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chapell of Hessillwod for my tethis and offerantes forgotten vjs. viijd. (Test. Ebor. IV. 164—5.) I will a pardon of indulgence be purchased to the chapell of Hesilwod from the courte of Rome, such as may best conveniently be gotten, as can be thought and aduiced by the reverend fader in God the bishope of Carle, my feffes and executours: the said pardon to be of the same day that my deth shall happ opon, and ij days then next after ensueng."


A fesse dancettée, impaling, on a pale a lucie's head erect couped (Gascoigne).

Gules, a cross moline ermine (Beake).

Gules, a lion rampant argent, over all a label of 3 points sable (Laward).

Or, a lion rampant purpure? Lacy.

Azure, a lion rampant argent between 9 billets gules (Bellewe).

In lower end of chapel.

Gules, 3 water bougets argent. (Roos.)

Azure, 6 lions rampant, 3 and 3 argent, a canton ermine (Cheney).

In the glass window.

Or, a fesse dancettée sable (Vavasour).

Gules, a cross patonce or (Latimer).

Or, on a bend sable 3 mullets pierced argent (Mauley).
Quarterly, or and gules, over all a bend sable (Wallis).
Argent, a chevron between 3 martlets sable (Aquillon).

And these 5 little escutcheons in the border.

Gules a lion rampant argent. For Stapelton.
Or, a fesse dancettée sable (Vavasour).

Gules, a saltier argent (Neville).

Argent, a bend sable (Stopham).

Verrey, argent and sable (Delawarde).

Sigillum Henrici Vavasour, militis. Or, a fesse dancettée sable. Crest. On helm and mantling, a goat's head couped, gorged with a ducal coronet.

Gules, fretty argent (Beauchamp).

Verrey, argent and sable (Delawarde).

Or, a cross engrailed sable (Mohun).

Or, a lion rampant vert (Bertram).

Argent, a lion rampant vert (Sherburn).


Barry of 8 pieces, or and gules (Fitzalan).

Barry of 6 pieces, argent and azure (Grey).

Quarterly, gules and argent, over all a bend or (? Wallis).
Gules, fretty argent, a lable of 3 points azure (Huddleston).

10 Glover and St. George's Visitation of Yorkshire, ed. Foster, pp. 450-53. For

naming these arms I am indebted to the kindness of Mr. G. J. Armytage, F.S.A.

Uppermost chancel window on north side.

Gules, a cross moline ermine

(Beake). Vavasour.

Verrey, argent and sable (Dela-

Sable fretty or (Maltravers).
Gules, a cross moline ermine

Gules, a cross moline argent

Gules, a fleur-de-lis argent (Aquil-

Verrey, argent and sable (Delawarde).

Gules, a cross moline argent (Beake).


Gules, a cross patonce or (Latimer). Verrey, argent and sable (Delawarde).

Azure, a fesse between 2 fleurs-delis or (? Flaxney).

Gules, a cross patonce or (Latimer). Argent, on a bend azure 3 crescents or (Ryther).

Gules, a saltier argent. Neville. Verrey, argent and sable (Delawarde).

Gules, a lion rampant argent (Everingham).

[blocks in formation]

An escocheon (seal wise) Or, on a cross sable 5 crescents argent. Crest. Over head and mantling on a torce or and sable, a maiden proper, her hands affrontée, crined or. Ellis.


By the door lyes a blue marble about 2 yards long, escocheoned at corners thus :-or, a fesse dancette sable (Vavasour) impaling-or, on a pale sable a demi-lucy erect couped or (Gascoigne), and on a plate this epitaph: Orate pro auimabus Dñi Henrici Vavasour militis qui obiit ......die mensis. ....A. Dñī. MCCCCXCVIII.; et Johane consortis sue, que xvii. die Septembris A. Dñi. MCCCCLXII. decessit, omnium que delium defunctorum ut requiescant in pace.

On the north side wall two images of Baron and Feme kneeling, both in rnffs, with this escocheon of arms on the side :-Vavasour, impaling— Or, two bars azure, on a chief quartered, two fleurs de lyz of France and a lyon of England (Manners).

On the south side wall is an old monument.

