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1642 continued.

to the Gentlemen of York, on Thursday the fourth of Avgvst. London, Printed by A. Norton. 1642. August 12.

pp. 8. 184 × 138.

1642.-August 8.


The Declaration & Protestation Agreed upon by the
Grand Iurie at the Assizes held for the County of Salop
the eight day of August 1642. And assented unto by
the High Sheriffe and divers of the Iustices of Peace
Gentlemen, and Freeholders of the said Countie there
London, Printed for G. Badger, and
R. Marriott in St. Dunstans Church-yard, 1642.
Single Sheet, 303 ×208.

1642.-August 31.


Two Letters. The one being sent to the Lord Bishop of
Peterborough. The other sent from the Bishop of
Bangor, to the Ministers of his Diocese. Wherein is
discovered the readines of the ill affected Clergy, toward
the furnishing of his Majesty with moneys for the mayn-
taining of Warre against his Parliament.
London, Printed for Ed. Husbands, and John Francke,
and are to be sold at the Kings head in Fleetstreet, 1642.
pp. 4. 180 X 140.

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A Declaration of the Lords and Commons Assembled in Parliament, For the appeasing and quieting of all unlawfull Tumults and Insurrections in the severall Counties of England and Dominion of Wales.

Printed for J. Wright. Septemb. 3. 1642.

pp. 8. 181 x140.

1642. September 27.



His Majesties Speech to The Inhabitants of Denbigh and
Flint-shire. 27. Septemb. 1642. London, Printed for
R. L. 1642.

pp. ii, 6. 179 × 135.

1642.-October 2.


A Loving and Loyall Speech Spoken unto the Excellency of our Noble Prince Charles: By Sir Hugh Vaughan the 2. of October at Ragland-Castle in Munmoth-shire in Wales, at His happy Accesse and comming thither. Also


the manner of his brave entertainment, and a Relation of divers rich Presents brought unto him by the Gentry and Communalty of the Countrey, Humbly tendring their true service to their Prince: With the Princes Speech, giving them hearty Thanks for their kind Expressions of their Love. Sent from a Gentleman of that Countrey, one M. Francis Meredith, unto M. Henry Roberts, belonging to the Custome-House. London. Printed for John Johnson. 1642.

pp. 8 183 × 135.

1642.-October 24.


To the Kings most Excellent Maiesty. The Humble
Gratulation; and Petition of the Trained Bands, and Free-
holders; and others the Gentry, and Communalty of the
County Palatine of Chester, whose Names are vnder-
written. Delivered upon Hoole-Heath, by the Trayned
Bands, a Coppie of the same being hung upon the top of
every Colours; Subscribed by the severall Companies, and
so Presented to the King.
London, Printed for
M. T.


Single sheet. 273 × 234.

1642.-October 28.


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To the Right Honovrable The House of Commons. The Humble Petition of Sir Hugh Pollard which was lately taken prisoner in Somersetshire,


the Parliaments Profession to receive His Majesty with honour and give him true obedience, Also, His Majesties Answer to the Parliaments last petition. With a true relation of the Earle of Worcesters raising of more Forces in Wales, and that his Sonne the Lord Herbert is made Generall of South Wales. London, Printed for Robert Wood, Oct. 28, 1642.

pp. 8. 182 × 139.


A Collection of Sundry Petitions presented to the Kings most Excellent Majesty. As also, To the two most Honourable Houses, now Assembled in Parliament, And Others already Signed, by most of the Gentry, Ministers and Freeholders of several Counties. In behalf of Episcopacy, Lyturgy, Rights of the Crown, and Liberty of the Subject. In Opposition to, Popery, Presbytery, Anarchy and Confusion. . Printed and Published by

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