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Jan. 11. Andrew Clayton, junior, and Anne Wilson, of Rotheram-at Rotheram. Jan. 14. John Gibson, of Hallifax, and Grace Tilson, of Batley—at either place. Jan. 14. Thomas Heyworth and Sarah Emerson, of Bradford -at Hallifax or


Jan. 15. To Richard Donwell, literate, to teach at Wetherby, par. Spofforth.

Jan. 15. Geo. Tompson, of St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York, and Frances Paggett, of Kellington-at St. Michael's.

Jan. 17. Francis Willans, of St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York, and Mary Stevenson, of Silkston-at either place.

Jan. 17. Henry Power, Clk., rector of Himsworth, and Judith Wade, of Wakefeilde -at Wakefeilde.

Jan. 17. James Lockwood, of Adlingfleete, and Anne Mawforth, of Acom -at Adlingfleete.

-at either

Jan. 17. Geo. Beale, of Langton, and Mary Mattison, of Barnby,

Jan. 18. John Constable, Gent., and Mary Constable, of Sigglesthorne, Wid.—at Sigglesthorne.20

Jan. 18. To Henry Barrowe, B.A., to teach in the free grammar school at Rotherham.

Jan. 24. Thos. Speight and Alice Oxley, of Darfeild-at Darfeild.

Jan. 24. John Wetwam, of Headon, and Elizabeth Isaacke, of Preston-at either place.

Jan. 25. John Wilson, of Crake, and Anne Swailes, of St. Olave's, York—at either place.

Jan. 25. Christopher Cowper and Elizabeth Denton, of Kirkbie Moreside at Kirkbie.

Jan. 26. Almond Carter, of Marfleete, and Anne Williamson, of Kirkham-at either place.

Jan. 27. Philip Dearman, of Cantley, and Suzanna Dobson, of Doncaster-at Cantley.

Jan. 28. Peter Chambers and Margaret Leake, of Kepax-at Kepax.

Jan. 28. Christopher Foster, of Clapham, and Aune Remington, of Gigleswicke-at either place.

Jan. 29. Caveat against marriage licence to Elizabeth Dinnis, of Bo-sall or Buttercramb, and George Tipler, of Harton, par. Bossall, or any other man-on behalf of Thomas Dinnis, father of the said Elizabeth.

Jan. 30. William Clayton, Gent., and Anne Lockwood, of Crofton, Wid.—at Crofton.
Jan. 31. Robert Watson, of Newton-on-Ouse, and Anne Swales, of St. Michael's-le-
Belfry, York at either place.

Jan. 31. To John Dobson, Clk., B.A., to serve cure within the parish of Warter.
Feb. 1. William Seaton, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Thomasin Whincopp, of
Sculcotes-at either place.

Feb. 1.

Francis Jackson, of Thirske, and Anne Bell, of Thirkleby, Wid.—at either place. "Prestito prius juramento de consensu parentum et amicorum."

Feb. 1. To Robert Myninte, literate, to read prayers at South Scarle or Girton, iu the absence of Robert Laxton, vicar there.

Feb. 2. Robert Dighton, of Bonwicke, par. Skipsey, and Jane Grimston, of Dringoe, par. Skipsey-at Skipsey.

Feb. 3.

Feb. 3.

John Banckes, Gent., and Jane Percie, of Settrington-at Settrington.
Nicholas Bromhead and Katherine Adamson, of Bradfeild-at Bradfeild.

20 She was daughter of Ralph Moore, and widow of Philip Constable, of Wassand (see

Mar. Lic. 1607, and Mr. Norcliffe's note). Her new husband was John Constable, of Catfoss.


Feb. 7. William Cloughe, Clk., rector of Bramham, and Elizabeth Hawkesworth, of Bishopthorp-at Bishopthorp.

Feb. 7. Thomas Topham, Clk., M. A., rector of a mediety of Linton, and Martha Hoyle, of Gisburne-at either place.

Feb. 7. Henry Simpson, of Brafferton, and Elizabeth Burnam, of Awdbrough, Wid.— at either place.

