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Knight, Edmund, Norroy, Elizab.* 172.-Chester, 178.-Rouge-dragon, 186.
Knight, Thomas, Rouge-croix, Elizab. 185.-Chester, James I.* 210.-Rouge-croix,


Lagysse, Ralph, Portcullis, Hen. VII. 95.-York, Hen. VIII.* 122.-Portcullis, 130.
Lambarde, William, Risebank, Hen. VIII. 134.—Mary I.* 157.

Lancaster, Heralds, Hen. VII. 91.-Hen. VIII. 126.-Edw. VI. 145.-Mary I. 154.
-Elizab. 182.-James I. 213.-Charles I. 247.-Usurpation, 264.-

Charles II. 289.-James II.-Will and Mary, 313.-Ann, 335.-Geo. I..
362.-Geo. II. 398.-Geo. III. 439.

Langman, Ralph, York, Elizab.* 178.-Portcullis, 186.

Lant, Thomas, Windsor, Elizab.* 176.-Portcullis, 186.

Leake, Stephen Martin, Garter, Geo. II. 380.-Clarenceux, 383.-Norroy, 385.-
Lancaster, 394.-Garter, Geo. III.* 408.-Norfolk, 444.

John Martin, Chester, Geo. II. 388.-Geo. III.* 425.

George Martin, Chester, ib.

Lee, Richard, Clarenceux, Elizab. 170.-Richmond, 182.-Portcullis, 186.
-, Thomas, Chester, Charles II.* 287.

Leicester, Herald, Rich. III. 68.-Hen. VII. 92.

Lennard, Sampson, Blue-mantle, James I. 217.-Rouge-rose, 220.-Blue-mantle,
Charles I. 250.

Lions, Lords, King at Arms, Geo. III. 407.

Lodge, Edmund, Lancaster, 439.-Blue-mantle, 441.

Locke, Thomas, Clarenceux, Geo. III. 418.-Lancaster, 439.-Rouge-dragon, 442.a
Longueville, Grey, Bath and Gloucester, Geo. I. 366.-Hanover, 367.-Geo. II.


Machado, Roger, Clarenceux, otherwise called Richmond, Hen. VII. 86.-Norroy, 87.
Clarenceux, Hen. VIII.* 111.

Maroffe, Martin, Calais, Hen. VIII. 132.-Rouge-dragon, Edw. VI. 146.-York, Mary
I. 154.-Rouge-dragon, 155.-York, Eliz.* 178.

Manwaring, George, Richmond, Charles I. 247.-Usurp. 263.-Charles II. 289. His
history unknown.

March, King at Arms, Edw. IV. 57.-Rich. III. 64.-Hen. VII. 87.

Martin, Francis, Blue-mantle, Geo. III. 441.

Marriage, royal, Geo. II. 370.


a Since printing the work dead, see lai..

Mauduit, Peers, Windsor, William and Mary, 321.-Anne, 334.-Geo. I. 353.*
Mawson, Charles, Chester, William and Mary, 321.-Rouge-croix, 324.-Ann. 334.-

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Geo. I. 359.

Richard, Windsor, Geo. II.* 386.-Chester.

May, Thomas, Chester, James II. 312.-William and Mary,* 321.

Miller, Thomas, Rouge-dragon, Hen. VII. 94.

Merlin, Edward, Portcullis, Elizab.* 186.

Mont-Orgueil, Herald, Hen. VII. 98.-Hen. VIII. 134.

Moore, John, Norroy, Rich. III. 63.

Mowbray, Herald extraordinary, James I. 219.—Charles II. 294.-William and Mary,
327.-Ann, 346.-Geo. I. 365.-Gco. II. 397.-Geo. III. 444,

Mylner, Thomas, Lancaster, Hen. VIII.* 127.-Rouge-dragon, 129.-Calais, 132.
Mynne, John, York, Hen. VIII.* 123.

Narboone, John, Richmond, Hen. VIII. 126.-Blue-mantle, 129.-Risebank, 134.
Nicholas, Blue-mantle, Edw. VI. 146.-Boulogne, 148.—Richmond, Mary 1
154.-Blue-mantle, 155.-Ulster, Elizab. 173.-Richmond, 182.
Nayler, George, York, Geo. III. 426.-Blue-mantle, 441.-Blanc-coursier, 449.
Neve, William le, Mowbray, James I. 219.-Clarenceux, Charles I. 238.-Norroy,
Charles I. 239.-York, 245.-Clarenceux, Usurp. 261.-Charles II.* 278,
Peter le, Rouge-croix, William and Mary, 321.—Norroy, Ann, 334.-Richmond,
335.-Rouge-croix, 346.-Norroy, Geo. I. 358.-Geo. II.* 383.

Newhaven, Pursuivant extraordinary, Edw. VI. 134:-Elizab. 187.

