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the fields of Estneuton between the land held of Sir Richard by Thos. de Killyng and the land of Thos. son of Cecil; in survivorship, at a yearly rent of 20s. of silver, and suit of Court at Ryngburgh, when held; with permission to take earth from the toft and carry it on to the said oxgang, without waste.

Witnesses:-Sir John de Meaux (Melsa), Sir Amand de Ruda, knts., Wm. Attesthalle of Aldeburgh, Thos. his son, Michael Atte Brigg', of Aldeburgh, Ric. de Echerdwyke. Ryngburgh, Wednesday before SS. Philip and James. 1339. [A. 148.]


Ringbrough Newton.45

Grant by Ric. de Ros of Ringburg, kut. to Hen. de Thorp 7 May. for life of land with meadows and pasture called Avengerland, in the fields of Ringburgneuton, between the land of the grantor and that of Thos. son of Cecily; doing suit of Court at Ringburg and paying a yearly rent of 15s. of silver. Witnesses :-Wm. ad Aulam, of Alderburg', Herman Ami, of Garton, Thos. son of Cecily, of Ringburgneuton. Ringburg, the day of St. John the Archbp. of Beverley. 6 Edw. iii. [A. 139.]



Indenture whereby the Prior and Convent of Drax demise to 1 Aug. Simon de Ryplyngham and Robt. his brother, 3 tofts and 4 oxgangs of land in the town of Rypplynham for 20 years from St. Peter ad Vincula 1368, for 13s. 4d. rent. [B. 96.]



Confirmation by Will. Cowper of Eggerton the elder, of a 26 Sept. grant by John Hagh, kinsman and heir apparent of Will. Hagh his grandfather to Ric. Whyteley of 2 closes called le Roundyng and Fayrclowgh Greyn within the town of Ryscheworth. Witnesses: John Thorgarland, Oliver Whyteley, Thos. Wilson. 26 Sept. 11 Henry vii. [A. 325.]

1495. 26 Sept.

Power of attorneys by John Hagh to John Gleydehyll to
deliver seisin of the said closes to Ric. Whyteley. 26 Sept.
11 Henry vii.
[A. 326.]

Riston, Long.48


Demise by Peter de Nuttill and Katharine his wife to John 14 Feb. de Bildeston, chaplain of a moiety of a toft held by Robert father of the said John during his life of lady Amicia Hild

45 Or East Newton in the parish of Aldbrough. See Poulson's Hist. of H., ii., 31.

46 Riplingham in the parish of Rowley, near Beverley.

47 In the parish of Halifax.

48 In Holderness, see Poulson's Hist. i., 341. Sir Peter de Nuthill's wife was the d. and co-h. of Thomas Hildyard of this place.

yard in Rigston; for life, for a yearly rent of 5s. Witnesses :-John Ligard, Peter the Miller, John son of Thomas, Peter his brother Simon Rust. Ryston, Saturday, St. Valentine's day, 1343. The said John may fell trees for repairs and building by view. [A. 155.]


Grant by Adam son of Adam de Leyrthorp to Sir Simon de Baldrestan of 6 organgs and other tenements, mill &c. in Rogerthorp, in the parish of Baddesword and Thorp Audelyn. Witnesses :-Sir Roger de Novo Mercato, Sir Warin de Skargill, Sir Ralf de Normanvil, knts. John de Burgo, Edm. le Botiller, John de Burton, Godfrey de Steynton, John Daungerous, John Nowel. [B. 31.]

Grant by Robert son of Adam Karkeys to Sir Simon de Baldreston, of one toft and croft in Rogerthorp in the parish of Baddesword inherited by him. Witnesses :-Edm. le Botiller, Wm. de Skargill, John de Burton, Godfrey de Steynton, John Daungerous, Thos. Broun.

A small white seal with a cross.

[A. 32.]

132 Quitclaim by Wm. du Chastell of Querington and Margaret 24 Feb. his wife to Simon de Baldreston of their right in a messuage and 5 oxgangs of land in Rogerthorp by Baddesworth, Yorks. Witnesses :-Sir Wm. de Spaneby, rector of the church of Wyluby, Thos. Beaufou, Wm. de Rouceby, Robt. Mair of Pontefract, John de Burton of Kynnesley.

