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Difference between the Objects in view in the Survey of a Cultivated

and that of a new Unsettled Country.-First Operations.—Preliminary Ex-

ploration.-Objects to be principally considered.-Sites of Townships.-

Main Lines of Communication.-Guides for marking on the Ground the

Divisions of Properties.-Size of these Divisions.-Precautions to be ob-

served to secure to the Public Rights of Road, &c.-Necessity for Extensive

Surveys on the First Settlement of a New Colony.-Deviations from Gene-

ral Rules in laying out Sections.-Frontages on, and Access to Rivers and

Main Roads.-Sectional Roads.—Monopoly of Water to be guarded against.

-Sections laid out in Broken Irregular Ground.-Statistical and other In-

formation to be fully afforded to Settlers.-Marking Boundaries of Sec-

tions and Roads.—Reservation of Rights of Road.-Natural Features of

Ground. Geological and Mineralogical Specimens, and Meteorological

Register, &c.—Usual Method of marking Regular Figures upon the Ground.

-Necessity for a Triangulation to conduct these Operations with any degree

of accuracy when upon an extended Scale.-Advantage of Carrying it on

rather in advance of the Sectional Surveys.-Other Uses of the Triangula-

tion.-District Surveyors.-Surveying by Contract.-Rate of Progress and

Cost per Acre of the Sectional Survey and Marking out Roads.-Cost of

the Triangulation.-Method of Survey pursued in the Canterbury Settle-

ment, New Zealand.-Temporary Division of Land for pastoral Purposes.

-Territorial Division of Counties, Hundreds, &c.-Remarks on Exploring

Expeditions.—Method of Proceeding.—Objects in View, and collateral In-

formation to be obtained

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2. By Meridional Altitudes of the Sun, or a Star whose declination is
known, involving the Reduction to the Meridian.

3. By the Altitude of the Pole Star at any time of the day.

4. By an Altitude of the Sun, or a Star, out of the Meridian, the correct

time of Observation being known.


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