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Jan. 27. Marmaduke Fawcett, of Arnecliffe, and Elizabeth Lodge, of Ilkley—at Ilkley.

Jan. 27. Wm. Brogden and Agnes Ellis, of Barlewicke-at Barlewicke (? Barwick-inElmet).

Jan. 23. Richard Shercliffe, of Ecclesfeild, and Theodocia Percie, of Doncaster-at Ecclesfeild. 92

Jan. 29. John Lister, of Bingley, and Sara Tillotson, of Hallifax-at Hallifax.

Jan. 29. William Hopper, of Siglesthorne, and Jane Maior, of Hornsey-at either place.

Jan. 30. Wilfrid Hall, of Osbaldwicke, and Elizabeth Stott, of Huntington-at Huntington.

Jan. 30. William Concett and Margaret Hargrave, of Hovingham-at Hovingham. Jan. 30. George Kirbie, of Huggett, and Mary Baintov, of Barneby, Wid. —at either place.

Feb. 1.

Bartholomew Crosse and Janet Marshall, Wid., of Rudston-at Rudston. Feb. 1. Jacobus Raynes and Ellis March, of Aldbrough—at Aldbrough.

Feb. 2. William Wythes, of Bolton, and Frances Chambers, of Collingham-at Collingham.

Feb. 2. William Gilbancke, of Foston, and Anne Kirke, now or late of Kirkeby Moreside-at Kirkeby.

Feb. 3. William Leake, of Holme, and Alice Williamson, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at either place.

Feb. 3. Matthew Hunter, of St. Martin's, Micklegate, York, and Cristiana Crookedicke, of St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York-at either church.

Feb. 3. William Fawcett, of Stokesley, and Isabella Wilson, of Kirkeby-in-Clevelaud-at either place.

Feb. 4. Robert Newby, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Joanna Barbar, of St. Mary's, Hull at either place.

Feb. 4. Bartholomew Halliley, of Sherburne, and Magdalene Gascoigne, of Saxtonat either place.

Feb. 4. Thomas Smith, of Dewsburie, and Anne Byrnes, of Myrfeild-at either place.

Feb. 4. Stephen Gloswicke, of East Retford, and Katherine Collie, of West Retford, Wid.-at either place.

Feb. 5. Robert Birtwisle and Ellinora Pickard, of Leedes-at Leedes.

Feb. 5. Thomas Lister, of Gisburne, and Grace Coe, of Bracewell-at either place. Nicholas Varley, of West Retford, and Mary Tompson, of Elseley, Wid.— at Elseley.

Feb. 6.

Feb. 6.

William Calvart and Margaret Routledge, of Overton-at Overton.

Feb. 6. Sequestration of the fruits of a mediety of the rectory of Burnsall, granted to William Brogden. Clk., rector of the other mediety, and Thomas Topham, Senr., to the use of the future Incumbent.

Feb. 8. William Gill and Isabella Hewitson, of Middleton-in-Pickeringe-Lieth--at Middleton.

Feb. 9. Francis Pawson, and Agnes Ayrey, of Leedes-at Leedes.

Feb. 10. Richard Wisperbie, of All Saints', Pavement, York, and Jane Watson, of Wilberfosse-at either place.

Feb. 12. William Burton, of Scarbrough, and Ellina Potter, of Scawby-at either place.

Feb. 13. To John Bateson, Clk., B.A., to serve cure within the parish of Garfurth.

92 Married 2 Feb.


Feb. 13. Huanus Boynton, of Holme, in Spaldingmore, and Isabella Bealbie, of Seaton--at either place.

Feb. 13. Sequestration of the fruits of the vicarage of Skecklinge, granted to Robert Foster, Clk., of Cunstable Burton in Holdernes, and Peter Gill, of Preston, Gent., to the use of the future Incumbent.

Feb. 13. John Plewman, of St. Martin's, Conistreete, York, and Sara Rayley, of Wakefeild-at either place.

Feb. 16. Brian Briggs, of Kirke Sandall, and Francis Heslewood. of Mexbrough-at either place.

Feb. 18. William Slaiden and Grace Ratcliffe, of Hallifax-at Hallifax.

Feb. 20. Thomas Inglington, of Wawne, and Mary Thompson, of Cottingham—at either place.

