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George Jackson and Helen Wright, of Sigglesthorne-at Sigglesthorne.

Theophilus Chimley,1 Clk., Vicar of Hornsea, and Aun Borfoot, of Long Ryston-at either place.

John Bulcock and Janet Dilworth, of Downham [dioc. Chester]-at Whalley or Downham.

John Wright, of Bagby, and Catherine Nelson, of Thirsk-at Thirsk.

Henry Dalton,15 of Drypool, and Susan Colling, of Swine, Wid.—at either place. Edward Beilby, of Wressle, and Sarah Wressle, (sic) of Snaith-at either place. William Slater, of St. Michael's, Spurriergate, York, and Rachel Foster, of Easingwold

-at Easingwold.

[Richard] Thompson and [Anne] Nelthorpe.16 No entry (sic).

Richard Rayner and Elizabeth Sharphouse, of Dewsbury-at Dewsbury.
John Paget, of Halifax, and Diana Helas, of Bracewell, Wid.—at either place.
John Storey, of Horbury, and Alice Dymond, of Wakefield-at Wakefield.
Thomas Thornhill, of Elland, and Ann. Trigott, 17 of South Kirkby-at either place.
Robert Hartley, of Ranfield [Ravenfield] and Mary Kellum, of Cantley-at either place.
Robert Harham, of Nun Keeling, and Mary Browne, of Atwick-at either place.
William Bilton, of Fewston, and Isabel Midgley, of Kirkby-Overblows-at either place.
Michael Hugginson and Elizabeth Sherborne, 18 alias Weddell, of St. Martin's,
Coney St., York, Wid.-at St. Martin's, Coney St., York.

John Smith, of Holmpton, and Sittra Sewerby, of Owthorne-at Holmpton.
Robert Hopwood, of Wortley, and Sarah Cudworth, of Silkstone-at either place.
Ralph Pecket, of Rise,19 and Ann Rawson, of Marton-at either place.
William Banks and Alice Robinson, of Giggleswick-at Giggleswick.

John Ellis, of St. Martin's, Coney St., York, and Martha Chester, of Womersley,
Wid. at either place.

Thomas Gerard, of Barnard Castle [dioc. Durham], and Elizabeth Beaumont, of Catton, Wid.-at Catton.

Thomas Downing and Catherine Lewins, of Doncaster-at Doncaster.

Michael Logan, of St. Mary's, Hull, and Catherine Pate, of Holy Trinity, Hull—at

St. Mary's, Hull.


14 Both registers commence in 1654. Theophilus Chimley, matriculated at Trinity College, Oxford, in 1599, being then aged 19. Torre's List, he is styled B. A., and was instituted Vicar of Hornsea, 7 August, 1607, on the resignation of his father (?) the Rev. Robert Chimley, instituted to Hornsea, 26 June, 1578. He died in 1631. His wife was buried there 1 July, 1670, "being relieved," i.e. out of the poor's box. William Chimley, senior, buried 13 March, 1691-2, who left issue: George, buried 23 December, 1655, having had issue, and Theophilus, who married 29 September, 1670, Bridget Newsom, and was buried 24 Dec., 1674, were (most probably) his children. The latest entry of the name I have found is Fortune Chimley (née Raven, mar. 6 February, 1671-2), buried 9 July, 1727.

15 I presume this is the third son of Robert Dalton, of Myton, who died 24 June, 1626, by Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of Ralph Constable. Dugdale's Visitation, ed. Surtees Society, p. 143, says he died without issue. He was my first cousin, eight times removed.

16 Richard Thompson, of Kilham, and Ann, daughter of Edward Nelthorpe, of co. York. Dugdale's Visitation, 1665, p. 219.

17 Took place 12 October,_1614. Foster's Yorkshire Pedigrees; sec Hunter's South

Yorkshire, II. p. 447; Visitation, 1585, p. 304; Dugdale's Visitation, 1665; Surtees Society, p. 309. Her grandmother, Lucy Booth, lived and died at Riwcliffe, as her Inventory, taken 22 May, 1628, was filed in the Peculiar Court of Snaith. Sum, £196 138. 8d. She possessed


'one duble gilt salt, 2 gilt bowles, 8 silver spoones, valued at £13 6s. 8d." Administration granted 3 March, 1628-9, to her daughter, Elizabeth Brightman, widow. Her husband's nephew, Stephen Trigott, of Rawcliffe, buried his wife Elizabeth, at Snaith, 21 July, 1617.

18" Married October 9, 1614, Michael Hugginson, gentleman, and Elizabeth Weddell."

