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Oct. 28. Thomas Dunne, of Sowerby, and Dorothy Baine, of Thirske-at either place.

Oct. 28. To Richard Champneys, Clk., M.A., Vicar of Stillingfleete, to teach within the parish of Stillingfleete and especially within the township of Acaster Malbis, in the said parish.

Oct. 30. To Matthew Haggard, B.A., Deacon, to read prayers in Cottingham church, in the absence of John Houghton, Clk., Vicar there.

Oct. 30. To John Filliskirke, Clk., to serve cure within the parish of Bilbrough.
Oct. 31. Thomas Wilson, of St. Giles, Durham, and Katherine Booth, of Tadcaster,
Wid.-at Tadcaster.

Oct. 31. John Faireside, of Scawby, and Jane Wilson, of Whitby-at Whitby.78
Oct. 31. Caveat against licence for marriage of Anne Simpson, Wid., now of Sher-
burne and late of Saxton-on behalf of George Dawson, of Harwood.

Nov. 2. William Waycoe, of Bridlington, gent., and Matilda Fenay, of Heslington, Wid.-at either place.

Nov. 3. Robert Elwood, of St. Mary's, Castlegate, York, and Jane Vawse, of Holy Trinity, Gothramgate, York--at Holy Trinity.

Nov. 3. Marmaduke Marchant, Clk., Rector of Hilstou, and Frances Hardie, of same place, Wid.-at Hilston.

Nov. 4. Henry Palfreman, of Drax, and Anne Tompson, of St. Martin's, Conie Street, York at either place.

Nov. 6. Henry Greaves, of Leedes, and Anne Brooke, of Dewsburie-at either place.

Nov. 7. Richard Holdsworth, of Hallifax, and Anne Wilkinson, of the same placeat Hallifax.

Nov. 10. John Bramhall, Clk., Rector of Kilvington, and Hellen Collingwood, of Overton (ut asseritur)—at either place.

Nov. 9. John Harryson, of Grimston, and Anne Hassell, of Barton-in-le-Street-at Barton.

Nov. 10. William Wade, of Warley, par. Hallifax, and Isabella Fyrth, of Ovenden, in same parish-at Hailifax.

Nov. 10. John Garthropp, of Darfeild, and Mary Whitlay, of Barnesley—at either place.

Nov. 19. Henry Bell, of Headon, and Cicilea Barnes, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at either place.

Nov. 10. William Thompson, of Brotherton, gent., and Anne Witham,79 of Garforth -at Garforth.

Nov. 11. Richard Stable and Isabella Bywater, of Pontefract-at Pontefract.So

Nov. 11. Robert Greaves, of Bradfeild, and Frances Skinner, of Sheffeild-at either place.

Nov. 13. To John Holmes, B.A., to teach within the parish of Thirske.

Nov. 14. John Coniers, of St. Michael's, New Malton, and Anne Workfolk, of Godelond, par. Pickeringe-at St. Michael's, New Malton.

Nov. 17. Robert Popley and Alice Wheatley, of Bradford—at Bradford.

Nov. 17. Sequestration of the fruits of the rectory of Kildall, granted to Richard Leake, Cĺk.. M.A., preacher of the Word of God at Lyeth, and John Leake, B.A., of Lyeth, to the use of the future Incumbent.

Nov. 18. George Browne and Ellena Milner, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity, Hull.

Nov. 18. Robert Owram, of Hesle, par. Wragby, and Mary Bylcliffe, of Felchurchat Wragby.

7 Married at Whitby, 4 Nov. 1618 (C. B. N.).

See Dugdale's Visitation, p. 85.

79 Daughter of Cuthbert Wytham, of Garforth.

See Dugdale's Visitation, p. 375.
80 Married there 24 Nov. 1618.

(J. W. C.) (J. W. C.)


Nov. 18.

Francis Bell and Hellena Newton, of Rotherham-at Rotherham. Nov. 19. John Feild and Anne Cooke, of Bradford-at Bradford.

Nov. 19. To John Helme, literate, to read prayers within the chapelry of Donington, par. Beefurth.

Nov. 19. Ralph Hawkesworth and Elizabeth Roydes, of Penniston—at Penniston. Nov 20. Thomas Benson and Isabella Belwood, of Boltby, par. Filliskirke-at Boltby or Filliskirke.

Nov. 20. Lionel Todd, of Giggleswicke, and Elizabeth Paley, of Long Preston-at either place.

Nov. 20. Stephen Peart, of Linton, and Isabella Bond, of Burnsall, Wid.-at either place. 81

Nov. 23. Richard Hutchinson, of Screyingham, and Rebecca Wharum, of Kirkeby Underdale at Kirkby Underdale.