Feb. 20. Sequestration of the fruits of the Vicarage of Warnefeloe granted to Richard Slater, Clk., Vicar of Normanton, and Matthew Hayther, of Warnfeld, Gent., to the use of the future incumbent.

Feb. 22. Robert Wood, of St. Samson's, York, and Ellen Sparlinge, of St. John's, Ousebridge End, York-at St. John's.

Feb. 26. To John Londe, literate, to teach within the parish of Pontefract.

March 1. William Hodgkin, of Harworth, and Gartrude Waddesworth, of Worsopp -at either place.

March 3. Richard Creswicke, of Sheffeild, and Elizabeth Gascoigne, of Bawtrie--at either place.

March 3. Peter Langthorne and Margaret Sherwood, of North Cave—at North Cave. March 4. Richard Wadsworth, of Warley, par. Hallifax, and Elizabeth Walton, of Silkeston, Wid.-at Hallifax and Silkeston.

March 6. To Henry Hall, literate, to teach children within the parish of Donington. March 6. To Heury Hall, literate, to read prayers within the parishes of Donington and Elvington, in the absence at Mr. Heury Ascough, Rector there.

March 10. Matthew Newbald, of Kirkeburton, and Mary Wilkinson, of Huddersfeild - at either place.

March 10, Caveat against licence for marriage of Mary Wilkinson, of Huddersfeild, and Matthew New bold, of Kirkburton, on behalf of Elizabeth Fairfax, alias Wilkinson, her mother.

March 10. To Henry Yoole, Clk., B.A., to teach within the parish of North Allerton. (By reason of Visitation.)

March 11. Robert Mitfurth, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, and Sara Allan, of St. Michael's Belfry, York.

March 10. To Thomas Dawson, literate, to teach within the parish of Sheaffeild. March 11. Sequestration of the fruits of the vicarage of Kirkefenton, for the repair of the chancel, granted to William Shawe, Gent., and Brian Benson.

March 12. Robert Otley and Mary Aldbrough, of the diocese of York--at Huton Cranswicke.

March 12. Thomas Lamplough, of Sandhuton, and Margaret Strickland, of Brandesburton - at either place.

March 15. George Holmes, of Hallifax, and Elizabeth Walton, of Silkeston-at either place.

March 15. To Robert Brough, Clk., B.A., to serve cure within the parish of Kirkbie, "durante beneplacito ac incarceracione Willelmi Jaggurre, clerici, vicarii ibidem, ex mandato domini Archiepiscopi."

March 17. John Barestow Junior, and Isabella Fairbancke, of Hallifaxe-at Hallifax.

March 18.

Marmaduke Ranson, of Humbleton, and Rachell Caward, of St. Mary's, Hull, Wid.-at either place.


March 19. George Smythson and Isabella Richardson, of North Cave-at North

March [2]2.
Wm. Fewgell, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Alice Bacon, of St. Mary's,
Hull-at either church.

March 23. Sequestration of the fruits of the vicarage of Whitkirke, granted to Bartin Herdman, Clk., William Heald and Cunnan Greene, Churchwardens there, to the use of the future incumbent.

March 23. To John Wood, Clk., preacher of the Word of God, to serve cure within the chapelry of Marsden, par. Almonburie.

March 24. To Henry Ellis, literate, to teach within the parish of Gargrave.


March 29. John Leaper and Mary Leaper, Wid., of Bubwith-at Bubwith.
March 29. James Booth and Elizabeth Walker, of Bradford-at Bradford.
March 29. Peter Norton and Mary Dickinson, of Disforth, par. Topliffe -at

March 31. John Midgley, of Bingley, and Elizabeth Tetlay, of Hallifax, Wid.-at either place.

April 1. John Hamsher, of Elmeley, and Alice Fox, of Ruiston--at either place. April 1. Richard Hartley, of Manchester, and Elizabeth Beeston, of Wakefeilde -at Wakefeild.

April 1. Francis Porter and Anne Porter, of Burton-Agnes-at Burton-Agnes.

April 2. Francis Lambert and Mary Williamson, of Leedes-at Leedes.

April 2. To Thomas Parkinson, B.A., to teach within the parish of St. Mary, Castlegate, York.

