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y-at Dalby.

Thomas Idle and Phillis Garnett, of Dalby

William Hamilton, of Owston, par. Coxwold, and Elizabeth Goodfellow, of Crambe, Wid.-at Crambe.

Giles Loft, of Scawby [Scalby], and Margaret Nicholson, of Hunmanby-at either place.

John Bentley and Isabel Kendall, of Fewston-at Fewston.

Thomas Fox and Ann Thompson, of Coxwold-at Coxwold.

Robert Wright, of Wilberfoss, and Elizabeth Hutton, of Warter-at either place. William Mason, of Hovingbam, and Mary Gray, of Oswaldkirk—at Hovingham. William Wheatley, of Leppington, and Ellicia Harrison, of St. Laurence, York—at either place.

Dennis Roundell, of Hampsthwaite, and Mary Slingsby, of Alne—at either place. Francis Chambers, of Barlborough, [co. Derby], and Gertrude Marsh, of Harthill-at Harthill.

Thomas Thomasson, of St. Michael's-le-Belfrey, York, and Mary Wright, of Holy Trinity, Micklegate, York-at either place.

John Hodgson, of Bridlington, and Jane Hill, of St. Martin's, Coney Street, York, Wid. at either place,

James Barnard, of North Cave, and Catherine Gilby, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at North Cave.

Michael Bentley, of Halifax, and Sarah Robertshaw, of Heptonstall-at either place. Richard Wilson, of Stockeld, and Mary Belhouse, of Saxton-at Saxton.

William Chapman, of Pickering Lythe, and Ellen Robinson, of Whitby-at Pickering.
Henry Cass and Anu Abbey, of Bilton-at Bilton.

Brian Norris, of Carlton, and Jane Hayforth, of Water Fryston-at either place.
Robert Sainter, of Birkin, and Ann Marshall, of Tadcaster-at Tadcaster.

Thomas Barker, of Thirkleby, and Margaret Belwood, of Boltby-at Boltby, or

James Strangwayes, of Croft, and Alice Pulleyne, late of Kilburn, now of Ampleford, Wid.-at Kilburn or Ampleford.

Michael Gledhill, of Barkisland, ch. Elland, and Ann Waddington, of Grindleton, par. Mitton-at Grindleton or Mitton.

William Trewman and Margaret Stockdale, of Thirlby-at Felixkirk.

John Hill, of Hunsingore, and Agnes Hudson, of Spofforth-at either place.

William Banks and Ellen Goodburne, of Sherburn-at Sherburn.

Thomas Torry, of St. Sampson's, York, and Elizabeth Dent, of St. Michael's-leBelfry, York -at either place.

James Bland, of Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, York, and Ellen Topham, of St. Cuthbert's, York, at St. Cuthbert's, York.

Emanuel Mote, of Melton-on-the-Hill, and Ann Copley, of Sprotborough—at Sprotborough.3


William Remington, of Tunstall, and Margaret Atkinson, of Wakefield-at Wakefield. John Kendall, of Weston, and Margaret Selby, of Otley-at either place.

William Morley and Alice Moore, of Sandall-at Sandall.

Henry Etherington and Elizabeth Richard, of St. Sampson's, York-at St. Sampson's, York.

John Shaw and Isabel Hodgson, Wid., of Wakefield or Leeds-at either place. William Rymer, of Thirkleby, and Elizabeth Gill, of St. Cuthbert's, York, Wid.-at either place.

36 Took place 27 Nov. 1617. Hunter's South Yorkshire, p. 342.


John Bell, of St. John's, Beverley, and Jane Hewgill. of Barnby [ Burnby)—at either place.

Godfrey Matthewman, of Darton, and Mary Allott, of Emley -at either place.
Godfrey Tayl r, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Margaret Marsh, of Dry pool-at Drypool.
James Cowper, of [Chapelry] Cockin, [par. Kirkby Moorside], and Jane Rowland, of
Lastingham-at either place.

John Stubley and Elizabeth Lawson, of St. Helen's, Stonegate, York-at St. Helen's,
Stonegate, York.

Christopher Wilson, of Leeds, and Bridget Knightson, of Weston, par. Harewoodat Leeds or Harewood.37

Matthew Cooke, of Thorner, and Margaret Brooke, of Barwick-in-Elmet-at either place.

Thomas Rawson and Jane Ellis, of Aldborough - at Aldborough.

Sampson Akeroyd, of Elland, an 1 Elizabeth Higgin, of Bradford—at either place. 33 Thomas Wilkinson, of Elland, and Ellen Waterhouse, of Halifax-at Halifax.