Swarreby, Friday, S. Matthias day, 3 Edw. iii.


Broken seal.

[A. 133.]

Quitclaim by Robert son of Adam Karkays to Simon de Bald3 Jan. reston, of his right in a toft and croft in Rogerthorp in the parish of Baddesword, inherited by him.

Witnesses W. de Skargill, John de Burton, Thos. Broun, John de Thacham, Wm. Godman of Baddes word. Baddesword, Sunday after Circumcision. 6 Edw. iii. [B. 71.]


Quitclaim by Robt. Carcoys son of Adam Carcoys of Roger13 April. thorp by Baddesworth to Sir Simon de Baldreston clerk, of his right in his late father's lands in Rogerthorp which came to him by inheritance. Witnesses :-Alan de Folifeyt, John de Wentworth, John Daungerus, Robt. Daungerus, Wm. Godeman. Cridelyng, 13 April, 1341. 15 Edw. iii.

A red seal, with what appears to be a plant with a bulbous root, surrounded by an ornamental border. [A. 152.]

1442. 1 Oct.

Grant by Ric. de Balderston esq. to John Ellyswyk and Wm. Crumbulholme, chaplains of his manor of Rogerthorpe, Yorks, and his other lands in Brethyrton, except those held at will

49 In the parish of Badsworth. Hunter (S. Yorks. II. 444), gives a very meagre account of this place.

by Margery de Carleton. Witnesses-Ric. Molyneux, knt. Thos. Haryngton of Horneby, Thos de Ursewyk, Hen. Halsall, Wm. Coppull. Brethyrton, 1 Oct. 21 Hen. vi.

Seal a grotesque human figure (?).

1321. 15 Nov.


[A. 292.]

Quitclaim by Wm. de Stotevyle son of John de Stotevyle of Rolleston to Wm. de Rolleston of Beverley, merchant, of his right in one toft in Rolleston called Bryntoft' between lands of Anselm de Pyckeryng on both sides, and in length from land of the said Anselm to a certain common way, towards the east, which toft the said William and Juliana his wife held by feoffment of the said John de Stotevyle. Witnesses :-Anselm de Pyckeryng', Stephen Hautayn, Walter de Haytefeld, Wm. de Wythornewyc, Walter Whityk, Jas. de Steneton, clerk. Rolleston, Sunday after Martinmas, 1321.


[A. 121.]

1357. Certificate of John [Thoresby] Archbishop of York that the 15 Aug. Abbot and convent of Rufford have proved their right to one moiety of the Church of Roderham which is appropriated to them and to the other moiety held in perpetual farm from the Abbot and Convent of Clairvaux. Lanum, 18 Aug. 1357. "Translationis nostre" 5.

Fragment of the Archbishop's seal.

[A. 176.]



Quitclaim by William son of Adam de Routonstall to Sir 10 Aug. John de Eland, knt. of all action of warranty of the land which he bought from the said Sir John within the boundaries of Routonstall and Stansfeld. Eland, St. Laurence's day, 10 Edw. iii. [A. 144.]

Grant by Adam son of John de Routunstal to Adam son of Peter de Cresley, of a plot of land in the town of Routunstal, called Peresrode between the land late belonging to Hugh on the west, and Routunstal Wood on the east, as the hedge goes round it; with common and other easements belonging to such a tenement in Routunstal and outside; for 20 silver pence yearly rent to Sir Hen. de Sothil.

Witnesses-John de la Len, John le Harpur, John de Assenhirst, Wm. de Estwode, Thos. the Miller. [A. 59.]

50 In the parish of Mappleton in Holderness. See Poulson's Hist. of

H., i., 364.

51 In the parish of Halifax and town

ship of Stansfield, which was formerly called Stansfeld cum Routonstall, and extended some six miles along the north bank of the Calder.