19The marriages are unfortunately missing for 1614, the only year deficient in the register commencing in 1559, "since the beginninge of Quene Elizabeth her happye reigne whome God long preserve," re-written in 1598. This licence proves that the Chapel of Marton, in the adjoining parish of Swine, (938 acres), in Kirk Garth, where the road makes a sudden bend, or elbow, was then standing, and had parochial rights. The bell was hung in a tree about 1780-1790, but was carried to Swine; before which time, Marton had not paid any church rates; as Tradition affirms.

20 Took place 20 October, 1614, at Catton.


Robert Haldsworth and Elizabeth Sugden, of Bradford-at Bradford.

Richard Hunter, of Guiseley, and Elizabeth Sykes, of Leeds-at Leeds.

Richard Remington, 21 of Lund, and Mary Ridley, of St. [John's], Beverley-at St. [John's], Beverley.

William Atkinson, of Skipton, and Isabel Marshall, of Kildwick-at either place. Stephen Tempest, 22 of Broughton, and Ann Thomlinson of Skipton-at either place. Waran Scargill and Joan Bright, of Sheffield-at Sheffield.

Thomas Spencer, of Barnborough, and Margaret Broadhead, of Thribergh—at either place.

William Green and Ann Richardson, of Hickleton-at Hickleton.

William Goldthorpe and Elizabeth Kaye, of Kirkburton-at Kirkburton.
Richard Hancock, of Ottringham, and Ann Holmes, of Paul-at either place.

Rowland Jackson, of Windermoore, [dioc. Carlisle], and Grace [Mawson] Mooson, of
Leeds-at Leeds.

James Thirkell and Elizabeth Bower, of Holy Trinity, Hull--at Holy Trinity, Hull. Nicholas Wrest, of Tickhill, and Frances Simpson, of Brotherton-at either place. Robert Holt and Mary Craven, of Bradford-at Bradford.

Leonard Cooke,23 of Sigglesthorne, and Catherine Urry, of St. Margaret's, York—at either place.

Francis Conyers, gen., and Isabel Nutbrown-at Thorganby or Skipwith.
Richard Ullithorne,24 of Ripon, and Ann Danby, of Burneston—at either place.
Thomas Blake and Jane Jackson, of Hovingham-at Hovingham.

Richard Kendrew and Agnes Leathe, of South Otterington-at South Otterington.
Thomas Hall, of Sheffield, and Mary Oake, of Rotherham-at Sheffield.

John Rogerson and Dorothy Buckle, of Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, York—at Ripon, or Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, York.

Ralph Barker, of Tadcaster, and Margaret Clayton, of Saxton-at Tadcaster.

Henry Elling and Mary Middleton, of Womersley-at Womersley.

Roger Browne, of Guisborough, and Alison Tinsley, of Skelton-at either place.

William Husband and Dorothy Thompson, of Yarm-at Yarm.

Michael Harrison, of Harwood, and Mary Saville, of Halifax-at either place.

John Clay and Grace Marchant, of Elland-at Halifax or Elland.

Edward Blenkhorn, of Terrington, and Ann Wilden, of St. Crux, York—at either place.

Miles Staveley and Mary Foster, of Bridlington—at Bridlington.

John Buckton, of St. Sampson's, York, and Margaret Greggs, of St. Helen's, Stonegate, York at either place.


21 Took place 15 November, 1614, at St. John's, Beverley. For his pedigree see Dugdale's Visitation, ed. Surtees Society, p. 123. was Mary, daughter of Christopher Ridley, Mayor of Beverley, 1600, by Isabel, d. Anthony Jackson, of Killingwoldgraves, baptized 5 June, 1594, at St. John's, Beverley.

22 He was son of Thomas Tempest, of Yellison, by Katherine Maude, grandson of Stephen Tempest, of Yellison, son of Edward, son of John, son of William Tempest, of Broughton, by Joan Metcalfe. Foster says Anne was widow of Thomas Thomlinson. I do not find that they were married at Skipton.

23 Took place 14 Nov. 1614, at St. Margaret's, York.

24 Took place 16 Nov. 1614, at St. Michael'se-Belfrey, York. The rapidity of their

entrance into matrimony reminds me of the
old song
Come, haste to the wedding, ye
friends and ye neighbours, the lovers their
bliss can no longer delay!" He was of
Sleningford, in the parish of Ripon, where he
died in the year 1654. She was daughter of
John Danby of Carethorp, by Margery [married
9 July, 1593, buried 12 June, 1607, at Masham],
daughter of Marmaduke Wilson, Gentleman of
West Tanfield, the benefactor of that township,
5 May, 1614, who entered his pedigree at St.
George's Visitation of 1612 (p. 591 of Foster's
edition), and was buried at Wath, 21 July,
1622. The granddaughter of Richard Ulli.
thorne married William Wray, and was mother
of Sir John Wray, Bart., of whom I am the
heir general and Representative.