Nov. 23. Thomas Haukeshurst, of Silkeston, and Elizabeth Wainwright, of Bradfeild-at either place.

Nov. 23. John Normabell, of All Saints', Pavement, York, and Joanna Appleby, of St. Martin's, Conistreet, York-at either church.

Nov. 24. William Clifton and Elizabeth Husband, of Harome-at Harome.

Nov. 25. William Backhouse, of Shereburne, and Çibilla Whaller, of Whitkirke-at either place.

Nov. 26. Robert Casson, of Kippax, and Isabella Scrafton, of St. Margaret's, Walmegate, York-at either place

Nov. 28. Christopher Rigge, of Rotheram, and Margaret Barnes, of Hansworth-at either place.

Nov. 28. William Hackney and Elizabeth Wilkinson, of Osmotherley-at Osmotherley.

Nov. 28. John Aldus, of Bingley, and Mary Hartley, of Colne at either place. Nov. 30. Seith Hobson, of Burton Agnes, and Isabella Haythurd, of Nafferton-at either place.

Nov. 30. Allan Bellingham, of Heversham, and Suzanna Constable, of Penrith (“ex mandato Judicis ")-at either place.

Nov. 30. John Storie and Alice Edwardes, of Holme-in-Spaldingmore-at Holme or St. Cuthbert's, York.

Dec. 2. Francis Parke and Elizabeth Clowdesley, of Leedes-at Leedes.

Dec. 2. To Ralph Mason, to read prayers within the parish church of Appleton, and the chapelry of Amotherly, par. Appleton, in the absence of Mr. Storre, Clk., Vicar there.

Dec. 2. William Watson and Grace Smyth, Wid., of Leedes-at Leedes.83

Dec. 3. Isaack Pollard, of Hiperholme, par. Hallifax, and Mary Brodley, of the same parish-at Hallifax.

Dec. 3. Anthony Pickerd, of Harwood, and Grace Coates, of same-at Harwood. Dec. 3. To John Tompson, deacon, to serve cure within the parishes or chapelries of Dripoole and Sculcotes.

Dec. 3. Christopher Smyth, of Welton, and Elizabeth Nutshawe, of St. John's, Beverley-at either place.

Dec. 4. Thomas Richmond, of Tadcaster, and Winifred Scott, of Bramham-at either place.

Dec. 4. William Blansherd, of Warter, and Margaret Smyth, of Nunburneholme-at

either place.

81 Married at Burnsall 6 Dec.

82 Married 2 Dec. 1618.

83 Married Dec. 1618.


Dec. 4. Robert Atkinson, of Burstwick, and Ellena Wright, of Wynestead--at either place.

Dec. 5. To William Rudderfurth literate, to read prayers in Folketon church, in the absence of Mr. Nesfeild, vicar there.

Dec. 5. Thomas Crabtre, of Fishlake, and Margaret Doughtie, of Owston-at either place.

Dec. 7. Robert West, of Kirkby-Malsherd, and Hellen Dowgill, of St. Hellen's, York -at either place.

Dec. 7. Francis Pitt, of Felkirke, and Frances Fenche, of Overheindley, in the same parish-at Felkirke.

Dec. 8. Caveat against licence for marriage of [blank] Geldest, of St. Martin's, Conistreet, York, and Anne Haukeshurst, of Silkeston-on behalf of Heresey Denton. Dec. 9. William Brocklebanke, of Anlaby, par. Hesle, and Katherine Gray, of Sculcotes-at Sculcotes.

Dec. 9.

Caveat against grant to William Haune, Clk. of admission to serve cure in chapel of Scamonden, par. Huddersfeild, on behalf of Josua Smyth, Clk., vicar of Huddersfeild, and James Robinson and Geo. Haigh, of Scamonden, and the rest of the feoffees of the said chapel.

Dec. 9.

James Blades, of St. Mary's, Hull, and Margaret Atmar, of St. John's, Beverley, Wid.-at either place.

Dec. 10. Matthew Burton, of Scarbrough, and Elizabeth Topcliffe, of Allerston-at either place.

Dec. 11. Robert Browne, of Whixley, and Mary Dixon, of Rippon-at either place. Dec. 11. Thomas Stevenson, of Mapleton, and Anne Bird, of Pattrington-at either place.

Dec. 12. John Harrison, of Tadcaster, and Suzanna Browne, of Helay-at either place.

Dec. 12.

Dec. 16.

Dec. 17.

