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1716. May 31, Daniel Wilson, Esq., and Mrs. Eliz. Crowle.
June 3, Mr. Joshua Scott and Mrs. Priscilla Marshall.
July 9, Mr. John Raley and Mrs. Anne Rochester.
July 19, Benjamin Darling and Ann Peacock.

Aug. 5, Mr. Charles May and Mrs. Margaret Smith. Sept. 13, Mr. George Healey and Mrs. Anne Duncalfe. 1717. July 17, Mr. Thomas Robinson and Mrs. Dorothy Pickering 1718. Jan. 8, Mr. Benjamin Waide, Junr. and Mrs. Sarah Field. Jan. 8, Mr. Edward Robinson and Mrs. Sarah Wood. May 15, Mr. George Crowle and Mrs. Elianor Crowle.

1719. Feb. 28, Leonard Smelt and Anne Dalton.

Ap. 25, Mr. John Lockwood and Mrs. Eliz. Ganton. May 7, Henricus Octavus Pockley and Dorothy Best. Sep. 2, Mr. Richard Beatniffe and Mrs. Mary Somerscales. 1721. Feb. 5, Samuel Saltonstall and Mary Thompson. Nov. 19. Samuel Mawhood and Mary Prockter. 1722. Sep. 30, George Brigham and Eliz. Baxter.

Oct. 25, Mr. John Wood and Mrs. Eliz. Wood. Nov. 22, Mr. Richard Thompson and Mrs. Sarah Wood. 1723. Feb. 25, Robert Waller and Anne Bloodworth.

Ap. 16, Christopher Rollston and Anne Trimmingham. Nov. 14, Timothy Portington and Margaret Preston. 1726. May 11, John Froggatt and Eliz. Darling.

Nov. 28, Francis Portington and Sarah Pyburn. 1727. Dec. 10, Nevill Hedley and Mary Hammersley. 1728. Ap. 28, Hugh Blaydes and Eliz. de la Prime.

Aug. 24, Pockley Wilson and Mary Laurimond.
1731. Feb. 24, Timothy Portington and Esther Swift.
Mar. 4, Francis Sheardon and Eliz. King.
May 31, Jacob Venn and Ann Edwardes.

1732. May 11, William Mason, Vicar, and Sarah Trippet, widow. Dec. 21, John Chambers and Mary Mantle.

1733. July 4, Jos. Lazenby, Ald., and Jane Fernley.

1734. Mar. 28, Luke Blanshard and Mary Wolf.

1739. June 24, Reginald Sportsworth [Spofforth] and Mary Bateman. 1740. Jan. 1, Christopher Levet and Rebecca Wardell.

1743. Dec. 23, Thomas Achurch and Mary Hughes.

1744. Feb. 4, Jerem. Earthcoats and Mary Etherington.

1745. Ap. 29, Wm Sgollow [Scoley ?] and Elizabeth Rawson.
1747. Mar. 1, John Culvermell and Elizabeth Davies.
1748. Feb. 6, Josiah Wordsworth and Anne Robinson.
Ap. 2, John Joliffe Tufnell and Anne Meek.
Ap. 10, Peter Hall and Elizabeth Scudamore.
1750. Feb. 4, Hugh St. Quintin and Mary Wilson.

April 29, Richard St. Quintin and Ann Wilkinson.
June 27, John St. Quintin and Hanna West.
1751. Oct. 17, Nicholas Blanchard and Mary Ellis.
1753. Oct. 9, John Manners and Ann Portington.

Dec. 18, Jonathan Stanniforth and Jane Todd. Dec. 27, Frederick James Scrope and Alice Milnes. 1754. June 13, Joseph Hall, of Barnsley, and Mary Walker, of this.

1754. Dec. 16, William Meek, of Hemingbro, practitioner in physic, and Eliz. Everingham, sp., of this, by Banns.

1755. Ap. 11, Joseph Hallifax, of Barnsley, and Elizabeth Smith, of this. Nov. 27, James Cookson, of Bubwith, clerk, and Mary Houfe, of this.