By the last a blue marble lying on the floor, escocheoned at corners

11 Torre MSS. Arch-dio. York, p. 215 et seq.

thus: Vavasour, impaling-Argent, a fesse azure, and a label of three gules (Everingham). About the virge is engraven :-Orate pro animabus Henrici Vavasour, armigeri qui obiit primo die mensis Novembris Aō dni MDXV., et Elizabethe consortis sue que vi die mensis Augusti Añō dni MDIX. decessit, quorum animabus pptur Deus. Amen.

Eastward of the last on side of south wall is this raysid monument, at the top whereof is a table, whereon is writ this epitaph :


D. O. M. Splendore generis morum integritate ac veræ religionis constantis celiberrimo, Inclitissimoque viro domino Thoma Vavasour, Baronetto, filio D. D. Gulielmi et Annæ Vavasour qui 7 liberis post se derelictis vitam brevum æterna commutavit Anno Dom. 1632, 26 Dec. Etatis suæ, 43.

Ursula Vavasour, clarissimorum Walteri et Philippæ Giffardorum de Chillingham filia, marito optimo conjux amantissima hoc fidei et delectionis suæ monumentum gratia memor luctuosa posuit. Dum morior orior.

On it are these several portraitures: viz.

1. A knight in armour kneeling on one knee at prayer in a cloak. Over his head writ "Gualterus."

2. Another knight kneeling on both knees at prayer in a clok. Over his head writ "Gulielmus."

3. A child lying in swadling cloaths. Over his head writ "Henricus."

4. A man in a cloak kneeling at prayer. Over his head writ


5. A youth kneeling at prayer.
6. Another kneeling at prayer.
7. A lady kneeling at prayer.
8. A child in swadling cloaths.
9. A woman kneeling at prayer.

Over his head writ "Thomas." Over his head writ "Petrus." Over her head writ "Anna." Over her head writ "Maria." Over her head writ "Francisca." On the floor lyes a flat stone whereon is this coat :-Vavasour, impaling Azure, a bend or (Scrope), and inscribed :-Orate pro animabus Joahannis Vavasour armigeri et Anne consortis ejus.

By this last is another flat stone whereon is this coat :-Vavasour, impaling Azure, a pegasus rampant or, within a bordure gobony, argent and vert (Cavalier), and this epitaph :-Orate pro animabus Gulielmi Vavasour militis, et Elizabethe consortis ejus.

By the last lyes another flatt stone whereon is this escocheon :Vavasour, impaling :-Argent, a lyon rampant sable debruised by three bars gemelles gules (Fairfax). Epitaph:- + Orate pro animabus Johannis Vavasour, armiger et Alianore consortis ejus.

Within the altar rayles on the north side is an old monument raised of white stone, having on the sides these escocheons:-1 and 3, a lion rampant 2 and 4, Vavasour. There lyes thereon two portraytures of knights in solid stone. The first cross-legged in a coat of mail, a sword' girt by his side, hands conjoined at prayer, with a large shield of the Vavasour arms, and at his feet a lyon dormant.

The other is likewise so armed, having a large shield of the Vavasours on his left side, which coat is also cut on the wall-side by them both.

On the floor lies a blue marble escocheoned at the corners, viz.Vavasour, impaling: ... a chevron ermine with 3 lions rampant argent. On the circumference is engraven :-Orate pro animabus Henrici Vavasour armigeri et Johanæ consortis ejus, qui obiit MDXVII. die mensis...... et in hâc capella quam fundavit (sepeliuntur), quibus animabus pptur Deus. Amen.

On the south side is a raised monument whereon is this escocheon :Vavasour, impaling:-Argent, a chevron gules between 3 fleurs de lis azure (Bellasis); and on a white table is inscribed :—

Hic jacet corpus Domini Gualteri Vavasour, Baronetti, qui naturæ debitum satisfecit, 21 Feb., Anno Domini 1678; ætatis 68.

Ursula Vavasour conjux amantissima hoc monumentum quasi specimen affectionis in memoriam posuit.

A shield-Vavasour, impaling :-Argent, three bars gules, in chief a greyhound courant sable (Skipwith). All the writing gone, saving these two wordes, which are last of all, "Almel Voillies."