Feb. 7. Peter Denton, of Stabuley, (Coatham Stob, Elton par.), Durham dioc., and Martha Mauliverer, of Arnecliffe, par. Ingleby-at Ingleby.

Feb. 8.

Feb. 8.

Nathaniel Almer aud Elizabeth Rigg, of Bradford, Wid.—at Bradford.

John Hodgson and Elizabeth Walker, of Hallifax-at Hallifax.

Feb. 8. William Heward and Anne Barden, of St. Ellen's, York-at St. Ellen's. Feb. 8. John Oddie and Anne Aulthame, of Gisburne-at Gisburne. "Prestito juramento per Georgium Turner et Johannem Battersbie fidejussores in hac parte."

Feb. 9. Henry Cock, of Easington-in-Holdernes, and Aune Salisbury, of Kilneseyat Kilnesey.

Feb. 9. John Binnes and Elizabeth Ouldfeild, of Bingley-at Bingley.

Feb. 10.

William Grene and Jane Firth, of Kellington-at Kellington.

Feb. 10. To Stephen Owen, Clk., M.A., to serve cure within the parish of Holme-onthe-Wold.

Feb. 10. John Deacon, of Cathropp, par. Burniston, and Dorothy Lightfoote, daughter of William Lightfoote, of Seazey-at Seazey.

Feb. 10. Roger Wightman, of Heslington, par. St. Laurence, York, and Emota Milner, of Menthrope, par. Kirkby Grindalith--at Kirkby.

Feb. 11. George Etherington, of Driffeild, and Mary Chapman, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity.

Feb. 11. Thomas Harrison and Ellena Turner, of Slateburne-at Slateburne.

Feb. 11. John Osburne, of Lofthouse, and Edith Wilson, of Huton Bushell-at
Huton Bushell.

Feb. 11. To Robert Dockrey, M.A., to teach in the free school at Giggleswicke.
Feb. 12. Richard Cowper and Susanna Turner, of Leedes-at Leedes.?!

Feb. 12. John Dayles, of Middleton, and Dionisia Pearson, of Sledmer-at either place.

Feb. 12. Thomas Holmes, of Sutton, par. Campsall, and Alice Cook, of Moonkfriston -at Campsall or Moonkfriston.

Feb. 14. John Freare, of Settrington, and Mary Petch, of Scampston, par. Rullington (sic) at Settrington or Scampston.

Feb. 14. Robert Downes, of Etton, and Margaret Hoggard, of Middleton-at either place.

Feb. 15. Abraham Normanton and Grace Normanton, of Ludingden, par. Hallifaxat Hallifax.

Feb. 15. Geo. Kendall, of Leedes, and Alice Pell, of Guisley-at either place.

Feb. 15. Thomas Burton, of Headon, and Elizabeth Holmes, of Preston-at either place.

Feb. 16. William Hole, of Rotherham, and Frances Ashmore, of Todwicke, Wid.-at either place.

Feb. 16. Thomas Moyses, of Holy Trinity, Micklegate, York, and Alice Brewster, of Holy Trinity, Gotheramgate, York at Holy Trinity, Gotheramgate.

Feb. 16. George Shiers, of Waddington, par. Mitton, and Lucy Ratcliffe, of Gisburne -at Waddington.

21 Married 19 Feb. 1619-20.


Feb. 17. John Bynkes, of Brighton, par. Bubwith, and Elizabeth Smyth, of Estring. ton-at Bubwith.

Feb. 17. Thomas Leafe, of Screyingham, and Margaret Richardson, of Donington-at either place.

Feb. 17. William Smith and Elizabeth Sotheby, of Withestead (sic)—at Withestead. Feb. 18. Geo. Etherington, of Middleton, Clk., and Jane Pearson, of St. Mary's, Beverley-at either place.

Feb. 18. William Blithe, of Norton, and Ellena Tayler, of Sheaffeild-at Sheaffeild. Feb. 18. George Urton, alias Stephen, of Norton, and Mary Hudson, of Sheaffeildat Sheaffeild.