1756. May 6, Richard Beatniffe and Jane Froggott.

1758. Jan. 19, Thomas Wilberforce and Letitia Markland.

1759. Feb. 1, Thomas Thorold, of Louth, co. Lincoln, and Judith Nowling, of this.

1761. Oct. 8, Timothy Fishwick, b., and Thamar Bromhead, s.

1762. Dec. 9, Edward Reith, b., and Elizabeth Cornwell, s.

Dec. 23, William Wilkson, Vicar of Gargrave, b., and Mary Banks, of this parish, s.

1763. Jan. 24, Thomas Daniell, b., and Mary Mace, widow.

Ap. 27, William Gill, b., and Elizabeth Consitt, of Wawne, s.

1764. July 16, John Shipman and Frances Whisker.

1765. June 3, Charles Shipman and Maria Egleston.

1766. Feb. 2, John Morrell and Amy Scott.

July 22, John Marshall, of South Ferriby, and Catherine Wilson, of this parish.

1767. Oct. 20, John Shipman and Margaret Roberts.

Dec. 9, Robert Shipman and Mary Maddison.

Dec. 10, Christopher Marshall and Mary Newcomb.

1768. Jan. 5, William Walker, of Wakefield, and Arabella Zouch, of this. 1769. Nov. 5, Robert Sissison and Franky Borden.

1770. Jan. 30, William Morley, of Doncaster, and Margery Crompton, of this.

June 6, Robert Darley, of Thorne, and Ann South, of this. 1771. Dec. 16, Ibbotson Hamer, of Halifax parish, and Dinah Rooksby,

of this.

1772. May 19. Samuel Fitzwilliam and Sarah Petch. 1773. July 18, Robert Cramond and Mary Shipman.

Dec. 11, Henry Crawley Pelham and Mary Milner. Dec. 28, John Staniforth and Sarah Godfrey. 1774. Feb. 28, George Cammell and Sarah Waddington. 1775. Nov. 23, John Foljambe and Ann Darling.

1776. Jan. 10, Lucas Spilsbury, of Bawtry, and Elizabeth Charlotte Stovin.

Sep. 23, George Wardle and Ann Eastland Stovin.

Oct. 17, James Knowles and Tamar Brown.

1777. Nov. 13, Joseph Perrott and Sarah Coultas.

1786. Jan. 27, John Blanshard, of Bubwith, Farmer, and Sarah Moore,

of this.

1788. July 24, Henry Frederick Belleroche, merchant, and Catherine


1789. Oct. 22, John Venn, Clerk, of St. Mary's, and Kitty King, of this.


1567. Feb. 29, Eliz. Draike, vxor Wm Draike.

July 20, "Margareta Mr filia Roberti Mr."

1569. June 19, "Sr Jothes Marshall clericus filius Wm." Dec. 17, Willmus Harebatt.

1570. Jan. 14, Wm Trimyngham.

Jan. 16, Thomas Hogg m'cator.

Feb. 10, "Hanstus portn Homo coget."
Mar. 5, Wm Widdall, Inholder.

Dec. 2, Johannes Clay le Milner.

Dec. 16, Johannes Drake, m'cotor [mercator]. 1571. May 1, Willmus Richardson, Restiarius. May 16, Thomas Tenyson.

Sep. 25, Willmus Widdall, m'cotor.

1572. Jan. 7, Willmus Goodwyn, sissor.

Mar. 17, Nicholaus Manfield, scissor.

Mar. 25, Thomas Foxlaie, comon officer of this Towne.

Mar. 30, Robert Baxter, scholem of ye towne and phisicon.
Aug. 29, Thoma Thompson, m'cator.