Norroy, Provincial King at Arms, Edw. IV. 57.-Rich. III. 62.-Hen. VII. 87.-Hen.
VIII. 119.-Edw. VI. 143.-Mary I. 171.-James I. 209.-Charles I.
230.—Usurp. 261.-Charles II. 282.—James II. 312.-William and Mary,
317.-Ann, 331.-Geo. I. 351.-Geo. II. 383.-Geo. III. 419.

Northgate, Edward, Windsor, Charles I. 241.-Blue-mantle, 251.-Windsor, Usurp.


Nottingham, Pursuivant extraordinary, Henry VIII. 130.

Nymbolthe, Simon, Boulogne, Hen. VIII. 136.-Edw. VI. 148.

Ochteronly, Alexander, Blanc-lion, Pursuivant extraodinary, Geo. III. 447.
Oldys, William, Norroy, Geo. II. 386.-Geo. III.* 419.

Ormond, the Duke of, degraded from the order of the Garter, Geo. I. 352.


■ Omit the words, see next reign, in page 358.
⚫ Leave out the words, see next reign, in 148.

Owen, George, York, Charles I. 245.-Rouge-croix, Norroy, Usurp. 261.—York, 262.
-Charles II.* 288.

Owen, York, Usurp.* 262.

Paddy, Nicholas, Lancaster, Elizab.* 183.-Rouge-dragon, 186.
Patten, Mercury, Blue-mantle, Elizab. 185.-James I.* 217.

Peerage, Statement respecting the Irish, 403.

Penson, William, Chester, James I. 209.-Lancaster, 215.-Charles I.* 247.
Petitioners for Places in the College of Arms, Elizab. 188.

Philipot, John, Somerset, James I. 212.-Rouge-dragon, 218.-Blanch-lion, 220.--
Somerset, Charles I.* 245.

Philips, James Monson, Rouge-dragon, Geo. III. 442.
Pine, John, Blue-mantle, Geo. II.* 395.

Pingo, Benjamin, York, Geo. III.* 426.-Rouge-dragon, 442.
Playnford, Rowland, York, Hen. VIII. 123.-Blue-mantle, 129.
Plot, Robert Mowbray, William and Mary, 327.


Preston, Thomas, Portcullis, Charles I.* 252.

Pomfret, Richard, Rouge-croix, Geo. I. 362.-Geo. II.* 394.
Ponde, John, Somerset, Hen. VIII.* 124.-Rouge-croix, 128.

Portcullis, Pursuivant, Hen. VII. 94.—Hen. VIII. 130.-Edw. VI. 147.—Mary I. 155.
-Elizab. 186.-James I. 219.-Charles I. 251.-Usurp. 265.-Charles
II. 294.-James II. 313.-William and Mary, 325.-Ann, 346.-Geo.
I. 364.-Geo. III. 442.

Portsmouth, Pursuivant extraordinary, James I. 220.
Pugolas, Henry, Richmond, Geo. III.* 438.-Blue-mantle, 441.

Ratcliffe, Richard, Barnes, Hen. VII. 99.-Somerset, * 126.-Blue-mantle, Hen. VIII,
129.-Calais, 132.-Barnes, 136.

William, Rouge-croix, p. lxi.

Raven, John, Richmond, Eliz. 182.-Rouge-dragon, 186.-Richmond, James I. * 212.
Ray, Henry, Berwick, Hen. VIII. 132.-Edw. VI. 142.-Mary I. 156.-Eliz.* 188.
Richmond, Herald, Hen. VII. 90.-Hen. VIII. 126.-Edw. VI. 144.-Mary I. 154.-Eliz.
182.-James I. 212.-Charles I. 247.-Usurpation, 263.-Charles II.
289.-James II. 313.-William and Mary, 322.-Ann, 334.-Geo, I.
Geo. II. 393.

Risebank, Pursuivant extraordinary, Hen. VII. 98.-Hen. VIII. 133.-Edw. VI.
148.-Mary I. 157.

Roper, Henry, Gent. Pursuivant extraordinary, 136.

Rose, Pursuivant to Queen Catharine of Arragon, Edw. VI. 147.-Mary I. 155.



Rose-blanch, Pursuivant extraordinary, Edw. IV. 57.-Rich. III. 72.-Hen. VII.
96.-Hen. VIII. 130.-Edw. VI. 147.-Mary I. 155.-Eliz. 188.-
Charles II. 294.

Rouge-dragon, Pursuivant, Hen. VII. 93.-Hen. VIII. 129.-Edw. VI. 146.-Mary
I. 155.-Eliz. 186.-James I. 217.-Charles I. 251.-Usurp. 265.-
Charles II. 294.-James II. 313.-William and Mary, 321.—Ann, 346.
-Geo. I. 364.-Gco. II. 397.-Geo. III. 441.

Rouge-croix, Pursuivant, Edw. IV. 57.-Rich. III. 70.-Hen. VIII. 128.-Edw.
VI. 146.-Mary I. 154.-Eliz. 184.-James I. 215.-Charles I. 249.-
Usurp. 264.-Charles II. 293.-James II. 313.-William and Mary,
324.-Ann, 316.-Geo. I. 362.-Geo. II. 394.-Geo. III. 440.
Rouge-rose, Pursuivant extraordinary, Eliz. 188.-James I. 219-Charles I. 253.--

Ann, 347.-Geo. I. 365.

