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Item for bread & wyne on the coronation day & two commuon dayes before

Item wyne that was bestowed upon Mr Ferrmyry whenas he

Item John Iaxons half yeres wages for kepinge the clocke
Item to Tho. Graibarne the first seane daye

Item to Tho. Geare for the like

Item for washinge to Elizabeth Cooke

Item for Tallow to the bells

Item for amending one of the surclosse1

Item for a communon booke

Item for nales about the bells used

Item to one havinge the quens brode Seale to collect for the

hospitall nighe Beverley

Item to a poore man, havinge my Lord grace licence & others Item to one havinge the Quenes brode seale for a hospitall in Yorke

Item disbursed to one John Bell, a travelor

Item one quart of wyne, bestowed on Mr Seale, whenas he preached













Item Robt. Yonge payd for an other seane day his dyner Item paid to Mr Machell for the solicitinge of the suyte the some of £6

Item laide downe for the comissioners dyners & other charges whenas they cam to take the answere of Mr Metham & others



Item paid to Elizabeth Cooke for washinge.

Item paid to Tho: Busbie for kepinge ye clocke

Item to John Langer for his dyners

Item to Stevene Scorbroughe for parcell of his stypend

I 2d



I 2d




Item to Gyles Tomplinge for his dyners
Item to Robert Johnson for his dyners
Item to Tho: Geare for his dyners
Item to Robt. Thorneton for his dyners
Item to Thomas Grayburne for his dyners
Item to Francys Penynngton for his dyners

It. to 3 poore men appointed by Sir James to have releife
Item paid to Xpofer Hartforde, to be paid about the Laime

Item paid to Tho. Busbie for tow days servinge the plumer


1 Surclosse cereclothes, the waxed linen garments used to cover the dead. It would appear that the churchwardens

kept not only a parish coffin for the burials of the poor, but also cereclothes,

Item to Bullie Shawe for ij dayes

Item to John Foster for his dyners


It. for xviijli 3 quarterns of sowder

It. for 10 lbs. of pewder & one quarter for sowder


Item to a poore woman



Item payd by Thomas Smyth to ij poore woman
Item the said Thomas for his dyners



Summa totallis 33li 178 10d.

There reymaynethe as yet uncollected Mr Metham of Barnhill

& the townshyp of Knedlyngton

Mr Metham of Metham all behind, which cometh to a 225/6d, but I do thinke he gave Mr Peareson the precher that or more.

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Given Marmaduk Machell by Raife Atkinson towards the following the sewte against Sir James Telfers (?)


Payed to Thomas Busby for his wages, for kepinge the clock

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Item payed to Mr Hidgdon, by the appointment of Mr Machell, for the suite of the chancell


Item paid to Mr Machell & Edward Persen, 20 Mae laste, of the monie that was in myn hand


Imprimis paide at the vicitacone for our articles, the receiving
of our bill into courte, swearinge and chardges of twelve
churchwardens with theire horsses, beinge an extreame
ranye daie

Item paide to George Steddye of Yorke, whane he came over
to Howden to see our organes, for his paines
Item geven to Hercalles, duke Kettlewell mane, lyinge sicke,
to two womene to dresse him

Item paid to a poure manne and his childe, that came frome
Londone, and so to Rippane, with his licence
Item paide to Mr Higdone, for the releisse of the layme
souldyers, as by his accquitance doth appeare

1 Stee=ladder,






Item paid for Bickeringe apparell when he was putt to
Mr Machill servisse

Item paid to a powre boie, that was Willm Barker apprentice,
havinge Mr Gaites licence to passe to his freinds
Item paid to Edward Stevene, for his chardges at Eskrick and
for his bill writinge

Item paid to John Turner, for makinge a ledge of wood for
the clocke and for mendynge Mr Mettam's alter
It paid to Gregorye Rainfowrth of Barmbie, for his charges
beinge beffore the comissioners at Eskrick

Item paid to Richard Mawe, for mending the churche steille & for one seck of lyme

Item paide to Willm Marshall, for mendynge the founte and the letterone

Item paide to Thomas Bushbee, for kepinge of the clocke and ringinge of curfour for one holle yeare







one yeard and a halfe of grene kendall for his breaches
Thre yeards of seck cloth for his dublitt, buttons & thread
Two yeards and a halfe of bleatcht femell for lyninge his
dublitt and hosse



Coursse canvasse for his doublitt


one paire of stockinges



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Item paid more to John Turner, for makinge a deske in the

Item paid at Eskricke in chardges in all, beinge before the
Justices for the churchwardens of Howden




Item paid more to Sir James Dalbye for lead


Item paid more to the reader of Laxtone,' for writinge the articles and presentments




Disbursed in sute for these somes above written.