April 3. Thomas Sledall, of Salkell, Carlisle diocese, and Jane Smyth, of Hearsome, Chester Diocese-at either place (“Ex mandato Judicis ")

April 3. Christopher Weddell and Elizabeth Millington, of Holme-in-Spaldingmore, Wid.-at Holme.

April 3. Marmaduke Dodson, of Goodmadam, and Mildria Doughtie, of TempleBelwood-at Goodmadam.

April 5. To William Bernard, to read prayers within the chapelry of Cropton, par. Middleton.

April 5. William Dughtie, of Barneby-on-Dune, and Anne Warde, of Pontefract-at either place.

April 5. George Askrith (sic), of Bubwith, and Anne Doleman, of Hutton-Bushell — at either place.

April 5. John Acclam, of Skipsey, and Elizabeth Tutveild, of Hunmandby-at either

[blocks in formation]

April 6. William Bishop and Bridget Lee, of Sheaffeild-at Sheaffeild.

April 6. Robert Burton, of Fetherstone, and Katherine Brid, of Kellington, Wid.— at either place.

April 7. John King, of Luddington, and Grace Oldfeild, of Warley,-at either place.

April 7. Thomas Withes, of St. Mary's Lishophill the elder, York, and Elizabeth Denton, of Leedes, Wid.-at either place.

April 8. To Tobias Drake, literate, to teach within the parish of Thornehill. William Cragges, of Duukeswicke, par. Harwood, and Alice Grave, of Leedes-at Harwood, or Leedes.

April 8.

93 See Dugdale's Visitation, p. 102.

94 Elizabeth Stoutville, see pedigree in Dugdale's Visitation p. 87. (J. W. C.)


April 8. Cuthbert Witham, of Garfurthe, Gent., and Suzanna Banister, of Burton-onTrent-at either place.

April 9. Thomas Robinson, of Hem[ing]brough, and Elizabeth Wetherell, of Eastrington-at Eastrington. (By reason of Visitation.)

April 9. Christopher Paige, of Marton, and Margaret Bayles, of Gisbrough—at either place.

April 10. William Holmes and Elizabeth Holmes, of Rippon-at Rippon.

April 10. William Burton, of Sutton-in-the-Forest, of Galtres, and Dorothy Burton, of Rippon-at either place.

April 10. To Henry Moore, B.A., to teach within the parish of St. Olave's, York. April 10. Thomas Headley and Jane Pearson, of Donington-at Donington.

April 12. John Wiles, of Ellerburne, and Priscilla Carliell, of Bransburton-at either place.

April 12. To John Ware, Clk., to serve cure within the parish of Sculcoates, and the chapelry of Drypoole, notwithstanding another licence obtained by John Thompson.

April 13. Francis Jaques and Margaret Ripley, of Rippon-at Rippon.

April 13. Christopher Fox and Anne Dixon, of Lowthropp-at Lowthropp.

April 13. Sheffeild Kelsay, of Wighton, and Grace Warcupp, of Rudston-at either place.

April 13. William Marshall, of Addle, and Euphania Wilson, of Leeds-at either place. 95

April 13. Abell Robinson, of Skipton, and Margaret Marshall, of Londsbrough—at Londsbrough.

April 14.

Edward Dewsberie, of West Rasine, and Elizabeth Trusley, of Lantrop, par. Swine at Swine.

April 14. John Elvish, of Sprodbrough, and Elizabeth Pygott, of Wragby-at Wragby.

April 15. John Wrightson, of Newton-on-Use, and Anne Benson, of Little Usburn -at Newton.

April 15. Sequestration of the fruits of a mediety of the rectory of Slateburne, granted to Edward Parker, Gent., [blank] Lee, Clk., William Kinge, of Slateburne, and George Tomlinson, of Fen Ditton, co. Camb., Gent., to the use of the future incumbent. And Commission to Thomas Jobson, Clk., M.A., vicar of Waddington, and Edward Rosthorn, M.A., vicar of Mitton, to receive bond, &c.

April 15. Christopher Wilkinson, of Burnsall, and Isabella Tenant, of Kirkbie Maloughdale-at either place.

April 16. Thos. Hewley, of Wistow, and Anne Beale, of Braiton-at either place. April 17. Thomas Spacie, of Thirklebie, par. Swine, and Grace Greene, of Kilburne -at Kilburne.

April 17. Michael Haldsworth and Isabella Deane, of Hallifaxe-at Hallifaxe.

