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New York:

120 Nassau-st.-(Up stairs.)



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English and American railroads, 260
Adams' Saml., combined

143 Erie canal enlargement,

Alloy, new,
23 Erie canal tonnage,

252 Atmospheric resistance on rail

roads, 24, 138, 168, 203 Fessenden, J. M., rail and chair, 331
Aycrigg, B., theory of crank, 324 Fires, preventing & extinguish-

ing, on steam vessels, 243, 317 Boston and Lowell R.R. report, 188 Fires on railroad cars,

328 Portland

188 Fulton, on the internal improveProvidence

190 ments of N. Y,, 41, 67, 104, 133

Boring granite rock,

346 Great western railroad in Upper Bridges, destroyed by ice, 161 Canada,

231 Brussels and Antwerp railroad, 40


Hassard & Co.'s bridges, 265
Casey, W. R., on Lardner's rail- Hassler, F. R., report on coast
way constants,

70, 168

survey, and standard weights Casey, W. R., on Great West

and measures

270, 297 ern railroad, 231 Hogshead cars,

209 Camden and Amboy railroad Holcomb, F. P., on Farmington report, 171, 196, 253, 281, 313 canal,

360 Central railroad, Ga., 24, 177, 381

Charleston and Hamburg R. R. 23 Institution of civil engineers, 68, 81
Charlestown branch railroad re- Iron canal boats,

210 Iron vessels,

329 Chesapeake and Ohio canal, 264

Congleton viaduct,

22 Johnson, E. F., Tables for railCoast survey, Hassler's report, 270 road curves; cubical quantities, 100 Crank, theory of 161, 204, 241,

L [262, 264, 324, Laws of trade, C. Ellet, Jr., 122, 145 Cushman, W. Mc C. on atmos- Lecount, Lieut. P., on railroads, 54 pheric resistance,


[84, 151, 175 Cushman, W. Mc C., on crank Long Island railroad, survey of 17 motion, 241 Locomotive, new,

23 Cumberland road,


181 D

Minerva, performance of, 159 Delaware and Raritan canal, 171

Gowan and Marx, per(196, 253, 281, 313 formance of,

159 Dublin and Kingston railroad,


Massachusetts railroads, table of, 174
Earle's Dr. Edw., preservation Manchester & Birmingham R.R. 22
of timber,
102, 356 Menai bridge,

32 Eastern railroad report,

210 Medals, new mode of copying, 50, 299 Eckford, Henry, memoirs of, 338 Meteorological record, 160, 352 Ellet, C. Jr., Laws of trade, 122, 145 Memphis branch railroad, 192 Ellet, C. Jr., Suspension bridge Memorial of owners, etc., 302, 347 over the Schuylkill, 129 Mechanics, memoirs of,

337 Emmet, R., opinion of, on rail- Miller, E., communication on roads in streets,

451 institution of civil Engineers, 81



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road report,

Mohawk and Hudson railroad

S receipts, 179 Safety brake, King's,

367 N Seasoning timber,

226 Nashua & Lowell R. R. report, 213 Serrell's, H. R. & J. E., means New York and Erie railroad, 3, 266 for extinguishing fires, 243

(275, 343 Shotwell, E., survey Long IsNew York & Harlem railroad, land railroad,

17 memorial of, 15, 36, 45 State works,

3 New York & Harlem railroad, Steam engines, theory of, 20, 89 receipts,

52, 173, 252 Bunnett and Corpe's New York internal improve

and boilers, Parkes on, 61 ments of, 41, 67, 104, 133 Steam ship, East India Co.'s, 59 New York, State aid to internal


63 improvements,

United States,

371 New York and Albany railroad, 373 Steamboat Lexington, burning of, 97 New Bedford and Taunton rail

discussion on, 193, 257, 290 215

[322, 335, 357 Norwich and Worcester railroad

extinguishing fires, 243, 317 report,

fire engine,

288 P

owners, etc., memorial Parks on steam engines and boil


302, 347 ers,

61 Steam, application of, as a moPalmer on steam as a moving ving power,

181, 206 power, 181, 206 Stone, breaking,

229 Pennsylvania appropriation bill, 375 Stuart, C. B., on specifications of Philadelphia and Columbia rail- N. Y. and Erie railroad, 266, 275 road,

187 Standard weights and measures, Power of men, 178 report on,

297 R

Suspension bridge, Ellet's plan Railroads in cities, 33, 45, 109 for Schuylkill,

129 influence of, 47 Suspension bridges,

161 in State of New York, 49 Syracuse and Utica railroad, innew mode of executing, 53 come of,

170, 187 Lecount on, 54, 84, 151, 175

T Judge Wright on, 127 Tables of cubical quantities etc., 100 and canals,

196 Taunton branch railroad report, 219 English & American, 260 Timber, preservation of, 102 carriage, new, 269 Timber seasoning,

226 track, improved, 320 Tide-water canal,

376 cars, fire on, prevented, 328 Tracy, H., on crank motion, 262 chair & rail, Fessenden's, 331|Travelling statistics,

342 of Belgium, 369 Turnbridges,

51 cast iron,

372 Tunnel through the Alps, 181 and canals, comparative Tunnel, Port Clinton,


corporations in Massa-
Water, to purify,

23 chusetts, report of, 171, 174 Ward, J. D., criticism on Ren

[188, 210, 244 wick, 193, 257, 290, 322, 335, 350 Reading R., performance on, 144, 159 Western and Atlantic railroad, 54 Reduction of fare, 256, 259, 294 Western railroad report, 220, 244 Reynolds, L. O., report of Cen

[256, 294 tral railroad,

24 West Stockbridge railroad rep., 251 Roebling, J. A., theory of the Welland canal, improvement of, 366 crank,

161, 264 Williams, L., railway constanıs, 203 Roads, common,

293 Wilmington and Raleigh R.R., 269

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In commencing a new volume it may not be amiss to refer to the labors of another year, and to throw out a few hints as to what

may be expected as matter of interest and discussion. The difficulties consequent upon the commercial einbarrassments of the past year, have retarded, for a time at least, the progress of internal improvement. While the delay is but temporary for all useful and necessary public works, it will have the effect of bringing about a more cautious examination of projected improvements than has hitherto prevailed. A stricter estimate of the resources of proposed public works will hereafter be required, and we conceive that Mr. Ellet has done the profession a service in giving to the public his " Laws of Trade," being the first attempt to reduce to rules and fixed laws, a class of computations hitherto made with the utmost latitude of conjecture.

The difficulty of procuring sun is, while operating to the permanent obstruction of injudicious projects, will require much economy in the management of those bas: d upon more solid foundations than mere paper re

The assistance of the State authorities becomes more than ever necessary, but before granting this, a very important question has to be settled. Shall the State a lopt one or two works and thereby be deprived of the power of giving aid to any other works? The question has been freely discussed in the public prints, and is now very rearly separated from party considerations. There can be no doubt that the best results have been attained where a complete and extensive system of public works, has been definitely arranged before commencing. Belgium affords a fine example of this. Now, it is impossible with us, for State governments to accomplish such a task with their own resources. How, then, shall the enterprise of individuals or companies be assisted by the State, without defeating the formation of a connected system of improvements ? Obviously by the formation of a Slate boud of public improvement, irho, discarding exploded no. tions in regard 10 canals shall be able to moull out of the various in ivid. ual projects asking aid of our legislature, such a system as shall satisfy all


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