1573. Sep. 8, Anthonis Foxcrofte.

1574. Feb. 7, Mrs. Legard.

1575. May 1, Allis, vxor Rice Proudfoot, que sese pendebat. July 26, Jana, vxor Mr. Smith, Alderman.

Dec. 5, Johannes Ronam, m'cator.

Dates confused and irregular. Mortui et sepulti hoc anno

wch nōber ther died of the plauge, 50.

1576. June 3, Thomas Cowper, sissor.

July 13, Francis Leak, inholder.

Oct. 14, Willmus Cotton, m'cator.
Oct. 17, John Hulberd, le mawndmaker.

1578. Ap. 10, Mr. Robert Dalton, alderman.
Oct. 22, Robertus Barwicke, tailor.

Nov. 4, Johannes Dalton, m'cator.
Nov. 7, Matheus Watson, m'cator.
Dec. 12, Robertus Carr, m'cator.
Dec. 21, A wife of the Trippitt.

1579. May 14, Richard Best, m'cator.

1580. Sep. 27.

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1582. In October 32 (burials), whereof spposed to have died of y plauge, 12.

Nov. 12, Jacobus Carr, scissor.

1583. Nov. 13, Petrus Boltbie, ostler.

1584. July 9, Roger Tailor, vintener.

1585. Ap. 18. vidua White, aruspex [fortune teller].

May 16, John Jackson, minnister.

July 2, Richardus Davie, m'cator.

Oct. 1, Edward Saltmshe

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1587. Jan. 14, Willm. Parratt, gentleman.

Feb. 1, Elizabeth Dalton, alderwoman.

Mar. 15, Mrs. vnderwood.

May 22, Richard Persey.

July 24, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Wm Dalton, merchant.

1588. Feb. 20, John Helmslaie, marchant.

Mar. 16, Peter Mighell, minister.

1588. June 3, "Mss. Elizabeth Gaiton, wif to Mr. Robt."

Sep. 5, Richard Seckes.

1589. Feb. 23, Mrs. Nelson.

Ap. 27, Mary, ye wif of Maister Robt. Armyn.

May 2, Mr. Robert Arnetoon, glover.
July 31, William, s. of William Malevere.
Dec. 6, Richard Awchan, Jentleman.

1590. Jan. 6, Mr. Thomas Dalton.

Ap. 9, Mr. Robert Gayton, Alderman.
Ap. 18, John, s. of Henry Fulwood.
Ap. 24, Thomas Garet, a surgen.

Oct. 28, John Blagbrowgh, Conneyman.
Dec. 16, Ann, wife of Mr. Thomas Hewitt.
1591. Jan. 18, John Lewis, ye Townes Clarck.
Mar. 2, William Cappes, inholder.

Mar. 27, Cuthbert Spofforth, bushman.
Mar. 28, John Awderson, Mr. and maryner.
Ap. 22, Anne, ye wif olde Mr. Davie.
May 9, Maister Blasse Baittes.

June 12, Robert Prestwood.

1592. Ap. 19, Xpofer Wilson, Scrivener.
May 9, John Dixon, Lining draper.
June 9, Mr. Edward Preston.
June 14, Mr. Edward Clarck.

Aug. 11, Xpofer Langlay, Jeutleman.

Sep. 30, Mr. John Smethe, Alderman.

Nov. 27, Thomas Scolles, ye townes officer.

Dec. 22, Mrs. ye wife of Mr. Edward Preston.
Dec. 22, John Maskew, Potycare.

1593, Mar. 9, Robert Armine, Jentleman.
Ap. 30, Mestres Dorote Clarckson.

1594. Feb. 1, Master John Yates.

Feb. 14, Master Edward Wakefeelde.
May 2, Mr. Steven Prestwood.

Aug. 19, George Trimmingham, Tayler.

Oct. 14, John Spawforth, of ye armitadge.
Oct. 30, Mrs. Ellyn Headen.