Exemplification of a final concord dated 5 and 6 Ph. and Mary, 3 Jan. between Francis Tunstall, Esq., son and heir of Mary Tunstall, widow, and the same Mary concerning the manor of Scargill and Sadleworthe 50 messuages, 20 cottages [with] tofts .

a fulling mill, 50 gardens, orchards . . . . . . 200 (?) acres of meadow, 300 acres of pasture, 100 acres of wood, 500 acres of moor, 500 acres of heath and furze, 200 acres of moss, 200 acres of turbary and 4 librates of rent in Scargill and Sadleworthe; for which the said Francis pays the said Mary 400l.

Westminster, 3 Jan. 1 Eliz.

Much defaced. Seal of Philip and Mary, broken.

1370. 29 Aug.

Seacroft.5 53

[B. 162.]

Grant by Thos. Elys of Berwyk in Elmet to John de Bardour of York of all his lands and tenements .


with a windmill; the reversion of a toft and croft, of one acre of land held by [Ellen] de Gateby in Secroft, for life, the reversion of two messuages in the same town held by Adam de Thorneyales and Ydonea his wife for her life; the reversion of 2 messuages and 3 acres held by R.... C... s and Ellen his wife for her life.

Witnesses: John de laysyngcroft, Robt. de Manston, Ric. Wayt of Austhorp, Wm. de Grenefeld, Wm. Alot, of Secroft. Secroft, Thursday, the Decollation of St. John the Baptist, 1370. 44 Edw. iii.

Much defaced.

A red seal, with a shield bearing on a cross five crescents in the first quarter, an inverted mullet pierced; the legend :-Sigi..... Thomae Helys. Two of the crescents are much flattened.

[A. 201.]

[graphic][subsumed][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]


1454. Quitclaim by John Parr son of Robt. Parr of Whorleton, and 1 Nov. Wm. Tyndale of Northalverton son of John Tyndale, right heirs of Katherine Bower of Northalverton to James Strangeways, knt. and Elizabeth his wife of their right in the lands of the said Katherine in the territories of Semer and Neweby in Cleveland, within the liberty of Canterbury. Witnesses :-John Laton of Saxhow, Rolf Acclom, Thos. Fulthorp, Robt. Laton, esq. Semer, 1 Nov. 33 Hen. vi. One seal, a crowned W, and a fragment of another.



[A. 297.]

Grant by Simon Lister of Roderham, Stephen Colte of 10 May. Sheffeld, chaplain, and Robt. Porterman of the same to John Mountenay of Waddeslay of a tenement called Peresfeld abutting at one end on Nepeshendepole and at the other end on the land late held by Wm. ad Pontem which he had by grant of Wm. son of Lambert the dyer of Sheffield.

Witnesses Ric. Stubbe of Sheffeld, Adam Sumpter of Attercliff, Henry Barker of Sheffeld, Wm. Knyght, Peter in le Ker. Shircliff in the Parish of Sheffeld, Monday after the Invention of the Cross, 1361, 10 May.

Fragments of three seals. 1, a dog (?) lying down.


[A. 180.]

Porterman to Wm.
Sheffeld same

Power of Attorney by Lister, Colte, and 10 May. del Fryth of Nepeshende to deliver seisin.


Seals. 1, a dog (?) lying down.

2, a lamb and flag.


[A. 181.]

Grant by Philip de Forsley to Wm. son of Alex. de Wurstorne of his "intak between Witefeld and Bentiley Park, as contained between ditches (foveas), with common of pasture and other easements belonging to such land within the bounds of Self; with reservation of the power to alienate to a place of religion, a church, the chief lords and Jews. Witnesses-Ric. de Hyperum, John de Baldewyn, Matthew de Self, Adam de Northuuerum, Thos. de Bentiley, Ivo the Smith. Endd: Carta de terris apud Shelf.

1341. 6 April.

[A. 21.]

Grant by Cecilia daughter of Alan de Seureby and Amabilla daughter of Wm. de Calthorn to Geoffrey son of Ric. de Schelf of a messuage with garden and croft in Schelf, between

the tenements of Ric. del Rokes and Ric. de Tho . . .

initial aspirate in the name, a corruption of Helias. Fitz had been dropped two generations before.

54 Seamer, near Scarborough.
55 Shelf, in the parish of Halifax.

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