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LOSELEY is situated about two miles from Guild. was more eastward, through a porch or vestibule, ford on the south west: the manor, which was crown butler's pantry: over this original entrance land in the time of Edward the Confessor, was held were placed three stone figures-on the right was by one Osmund; it consisted of four hundred acres, Pate holding a celestial globe, with these words : and was valued at 1201. present currency. After the

Non Fors sed Fatum ;" on the left fortune treading conquest it was given to Roger de Montgomery, earl on a globe, and holding a wheel, on which was of Arundel and Shrewsbury, who attended the con- inscribed “ Fortuna omnia ;” in the middle was a queror in his expedition, and was one of his princi-figure with one foot on a wheel, the other on a globe, pal counsellors; this earl, in the latter part of his holding a book open and pointing to these words, life, became a monk in the priory of Shrewsbury,

Non Fors sed Fatum :" over the entrance to the which he had founded. The manor of Loseley was vestibule was this distichpurchased in the twenty-fourth of Henry VIII. by Christopher More, esq. who was sheriff of Surry and “INVIDE tangendi tibi limina nulla facultas, Sussex; he died here in the year 1549. His eldest At tibi AMICE patent janna mensa domus.” son, William, built the main body of the present mansion, which faces the north, and now has an Over the door of the hall, parlour, buttery, and extensive wing on the west; on the east is the garden kitchen, are appropriate Latin inscriptions : on the wall of equal dimensions with the wing, and with stairs leading to the gallery is a large allegorical corresponding projections and doors, which last are picture, representing at one end the effects of a virnow filled up. The building is composed of the or. tuous life, at the other end the consequences of a dinary stone found in the county. In the centre is vicious course. The manor of Loseley came by mar. a hall forty-two feet in length, and about twenty-five riage into the family of sir Thomas Molineaux, knt. in breadth; the wing contains on its first floor a from whom it descended, through several heirs, to gallery 121 feet long and eighteen feet wide; the Thomas More Molineaux, esq. who dying unmarried principal entrance opens into the hall; formerly it | in 1777, left the possession lo his fourth sister Jane.

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* LINCLUDEN COLLEGE, a great part of which is tration of the Scottish government, especially John still remaining, stands upon a romantic and se- Cameron, appointed provost in 1422 : he was secretary questered spot, within a mile and a half north-west to Archibald, fourth earl of Douglas, and on the from Dumfries. It was founded by Uthered father restoration of James I. was made first lord privyto Rolland, who was lord of Galloway during the seal, and the keeper of the great seal. He was reign of Malcolm IV.; the founder placed here a afterwards elected to the bishopric of Glasgow, and convent of nuns of the Benedictine order. This passed through many other great offices in church religious establishment he endowed with large pos- and state; but, upon the murder of his patron sessions of land, situated within the baronies of James, he was displaced from his chancellorship, Corse Michael and Drumslith, in the stewartry of and soon after retired to his episcopal see, when he Kirkcudbright; the names of these lands may be built the tower of the palace, over which his escut. found in Grose's Antiquities of Scotland. It appears, cheon and arms were lately to be seen : he died on that shortly after the settlement of these Benedictine the eve of Christmas 1446. The first provost was nuns, the severe and strict injunction imposed upon named Elise ; he was succeeded by Alexander Cairns, the order became extremely burdensome to them, who was chancellor to earl Architald the fourth : of and the laxity of discipline was at length so visible, the other heads Cameron, who has been already as to occasion the remonstrances of Archibald the noticed, seems to have been the most distinguished. Grim, earl of Douglas, who, being a man of singular The last provost was John Douglas of Boatford, on piety, was greatly incensed at the immorality of their whose demise, in the year 1565, Lincluden was made conduct; but finding that his admonitions were a temporal barony, and formed part of the possesdisregarded, he expelled thein a short time prior to sions of the family of Nithsdale. It is at this time the year 1400. He afterwards established in their the property of William Hagerston Maxwell Conroom a College, which consisted of a provost and stable, esq. by his marriage with lady Winifred twelve beadsmen; many of the principals of this Maxwell, heiress of the ancient family of that name. College were men of consequence and rank, and Some judgment may be formed of this College in some of them have held high offices in the adminis. | its prosperous state by an inspection of its present

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