Ryley, William, Norroy, Charles I. 240.-Lancaster, 248.-Rouge-croix, 253.-Cla
renceux, Usurp. 261.-Norroy, ib.-Chester, 262.-Lancaster, 264.-
Charles II.* 289.

Sandford, Francis, Rouge-dragon, Charles II. 294.-Lancaster, Charles II. 293
James II. 313.-William and Mary, 322.


Sawyer, Edmund, Brunswick, Geo. I. 366.-Geo. II. 399.

Segar, William, Norroy, Eliz. 172.-Somerset, 181.-Garter, James I. 203.--Nor-
roy, 209.-Garter, Charles I.* 230.
Thomas, Blue-mantle, Charles II.* 293.

Shepherd, Arthur, Rouge-dragon, Geo. I. 364.-Blanch Lion. 365-Rouge-dragon,
Geo. II.* 397..

Sherriff, Thomas, Rouge-dragon, Geo. II. 397.-Geo. III. 441.
Slacke, Richard, Windsor, Rich. III. 66.-Hen. VII.* 88.

St. George, Richard, Clarenceux, James I. 208.-Norroy, 209.-Windsor, ib.-Ber-

wick, 219.-Clarenceux, Charles I.* 236.

, Henry, Richmond, 213.-Blue-mantle, 217.-Rouge-rose, 219.-Garter,
Charles I. 234.-Norroy, 239.

Henry, Richmond, Charles II. Clarenceux, 282.-Norroy, ib.-Claren-
ceux, James II. 212.-Clarenceux, William III. 317.-Garter, Ann.
333.-Clarenceux, ib.-Garter, Geo. I.* 352.

This Herald is, page 294, by mistake called Robert instead of Francis.


St. George, Thomas, Norroy, Charles II 282.-Somerset, 289.-Garter, James
II. 311.-Norroy, 312.-Garter, William and Mary, 317.-Ann, * 331.

Smith, William, Rouge-dragon, James I.* 217.

Somerset, Herald, Hen. VII. 90.-Hen. VIII. 124.-Edw. VI. 144.-Mary I. 154.—
Elizab. 179.-James I. 210.-Charles I. 245.-Usurp. 263.-Charles II.
289.-Geo. I. 360.—Geo. II. 388.-Geo. III. 426.

Serreshall, Pursuivant extraordinary, Hen. VII. -99.

Stamford, Roger, Chester, Rich. III.* 67.

Stebbing, Samuel, Somerset, William and Mary, 322.-Ann, 334.-Geo. I. 360.
Stibbs, Edward, Chester, Geo. I. 359.-Geo. II.* 387..

Storke, Richard, Risebank, Hen. VIII.* 134.

Suffolk, Herald extraordinary, Geo. III. 445.

Thomas, James, Chester, Eliz. 178.-Blue-mantle, 185.-Chester, James I.* 209.
Thompson, Samuel, Portcullis, Eliz. 186.-Windsor, James I.* 209.-Portcullis, 219.
Thomas, Rouge-dragon, James I. 218.-Lancaster, Charles I. 248.---
Rouge-dragon, 251.

Thynne, Francis, Lancaster, Eliz. 184.-Blanch-lion, 188.-Lancaster, James I.* 213.
Toms, Peter, Rouge-dragon, Geo. II. 397. Geo. III. 442.

Tonge, Thomas, York, Hen. VII. 90.-Clarenceux, Hen. VIII.* 115.-Norroy, 120.
-York, 122.

Townley, Charles, Clarenceux, Geo. II. 383.-Norroy, 386.-York, 388.-Garter,
Geo. III. 414.-Clarenceux, 418.

Charles, Lancaster, Geo. III. 439.-Blue-mantle, 441.

Townshend, Francis, Windsor, Geo. III. 425.

Towre, Richard de la, Rouge-dragon, Hen. VIII.* 129.

Trayheron, or Trayhern, Thomas, Somerset, Hen. VIII.* 126.-Portcullis, 130.-
Nottingham, 131.

Treswell. See Creswell.

Tubman, Nicholas, Hampnes, Hen. VIII. 133.-Rouge-croix, Edw. VI. 146.-
Hampnes, Edw. VI. 148.-Lancaster, Mary I. 154.-Rouge-croix, ib.
-Lancaster, Eliz.* 182.

Turpin, Richard, Hampnes, Edw. VI. 148.-Mary I. 157.-Windsor, Eliz.* 175.-
Blue-mantle, 185.-Hampnes, 187.

Tyndall, William, Lancaster, Hen. VII.* 91.-Rouge-dragon, 94.-Guisnes, 97.

Ulster, King at Arms, Edw. VI. 143.-Mary I. 153.-Eliz. 173.
Usurpation, State of the College during the, 254.

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