dom. 1650. 4o, A in eights, A 1
occupied by a device only: B-3 P 2 in
fours, 3 P 2 blank.

Dedicated by Richard Vines to Mrs.
Joan Purefoy, wife of Colonel Purefoy, of
Caldecote in Warwickshire. The version is
in prose.

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Absalom Senior: Or, Achitophel Trans-
pos'd. A Poem. Revis'd, with Addi-
tions. London: . . . 1682. 4o, A-F 2
in fours.

ACACIUS, Baro de Doua.

Parallelismus nov-antiqui erroris Pela-
giarminiani. [Quot. from Matth. 7, 16.]
Londini, Impensis Roberti Mylbovrne.
1626. 4o, A-B in fours, or 8 leaves.
A Parallel Of New-Old Pelagiarminian
Error. Do men gather grapes of thornes
or figs of thistles? Matth. 7. 16. Lon-
don, Printed for Robert Milbourne. 1626.
4o, A-B in fours: C-D, 2 leaves each.

Vindiciae Academiarum Containing, Some
briefe Animadversions upon Mr. Web-
sters Book, Stiled, The Examination of
Academies. Together with an Appendix
concerning what M. Hobbs and M.
Dell have published on this Argument.
Oxford, Printed by Leonard Lichfield.
... 1654. 4o, A-I 2 in fours.

The New Academy of Complements.
London, Printed for Samuel Speed, near
the Inner Temple-Gate in Fleetstreet.
1670. Price 1s. 6d. 8°, B-06 in twelves,
besides the frontispiece and title.
A New Academy of Complements: Or
The Lover's Secretary.... The Eleventh
Edition, with Additions.

Printed for A. Bettesworth. . . . 1734.
8°, A-G in eights, last two leaves blank
or with advertisements; but A in twelves.

There is a curious descriptive list of
dances at the end. The copy employed
was imperfect.


Fidelis Achates: Or, An Historical Ac-
count of the most Remarkable Actions
in the Late Reigns, and the Present



In Heroick Verse. Lon-
don, Printed for John Sprint, at the Bell
in Little Britain. 1699. 8°, A-L in
eights, including 2 leaves of advertise-
ments at end.


The Key of Knowledge. Contayning
sundry godly Prayers and Meditations,
very necessary to occupy the mindes of
well disposed persons. Imprinted at
London by William Seres. [1571.] Sm.
8o, black letter, A-Z in eights. Printed
within borders. Lambeth.

The Almanac on the back of the title is
for 17 years, 1572-88.

The Military Garden. Or, Instrvctions for
all Yovng Sovldiers, and svch who are
disposed to learne, and have Knowledge of
the Militarie Discipline. Wherein are
set downe the conditions and qualities
which are required in every severall
officer of a private company. Observed
and set in order according to the best
Military practise by James Achesone,
Gentleman at Armes, Burges of Edinburgh,
Edinburgh Printed by John Wreittoun
Anno Dom. 1629. Cum privilegio
Regali. 4o. Title and dedication to the
Provost, &c., of Edinburgh, 2 leaves :
A-E 2 in fours. B. M.

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The First State of Mahumedism.
The Second Edition. By the Author of
the Present State of the Jews. London,
Printed for Will. Crook. . . . 1687. 8°.
A, 4 leaves: B-K 4 in eights.

A cup for the Citie, And Her Adherents.
Printed in the Year MDCXLVIII. 4o, 6
leaves, subscribed Henry Adis.

A Declaration of a small Society of Bap-
tized Believers, undergoing the name of
Free-Willers, about the City of London.
London, Printed for the Author Henry
Adis Upholdster, living in Princes Street,
and Published the 1.. day of the 11.
Month, Heathenishly called in honour to
their God Janus, January, 1659.
sheet. Br. Museum (mutilated).


A Fannaticks Letter Sent out of the Dun-
geon of the Gate-House Prison of West-
minster: To all His Brethren in the three
Nations at Liberty; and also in the seve-
ral Goales and Dungeons therein, that are
under all the Principles of the Doctrines
of Christ, Heb. 6. 1, 2. By Henry Adis.


London, Printed by S. Dover for
the Author, 1660 [March 6, 1659-
60]. 4o, A-D 2 in fours, D 2 blank.
Br. Museum.

A Fannaticks Mite Cast into the Kings
Treasury Being a Sermon Printed to
the King, because not Preach'd before the
King. By Henry Adis, a Baptized Be-
liever, London, Printed for the
Author, an Upholdster, living in Princes-
street, near Covent-Garden, 1660.
*-3* in fours: B-T in fours.


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