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Oct. 15. William Tayler, of the city of London, and Katherine Thornebrough, of St. Saviour's, York-at St. Saviour's.

Oct. 15. Lawrence Bradley, of Fuiston, and Margaret Preston, of Kirkebie-Maloughdale at either place.

Oct. 16. To Ralph Harrison, Clk., to serve cure in parish church of Hutton-Bonvill. Oct. 16. Robert Drewe, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Anne Preston, of Bilton-at either place.

Oct. 17. William Revill, of Dransfeild, co. Darbie, and Isabella Bilcliffe, of Castleford at Castleford.

Oct. 18. Michael Hodg-on and Beatrice Twistleton, of Featherston-at Featherston. Oct. 18. Israel Dodsworth, of St. Martin's, Micklegate, York, and Frances Banister, of St. John's, at Ouse bridge end, York-at either church.

Oct. 19. John Bullocke, of Kildwicke, and Jane Robinson, of Wakefeild-at either place.

Oct. 20. John Adams and Margaret Frost, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at St. Trinity. Oct. 20. To Jerome Donford, Clk., to serve cure within the parish church of Ruiston, in the absence of Richard Woodroffe, Clk., vicar there.

Oct. 13. To Abraham Dison, literate, to teach within the parish of St. Saviour's, York.

Oct. 21. William Coyne, of Overton, and Anne Swire, of Kildwick-in-Craven-at

Oct. 21. George Warde, of Bradfeild, and Alice Bright, of Totley-at Bradfeild.
Oct. 21. Richard Newton, of St. Dennis, [York], and Petronella Rookesbie, of
Sledmere at either place.

Oct 23. Francis Hornecliffe and Suzanna Baytes, Wid., of Kayingham-at Kaying


Oct. 23. Richard Marshe, of Darton, and Elizabeth Boyne, of Sandall-Magna—at either place.

Oct. 23. Jonas Rookes, vicar of Peniston, and Elena Copley, of Emley-at either place.

Oct. 23. John Bayne, of Holy Trinity, King's Court, York, and Jane Oddie, of Rippon-at either place.

Oct. 26. William Coulson, of St. John's Beverley, and Anne Newcome, of St. Mary's, Castlegate, York (ut asseritur)-at either church. (De mandato Judicis prestito prius juramento de consensu parentum utriusque partis.)

Oct. 26. William Banke, of Gigleswick, and Anue Gibson, of Addle—at either place. Oct. 26. Henry Darley, esq., of Screyingham, and Margery Hungate, of St. Cuthbert's, York at either place.

Oct. 26. To William Stubes, Clk., B A., to serve cure within the chapel of Baildon, "durante infirmitate Willelmi Kendall, curati moderni ibidem."

Oct. 26. William Rosse, and Elizabeth Barton, of Gillinge-at Gillinge."

Oct. 27. William Wandesford, Gent., of Pickhill, and Elizabeth Askwith, of Thirkleby -at Thirkleby.

Oct. 29. To John Luckocke, literate, to read prayers in the church of Appleton, and the chapel of Amotherby, in the absence of John Storre, Cik., vicar there.

Oct. 29. To George Bankes, literate, to teach within the chapelry of Sand-Huton, par. Thirske.

Oct. 30. James Stancliffe and Elizabeth Gossop, Wid., of St. Mary's, Beverley-at St. Mary's.

Oct. 30. William Garbutt, of Cuxwold, Gent., and Martha Midgley, daughter of John Midgley, of Bradford, Gent.-at Bradford.

* See Foster's Visitations of 1584-5 and 1612, p. 223.

9 See Ibid. p. 213.


Oct. 31. John Julian, of North Frodingham, and Suzanna Waite, of St. Mary's, Hull--at either place.

Nov. 1. Thomas Sothaby, esq., of Birdsall, and Audrey Hansby, of St. Leonard's, New Malton, Wid.-at Birdsall.10

Nov. 1. Brian Foster, of Wakefeild, and Mary Greave, of Penistone-at either place. Nov. 1. William Scales, of Beighton, and Joanna Newton, of St. Dennis, Walmergate, York at St. Dennis. (De mandato Judicis.)

Nov. 2. Laurence Adam, of Pontefract, and Mary Heather, of Warmefeild-at either place.

Nov. 2. Thomas Inman, of St. Crux, York, and Anne Helesse, of St. Helen's, Stonegate, York, Wid.-at St. Helen's.

Nov. 2. Thomas Dent, of Dripoole, and Dor' Kirke, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Dripoole.

Nov. 3. William Jordan, of Righton, and Jane Coulson, of Gristhrop, par. Fyleyat Fyley.

