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July 21. John Brigges and Mary Bromehead, of Wakefeild-at Wakefeild.
July 21. James Ellis and Jane Jackson, Wid., of Skipton-in-Craven-at Skipton.?
July 21. George Langley and Helen Haron, Wid., of Whorleton-at Whorleton.
July 20. Richard Hudson, of All Saints, North Street, York, and Isabella Hill, of
Hunsingore-at either place.

July 21. Richard Leeminge, of Kirkbie Overblowes, and Isabella Bateson, of St.
Michael's-le-Belfry, York-at either place.

July 26.
William Ellis, of Awdby, par. Bossall, and Jane Nawte, of St. Martin's,
Conistreet, York- at St. Martin's.

July 26. Henry Blashall and Frances Craike, of Easington-at Easington.

July 27. John Harborne and Margaret Froste, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity.

July 27. William Leaper, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Mary Wilkinson, of Pontefracte -at either place.

July 28. Christopher Lofte, of Wighell, and Anne Harrison, of Healaugh-at either place.

July 30. Samuel Saltonstall, of Badsworth, and Barbara Rudston, of Haton—at either place.

July 30. Richard Beamond, of Murfeild, and Elizabeth Outfeild, of Woolley, Wid.— at Woolley,3

Aug. 10. Caleb Thorneton, of Dripoole, and Dor' Chambers, of Holy Trinity, Hullat Dripoole.

Aug. 10. Nicholas Skadlock, of Bishopthorp, and Elizabeth Pender, of Acaster Malbis at either place. (Gratis.)

Aug. 10. John Mitchell, of Hallifax, and Anne Chappell, of Barnesley-at
Ba nesley.

Aug. 3. George Wilson, of Tickhill, and Dorothy Lee, of Fetherston


Aug. 4. John Fleeminge, of Stanley, par. Wakefeild, and Katherine Clarson (perhaps Clorson), of the same place-at Wakefeild.

Aug. 4. Ralph Robinson, of Thornton, and Alice Greaves, of Holy Trinity, Hullat either place.

July 21. Commission to Lawrence Wilson, Clk., Dean of Fontefracte, Edward Sunderland, Clk., Minister of Ealand, and Anthony Crowther, Clk., Vicar of Mirfeild, to prove the will of Josua Smith, Clk.. M.A., late Vicar of Huddersfeild, deceased, and to grant administration to Suzanna Smith, daughter and sole executrix.

Aug. 4. David Caverd, of Sherburne, and Marie Heaton, of Doncaster, Wid.-at Doncaster.

Aug. 4. Marmaduke Blakiston, Gent., and Mary Birkby (ut asseritur), of St. Michael's, at Ouse bridge end, York-at St. Michael's.

Aug. 4. Francis Bankes, of Beford, and Anne Calverley, of Foston-at either place.

Aug. 5. Roger Iveson, of Broughton, and Elizabeth Kellett, of Bradford-at either place.

Aug. 5. Christopher Wormeley, Gent., of St. Mary's, Bishophill, junior, and Mary Adams, of Owsten-at St. Mary's.*

Aug. 6. Francis Constable, Gent.. of Escrigg (ut asseritur), and Mary Watkinson, Wid., of Hemingbrough-at Escrigg.

2 Married 26 July, 1619.

3 Married at Woolley, 3 Aug. 1619. She was daughter of Michael Wentworth, Esq. of Woolley, and widow of Thos. Oldfield.

She was daughter of Philip Adams, of Owston, and baptised there 20 Jan. 1602. (J. W. C.)


Aug. 7. Edward Bollinge, of Bradford, and Suzana Saxton, of Calverley, Wid.-at either place.

Aug. 9. William Halley, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Amy Chapman, of the sameat Holy Trinity.

Aug. 9. James Cordley, of Ealand, and Sarah Whiteley, of Hallifax-at either place.

Aug. 9. William Hall, of Hatfeild, and Abigall Shaw, of Kirke Fenton-at Kirke Fenton.

Aug. 9. Peter Russell, of Leeds, and Anne Nevill, of Kirke Burton at either place.

Aug. 10. John Thackwray, of Harwood, and Mary Thackwray, of Otley-at either place.

Aug. 11. Thomas Robson, of Swyne, and Anne Alford, of Ferreyby-at either place.
Aug. 11. Christopher Pusfeild, of Selby, and Frances Rawden, of St. Mary's, Bishop-
hill, senior, York-at either place. (As to Selby, by reason of Visitation.)
Aug. 11. Francis Petch, of Danby, and Agnes Theakeston, of the same-at Danby.5
Aug. 11. John Feild, of Spofforth, and
Burnand, of St. Helen's, Stone-

gate, York-at St. Helen's.