Thomas Walker and Mary Cromock, of Leeds-at Leeds.39

James Postgate, of Scawby, and Elizabeth Hay, of Cloughton-at either place.

Thomas Lyon and Agues Skelton, of Nunnington-at Nunnington.

Henry Straw, of Edlington, and Elizabeth Postlethwaite, of Armthorpe-at Armthorpe.

Thomas Hewes and Elizabeth Tempest, Wid., of Aston-at Aston.

John Watson, of Holy Trinity, York, and Ann Metcalfe, of St. Mart n's, Coney Street, York at either place. 40

William Leigh and Mary Holland, of St. Martin's, Coney Street, York-at St. Martin's, Coney Street, York 41

Thomas Barstow, of St. George's, York, and Elizabeth Stephenson, of Hemingborough -at either place.

Robert Wright, of Raskelf, and Joan Lancaster, of Mitton-at Mitton.

Roger Watson, of Thornton, Pickering, and Jane Barry, of Rillington, Wid.—at either place.

Alexander Bardon, Vicar of Rillington, and Thomasina Gates, of Rillington-at Rillington.

Richard Smith, of Kilburn, and Ann Flintoft, of Hawnby- -at Hawnby.

Richard Dove and Anne Pannett, of St. John's, Micklegate, York-at St. John's, Micklegate, York.

John Breres and Elizabeth Dickenson, of Kellington- at Kellington.

John Kirkby, of St. Cuthbert's, York (as a-serted), and Elizabeth Kirkby, of Hovingham-at either place.

George Halliday and Margaret Kirkby, of Huggate-at Huggate.

Thomas Atkinson and Ann Browne, of Kirkbymalham-at Kirkbymalham.

Martin Hammond, of Bradford, and Ellen Watson, of Tong-at either place.

Richard Thornton and Thomasin Somerton, of St. Michael's-le Belfry, York-at St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York.

Walter Meynell of St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York, and Dorothy Hewerdyne, of St. Saviour's, York - at either place.

Thomas Bell and Lucy Harrison, of Topcliffe-at Topcliffe.

1617, December, "Christopher Wilson, of

Linton, and Bridget Knighton, of this parish."

Leeds Parish Register.

38 Married at Elland, 7 Dec. 1617.

39 Married 9 Dec. 1617.

40 Took place 9 Dec. 1617, at St. Martin's Coney-street.

41 Took place 10 Dec. 1617.


Christopher Hawkins, of Nun Monkton, and Alice Peirson, of Rufforth-at Rufforth. Christopher Wadsworth and Mary Lyon, of St. Crux, York-at St. Crux, York. Marmaduke Marchant, Clk., Rector of Hilston, and Ann Harrison, of Hilston, Wid. at Hilston.

Ralph Kirkby and Catherine Rymer, of Ripon -at Ripon.

Thomas Saville, of Rodwell, and Grace Frankland, of Bramham, Wid. - at either place.

Alverey Blackburn and Jane Child, Wid., of Hunmanby-at Hunmanby.

Robert Clough and Isabel Hall, of Keighley—at Keighley.

Thomas Scaif, of Brayton, and Mary Fairfax, of Wilburne, par. Edston-at Edston.
John Beswick, of Alne, and Dorothy Haigh, of Honley-at Almondbury.
Joshua Lockwood, of Hemsworth, and Mary Norfolk, of Felkirk—at either place.
William Hume, of Almondbury, and Margaret Jenkinson, of Felkirk-at Felkirk.
John Ellis, of St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York, and Alice Parker, of Farnham-at St.
Michael's-le-Belfry, York.

Edward Gibson, of Paul, and Frances Mulliland, of Winestead-at Paul.
William Cartwright and Margaret Plowman, of Acomb-at Acomb.

Anthony Moorhouse, of ch. [South] Skirlaugh, and Elizabeth Bethell, of Rise-at either place.

Thomas Wardman, of Leeds, and Grace Mortimer, of Bradford-at Leeds.42
Nicholas Tockell, of Helmsley, and Margaret Stockton, of Wheldrake-at Wheldrake.
John Smales and Ann Fish, of St. Mary's, Beverley-at St. Mary's, Beverley.
William Neville, of St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York, and Elizabeth Watson, of Rose lale
-at either place.

Robert Wilkes, of Little Driffield, and Joan Langton, of Garton-at Garton.
Joshua Simpson, of Thornton, and Ellen Sothill, of St. Cuthbert's, York-at either

John Halliley and Margaret Cockin, of Arksey-at Arksey.

