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(See No. 125.)


124 Latin Bible, Illuminated manuscript, on vellum, circa 1250, A.D. Remarkably fine and small writing, and tastefully illuminated initials.

125 Gradual of York.

Lent by Mr. M. I. Preston.

Lent by Mr. James Ward, M.B.S., Lond.

This probably the oldest Nottinghamshire Service Book in existence is a large folio consisting of 133 leaves of vellum, bound in oak boards, covered with sheepskin. The Manuscript, which is throughout set to music, dates back to the 14th century. It is a Gradual of York use, Nottinghamshire having been in the Province & Diocese of York until 1836. Its contents consist of the music of the Masses of the Church Seasons, in proper order, followed by the Mass of the Dedication Festival of a Church; the Kyriale, containing the fixed part of the Mass; viz. the Creed, Kyrie, Gloria in Excelsis, Sanctus, Agnus Dei; the Proper of Saints, the Common of Saints, and the Mass for the dead.

The Gradual was written for the service of an ordinary Parish Church. On one of the blank_leaves at the end is plainly written "Iste liber est ville de Est Drayton," also a number of names, including that of "Reyner," which appears several times. The members of this family were from a very early period the largest landowners in East Drayton. It is very probable that the names written in this book were those of parishoners whose "obits" were to be observed.

126 Psalter, Illuminated Manuscript, written for one John Harpur, of Staffordshire, Circa 1450.

Folio volume, vellum, with original chain by which it was attached in Rushall Church; it contains the usual Sarum Calendar, Horae B.V.M., Litany, and Vigils of the Dead, followed by a complete Psalter, the usual Canticles, and another Litany. There are also several interesting preliminary stanzas, on various subjects, and many entries of family history of the Harpurs and Leighs, who owned Rushall.

Lent by Mr. Henry Mellish.

127 Processional, Illuminated, with the music. 15th century. Apparently written for French Dominicans.

Lent by Mr. Samuel Page.

128 Book of Hours, Illuminated. Flemish, 15th century.

Lent by Mrs. Chaworth Musters.

129 Hours, Illuminated, on vellum.. 15th century. Of French origin.

Lent by Mr. M. I. Preston.

130 Officium Beate Marie Virginis. Illuminated manuscript, on vellum. 16th century. The first capital contains a miniature of the Madonna and child. Of Italian origin.


Lent by Mr. M. I. Preston.

Illuminated Pedigree of Lord Grey de Ruthin, certified by William Dethick, Garter Principal King-at-Arms, temp.


Lent by Mr. E. H. Fraser, J.P., D.C.L.

132 Lenton Fair. "The Toll Booke of the Entrie of all

horses, mares, geldings, colts, filleys, and foles, bought, sold, exchanged, and put away at the ffair of Lenton, there beginning on Wednesday, the fourth of June, Anno. 1707." There were two fairs annually, Whitsuntide and Martinmas. The books continue down to the Whitsun fair, 1715.

Lent by the Committee of the Nottingham Mechanics' Institution. 133 Documents, miscellaneous, relating to Sherwood Forest, etc., viz. :—

A manuscript of the Forest Laws, containing the Proceedings, etc., in Anno. 30, Henry VIII, for the Forest of Sherwood, the chase of Hatfield, with the special adjournment to Nottingham Castle, and other notes. Survey of all the enclosure within the Lordship of Mansfield Woodhouse, taken November, 1612, by Charles Caldecott. The Customarie of Mansfield in Sherwood. An Inquisition taken at Newark, ye fifth of December (temp Eliz), before Edward Earl of Rutland. Notes of Records taken out of the Great book of Mr. Justice Rodes.

Lent by the Committee of the Bromley House Library.

134 History of Nottinghamshire. Being transcript notes from Domesday Book, etc., relating to the County. By Gilbert Boun, Sergeant-at-Law, Recorder of Newark, and for some time M.P. for Nottingham.

Lent by the Committee of the Bromley House Library. Gilbert Boun was father-in-law to Dr. Thoroton, who in preparing his Antiquities of Nottinghamshire, first used these notes, which had been made over to him by Boun's son-in-law, Gervase Pigot, of Thrumpton.


Sherwood Forest, Documents relating to; consisting of the Proceedings of the Justices in Eyre, Edward III. Proceeding before the Lord Warden of the Forest of Sherwood, from 1660-1676. MS. Digest of Forest Laws. Extracts from original Records by S. Rooper. Copies of Deeds, and original Court Rolls, and Proceedings of Swainmote, and Forest Courts at Mansfield, from 1642-1675.

Lent by the Committee of the Bromley House Library.

136 Deering (Dr.) Manuscripts of the History of Nottingham, with observations by John Plumptre, Esq. Prospectus, Autographs of Subscribers, etc., 1740-9.

Lent by the Committee of the Bromley House Library.

137 Deering Papers, containing the collection made by Dr. Deering of materials for the History of Nottingham; the Life of Deering, by himself, in a letter to Mr. Bury; his Ensign's Commission; the accounts of the Troops raised at Nottingham in the Rebellion of 1745, etc.

Lent by the Committee of the Bromley House Library.

138 History of Nottingham, by an anonymous author, 1641, A copy of this History in the handwriting of Dr. Deering. Lent by the Committee of the Bromley House Library.

139 History of Nottingham, by an anonymous author. Another copy, with Deering's letter to Mr. Bury.

Lent by the Committee of the Bromley House Library.

140 Deering (Dr.)

Catalogue of Plants growing about Nottingham. Interleaved with MS. additions by the Author, and the rare occasional Dedication to William Griffiths, Esq.

Lent by the Committee of the Bromley House Library.

141 Public Records, References to; relating to the Town and County of Nottingham, by the Very Rev. Sir Richard Kaye, Bart.

Lent by the Committee of the Bromley House Library.

42 Memoranda relating to Notts., etc., by the Very Rev. Sir Richard Kaye, Bart.

Lent by the Committee of the Bromley House Library.

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