Aug. 12. William Bankes, of Stanley, and Jane Swallow, of Bothomes, par. Wakefeild at Wakefeild.

Aug. 12. To Christopher Fisher, literate, to teach within the chapelry of Thornetonin-le-More. (By reason of Visitation.)

[Then 5 citations in actions of Defamation, &c. crossed out.]

July 20. To John Parke, literate, to teach within the parish of Spofforth.

July 24. Henry Robinson, of Newarke-on-Trent, and Hester Adamson, of Calverley -at either place.

July 30. To William Richardson, literate, to teach at Wadsley Bridge, near

July 30. To Francis Barefoot, Clk. to serve cure within the parish of Woolley.
July 31. To Thomas Scoley, literate, to teach within the parish of Felkirke.

Aug. 2. To George Ryley, literate, to read prayers within the church of Beckingham in the absence of Thos. Vicars, Clk., vicar there.

Aug. 2. George Butler, of Eaton, in the jurisdiction of the Chapter of Southwell, and Suzanna Sharpe, of Elkesley-at

Aug. 3. Ephraim Tuke, literate, to receive orders from any bishop within the kingdom of England.

Aug. 4. Edward Ventrisse, of Gorton, and Jane Alvey, of Sibthorpe-at Sibthorpe (by Edward Wightman, Clk.)

Aug. 6. To Thomas Osburne, literate, to teach within the parish of Sutton-inAshfeilde.

Aug. 14. William Sheppeard, of Eskricke, and Anne Overham, of Heslington-at either place.

Aug. 15. Edward Turner, of Hansworth, and Elizabeth Brownehill, of Treeton-at either place.

Aug. 16. Marmaduke Stather and Margaret Chapman, of Walkington-at Walkington.

Aug. 16. To Richard Golton, B.A., to teach in the Free Grammar School at Cuckeswould.

Aug. 16. William Foster, of Hallifax, and Jane Rawnsley, of Ealand-at either place."

Married at Elland, 14 August, 1619.

Sa Took place August 11.

6 Married at Elland, 22 August, 1619.


Aug. 17.-Francis Shan, Gent., of Methley, and Isabella Beeleby, of Seamer-at either place.

Aug. 18. John Christalson, of Leckenfeild, and Frances Watkinson, of Menthropp, par. Hembrough - at Leckenfeild or Hembrough.

Aug. 19. Anthony Warde, of Giggleswicke, and Janet Knowles, of Horton-at either place.

Aug. 19. To Anthony Hunter, of Kirkbie Moresyde, William Browne, of Gillamore, and John Brise, of Cockhan, in same parish, literates, to read prayers within the parish aud chapelries aforesaid respectively, in the absence of the Ven. Henry Thurscrosse, Clk., M.A., archdeacon of Cleveland, and vicar of Kirkeby Moreside.

Aug. 20. Thomas Gempson, alias Morret, of West Hadlesay, par. Birkin, and Margaret Hesletyne, of Stayner-hall, par. Selby-at Birkin (as to Selby, by reason of Visitation).

Aug. 21. George Smedley, of Sheaffeild, and Grace Holmer, of same, Wid.-at Sheaffeild.

Aug. 21.

Abraham Sunderland, of Hallifax, and Elizabeth Langdale, of St. John's, Beverley-at St. John's.7

Aug. 21. Edward Bayne, of All Saints', North Street, York, and Anne Robinson, of St. John's, Micklegate, York-at either church.

Aug. 21.

Aug. 23.

William See and Anne Atkinson, of Cottingham-at Cottingham.

Francis Booth and Dor' Hawkesworth, of Peniston-at Peniston. Aug. 23. To Christopher Tomlinson, literate, to read prayers in the houses, commonly called Belman bancke house, Newgate hancke house, and Slapewathe house, within the parishes of Gisbrough and Skelton.

Aug. 23. Thomas Boynton, of Rawcliffe, par. Snayth, and Jane Auneby, of Sherwood hall, par. Kellington-at Kellington.

Aug. 23. John Hanley and Elizabeth Scratcher, of Wakefeilde-at Wakefeilde. Aug. 24. Francis Atkinson, of Boulton, and Jane Butterfeilde, of Gisburne-at either place.

Aug. 24. Mansfeild Wilkinson, of Huton-on-Darwin, and Rebecca Lindley, of Berriethorpe-at either place.