William Robinson, of St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York, and Elizabeth Young, of St. Martin's, Coney Street, York, Wid.-at either place.

William Hughway and Margaret Pennock, Wid., of Guisborough-at Guisborough. Robert Robinson, of Rooth (Routh), and Ursula Gale, of Winestead-at either place. William Pressick, of Carlton, and Elizabeth Chipping, of Leek-at either place. Richard Wilson, of Skipton, and Margaret Holmes, of Bolton-at either place.

William Mitchell and Ann Blessing, of Bossall-at Bossall.

Roger Radcliffe, Clk., and Mary Watkinson, of Wakefield-at Wakefield.

Robert Thompson, of Hinderskelf, and Bridget Best, of Hutton-Darwent-at HuttonDarwent.

Luddinden Brooke and Ann Snell, of Guiseley-at Guiseley.

Roger Watts and Jane Backhouse, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity, Hull. Richard Garnett, of All Saints', Pavement, York, and Mary Hammerton, of St. Martin's, Coney Street, York-at either place. 3

John Wyrrall, of Hartshed, Gent., and Eleanor Beverley, of Smeaton—at either place. Leonard Wardell, of York, and Jane Rawlinson, of Ripon-at Ripon.

George Robinson, of Guiseley, and Jane Collier, of Felixkirk--at either place.

Robert Lea, of Halifax, and Diuah Riley, of Elland—at either place.

42 Took place 23 Dec. 1617, at Leeds, in which Register the bride's name is omitted.

43 Took place 15 Jan. 1617-8.


William Audsley (?) of Wakefield, and Margaret Allott of Emley—at either place. William Newton, of Kirkburton, and Ellen Beighton, of Peniston-at either place. Stephen Ross, of Preston, and Audrey Ringrose, of Amotherby--at Owston (? Owthorn) in Holderness or Amotherby.

William Wood, of Kirby-Moorside, and Elizabeth Cooke, of Egton-at Kirby Moorside.

William Peacock, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Ann Langton, of Cottingham-at Cottingham.

George Melmerby, of Hutton Bonville, and Ann Hildsworth, of Elland-at Elland.44 Robert Brotherick and Elizabeth Bacon, of North Ferriby-at North Ferriby. Jeronimi Collier, Clk., Vicar of Elloughton, and Sarah Hopkins, of St. John's, Beverley-at either place.

Thomas Townend and Ann Thornes, Wid., of Horbury-at Horbury.

William Hodgson and Mary Austwick, of Thurne (? Thorne)—at Thurne.

Edward Windle, of Tankersley, and Mary Austin, of St. Mary's, Bishophill, Senr., York at either place.

George Selby and Jane Lomas, of Sherburn-at Sherburn.

Michael Wooller, of Keighley, and Janet Sugden, of Baildon, Wid.—at either place. Robert Goodall and Isabel Casson, of Leeds-at Leeds.45

George Stockdale, of Kirby, Gent., and Mary Shute, of Giggleswick-at Giggleswick. James Barnard, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Margaret Pinder, of Collome [Cowlam]at Collome.

William Thompson, of Aldborough, and Isabel Baynes, of St. Laurence, York-at St. Laurence, York.

Ralph Benson, of Pannall, and Ellen Smith, of Hampsthwaite at either place.

George Watson, of Holy Trinity, King's Court, York, and Elizabeth Coates, of
Appleton-le-Street-at Appleton-le-Street.

James Bullock, of Sheffield, and Judith Fletcher, of Aston-at either place.
William Fenton, of Gate Fulford, and Margaret Browne, of Sutton-on-the-Forest-at

Thomas Clarke, of Leeds, and Elizabeth Taylor, late of Leeds, now (as asserted) of
St. Helen's, Stonegate, York-at St. Helen's. Stonegate, York.

William Clement and Jane Carradon, of Warmfield-at Warmfield.

Matthew Naylor, of Skipsey, and Isabel Browne, of Beeford-at either place.

Henry Williamson, of Askham-Bryan, and Elizabeth Nottingham, of St. Mary's,
Bishophill, senior, York-at St. Mary's, Bishophill, senior, York.

Alverey Metcalfe, of Ovenden, and Isabel Briggs, of Halifax-at Halifax.
Daniel Sherard, Clk., and Ann Beckett, of Poppleton-at Poppleton.

