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162 Indenture between Wm., Lord Byron, and John Brown Davis, Esq., for grant of annuity of £100, as a collateral

security to be issuing out of premises in Newstead,

Nottingham, 3rd November, 1777.

Lent by the Committee of the Nottingham Mechanics' Institution.

163 Letter from William, 5th Lord Byron (born 1722, died 1798, known as "Devil Byron," Grand Uncle of the Poet, who succeeded him), giving instructions for Newstead to be prepared for his reception. Dated Dec. 24th, 1784.


Lent by Mr. James Ward. Petition of Edmund Cartwright, for a Patent for the invention of machinery for dressing, heckling, combing, and preparing hemp, flax, wool, hair, silk and cotton. Sworn at Louth, March 17th, 1790. Signed Edmund Cartwright. Lent by Mr. James Ward.

165 Fox, Charles James. Letter to the Mayor of Nottingham, declining the Recordership of Nottingham, in favour of the Duke of Portland. Dated 7th April, 1794, (Printed in Blackner's History).

Lent by Mr. J. Warren.

166 Commission, dated 17th Jan., 1799, appointing Samuel Smith, Esq., Colonel of the Notts. Volunteers.


Lent by Mr. Frank Smith.

Letter from C. G. Byron (Mother of the Poet), to Hugh Watson, Esq., writer to the Signet, Edinburgh, informing him, that she had not received her interest. With seal. Dated, Newstead Abbey, 28th Nov., 1809. 168 Byron (Lord.) Draft in the Poet's handwriting. Dated


Lent by Mr. F. W. Dobson.

169 Document, containing signatures of the Nottinghamshire subscribers to a fund for the Widow's and Orphan's of the Soldiers, who fell at Waterloo, 1815.

Lent by Mr. W. Wakefield.

170 Letter from John Blackner (Historian) to Mr. Sutton (a political prisoner in Northampton County Gaol). Dated, Nottingham, 17th Sept., 1816.

Lent by Mr. James Ward.

from Lady Byron (Wife of the Poet), to Mr. E. rowne, Vernon Street, Nottingham, relating to the vacant ost of schoolmaster at Kirkby.

Dated Melbury Terrace,

t. 15th, 1839.

Lent by Mr. James Ward.

from Elizabeth Pigot, friend of Lord Byron,

Miss Sutton. Dated March 1st, 1864.

Lent by Mr. James Ward.

on to the Corporation of Nottingham, signed by ver 1,000 Ratepayers, in favour of establishing a Free brary in Nottingham. 1867.

Lent by Mr. James Ward.

176 Collection of Book Plates used by Families cor

with Nottinghamshire.

Lent by Mr. James Ward, M

Robert Thoroton, Thos. Thoroton,

John Plumtre, Robert Plumtre, Rev. Henry Plumtre.
William de Moubray, M. C. Hall, S. E. Hall.

Capt. J. H. Tait, R. N., A. D. Tate, F. S. Tate, James C
W. Bell.

J. L. Story, Bernal Osborne, W. P. Clay, W. W. P. Clay.
Edward Markham, Francis W. H. Cavendish.

Storer, M.D., F.R.S., Storer, M.D. (two varieties).
Major Wightman, Wm. Chapman, Henry Fynes Clinton.
Charles Lindley, J. B. Clifton, Thos. Whitaker.

Sir Thos. Parkyns, Bart., Thos. Boultbee Parkyns (two va
John Hardy, Marie Braithwaite, Thos. Bolton, R. A. J
J. Smith-Wright (two varieties).

Rev. W. Barrow, L.L.D., S.A.S., Su: Duke, 1780, Samuel
Joseph Sikes, LLB., (Rev. J.) Sikes (two varieties).
John Bryan, John Eyre, Emily Belper, Lord Belper.
Josh. Strutt, G. B. Strutt (two varieties).

Duke of St. Albans, C. Snart, R. Blankley, John Midd
Robert Lowe.