Aug. 28. Sequestration of the fruits of the rectory of Hymsworth, now in litigation, granted to Cotton Horne, Gent., Richard Seward, Gent., Francis Heaton, and John Day, to the use of the future incumbent.

Aug. 28. Commission to William Grene, Clk., M.A., vicar of South Kirbie, and Thomas Pulleyne, Clk., vicar of Pontefracte, to receive bond, and to certify as to preceding sequestration.

Aug. 28. Robert Brodbelt and Isabella Wayde, of Ilkley —at Ilkley.

Aug. 30. Thomas Maltas, of Pateley brigges, and Joanna Allanson, of Rippon-at either place.

Aug. 31. Francis Wynde, of Hilston, and Elizabeth Starke, of Halsome--at either place.

Sept. 1. place.

William Owbrigg, of Filey, and Alice Bridekirk, of Cayton-at either

Aug. 31. Stephen Pudsey, Gent., of Rippon, and Beatrice Procter, of Rippon-at Rippon.

--on behalf of

Sept. 3. Caveat against probate of will or grant of administration of the goods of
William Brogden, Clk., late rector of a mediety of Burnsall church-
William Brogden, of Bracewell, nephew [nepos] of deceased.

7 Son of Richard Sunderland, of Coley. He died in Pontefract Castle during the siege, 25 March, 1644. She was sister of Sir Marma

dake Langdale, the Royalist commander. Their son, Langdale Sunderland, was ruined with the war, and had to sell High Sunderland. (J. W. C.)


Sept. 4. Sequestration of the fruits of the rectory and vicarage of Byshopthorp, granted to George Earbie and Thomas Ryley, of Byshopthorp, husbandmen, pro reparacione et refectione cancelli valde ruinosi seu potius diruti."


Sept. 6. Commission to William Webster, Clk., dean of Craven, to prove the will of William Brogden, Clk., late rector of Burnsall, deceased.

Sept. 7. Peter Foster, of Garthrope, par. Luddington, and Anne Metcalfe, of Adlingfleete-at Adlingfleete.

Sept. 7.

Francis Horsley, and Elizabeth Younge, of Filey-at Filey.

Sept. 7. Robert Keirsley, of Gisbrough and Mary Lowicke, of Great Aiton-at either place.

Sept. 7. Richard Parkinson, of Upsall, par. Kilvington, and Margaret Readman, of Burneston-at either place,

Sept. 8. Thomas Burgoyne, and Margaret Hoesmith, Wid., of Holy Trinity, Hull, --at Holy Trinity.

Sept. 8.

To Thomas Steade, literate, to teach at Pudsey par., Calverley. Sept. 9. Ralph Hasle, of Hutton-on-Darwent, and Anne Haddlesey, of St. Crux, York at either place.

Sept. 9. Robert Seaton, of Maltby, and Mary Seales, of Laughton-in-le-Morthinge. (By reason of Visitation.)

Sept. 11. Thomas Hollingworth, of Calverley, and Judith Baister, of Bradfurth-at either place.

Sept. 13. Christopher Jackson and Anne Cnite, of Siglesthorne-at Siglesthorne. Sept. 14. Thomas Bancas, of Snainton, and Isabella Merry, of Righton- at Righton. Sept. 15. To Matthew Bowthe, Clk. to serve cure within the chapelry of Newchappell, in Scamaden, par. Huddersfeild.

Sept. 15. William Gray, of Doncaster, and Frances Broughton, of Sherburne-at either place.

Sept. 15. Marmaduke Brathwaite and Elizabeth Atkinson, of Rippon-at Rippon. Sept. 17. John Farrer, of Hallifax, and Suzanna Fenay, Wid., of Almonburie-at either place.

Sept. 19. George Burton, of Rippon, and Anne Nelson, of Helperbie-at either place.

Sept. 21. John Awdesley, of Dewsbury, and Dorothy Walker, of St. Michael's, at Ouse bridge end, York-at St. Michael's.

Sept. 23. Thomas Woller, of Kildwicke, and Clarimonda Tillitson, of Kirkbie Malhoughdale at either place.

Sept. 23. George Feilde and Grace Swifte, of Halifax-at Halifax.

Sept. 23. Caveat against licence for marriage of John Brookesbanke and Margaret Sowden, of Calverley, or between him and any other woman.--On behalf of Janet Ashley, of Calverley, with whom he has contracted marriage.

Sept. 24. Thomas Carre and Jane Carre, of Saunton-at Saunton.