William Driffield, of Easingwold, and Ursula Ross, of Husthwaite-at either place.
John Rogers, of Rotherham, and Alice Hudson, of Bradfield—at either place.
Thomas Tillotson, of Cariton, and Isabel Smith, of Colne-at either place.

Richard Hunter, of Thornton, Pickering, and Mary Wilson, of Winteringham-at either place.46

Robert Yates, and Margaret Atkinson, of Kirkby-Overblows-at Kirkby-Overblows. William Vickerman, of Sherburn, and Emot Bewshaw, of Brompton, Wid.—at either place.

Richard Frankland, of Nealsinge (sic), par. Giggleswick, and Catherine Carr, of Long l'reston, Wid.-at Long Preston.

44 Married 25 Jan. 1617-8.

Took place 26 Jan. 1617-8.

46 Took place at Wintringham, 11 Feb. 1617-8


John Knowles, of Pannall, and Mary Bean, of Ripley-at Ripley.

Thomas Palfreyman, of Brafferton, and Ann Scruton, of Ripon-at Ripon.

William March and Frances Hewes, of Swine-at Swine.

Ralph Horner and Catherine Horner, of All Saints', Pavement, York-at All Saints', Pavement, York. 47

William Stable, of Swillington, and Ann Browne, of Barwick-in-Elmet-at Barwickin-Elmet.

Thomas Hudson and Elizabeth Moorhouse, of Bradfield—at Bradfield or Ecclesfield. George Holmes, Clk., Rector of Armthorpe, and Elizabeth Postlethwaite, of Cantley (as asserted)-at either place. 48

Jasper Hole, of Halifax, and Isabel Mitchell, of Bradford—at either place.

James Asay, of Cottingham, and Grace Pennett, of Wawn-at Cottingham.

Thomas Ferrand, of Carlton, and Blanche Towneley, of Clifton, par. Burnley-at Carlton or Burnley.**

Michael Leppington, of Wold Newton, and Ann Nalton, of Walkington, Wid.—at either place.

Francis Walsh and Alice Hustler, of Kildwick-at Kildwick.

Francis Worfolk, of Pickering Lythe, and Dorothy Reynard, of Hunmanby-at Huumanby.

Thomas Senior, of Wakefield, and Susan Saville, of St. Martin's, or St. Mary's Bishophill, York—at York. 50

Richard Buskeld and Frances Harrison, of Ripon, Wid.-at Ripon.

Christopher Hole, of Snaith, and Elizabeth Stones, of Kirkburton—at Kirkburton. William Cross and Ellen Simpson, of Thwing-at Thwing.

John Blanchard, of St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York, and Grace Bownde, of

St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York, or Deane.


John Haigh, of Skircoat, and Margaret Brooke, of Luddenden, Wid.-at Halifax or Luddenden.

John Cleveland and Ann Robinson, of Sutton-on-Derwent-at Sutton-on-Derwent. Ralph Dawson and Susan Hawm (?) of Hawme, par. Elland-at Elland. 51

Francis Haughton and Ann Thackray, of Great Sandall-at Great Sandall.

John Buckle and Bridget Watson, of All Saints', North Street, York-at All Saints', North Street, York.

Michael Wilkinson and Margery Kirkman, of Halifax-at Halifax.

John Binns, of Bingley, and Edith Horton, of Bradford-at Bradford.

William Turner, of Cawood, and Helen Nelson, of North Cave-at North Cave.

Peter Powles, of Carlton, and Alice Wilbore, of Wheldrake--at either place.

John Nicholls and Margery Ashman, of Halifax-at Halifax.

Henry Stockton and Ann Ainsley, of Great Ayton-at Great Ayton.

George Matthew and Elizabeth Hansley (?) of Swine-at Swine.

John Lewin, of Wood Newton, and Dorothy Wilson, of Darfield-at Darfield.

Nicholas Ronksley, of Bradfield, and Ellen Broomhead, of Sheffield--at either place. John Roe and Jane Atkinson, of Ledsham-at Ledsham.

47 Took place 5 Feb. 1617-8.

47 Thomas Hudson and Elizabeth Stead, married at Ecclesfield, 9 Feb. 1617-8.

48 M.A. Rector of Armthorpe 21 Dec. 1617. She was probably daughter of his predecessor, the Rev. Henry Postlethwaite.

49 His second wife. His first wife was Mary,

daughter of Edmund Dudley, licence 1594. See Dugdale's Visitation, 31.

50 Thomas Symnard and Susan Savill married by licence 10 Feb. 1617-8, St. Martin's, Coney Street, York.

51 Married 19 May, 1618.

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