To James Stackhouse, Clk., to serve cure within the parish of Horton.
Richard Wilkinson and Elizabeth Hemsley, of Ruiston-at Ruiston.

William Tockley, of Alford, co. Suffolke, and Priscilla Farer, of St. Mary's, Beverley-at St. Mary's, Beverley.

Dec. 17.

Dec. 17.

Samuel Coyne, of Overton, and Anne Swaile, of Skelton-at Overton.

William Coyne, Clk., vicar of Overton, and Jane Swaile, of Skelton, Overton.

Dec. 17. Philip Feild. of Holy Trinity, Hull, gent., and Elizabeth Robinson, of Bilton-at either place.

Dec. 18. Thomas Nussey, of Burnsall, and Mary Pennocke of Skipton-at Skipton.84 Robert Shawe, of Leedes, and Elizabeth Bradley, of St. Cuthbert's, York— at either place.

Dec. 18.

Dec. 19.

William Stainefurth, of Patleybriggs, and Elizabeth Inman, of Burnsall— at either place.

Dec. 19.

Nicholas Shercliffe, and Anne Greaves, of Ecclesfeild-at Ecclesfeild. Dec. 21. Brian Heppenstall, Clk., M.A., rector of Barlebrough, and Frances Jenkinson, of Kirke Sandall-at Kirke Sandall.

Dec. 22. Richard Townend, of Carleton, and Dorothy Lomb, of Ruiston-at Ruiston.

Dec. 22. Francis Wardman and Elizabeth Barouse, Wid., of Skipton-at Skipton. Dec. 23. Stephen Preston, and Jone Perkin, of Allerston (Peculiar Jurisdiction of the Deanery of York)-at Allerston. Licence granted by reason of Visitation.

84 Thos. Nussey and Mary Peacocke, married at Skipton, 22 Dec. 1618.

85 Kich. Sherecliffe, and Ann Greene, married 22 Dec.


Dec. 23. John Scudamore, of St. Michael Belfry, York, and Anne Bowerchier, of Beningbrough-at St. Michael's.8


Dec. 23. To Geo. Harrison, Clk., B.A., to serve cure within the parish of Fyley. Dec. 28. Sequestration of the fruits of the vicarage of Langtofte, granted (on account of Visitation) to Robert Simpson, of Laugtofte, yeoman, and Edward Fowler, Clk., rector of a mediety.

Dec. 28. Anthony Ganton, of Ryse, and Anne Awdus, of Marton, par. Swine-at Ryse or Marton.

Dec. 31.

William Hippie and Fortune Nightgall, of Scarbrough-at Scarbrough.


Jan. 1. William Webster and Katherine Shearcliffe, of Sheaffeild-at Sheaffeild. Jan. 1. Thomas Wilson and Alice Harris, of Preston-in-Holderness-at Preston. Jan. 2. John Hodgson and Elizabeth Jackson, of Pocklington-at Pocklington. (By reason of Visitation.)

Jan. 2. Richard Dearinge, of Marton, and Barbara Clarke, of Kirkburne—at either place.

Jan. 2. John Robinson, Clk., rector of Thornton, and Jane Ive, of Gilling-at either place.

Jan. 4. John Duffeild, of Rippon, and Jane Craven, of Hampesthwaite at either place.

Jan. 5. John Peables, Clk., M.A., curate of Leightliffe, par. Hallifax, and Sara Booth, of same-at Hallifax.87

Jan. 5. Lancelot Loncaster, of Myton, and Anne Penteith, of Cundall-at either place.

Jan. 5. Humphrey Earsden and Elizabeth Wilson, of Holy Trinity, Hesle-at Holy Trinity, Hull, or Hesle.

Jan. 5. Robert Strickland, Esq., of Brafferton, and Margaret Alford, of Kilnewickeat either place.

Jan. 5. George Porter and Isabella Wat-on, of Rippon—at Rippon.

Jan. 8. To Richard Smyth, Clk., to serve cure within the parish of Synington.
Jan. 8. Sequestration of the fruits of the rectory of Everingham, granted to Ralph
Constable, of Everingham, gent., and the now churchwardens of the parish
church, to the use of the future Incumbent.

Jan. 8. John Wetherall, of Bramham, and Suzanna Calbecke, of St. Maurice's,
York at either place.

Jan. 8. William Donne, of Wawne, alias Waghan, and Margaret Kirby, of Brandesburton-at either place.

Jan. 9. Henry Kirkby, of Pateley briggs, and Ellen Hardcastle, of Kirkby Malsherd -at Pateley briggs.

