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Though private prayer be a brave design,
Yet public hath more promises, more love;

And love's a weight to hearts; to eyes a sign.

We all are but cold suitors; let us move

Where it is warmest. Leave thy six and seven;

Pray with the most, for, where most pray, is heaven.

When once thy foot enters the Church, be bare.
GOD is more there than thou; for thou art there
Only by His permission. Then beware;

And make thyself all reverence and fear.

Kneeling ne'er spoil'd silk stocking. Quit thy state :
All equal are within the Church's gate.



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We cannot send forth the third volume of our little periodical, without availing ourselves of the opportunity, thus afforded, of saying a few words to our readers. To many kind friends throughout the country, our warmest thanks are due, and are hereby tendered, for the great exertions they have made to increase our circulation; and for which we shall show our esteem most effectually by making it our unceasing study to render each succeeding volume more deserving of their confidence and support. In our literary labours we have this year been assisted by various Clergymen, known not only for the discharge of their duties as Parish Priests, but also for the valuable works that have proceeded from their pens: and, whilst we thank them for their past efficient services, we are cheered by the knowledge that our future pages will be enriched by their contributions. Since our Magazine was commenced, great and important changes have taken place. The whole of Europe has been shaken by a mighty convulsion. Kings have been hurled from their thrones, and Governments overthrown at the beck of an ill-instructed mob. At home there is much dissatisfaction, and evil-disposed persons are striving to sow the seeds of discord and rebellion in the land. We have thought it needful to draw attention to these events in a prominent manner, and shall continue to do so as cir

cumstances may seem to require it. But in this and in all else we shall still adhere to our great and chief object, which is to keep before men's eyes the fact that there is but ONE BODY, and that it is the duty of the members thereof to sympathize with each other, as having common interests, common fears, common dangers, and common hopes.

Gratified as we are that our labours have met with the approval of some high in authority, and cheered on by the kind approbation of our friends, we shall devote our every energy to improve the Magazine as much as possible, in the hopes that it may tend to the edification of the Body of CHRIST, and, in however slight a degree, to the advancement of the interests of our spiritual mother, the Church of England.


The Festival of S. Philip and S. James.

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