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camp (Clevedon), Somersetshire. Numismatic Chron. xvi. 238–


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comoners and strakers adjoyn'd, made
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about 1612, 10 Jac."
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formerly in Canterbury cathedral. Arch. Cantiana, xxii.


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Field Club Proc.

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Warwickshire. Proc. Soc. Antiq. xvi. 163–164.

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excursion to King's county. Jour. Roy. Soc. Antiq. Ireland,

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Proc. Soc. Bib. Arch. xvi. 274-279.

On some Babylonian and Assyrian alliterative texts. Proc.
Soc. Bib. Arch. xvii. 131-151.

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Hospital. Dorset Nat. Hist. and Antiq. Field Club Proc. xiii.

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Arch. Coll. xl. 273–274.

Some 17th and 18th century Sussex tradesmen's accounts.
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SWAN (R. M. W.).

Some notes on ruined temples in Mashonaland.

Jour. Anthrop. Inst. xxvi. 2–13.

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Wilts, Arch. and Nat. Hist. Mag. xxix. 11-19.

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Mostyn, knight and baronet, its first colonel. Jour. Chest. Arch.
and Hist. Soc. N.S. iv. 52–67.

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