Robert Cowper, of Dewsbury, and E[lizabeth ?] Hepworth, of Silkston-at Dewsbury Thomas Stephenson and Elizabeth Cudworth, of Darton-at Darton.

Ralph Parker and Catherine Geldart, of Holy Trinity, King's Court, York-at Holy Trinity, King's Court, York.


Thomas Wharton, of St. Martin's, Coney St., York, gen., and Thomasine Remington,
ven viri Richard Remington, Clk., A. M. Rect. de Lockington-at Lockington.
Richard Harrison, of Adwick, and Elizabeth Shann, of Methley-at Methley.
Richard Troutbeck, of Paul, and Magdalen Rawson, of Preston-in-Holderness-at

either place.

George Miller and Elizabeth Iles, of Escrick-at Escrick.

John Firbank, of Barmston, and Elizabeth Hungate, of Burnby -at either place.
William Cookson and Ellen Procter, of Giggleswick-at Giggleswick.

Ambrose Noble, of Halifax, and Ann Holdsworth, of Skipton, Wid.—at Skipton.
Richard Potter and Edith Bilbrough, of Barwick-in-Elmet-at Barwick-in-Elmet.
Thomas Fawkes, 26 and Jane Fawkes, Wid., of Otley-at Otley.

William Birkby, of Sherburn, and Elizabeth Smith, of Wakefield—at either place.
Ralph Dixon and Jane Griffin, of Ottringham-at Ottringham.

John Beilby, of Strensall, and Ellen Gascoigne, of Stillington, Wid.—at either place. Edmund Balls, and Grace Longbone, Wid., of Halifax-at Halifax.

Francis Anlaby,? 26* of Thorpe Basset, and Elizabeth Hungate, of Birdsall—at Birdsall, or [Thorpe Basset?]

Robert Crompton of [Driffield] and Ann Haldenby,27 of Ferriby-at Skerne.

Thomas Eastwood and Margaret Halstead, Wid., of Burnley [dioc. Chester]-at


Peter Bayne, of Felixkirk, and Dorothy Raper, of Pickhill—at either place.

Thomas Freeman, of St. Dennis, York, and Catherine Eshe, of Howden-at St. Dennis, York.

Clement Harleston, of Wath (as asserted), and Jane Lilley, of Mexborough—at either place.

Robert Clough, of Kellington, and Margaret Craven, of Snaith—at either place.
Richard Cooke and Catherine Rokeby, 28 of Hotham-at Hotham.

25 This marriage I have not found at either church, and I do not know who the bridegroom was. William Wharton, gentleman, was buried 13 March, 1614-5, from Mr. Edward Pulleyn's house, at St. Martin's, Coney St. William Wharton, parish clerk of St. Martin's, was buried 12 June, 1626, in York Minster. Thomasine Remington was a grand-daughter of my ancestor, Archbishop Matthew Hutton, by Beatrix Fincham, and was named after her aunt Thomasine Hutton, wife of Sir William Gee, of Bishop Burton. Her mother Elizabeth was buried 26 March, 1602; her father, 6 November, 1615, at Lockington. Her sisters Mary, Beatrix, and Elizabeth, were baptized in the years 1586, 1588, 1595, respectively; her brothers Matthew, Richard, and Henry, in 1589, 1590, 1593. Her brother Timothy lived to be eighty-eight.

26 It may be merely a coincidence, but see p. 142 for an identical entry.

6* He was aged 15. 1612, Foster's Visitations, p. 486. She was daughter of William Hungate, of Birdsall, by Mary Sotheby. She was buried at Wintringham, 22 September, 1662.

27 Robert Crompton, of Great Driffield, Dugdale's Visitation, 1665, Surtees Society p. 322, was buried at Cherry Burton, 10 September,

1646. Anne, daughter of Francis Haldenby, of Haldenby, by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Wentworth, of Elmsall, was his second wife. Doubtless the marriage took place at Skerne, but the marriage register of that parish is missing from 1610 to 1615. She was buried at Cherry Burton, 4 September, 1624, leaving three children: Thomas, baptized 29 August, 1619; John, baptized 6 March, 1620-1, at Skerne; and her daughter Frances, afterwards wife of Williamson, of Cottingham, baptized 11 August, 1623, at Bishop Burton. Robert Crompton's third wife, Keziah, daughter of Walter Strickland, of Boynton, by Frances Wentworth, was buried 7 December, 1667, at Cherry Burton. See "Best's Farming Book, Surtees Society. Notes on pp. 111 and 152.