Jan. 9. Richard Dixon, of Wetherby, par. Spoffurth, and Jane Rowley, of St. Martin's, Coni Streete, York (ut asseritur)-at St. Martin's.

Jan. 12. Elizeus Holmes, of St. Olave's, York, and Elizabeth Westropp, of Rascall, par. Easingwould-at St. Olave's or Rascall.

Jan. 12. Edward Hopkinson, of Worsoppe, co. Nott., and Rosamund Bramby, of Sturton, co. Nott., Wid.-at either place.

Jan. 12. William Bramham, of Knottingley, par. Pontefracte, and Hester Boulton of Gatefurth, Wid.- at Pontefracte.

Jan. 14. William Hudson, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Elizabeth Browne, of Pattrington, Wid.-at Pattringtou.

86 Married there, 17 June, 1620 See Dugdale's Visitation p. 140. (J. W. C.)

87 Married there, 7 Jan. 1618-9. See Dugdale's Visitation, p. 367. (J. W. C.)


Jan. 15. Francis Sheppard, of Wragby, and Anne Finish, of Felkirke at either place.

Jan. 16. Robert Barker and Meriol Gowland, Wid., of Whorleton-at Whorleton.
Jan. 19. William Allatson and Isabella Weighton, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy

Jan. 19. To Thomas Cuite to read prayers within the chapel of Riston, par
Hornesey, in the absence of Mr. Tueophilus Chimley, vicar there.

Jan. 19. John Key, of Bainton, and Judith Harrison, of Agues Burton--at Agnes Burton.

Jan. 19. William Colby and Anne Stow, of Sutton-on-Lound, co. Nott.—at Sutton. Jan. 19. John Wildon, of St. John's, York, and Anne Harrison, of St. Martin's, Micklegate ["in magno vico "]-at either church.

Jan. 19. John Lupton, of Kildwick, and Barbara Clarke, of Linton-at either place. Jan. 20. Christopher Horner, of Arnecliffe, and Mary Procter, of Horton—at either place.

Jan. 20. Thomas Wilkinson and Martha Mallison, of Bradford-at Bradford.

Jan. 20. Bartholomew Rolston, of Campsall, and Elizabeth Copley, of Skelbrough -at either place. 58

Jan. 21. Thomas Gessopp and Jane Johnson, of Leaven-at Leaven.

Jan. 21. Joseph Nicholl and Jane Horsfall, of Huddersfeild-at Huddersfeild.

Jan. 21. Ralph Shires, of Boulton, and Jane Chatburne, of Whaley-at either place.

Jan. 22. John Bamforth, of Silkeston, and Priscilla Rookeby, of Wakefeild-at either place.

Jan. 22. Christopher Bankes and Bridget Pickop, of Ealand-at Ealand.89

Jan. 22. Laurence Rawden, of Askam Brian, and Janet Hornis of same—at Askam Brian.

Jan. 22. Laurence Skele and Jane Swan, of St. Mary's, Hull-at St. Mary's.

Jan. 23. William Acklam, of Flambrough (ut asseritur), and Joanna Hassell, of Bridlington-at either place.

Jan. 23. To Henry Cockerill, literate, to teach within the hamlet of Stakesby, par. Whitby.

Jan. 23. Richard Howle, of Whitkirke, and Alice Cooke, of Leedes, Wid.-at either place.


Jan. 26. George Burdit, of Penniston, and Anne Ogden, of Worsbrough-at either place.

Jan. 26. William Blythe, of Thurganby, and Elizabeth Rudderforth, of Aughton— at either place.

Jan. 26. William Nickson, of St. Mary's, Walmegate, York, and Anne Foster, of Cramb, Wid.-at either place.

Jan. 26. Richard Mitchell and Mary Vilcocke, of the parish of Thornton-at Thornton.

Jan. 26. Christopher Jenkinson and Helen Smales, of St. Mary's, Beverley-at St. Mary's.

Jan. 27. Wm. Wigglesworth and Isabella Bauke, of Gargrave—at Gargrave.

Jan. 27.

Bartinus Hardman, Clk., preacher of the Word at Whitkirke, and Katherine Goodericke of same-at Whitkirke."

Jan. 27. Bartholomew Clifton, and Jane Turnham, of Killome, at Kilio.e-(by reason of Visitation).

Married at Skelbrook, 26 Jan. 1618. She was baptized there, 12 May, 1594. (J. W. C.) No entry at Elland.

90 Married at Whitkirk, 26 Jan. 1618-9. 91 Married at Temple Park Lodge in Whitkirk [3] Aug. 1619,

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