Sept. 24. Robert Chaplinge and Margaret Mower, of Saunton-at Saunton.

Sept. 24. To John Darneton, literate, to exercise the office of parish clerk within the chapelry of Whorlton.

Sept. 24. To Thomas Whitehead, literate, to read prayers in Hunmanby church, in the absence of Mr. Bradley, Clk., rector there.

Sept. 28. Nicholas Wyersdale, of the city of London, and Barbara Goulton, of Kilburne-at Kilburne.

Sept. 28. Edward Killingbecke, of Bardsey, and Isabella Hodgson, of Leedes-at either place.

Sept. 28. Thomas Carrocke, of Askham, Richard and Isabella Nelson, of St. Michael's Belfry, York, Wid.—at either place.


Sept. 30. John Turner, Gent., and Elizabeth Bowth, Wid., of Harswell-at Harswell.

Sept. 30.

William Creighton, son and heir of William, lord Sanchuhair (Sanquhar), and Penelope Swifte, daughter of Sir Robert Swifte, knight, and Dame Ursula, now his wife, of Doncaster-at Doncaster. (Ex mandato Judicis.)

Sept. 30.

William Harbert and Barbara Ellis, of Bulmer-at Bulmer.

Sept. 30. George Munckton, of Leedes, and Ellen Allen, of Ledsham (ut asseritur)— at either place.

Sept. 30. John Acklam, of Foston, and Dorothy Welburne, of Foston-at Foston. Sept. 30. Thom. Botterell, Clk., vicar of Righton, and Emota Havelock, of Righton. Sept 30. To Nicholas Dudydell, Clk., to serve cure within the parish or chapelry of Waddington.

Oct. 1. To John Briggs, literate, to teach within the rarish of Bramham.

Oct. 1. To George Atkinson, literate, to teach at Hellifeilde, par. Longe Preston. Oct. 1. Robert Day and Jane Lyones, Wid., of Moorehouse, par. Skelton - at Skelton.

Oct. 2. (Adam?) Marmaduke and Frances Wilkinson, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity.

Oct. 4. George Wilie, of Bardsey, and Anne Tottie, of Leedes-at either plice.

Oct. 4. William Robinson and Anne Pickeringe, of St. Mary's, Hull-at St. Mary's. Oct. 5. Michael Longbothom, of Ovenden, and Grace Midgley, of Mydgley, par. Hallifax-at Hallifax.

Oct. 5. Robert Sowerby, of Hemsley, and Anne Smyth, of Sigston-at either place. Oct. 6. William Fewles, of St. Mary's, Beverley, and Isabella Abbe[y?], of St. Martin's, Conistreet, York-at St. Martin's.

Oct. 7. Nicholas Bouthroyd, of Thornehill, and Anne Woffendale, of Wakefeild—at either place.

Oct. 7. Richard Deane and Agnes Deane, of Linton-at Linton.

Oct. 8. Thomas Barnes, of Watton, and Jane Spicer, of St. Dennis, York-at St. Dennis.

Oct. 8.

Edward Sharples and Mary Ouldfeild, of Hallifax-at Hallifax.

Oct. 8. George Danby and Mary Tod, Wid., of Kirkby Knowle-at Kirkby Knowle.

Oct. 11. Robert Straker, of Murton, par, Osbaldwick, and Elizabeth Lotherfurth, of Melburne, par. Thorneton-at Osbaldwick. (By reason of Visitation.)

Oct. 12. Hugh Turner and Jane Harrison, of Humbleton-at Headon, or Humbleton.

Oct. 12. Christopher Water, of St. Crux, York, and Anne Strickland, of Helperbie -at Helperbie.

Oct. 12. Thomas Walmsley, of Boulton-by-Bolland, and Isabella Kellett, of
St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York--at St. Michael's.

Oct. 13. William Craven and Ursula Wright, Wid., of Badsworth -at Badsworth.
Oct. 10. Richard Creswick and Elizabeth Brigges, of Sheffeild-at Sheffeild.
Oct. 7. George Swainson and Margaret Longman, Wid., of East Retford-at East

Oct. 7. To John Bew, Clk., to serve cure within the parish of Balderton.
Adam Ramseden and Edith Gleadhill, of Hallifax-at Hallifax.

Oct. 13.

Oct. 13.

Richard Heslewood, of Byshopburton, and Juliana Richeson, of Wighton— at either place.

Oct. 14.

Richard Petty and Mary Wilson, of Agnes Burton-at Burton Agnes.

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