Feb. 18. John Newlove, Clk., vicar of Rickhall, and Helena Man, of St. Michael's, New Malton-at St. Michael's.

Feb. 18. Ralph Doughtie, of Hesle, and Katherine Newmarshe, of Welton-at Hesle.

Feb. 18. James Punseby and Elizabeth Hewthwaite, of Sowerby, Wid. — at Sowerby.

Feb. 19. John Crosby, Clk., vicar of Lastringham, and Barbara Savile, of Kirkby Moreside, Wid.—at Lastringham.

Feb. 18. Ralph Wright and Phillis Hudson, of Kirk-levington-at Kirkelevington. Feb. 20. Richard Wood and Margaret Clareburne, of Whitkirke-at Whitkirke. Feb. 21. George Newton, of Swyne, and Margery Robinson, of St. Mary's, Hull, Wid. at Swyne.

Feb. 22. John Donninge, of Thirske, and Jane Redshawe, of Cuckewould-at either place.

Feb. 22. Nicholas Yorge, of Kildall, and Suzanna Foster, of Flambrough—at Flambrough.

Feb. 22. John Rockeley, of Wickersley, and Anne Partricke, of Rotherham-at Rotherham.

Feb. 23. John Booth and Isabella Milner, of Leedes-at Leedes.

Feb. 23. Francis Bowlen and Hester Drewley, of Adlingfleete-at Adlingfleete. Feb. 23. Peter Hatter, of Fulfurth, and Mary Pease, of Garfurthe-at either place. Feb. 23. Thomas Pease, of Dewsbury, and Jane Hepworth, of Mirfeild—at Mirfeild. Feb. 24. Thomas Fisher, of Scarbroughe, and Agnes Thurley, of Welton, Wid.-at either place.

Feb. 26. Edmund Boulton, of Leedes, and S[i]bella Massie, of Otley, Wid.-at either place.

Feb. 26. William Brigham and Ellicia Noble, of Warter, Wid.—at Warter.

Feb. 26. Thomas Cockerell, of Whitby, and Mary Thomson, of Ellerburn-at either place.

Feb. 26. Alexander Rawson and Isabella Hide, of Treeton-at Treeton.

Feb. 29. Christopher Marshall and Jane Waite, of Addle-at Addle.23

Feb. 29. Oliver Grascrofte, of Ottringham, and Ellen Backhouse, of Paule-at Ottringham.

Feb. 29. Henry Helme and Mary Beane, Wid., of Wetherbie, par. Spoffurth-at Spoffurth.

March 1. Thomas Bennington, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Sarah Burton, of St. John's, at Ousebridge end, York-at either church.

March 2. To Thomas Clarke, Clk., to serve cure within the chapelry of Awborne. March 2. Thomas Pearson, of Ackworth, and Anne Wood, of Sandall Magna, Wid. -at either place.

[blocks in formation]


March 3. To Roger Emerson, to teach within the parish of All Saints', Pavement, York.

March 8. To Ramus Gibson, B. A., to teach within the parish of St. Michael's-leBelfry, York.

March 9. Richard Littlewood and Suzanna Tyers, of Kirkeburton-at Kirkeburton. (Bond and oath by Wm. Hepworth as to consent of parents, etc.)

March 10. To William Airey, B.A., to teach within the parish of Humbleton.

March 11. Robert Wilson, of Kelfeilde, par. Stillingfleete, and Anne Wilkinson, of Newton-on-Ouse, Wid.-at Newton.

March 13. To Simon Simpson, Clk., M. A., to serve cure within the church and parish of Santon-on-the-Wolds.

March 13. To the said Simon Simpson, Clk., M.A., to teach in the free grammar school at Santon.

March 13.

Edward Goodlad, of South Cave, and Margaret Portington, of Broughe, Eloughton-at South Cave or Eloughton. ("Ex mandato judicis.")

March 15.
March 16.

