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The Christian Covenant in Hieroglyphicks. and the Origin of all Such among the Heathens.



Philofophical and Theological

Of the late truly LEARNED


VOL. I. Mofes's Principia, Part I.
Containing an Account of the Diffo-
Jution and Reformation of the Earth.
With an Effay to fhew, that the
Air was the Rival fet up against
GOD, and that a great Part of the
Bible was to fet Men tight in that

VOL. II. Mofes's Principia, Part II.
Being an Account of the Natural
Agents which perform the Opera-
tions of Nature, viz. The Air, or
Fire, Light, and Spirit.
VOL. III. Mafes's Sine Principio; or,

the Meaning of the Names and
Titles of GOD; with an Intro-
duction to fhew the Nature of the
Fall, of Paradife, and of the Body
and Soul.

VOL. IV. The Confufion of Tongues,

and Trinity of the Gentiles; being
an Account of the Origin of Ido-
latry, Confufion of Languages, and
thereby Lofs of Natural Philofophy
in the Heathen World, which is
preferved in the Bible.

VOL. V. Power Effential and Mecha-

nical; or, what Power belongs to
GOD, and what to his Creatures; in
which the Defign of Sir Isaac New
ton, and Dr Samuel Clarke, is laid

VOL. VI. Glory or Gravity, or Glory
Effential; and the Cherubim ex-

VOL. VII. The Hebrew Writings
perfect. Being a Detection of the
Forgeries of the Jews; and an Ex-
planation of the various Ways it
pleafed GOD to exhibit himself, and
the Covenant of Grace to Men, in.
VOL.VIII. Containing the Religion of
Satan, or Natural Religion; and the
Data in Chriftianity, Part I. which
are fhewn to be the only Truths
Reafon can exercife itfelf upon.
VOL. X. The Data in Chriftianity,
Part II.

VOL. X. The Human Frame; or,

Agents that circulate the Blood ex-

VOL. XI. Glory Mechanical; or, The
Agents of Nature, and Manner of
their Agency explained, in Confir-
mation of the Principia. With a
Treatife on the Columns before the
Temple, to fhew that the Syftem
was reprefented there, and it's Me-
chanical Powers claimed to God.
VOL. XII. A Collection of feveral
Tracts. On the Inftints in the
feveral Orders of Creatures. On
Mining. Obfervations on Things



Printed for JAMES HODGES, at the Looking-glafs, over-
against St Magnus Church, London-Bridge. 1749.

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