April 20. Thomas Harrison, of Otterington, and Elizabeth Oveington, of Hutton-at either place.

April 20. James Browne, of Gisburne-in-Craven, and Agnes Robinson, of Arnallbiggin-at Gisburne.

April 20. To Robert Shercliffe, literate, to teach within the parish of Skipwith. (By reason of Visitation.)

April 20. To Ramus Gibson, B.A., to serve cure within the parish of Saxtou.

April 21. Henry Ganton, of Rise, and Elizabeth Isaacke, of Preston-in-Holdernes— at either place.

April 21. Joseph Gibson, of Killam, and Mary Humphrey, of St. Martin's, Conistreet, York, Wid.-at St. Martin's.

95 Married at Leeds 19 May, 1619.

April 22.


Thomas Wentworth, of Rothwell, Gent., and Isabella Marshall, of KirkSandall-at either place.

April 23. John Gibson and Mary Wilkinson, of Hallifax-at Hallifax.

April 24.

Robert Wayte and Anne Ellison, of Haxby-at Haxby.

April 26. John Wright, of Badsworthe, and Margaret Hirst of Darrington-at either place.

April 27. William Burman, of Sturton, par. Abberford, and Suzanna Thomson, of Brotherton-at Abberford, or Brotherton.

April 27. Thomas Thomson, of Whitkirke, and Margaret Tayler, of Swillington-at either place.96

April 27. William Windle, of Eastby, par. Thorneton-in-Craven, and Agnes Kitchin, of Burnsall-at either place. 97

April 27. Andrew Shillito, of Houndell, par. Ackworth, and Beatrice Pollard, of St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York (ut asseritur), Wid.- -at either place.

April 19. William Beamond, of Horton-Parva, par. Bradford, and Martha Swane, of Burstall-at Bradford, or Burstall.

April 29. Sequestration of the fruits of the rectory of St. Mary's, Castlegate, York, granted to Robert Harrison, Clk., B.A., to the use of the future incumbent. April 30. Thomas Grene, of South Kirkby, and Elizabeth Pagett, of Darrington-at either place.

May 1. Thomas Laicocke and Alice Foster, of Otley—at Otley.

May 1. Richard Harrison, of St. Michael-le-Belfry, York, and Dorothy Lund, of St. Michael's at Ousebridge end, York-at the latter.

May 1. William Oglethorp, Gent., and Jane Grene, of St. John's, at Ousebridge end,
York at St. John's.

April 23. To Robert Hodgson, literate, to teach within the parish of South Dalton.
April 23. To Thomas Colson, B.A., to teach within the parish of Walkington.
April 24. Richard Rodes, Clk., M.A., preacher of the Word of God, and Anne Fishe,
of St. Mary's, Beverley-at St. John's [sic] aforesaid.

April 24. To Robert Beasacle, literate, to read prayers within the parish of Nunkellinge, in the absence of Mr. Theophilus Chimley, minister there.

April 27. To William Gray, B.A., to teach within the parish of Scarbrough.
April 27. To Andrew Peables, literate, to teach within the parish of Fylingdale.
April 27. To Andrew Peables, M.A., to serve cure within the chapelry of Snenton.
April 28. To William Tankerd, literate, to teach within the parish of Middleton.
April 29. To Anthony Birde, literate, to teach within the township of Filliskirke.
April 29. To William Benson, literate, to teach within the chapelry of Boultbie, par.

April 30. To Francis Harrison, literate, to read prayers in the church or chapel of Huton Bonvill, in the peculiar jurisdiction of Allerton and Allertonshire. (By reason of Visitation.)

April 30. To Christopher Foster, literate, to teach within the parish of Siggeston in the jurisdiction of the Dean and Chapter of Durham. (By reason of Visitation.)

April 30. To Christopher Hildreth, B.A., to teach within the parish of Leake. May 3. Robert Mounckman, of Cawton, par. Gill nge, and Jone White, of Hoving. ham-at Gillinge or Hovingham.

May 3.

Edward Salisbury, of Neway in-Casle, par. Clitherowe, and Suzanna Kinge of Boulton-by-Bolland--at Casle or Boulton.

96 Thomas Thompson and [blank] married at Whitkirk 28 April, 1619.

97 Married 6 May, 1619, at Burnsall.

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