To William Hide, literate, to teach within the parish of Goodmadham. George Howland and Elizabeth Hirst, Wid., of Wath-at Wath. March 18. Edward Wood. of Copmanthorp, Gent., and Joanna Frankland, of Thirkleby, Wid.--at Thirkleby.

March 18. Marmaduke Rayson, of Butterwicke, par. Barton-in-the-Street, and Mary Beckwith, of Pontefracte-at Barton.

March 20. To George Raper, LL.B., to teach within the parish of Welbury. Thomas Proctor, of Gargrave, Gent., and Frances Hudson, of Kettlewell-at either place.

March 21.

March 21. Caveat against marriage licence to John Musgrave, of Leedes, and any other woman-on behalf of Mary Sowden, daughter of Nicholas Sowden, of Calverley, or Mr. Robert Claphamson, her proctor.

March 23. John Tayler, of Emley, and Grace Hirst, of Kirkeheaton at either place.

March 23. To William Carver, literate, to read prayers within the church of Crawmbe, alias Crambu, in the absence of Thomas Harrison, Clk.

March 23. William Sherecrofte, of Norton, par. Campsall, and Elizabeth Cook, of same parish at Campsall.

March 23. To William Appleyard, Clk., B.A., rector of a mediety of Highe hulland, to teach within the said parish.

March 24. Sequestration of the fruits of the vicarage of Ledsham, granted to Geo. Thackuray, of Fareburn, to the use of the future incumbent.


March 27. Robert Rosse, of Sutton, and Isabella Margeson, of Millington-at either place.

March 29. Isaac Sugden, Clk., and Agnes Beckitt, of Whitkirke—at Whitkirke. March 29. Thomas Wilkinson, of St. Mary's, Hull, and Suzanna Taylor, of Holy Trinity, Hall-at either church.

March 31. To Samuel Guy, Clk., to serve cure within the chapelry of Rosdaile. April 1. Thomas Brooke, and Isabella Hudson, Wid., of Huddersfeiid-at Huddersfeild.

April 3. Commission to John Storre, Clk., M. A., rector of Appleton, to receive proof of the will of Francis Dalton, Clk., late rector of Kirkbie Misperten, and to grant administration thereon, &c.

April 3. To Henry Holmes, literate, to teach at Buckton, par. Bridlington.


April 3. Sequestration of the fruits of the rectory of St. Dennis, and the vicarage of St. George annexed thereto, granted to John Ware, Clk., Thomas Caley, of York, dyer, and Leonard Jackson, of York, tanner, during vacancy.

April 5.

Caveat against marriage licence to Ayis Cunvell, of Hallifax, and Alice Nelson of same-on behalf of the said Alice and Mr. Richardson, notary public, her proctor.

April 5. Thomas Bynnes and Agnes Smith, Wid., of Hallifax-at Hallifax.

[At the end of the book is the following note, in faint ink, in a 17th century hand:-"The bookes before and after are in Mr. Lees his handes."]

The following examples give an idea of the phraseology of the original entries :—


Vicesimo sexto die mensis Junij. A.D. 1618, emanavit licentia, concessa ministris S. Leonardi in Nova Malton et Wintringham, dioc. Ebor., ad solempnizandum matrimonium inter Willelmum Sk[inner?]. parochie S. Leonardi predicte, et Elizabetham Cawaud parochie de Wintringham, dummodo etc., prestita prius cautione etc.


Vicesimo secundo die Junij, 1618, emanavit licentia, concessa Josepho Leigh, clerico, in artibus [blank], curato ecclesie parochialis de Slaitburn, dioc. Ebor., ad erudiendum pueros infra parochiam de Slaitburn predicta, durante etc.


Vicesimo septimo die Julij, 1618, emanavit tolleratio, concessa Michaeli Goodyeare, literato, ad legendum divina in ecclesia parochiali de Wath, dioc. Ebor.. in absentia magistri Benson, clerici, sacre theologie baccallaurei, vicarij ibidem, ac durante etc.

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