Earl Manvers, John Thomas Becher.

Charlotte Chaworth, John Chaworth Musters (two varieti
The Right Honorable Washington Sewallis, Earl Ferrers
Richard Milward, Edward Manvers, H. B. Beaumont.
The Rt. Hon. Wm. Byron, Lord Byron, Sir Gervase Clifto
John Hutchinson, Sempronius Stretton.

John J. Beresford, Charles Hurt, Lord Denman, W. Kend
John Jebb, D.D., F.R.S., G. S. Foljambe, Mr. Birkin,


James Norman, Rev. A. W. Burnside, C. T. Waldo, S
Percy J. and Alice G. Cropper.

E. Laurence Manning, J. Harrold Herbert, James Wa
F. W. Wheatley.

George Herbert, Thos. Wright Henson, John T. Spaldi

J. P. Briscoe, John T. Godfrey, W. B. Cooke.


Robert Thoroton, Esq., of Screveton, in County Notts.
Lent by Mr. Robert White.

178 Lord Byron, of Newstead.

Lent by the Committee of the Nottingham Mechanics' Institution.

179 John Crosby (three varieties).

Lent by Mr. J. C. Warren, M.A.


180 Seals of Welbeck Abbey, &c.

Lent by Mr. Robert White.


181 Nottingham Post. 1711.

Lent by Mr. Robert White.

This is the earliest known Nottingham newspaper.

182 Nottingham Mercury, for January 27th, 1716. Printed and sold by J. Collyer, in the Long Row. Price, three halfpence.

Lent by Mr. James Ward.

183 Nottingham Mercury, for March 11th, 1724-5. Printed by John Collyer, at the Hen Cross.

Lent by the Committee of the Nottingham Free Public Library.

184 Notts. Mercury, for May 6th, 1725.

Lent by Mr. George Fellows, J.P.

185 Nottingham Weekly Courant, for May 10th, 1744. Lent by Mr. George Fellows, J.P.

186 Creswell's Nottingham Journal, for August 6th,


Lent by Mr. George Fellows, J.P.

Lent by Mr. F. W. Clements.

187 Nottingham Newspapers. (Framed).



188 Countess of Chesterfield, portrait of. By Sir Peter Lely. Born 1618. Died 1680.




Lent by Mr. James Ward.

Elizabeth Butler, Countess of Chesterfield, was eldest daughter of James, Duke of Ormond, and second wife to Philip Stanhope, second Earl of Chesterfield. She died in 1665.

Portrait of John Stanford Elliott.

Lieut-Colonel of

the Nottingham Volunteer Infantry, 1798-1808.

Lent by the Committee of the Bromley House Library.

J. Storer, M.D., F.R.S., portrait of. Painted on China, by W. Corden, 1828.

Lent by Mr. James Ward. Dr. Storer was born 1747, and died 1837. He took a leading part in forming the Nottingham General Hospital, of which institution he was appointed consulting physician extraordinary for life. He was the first President of Bromley House Library, Nottingham. 1816-1819.

Lord Byron, portrait of.

Lent by Mrs. Chaworth Musters.

192 Portraits (2), of Henry Kirke White, and his parents. Lent by Mr. J. Potter Briscoe, F.R.H.S.

193 View of the Old Trent Bridge, Nottingham.

Lent by Mr. W. Bradshaw.

194 Snuffbox, painted with landscape. By J. Rawson Walker, native of Nottingham. Born 1796. Died 1873.

Lent by Mr. James Ward.

195 Illuminations (3), Historical. Painted by Mr. F. Clements. Lent by Mr. F.Clements.

The first gives a concise history of Nottingham Castle, from 1485 to 1650; the second, the Castle in 1700; and the third, St. Mary's Church in the 15th century.

196 Views of "Sneinton Manor," and the "Ferry Inn," Wilford, by Stacey Blake (Pen and Ink).

Lent by the Committee of the Nottingbam Free Puhlic Library.

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