Upon an old stone, there in 1584, but now gone :

Obitus Bnæ Nicholæ de Mauley, uxoris Dni Petri de Mauley, tertii Ao Dni wcclrrrib.

Pridie Kalend. Aprilis obiit Dns Radulfus, filius Ranulfi. Etem X Kal. Aprilis obiit Dna Anastasia uror ejusdem.


In memoriam Gualteri Vavasour, Baron, qui iii nonas Novembris, Anno Salutis MDCCCII. Ætatis lviii obiit. Hoc monumentum posuit frater et hæres Thomas Vavasour. Et Janæ, consortis Gul. Langdale de Langthorpe, arm: filiæ et hæredis, quæ iii nonas mensis Julii, Anni Redemptionis MDCCCXXIV. Ætatis lxxii. Animam reddidit creatori. R.I.P.

Arms: Vavasour,

Prope sepeliuntur mortalia Thomæ Vavasour, Baronetti; antiquæ familiæ de Hazelwood ultimi, qui obiit xiii kal. mensis Februariæ, Anni Salutis MDCCCXXVI. Etatis lxxviii. Cujus animæ propitietur Deus.

A beautiful marble, bearing an Angel supporting a dead child. Constantia Maria Dolores Vavasour, decessit Albani, Nov. v, MDCCCLI. Menses vii, dies xxi data. In pace.

Orate pro anima nobilissimæ Dom Maria Stourton, Caroli Phillipi, Baronis xvi conjugis: Ultimi domini Langdale de Holme, filiæ et hæredis, posteris quamplurimis linguens triste sui desiderium almæ virtutis exemplum et æternæ beatitudinis spem, obiit die xii Aprilis Anno Salutis MDCCCXLI. Etatis lxxxix. Cujus animæ propitietur


Memoriæ Sacrum

Nobilissimæ Apoloniæ Dom". Clifford, qui prid kal. Januarii, 1817, obiit. In Domino pie quievit.

Eleemosinas illius enarrabunt pauperes.



A paten and chalice engraven on the stone, and under it :-Pray for the soul of George Crossland, who died October ye 12th, 1729, aged 66.

Elizabetha Vavasour, filia Gualteri Vavasour, armigeri, et uxoris ejus Elizabetha Vavasour de Willitoft. Obiit 7 Feb. 1740. Etatis suæ 10. Requiescat in pace.

Hic jacet corpus Dominæ Jana Vavasour, quæ obiit 17 Aprili, 1731. Etatis suæ 83.

Moriam trium filioru alteri scilicet Jordani Thomæ hoc posuere munumentum parentes luctuosissimi -Gualterius et Jana Vavasour, 1706. The Lord hath given, The Lord hath taken, The Lord's Name be ever blesst.

Hic jacet corpus Dome Petri Vavasour, Arme, qui obiit die 9 Januarii, anuoq. Dom. 1735. Etatis suæ 68.

P. F. W. P.

Pray for the soul of Frances Vavasour, alias .........ington, who died .1720.


Sub hoc monumento requiescit illustrissimus et reverendissimus in Christo, Pater et Dominus Thomas Williams, Episcopus Tiberiopolitanis. E Sacro Prædicatorum Ordine assumptus, qui inter amicorum fletus et suspicia, Die 3 Aprilis, anni 1740, prope octogenarius, animam reddidit Creatori. R.I.P.


Juxta cineres Dorothea Vavasour, illustris de Marmaduci, Baronis Langdale de Holm in Com. Ebor. filiæ, et delectissimæ conjugis suæ, quæ obiit die 25 Aprilis, A.D. 1750; ætatis suæ 40. Suam elegit sepulturam de Gualteri Vavasour de Hazelwood, equus auratus, que tres filios e piæ conjuge susceptos sibi superstites reliquit. Maternæ pietatis et æmulos. Paternæ probitatis hæredes. Vitæ functus est die xiii Aprilis, A.D. 1766. Etatis suæ 63. R.I.P. Nil magis incertum quam scena novissima vitæ ! Nil horâ extremâ certum esse potest! Dies mei transieunt.

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