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S. John the divine with the chalice and serpent.

O Weliger Johanne min patron
Wan ich stirbe wolst mich nit verlon."

A man under a tree with a staff.

Ein Armer Bilger bin ich of Erden


Gott lass mich nit zuo Schanden wärden.”

The beheading of St. Paul.

Ach Heiliger Paul(e) kur mich stryt
Trib bon mihr die böse geister weit.98

S. Francis with a crucifix.

O Heiliger Zeraffscher Fater Franciscus,
Wan ich stirbe so la(ss) mich nit uss."

S. Mary Magdalene kneeling before a table on which are a skull and a scourge, the devil and a woman standing by.

Maria Matalena Euer bit wolt ihr auch dartuon
So wird ich nit undergohn."

The Conversion of Saul. SAULE SAULE QUIT ME PER... Pouly Koly Banerher Zug, 1567.

The Annunciation. Coat of arms. D. PETRUS PFIFFER PATRICIUS LUCERNESIS COLLEGIATE ECC(L)ESIE BERONENSIS C(A)NONICUS, Ao. 1627. Adoration of Magi. Two coats of arms. (Hauptman C(asp)ar Brande Zug und F. Cattarina Fryin sin Eegmachel, 1609.

Centre Light.

Virgin and Child richly dressed and jewelled. Coat of arms. Augus= tinus von Gottes Gnaden Abte des Fürstlichen Gotthau(s) Einsiden. 101

Jacob wrestling with the angel. Coat of arms and cardinal's hat. Johan Jacob Schmidt der H. Schrift Doctor, Pro . . . des Wochfürst: Bischof von Constants Commisarius des lobwürdigen capitels Zug und Biengarten Pfarrherr erstadt Zug.102

A female figure with a large house in the background. Coat of arms. Die Btür Banelschwil verehren in der zeit ihr Hr Oberbogt, 1686.


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96 O holy John, my Patron,

Do not forsake me when I die
(verlon = verlassen).

97 I am a poor pilgrim on this earth,
God, do not let me perish.
98 O Saint Paul, fight for me,

Drive away from me the evil spirits. 99 O holy Seraphic Father Franciscus, When I die do not keep me out of heaven.

100 O Mary Magdalen, offer also your


And I shall not perish.

101 Einsiedeln in the canton of Schwyz. 102 J. J. S., doctor of divinity, . . of the Bishop of Constance, commissary to the reverend Chapter of Z. and B., vicar of the town of Zug.

A hermit. A woman carrying a vessel like a kettle. Coat of arms. W(err) (Hieronimus Stoc... von F: Ke: De : . . . uoio . . . bestelter (Haup)tman dero selfige Le... di Lutteau . € Verena Schönli s(ein) (Eegm)achel...7.


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A bishop bestowing alms on a beggar, a woman with a book and kettle. Coat of arms. Oswald Wickar Alter Obervogtt zuo Steinhussen und Frauw E(li)sabetha Madranin sein Ehe(g)machel, Anno 1607.

Six men in early eighteenth-century costume seated round a table, two men apparently arguing with each other stand in front of the table. On either side are figures of Justice.

Ein Wohlweissess Gericht der Statt und Ampt Zug, 1714.104 Below six coats of arms with the following inscriptions :

Hr S(ch)ützen Meiste(r) Joseph Gotz R(ic)hter
Dr Francis Heggli landt Schreiber 105

Hr Martin Fliger Groszmeister 106 der Richter
Hr Johan Jordan Schatzmeister des Raths
Hr Roger ... Stadrichter

Hr Pääger Jacob Wotz Richter.

S. John the Divine with chalice, a female saint with eight stars. The Baptism of our Lord, the Father above. Dis ist mein geliebter Sohn in dem ich ein wolgefallen hab.107 Mat. iii.

Hr Wantz Lust Bürger und der zeitt Schu(tz)en kendrich zu Sarsee (S)ybella Pfeniger sein eheg: 1655. Two coats of arms.