Nov. 3. Brian Couldcote, of Leedes, and Anne Hudson, of Tadcaster at either place.'


Nov. 3. Wm. Mansargh, of Melton, co. Westmoreland, Gent., and Anne Hayber, of Long Preston-at Long Preston.

Nov. 4. John Norcliffe, of Hallifax, and Eden Thorpe, of Dewsbury-at either place. Nov. 5. John Wood, of Abberford, and Elena Fowler, of Kildwicke-at either place. Nov. 6. Ralph Johnson, of Preston-in-Holdernes, and Frances Rosse, of Bilton, Wid.-at either place.

Nov. 7. John Teasdell, of Lastringham, and Jane Cooke, of St. Sampson's, York— at either place.

Nov. 6. Henry Atkinson and Rosamund Waddington, Wid., of Addle-at Addle.12

Nov. 6. Leonard Saer, of Whitby, and Margaret Bussy, of St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York, Wid.-at St. Michael's.

Nov. 9. William Harrison, of Lockton, par. Middleton, and Elizabeth Tomlinson, of Ebberston--at either place.

Nov. 10. William Gilby and Joanna King, of Wakefeild-at Wakefeild.

Nov. 12. Anthony Hurwood, of All Saints', Pavement, York, and Elizabeth Walker, of All Saints', North streete, York-at either church.

Nov. 13. William Millner, of Osburne Parva, and Mary Beecroft, of St. Olave's, York at St. Olave's.

Nov. 13. Edmund Cowper. of St. John's at Ousebridge end, York, and Eden Horton, of Bradforti, Wid.-at Bradforth. ("Gratis.")

Nov. 15. Francis Anderson, of Sowerby, and Anne Markenfeild, of Topcliffeeither place.


Nov. 15. Richard Skinner, of Holy Trinity, Gothromgate, York, and Mary Skynner, of Huntington-at Huntingtou.

Nov. 15. Matthew Tophan, of St. Martin's, Micklegate, York, merchant, and Rachael Paget, of Holy Trinity, Gothromgate, York, Wid.-at Holy Trinity. Nov. 15. Thomas Matthew and Joanna Pinckney, Wid., of St. Martin's, Conistreet, York at St. Martin's.

Nov. 16. Samuel Dowglasse, of Leedes, aud Prudence Bairstow, of Birstall-at either place. 13

Nov. 16. John Pilley, of Thorpe, par. Little Osburne, and Jane Blythman, of St. Hellen's, Stonegate, York-at Little Osburne or St. Hellen's.

10 Daughter of Thomas Lovell, of Skelton, and widow of John Hansby (Ibid. p. 138).

11 Bryan Colcole and Ann Hudson, married at

Leeds 6 Nov. 1619.

12 Married 7 Nov. 1619.

13? Married 16 Nov. 1619, at Leeds.


Nov. 16. John Raley, of Skeckling, and Francis Smith, of St. Mary, Castlegate, York at St. Mary's.

-at Bradfeild.

Nov. 17. John Marriot and Ellen Barber, of Bradfeild—
Nov. 17. Thomas Gibson, of Kirkdale, Gent., and Prudence Watson, of Edston,
Wid. (ut asseritur)—at either place.

Nov. 17. Francis Johnson, of Skipton, and Alice Drummanby, of Boulton-in-
Channons-at either place.

Nov. 18. Thomas Richeson, of Eaton Magna (Great Ayton), and Alice Cowtus, of Danby-at either place.

Nov. 18. Robert Thorneton, of Leathley, and Alice Harrison, of Harwood-at either place.

Nov. 18. John Maude, of Wakefeilde, and Sarah Foxcrofte, of Hallifax-at Hallifax.14

Nov. 18. Nov. 19. William Whitwell, of Skirpenbecke, and Anne Whitwell, of Allerston-at either place.

Henry March and Marcy Barnat, of Hesle-at Hesle.

Oct. 10. Richard Marsingall, of Eberston, and Margaret Whitwell, of Allerston-at either place.

Nov. 20. John Lacie and Clara Rudd, of Danby-at Danby.15

Nov. 20. ham.

Robert Holmes and Jenet Carter, of Long Addingham-at Long Adding

Nov. 20. Jesper Ketlewell, of Topcliffe, and Anne Warde, of Cundall-at either place.

Νον. 20. William Dobson, of Leavsham, and Margaret Postgate, of Helmesley-at Helmesley.

Nov. 22. Thomas Atkinson and Alice Dobson, alias Harrison, of Kirkby Overblowes -at Kirkby.

Nov. 22. Thomas Meller, of Foston, and Dorothy Fowberie, of Appleton-at either place.