28 There is no other Catherine of this name and date, except the daughter of George Rokeby, by Joan, daughter and co-heiress) Henry Rokeby, of Kirk Sandall. She might be resident in the house of her first cousin Dorothy Rokeby, wife of William Rokeby, of Hotham. This George appears without issue in Hunter's South Yorkshire, II. p. 102. But not so in Foster's Yorkshire Pedigrees. She was also first cousin to my own ancestress Anne, wife of Sir John Hotham, Baronet. See above, note on p. 372.


William Thomlinson, of Otley, and Rosamund Kitson, of Calverley-- at either place. Thomas Gibson and Sibel Hunt, of Swine-in-Holderness-at Swine-in-Holderness. Giles Dolliff, of Wakefield, and Elizabeth Heather, of Wragby-at Wragby.

John Starkey, of Padiham [co. Lancaster], and Ann Radcliffe, of Ripponden, either place.

Richard Hobman, 29 of Watton, and Catherine Bacon, of North Ferriby-at either place.

William Calvert and Elizabeth Haughton, of Sherburn-at Sherburn.

William Hardy, of St. Margaret's, York, and Isabel Dealtry, of Gate Helmsley—at either place.

William Warde and Martha Booth, of Halifax-at Halifax.

Thomas Cockle,30 gen., and Beatrice Halley, of St. Michael's, Spurriergate, York-at St. Michael's, Spurriergate, York.

John Danson, of Kirkby Malzeard, aud Sibel Beane, of Ripley-at Kirkby Malzeard.
Richard Preston, of Dunnington, and Joan Shields, of Gate Fulford, Wid.—at Gate

John Levick and Margaret Revell, of Sheffield--at Sheffield.
William Carr and Barbara Barker, of Sheffield-at Sheffield.

William Mawer, of Kirkby Malzeard, and Ellen Hill, of Bilton-at Biston.
John Danby,31 of Leak, and Dorothy Davile, of South Otterington, Wid.—at either


Newark Beckwith, 32 of Lofthouse, and Mary Fiske, of Fulford


John Lindley, of Kirkby-Overblows, and Isabel Bilton, of Fewston — at either place.

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Dollor Redman, gen., and Margaret Fenton, of Aston-at Aston.

Edward Greenhaugh and Margaret Tourney, of Kirkdale—at Kirkdale.

Robert Roadhouse, of Hemsworth, and Elizabeth Doffan, of Normanton-at Hemsworth.

William Breakes, of Fewston, and Alice Spurritt, of Burnsall—at Burnsall.

Michael Kidd, of Burnsall, and Jane Grange, of Ripon -at Ripon.

Robert Gamble and Dorothy Weightman, of St. Michael-le-Belfry, York-at St. Michael-le-Belfrey, York.

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Edmund Maude, of Halifax, and Susan Horsfall, of Heptonstall-at either place. Robert Grimbold and Sarah Burnsall, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity, Hull, or St. Mary's, Hull.

at Fulford,

of Darrington, and Catherine Bullock, of Pontefract-at William Worsley,33 of Adlingfleet, and Elizabeth Stringer, at Whiston, or

Richard Crashaw, of Woolley, and Judith Carter, of Kirkheaton—at Kirkheaton.

Surtees Society,

29 The ear iest Will at York of this name, is that of Thomas Hobman, of Burnebutts, parish of Watton, 28 December, 1556. Next comes Agnes his widow, 26 January, 1563. John Hobman purchased the manor of Southall, in Hutton Cranswick, 24 May, 1569, of Edmund Skerne, of Bonby, co. Lincoln, and Edith his wife. And the same had dealings, 28 December, 1570, with Robert Hobman, of Burnebutts. [Deeds penes me. C. B. N.]

30 Took place 12 January, 1614-5.

31 Third son of Thomas Danby, by Ann Aungier. She was daughter of Thomas Talbot, of Ottrington, by Elizabeth Dent, and widow of William Deyvill, of Angram, son of Francis Deyvill, of Cuckwold. Foster's Visitations, pp. 292, 579 602.

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32 See Dugdale's Visitation. p. 383.

33 William Worsley, gentleman, was, I believe, Receiver to the Duchy of Lancaster, of Ousefleet, in 1605, and was buried 4 May, 1659. His son George married, 20 December, 1655, Mary West, made his will 2 February, 1668-9, naming his eldest son George; his children, John, Thomas, and Mary. George baptized a son John, at Whitgift, 21 September, 1690; and his widow Mary was buried 3 August, 1728. The copyist of Dugdale's Visitation (Surtees Society, p. 282), calls this lady Frances. Hunter's South Yorkshire, II. p. 182, omits her altogether, but states her sister Frances to be wife of (Richard) Franklin, of Roche Abbey.

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