The Crucifixion with SS. Mary and John, the Annunciation above. Rudolf Thus altt Spitelvogt 108 Zug und fr Verena Brandenbergin sin Eegmachel, 1636. Two coats of arms.

A man and woman with two children in the costume of the latter part of the sixteenth century without any inscription or coat of arms.

Wine casks by a river side with men drinking. Coat of arms. Hr Joann Waller PHLE MAGISTER Pfar-VICARIUS in Römerschweil, Ao. 1710.

Two coats of arms. A figure of Justice. Another female figure with a chalice and cross and a book on her lap labelled BIBLIA. Vo... und Barbara D... lerin syn Ehegema

Left-hand Light.


I, 1640.

Virgin and Child with S. John Baptist. Die Loblich Gmeind Mentzigen, Ano. 1675.

Virgin and Child. Jacob Huser alt Kilchmeir und Elizabeta Werderin sein Husfraw, 1680.

S. Martin. Virgin and Child. Die Lobliche Gemeind Baar, 1670. Coat of arms. Angel weighing souls. Angel weighing souls. S. Anthony (?). D. BEATUS CANONICUS ET EDILIS COLLEGIATE ECCLE BERONENS, ANNO 1604. Virgin and Child. Two figures of saints.

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damaged and patched. arbara Schelin sin . . . Our Lady of Sorrow. Paul. No inscription. Angel weighing souls. Samuel Gla . . . har Fändrich under Hauptma Semidt Kumpeny und Anna Klapmany sin Ehegemachel, 1630 Jar.

Monk and hermit praying. SS. Peter and

At the top of the picture a weaver at work. Angel weighing souls, a man standing by. S. Cecilia playing the organ. A priest in surplice and cassock playing the horn, choristers singing. Above, LAUDATE DOMINUM IN TYMPANO ET CHORO. LAUDATE EUM IN CHORDIS ET ORGANO. Below, D. CASPAR HOCKS PRÆBENDARIUS DNI T(H)OME APLI ET CONCENTOR COLLEGIATE... LESIE BERONENSIS. ANNO DOMINI 1615.

A priest in cassock and surplice kneeling with beads in his hand. To the left Virgin and Child, to the right an angel with his hand resting on the priest's shoulder. No inscription.

Men working at house building. Coat of arms. . Chaspar LUollft und Anna Koüstin sin Eelicher Gemahell.

Several men apparently engaged in smelting iron. A coat of arms with a figure on either side. Hanns Hu(tter)... vogt zu Osterwangen.

The following extract from a letter, received by me since the above was in type, from Herr Augst, of Zurich, explains how this glass came on the market. "You are quite right in supposing that most of the glass is of profane origin. The panels are gifts by private persons to each other, by one town to another, &c. There must have been an enormous quantity of such glass in private and public buildings in Switzerland during the 15th-17th centuries. After the invasion of Switzerland by the French in 1798—9, and the general impoverishment of the continent after the Napoleonic war, many owners of antiquities were glad to sell them to anybody willing to buy them, and most of the Swiss glass in England was acquired at that time, viz. in the early part of this century. As regards heraldry, a knowledge of English heraldry would not be of much use in explaining the Swiss coats of arms, many of which belong to peasant families.

E. H. S.

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WILLIAM, 2nd Baron Craven, of the creation of 1666, b. 1668.

* Earldom and Barony of 1626-7 became extinct.

Eight sons.

Eight daughters.


ANTHONY CRAVEN, the alderman's "cousin," d. 1617 ANN CROFTE, 1576, d. 1614.

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Creations:-(1) Barony of Hampsted Marshall, 1626-7, extinct in 1697; (2) Barony of Ryton, 1642-3, extinct in 1648; (8) Earldom and Viscounty, 1664-5, extinct in 1697; (4) second Barony of Hamsted Marshall (with special remainder), 1666.

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