Nov. 22. Henry Watson and Margaret Hodgson, of Cawood-at Cawood.

Nov. 22. William Maior, of Flambrough, and Ellisia Stevenson, of Frastrope, par. Bridlington - at Flambrough or Bridlington.

Nov. 22. To Peter Webster, literate, to read prayers within the parish of Wombersley, in the absence of Robert Dobbes-vicar there.

Nov. 22. William Ableson and Elizabeth Jeffrason, of Eskedale, par. Whitbie-at either place.

Nov. 23. William Yates and Elizabeth Dodgson, of Cawood-at Cawood.

Nov. 24.


William Woodhouse and Emota Watson, Wid., of Lowthorpe-at Low

Nov. 24. Robert Garnor and Elizabeth Bussie, of St. Dennis, York-at St. Dennis. Nov. 25. Gabriel Wilson, of Crake, and Elizabeth Nesse, of Welburne, Wid.-at either place.

Nov. 25. Robert Bradley and Sarah Hunsley, of Kirkbie Overblowes-at Kirkbie. Nov. 29. John Barton and Mary Breamer, of Holy Trinity, Micklegate, York--at Holy Trinity. 16

Nov. 29. James Weddell, of St. Crux, York, and Elizabeth Wood, of St. Michael'sle-Belfry, York--at St. Michael's

Nov. 30.

Francis Mitchell, of Penniston, and Mary Horsfall, of Cawthorne-at either place.

Nov. 30. William Baldwen, of Marton, and Anne Bucke, of Kirkebie Maloughdale -at either place.

14 Married there, 8 Dec. 1619. (J W. C.) 15 Married 1 Dec.

16 Married 30 Nov. 1619.


Dec. 1. John Barstowe and Grace Holdsworth, of Hallifaxe-at Hallifaxe.

Dec. 1. Henry Moxon, of St. Mary's, Hull, and Anne Birkdell, of Holy Trinity, Hull--at either church.

Dec. 2. To Jonas Bentley, Clk., B.A., to serve cure within the chapelry of Baildon. Dec. 2. Henry Brigge and Effam Grenewood, of Hallifax-at Hallifax.

Dec. 2. Richard Wilkinson, of Headon, and Margaret Isaacke, of Thorne Gumbald -at either place.

Dec. 3. Tobias Lowe, of Hallifax, and Elizabeth Horsfall, of Heptonstall-at either place.

Dec. 4. To Thomas Battersby, literate, to read prayers within the chapelry of Hawltongill, and to teach there.

Dec. 4. Ninian Yonge, of Ackworthe, and Elizabeth Shillito, of Featherston-at either place.

Dec. 4. Anthony Hoyland, and Jane Wright, of Rawmarsh-at Rawmarsh.
Dec. 7. Richard Roberts and Anne Bullivant, of Sheaffeilde-at Sheffeilde.
Dec. 7. William Fletcher, of Doncaster, and Dorothy Wilson, of Hickleton-at
either place.

Dec. 7. William Mawmond, of Foston, and Margaret Peckett, of Sherife hutton-at either place.

Dec. 7. Robt. Ledgard, of Hesle, Esq., and Frances Johnson, of St. Mary's, Hull— at either place.

Dec. 8. Arthur Beilby, of Spoffurth, Gent., and Prudence Sheffeild, of Bingley-at either place.

Dec. 9. Philip Wheath, Clk., rector of Hinderwell, and Elizabeth Steward, of Lofthouse, Wid-at either place.

Dec. 9. Thomas Storie, of Filliskirke, and Margery Clapham, of same—at Filliskirke. Dec. 9. Willian Westerman, of Dewsburie, and Katherine Booth, of Woodchurchat either place.

Dec 10. Jacobus Carr, and Anne Lawson, Wid., of Gigleswick-at Gigleswick. Dec. 10. Francis Simpson, and Elizabeth Grason, of Byshop Muncktou, par. Rippon --at Byshop Munckton or Rippon.

Dec. 13. Charles Hall, of Lenthorp, par. Swillington, and Priscilla Bonnie, of Newland, par. Normanton-at Swillington or Normanton.

Dec. 11. Francis Munckton, son of Sir Philip Munckton Knt., of Cavill, p1r. Estring:on, and Margaret Savile, daughter of Thomas Savile, of Horbury, Esq. -at Horbury. 17

Dec. 13. Edward Atkinson, of St. Mary's, Beverley, and Jane Parkinson, of St. John's, Beverley-at either church.

Dec. 13. John Coulthurst, of St. Crux, York, and Isabella Chappell, of St. Michael's, New Malton at St. Michael's.