1595. May 22, Secelie, ye nrner, ane old maide.
June 14, Anthonye Scolles, m'chant.

Sep. 4, Judith, d. of William Maleverey.
Dec. 11, Mr. John Gregory, Alderman.

1596. Jan. 4, John Stappellton.

July 31, Maister Thomas Allured.

1597. Nov. 5, Mistris

.. Linue, widoe.

1598. Feb. 20, Mr. Leonard Willan, Alderman. Aug. 2, John Dobson, father of Mr. John Dobson. July 28, Mr. Willm. Smyth, Alderman.

Oct. 17, Peter Carlill, Gouldsmethe.

Sep. 26, John Eastofte.

1599. July 4, Robt. Raynerd, m'chant.

Aug. 24, Mr. Willm. Bray, Alderman.

Sep. 21, Grace Hubledaie, of ye greghouse

1600. Feb. 13, Olde mistris Trewsdell.

Sep. 23, Edward, son of Wm Saltmarche.

Dec. 13, John, ye son of master Thomas Thompson, preacher. 1601. Feb. 10, Mr. Tristram lewis, minnister of this church. Feb. 11, Mr. Edward Latham, gentleman.

Feb. 19, Lowrance Spoforthe.

Ap. 3, Thomas Humfray, merchant.
May 9, Mathew Tuttell, Cornerner.

May 26, Anthonie Thompson, Mr. and Mariner.
May 27, John Waterhouse, m'chant.

Nov. 28, wydo wakfeeld, alderwoman.
Dec. 31, Willyam Osgorbie, m'chant.

1602. Jan. 28, Mr. William Gee, Alderman.
Feb. 29, Mr. John Whelpdall.

July 24, Doritie, ye wife of master Willm. Rand, porter.
Aug. 11, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Robert Fowberie.

Aug. 24, Thomas Stevenson, draper.

Sep. 1, Elizabeth, wife of William Maleveray.

Oct. 20, Mr. John Dobson.

Dec. 20, Elizabeth, wife of Josuah Lynne, m'chant.
Dec. 27, James Hemsley, m'chant.

1603. Plague prevalent in the Parish.

Jan. 7, Mr. Willm. Richerdson, mercer.
Mar. 8, Mr. Henry Pickering, Scrivener.
Sep. 18, Mistris Elizabethe Willan, plaig.
Nov. 9, John Osteler, mercer.

Dec. 21, Jane, wife of Mr. Hewgh Scott.

1604. Feb. 1, Mr. Hewghe Scott.

Mar. 16, Mr. Anthonie Burnsell, Alderinan.

May Thomas Roose, Joyner.

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Oct. 2, Mighell leman, m'chant.

Oct. 24, John Hewitte, m'chant.

Oct. 27, John Osbolstone, m'chāte.

1605. Jan. 28, Alice, wife of Mr. Thomas Lawtrie, minister. Feb. 1, Margaret, the wife of Francis Grymstone.

May 6, Robarte Cawoode, metleman.

1606. Jan. 9, Robert Burton, merchant.

Jan. 20, Mr. Anthonie Coole, Alderman.

Feb. 9, John Eley, m'chant.

Feb. 9, Gregorie Pormant, m'chant.

Mar. 8, Mr. Marmaduke Hadlesay, Aldermanne [see pedigree in
History of Haddlesey, p. 138, and in Hist. of Hemingbrough.

Ap. 3, Mr. John Allred, Gentleman.

Ap. 18, Mr. Thomas Richerdson, ye Towne Clarke.

June 6, Willm. Baston, wch died in the malle tower.

June 25, Mr. Hewghe Armine, Alderman.

July 24, Thomas Lord, taylor.

Dec. 4, Grace Kendell, D. in law to Mr. James Casson.
Dec. 19, Mistris Maydenwell.

1607. Jan. 31, Roger Dobson, m'chante.

Feb. 15, Anthonie Smithe, father of Mr. Barnerd Smithe.
Feb. 20, John Willson, m'chante.

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