Item paid to Mr Gackson for his counsell to ley our bill into the Courte

Item paid to his man for drawing & copying our bill of complaint



1 There is a chapel at Laxton within the parish of Howden.

Readers were

licenced preachers who appear in Queen Elizabeth's reign.

Item paid for two leaves, one beinge lost


Item paid for a peticion to the Lord President & Counsell, to

gitt our bill allowed in the court

Paid to Mr Bradley, for atturney fees

/18d 2/

Item the charge of the churchwardens & their horses
Item paid for swearinge upon the letter

1 1/


Item paid for the tatchment

Item the charge of one churchwarden, the same time at Yorke
Item paid for the proclamation



Item the charge of one churchwarden, the same time at Yorke




Item paid to a poore man havinge my lord of Durram lisence
Item paid to the churchwardens for the sean daies
Item the charges of the churchwardens, when they went with
Barron Savill warrant to collect money



Item paid to Mr Watkinson for the discharge of all the churchwardens of Howden parishe, for nott appearinge at the assises, the 17 day of August, accordinge to our tatchment, derected to the baylife of Howden from my Lord P'sident & counsell, as his acquitance appeareth


Item in wine to Mr Watkinsen the same time

Item paid to Nicholas Ouldfeld, the same day, for leade nales to the churche

Item the charge of fowor churchwardens at the same sises Item paid for sowther to the leades, 13 August, being an extreame hotte sunny daye

425/ /12d



Item paid to Thomas Tailor, the balif, for arresting fowour churchwardens with a tatchment from my Lord President Item paid to Robert Thorpe for thre bordes to Mr Metham auther

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Item paid to a poore man, having my lord of Durram lisence to travill to London


Item paid to Mr Higdon for hopitalls & lame soulders, as his acquittance appeareth

Item paid the same day to the minister of Laxton for writinge the presentments

Item paid to Mr Fothegaile, the fifte October, for the articles & other charges, beinge the chapter day

Item paid to Mr Martom for chiming the belles the secounde of October






Item paid to a lame woman havinge lisence from Mr Wortley & other Justices in the West Riding


Item paid to John Peche for mendinge a greate shackle & a great bar of the fourth bell & a goodgin of the ladye bell & a shackle of the fore bell

Item paid to poore man having lisence from Mr Clifforth
to travil into Craven

Paid for Candles for ringinge of Courfer at Christemes
Item paid to John Turner for mendinge the hye stawles in
the quear

Item paid to Bullishawe for going to all the Churchwardens
of the parishe with Mr Metham & Mr Gaites letter for
halfe a sesment

Item to Thomas Taler, the glasier, for mending the scholhouse windowes with Glase






Item paid to Laurence Herison wife, 1st Feb., beinge the
comission day for Sir James, Mr. Dalby & the church-
wardens of the towne & parish charges

Item paid for removinge the staweles in the queare & the
poorlpit, & for mendinge the broken stawes
Item paid to Renald Thorpe for a stowpe to the church yeate


Paid to Mr Machell, that was dew to him upon his accompt made




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Item paid at the first Sceane day for the Articles writing

& pay

Item given to one Morton, a free mayson, for his paines for coming to see some woork, being sent by Mr Beverley of Selbye

Item paid to Mr Machell for the use of Mr Thomas Pocklington,



Item gave to a poore man that had his tong cutt out
Item given to the ringers when the kinges Majestie was pro-

Item paid to Robert Morris for a lock for the chest where the regester booke lyeth

for the bringing of the decree under seale out of the Checkquer, touching Mris Saundes suit





Att Houlden 25 August, 1625.

Forasmuch as uppon hearing & examinacon of the accompts of the Churchwardens of Houlden by us Thomas Metham, knight, Phillip Monckton, knight, Nicholas Girlington, esquier, Laurence Wharton, gent., Mr Lawtie, clarke, & other the most substantiall inhabitants of the same parish, Itt appeareth that the former assesments gathered & collected for & towardes the repaire of the said

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