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Donations to the Museum and Library.

The Society is indebted to the following gentlemen for Donations to the Library and Museum, received since the publication of the last number.

The Rev. H. HARRIS, Winterbourne Bassett:—A small bronze finger ring, with space for stone setting. A bronze dagger seven inches in length. An implement of iron. Bronze buckle; all found on Winterbourne Bassett Down. Mr. NELSON GODDARD:-A small bronze penannular brooch. Two Roman coins found on Allington Down 1867.

The EXECUTORS of the late T. B. MERRIMAN, Esq., of Marlborough, have presented a very important addition to the Museum, consisting of the following articles: From the South Seas-Large stone hatchet. A smaller specimen of the same form and make. Stone club. Two short clubs of hard wood. Small hatchet. Long arrow. Carved paddle. Two war clubs. Carved war club, Wooden spear. Six javelins. Five spears. Sword set with sharks' teeth. Broom. From New Zealand-Preserved head of a tattoed warrior. Carved baton, formed of a branch which has been naturally twisted by the action of a parasitic plant, a tattoed head is carved on the top. Barbed lances and javelins and bone pointed arrows. An arrow with flint head. Three iron headed arrows. Bundle of darts and javelins. Two bone-headed bolts. A "Wampoo" (possibly from Australia), a long " Wampoo." From China and the East IndiesChinese umbrella. Four bows, one seven feet in length. Metal opium pipe. Chinese boots, shoes, and fans. "Housemaid's broom." (Bombay) Set of "chopsticks. Steel forceps in case. Dagger.-Pair of Canadian snow shoes. Model of Esquimaux sledge and dogs. Model of Esquimaux boat with native man and woman. Nubian hide whip. Stock-whip and leather trappings. Cranium of hyena, ditto of porpoise. Fine specimen of saw fish. Head of llama. Antelope horns, Five pairs of small ditto. Ostrich's eggs. Specimens of snakes and lizards, in spirits. Locust, scorpion, and other insects, in spirits. Large shark's jaw. Skin of boa constrictor. Cast of face of Napoleon, taken after death. Casts of Dalton, Lord Brougham, and Agassiz.

The Rev. E. H. SLADEN:-"On the Shoulder-Girdle, and Sternum in the
Vertebrata," by W. K. Parker-Ray Soc., 1 vol. fol., 1868. Botanical
Works of Robert Brown-Ray Soc, 2 vols., 8vo., 1866—1867.
"The Ibex,”

6 vols., 8vo.

THOMAS BRUGES FLOWER, Esq. :-Two ancient maps of the city of Bath. The Rev. J. WILKINSON, Broughton Gifford :-Ten pamphlets on archæological subjects. Two Acts of Parliament relating to Wiltshire.

The Rev. Canon GREENWELL:-Notices of ancient Grave hills in Yorkshire, 8vo. Transactions, Journals, &c., have been received from the Essex Archæological Society, 2 Nos. Kilkenny and South East of Ireland Archæological Society, 2 Nos. Somersetshire Archæological and Natural History Society, 1 vol. Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 3 parts.

H. BULL, Printer and Publisher, Devizes.



1867. To balance brought forward from last account, (as printed and issued with vol, x, of the Magazine)

Subscriptions and Entrance Fees of Life and Annual Members ...

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Wiltshire Archæological and Natural History Society.

Abstract of Account of the Receipts and Disbursements of the Society for one year, from the 1st January, 1867, to 31st December, 1867 (both inclusive).

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1867. By sundry payments including Stationery, Postages, Carriage, Advertising, &c. .....

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Ditto for Printing, Engraving, &c., on account of Magazine, including balance for Nos. 28 and 29, and also Nos. 30 and 31

net expenses of the Society's Meeting at Hungerford, September, 1867

one year's rent of Room at Savings Bank

Mr. W. Nott, Financial Assistant Secretary, Salary

and Commission

Balance in hand



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Financial Assistant Secretary.

Communications have been received from Mr. W. Kemm, Rev.

J. Adams, Mr. W. L. Barker, Mr. Audley Lovell, Rev. Edward. Peacock, Mr. T. Bruges Flower, Rev. Canon Jackson, Rev. H. T. Kingdon, Rev. E. Wilton, Mr. G. B. Eyre.



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R. E. PEACH, Bridge Street.


T. KERSLAKE, 3, Park Street.


Bradford on Avon. J. DAY, Old Market Place.


H. BULL, St. John Street.







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W. W. Lucy, High Street.
A. COCHRANE, Bank Street.

J. H. & J. PARKER, Broad Street.

... BROWN and Co., Canal.

J. NEW. Warminster...... B. W. COATES, Market Place.


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