Dec. 14. Edward Foster and Agues Walker, of Bridlington-at Bridlington.

Dec. 14. Jacobus Sugdell, of Huton-on Darwin, par. (rawme, and Jane Crathorne, of Kirkbie Overkar-at Huton-on-Darwin.

Dec. 14. Arthur Ryley, of Long Addingham, and Claramondia Somerscales, of Gar grave-at Gargrave.

Dec. 14. Sequestration of the fruits of the parish church of Bainton, granted to Richard Remington, of Leckenfeild Parke, Esq., and Thomas Sugden, Cik., to the use of the future incumbent.

Dec. 15. John Holland, of Dovehouse, in Ecclesall, par. Sheaffeild, and Emota Lee, of Sheaffeild-at Ecclesall or Sheaffeild.

17 Married there, 10 Jan. 1619-20. He was knighted at York, 25 June, 1642. (J. W. C.)


Dec. 18. Giles Chapman and Elizabeth Smithson, of Huddersfeild—at Huddersfeild. Richard Smyth, of Ingleby, Gent., and Jane Stockdale, of Whitbystrand, Wid-at either place.

Dec. 17.

Dec. 17.

Dec. 17.

Thomas Weste, of Pannall, and Clara Stead, of Rippon-at either place.

John Dodgson, of Boulton-by-Bolland, and Jane Wailshe, of Slaithburneat either place.

Dec. 18. Gregory Peacock, of Scarbrough, and Joanna Cooke, of Bridlington-at Bridlington.

Dec. 18. John Grayson and Elizabeth Heslewood, of Rippon—at Rippon.

Dec. 18.

William Bashler and Elizabeth Foreman, of Holy Trinity, King's Court, York at Holy Trinity.

Dec. 21.

William Holme, alias Kidd, of Hampsthwaite, and Agnes Hollme, of Otley -at either place.

Dec. 22. Simon Hodgson, of Wathe, and Elizabeth Kitchinman, of Adwicke-onDearne at Adwicke.

Dec. 22. Thomas Walker, of Bradford, and Suzanna Hopkinson, of Soreby, ar. Hallifax-at Bradford or Hallifax.

Dec. 22. Thomas Lasenbie, of St. Hellen's, York, and Elizabeth Lectbie, of Holy Trinity, Gotheromgate, York—at Holy Trinity.

Dec. 23.

John Brooke and Elizabeth Ashton, of Mirfeild-at Mirfeild.

Dec. 23. James Bray and Jane Crosley, of Kirkburton-at Kirkburton.

Dec. 24. Samuel Pawson, of St. John's, York, and Mary Micklethwaite, daughter of Elias Micklethwaite, York, alderman, of Holy Trinity, Micklegate at Holy Trinity.17a

Dec. 28. Richard Franke, of Pontefracte, and Anne Ellis, of St. Martin's, Conistreete, York at St. Martin's. 18

Dec. 29. Arthur Bramley and Anne Dawson, Wid., of Addingham-at Addingham. Dec. 29. George Whaller, of St. Michael's-le-Belfry, and Jane Shawe, of Helaugh— at Helaugh.

Dec. 30. Nathaniel Ayre, of Bramley, par. Brawell (Braithwell), and Alice Francke, of Pontefracte-at Pontefract. 19

Dec. 31. Henry Beecrofte, of Long Preston, and Anne Carr, of Gigleswick-at either place.


Jan. 3. Robert Butler, of Blithe, and Anne Small, of Norton Cuckney-at either place.

Jan. 3.

William Clarkson, of Horburie, and Alice Brighton, of Wakefeild-at either place.

Jan. 4. Roger Kitchin and Jane Ibbotson, of Skipton-at Skipton.

Jan. 7.

Thomas Tranmore and Hester Bonwicke, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity or Hesle.

Jan. 8. Caveat against licence for marriage of Alice Watkinson with Hugh Scudamore or any other man-on behalf of Richard Lister, her guardian.

Jan. 10. Michael Bynnes and Sarah Cryer, of Almonburie-at Almonburie.

Jan. 10. Francis Smales, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Anne Dalton, of St. Mary's, Hull-at either church.

17 Married 28 Dec., 1619.

18 Richard Frank, of Pontefract, afterwards of Campsall, baptised at the former place, 20 Feb., 1591-2, and buried at the latter, Dec., 1661. She was daughter of Bernard Ellis, Recorder

of York; buried at Campsall, 26 Dec., 1662.
19 She was sister of Richard Franke men-
tioned above. Mar. there 18 Jan. 16.9-20.
(J. W. C.)

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