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Edward Lawson, of Handsworth, and Mary Copley, of Skelbrooke-at Skelbrooke. Richard Hawksworth and Elizabeth Copley, of Penistone-at Penistone.

Gilbert Stapleton,85 of Carlton, par. Snaith, and Ellen Gascoigne, of Barwick-in-Elmet -at either place.

Matthew Daniell, of Bramham, and Elizabeth Manners, of Tadcaster, Wid. at

Nicholas Boothroyd, of Thornhill, and Elizabeth Shepley, of Mirfield—at Mirfield.
Thomas Mawer, of All Saints', Pavement, York, and Elizabeth Robinson, of St.
Michael's, Spurriergate, York, Wid.-at St. Michael's, Spurriergate, York.
John Fawcett and Apthiam Atkinson, of Everingham—at Everingham.
Humphrey Drake and Esther Warde, of Halifax-at Halifax.

Nicholas Gawtry, of Foston, and Jane Harrison, of Bossall-at Foston.

Felix Banister, of St. Michael's-le-Belfrey, York, and Mary Banks, of Wakefield-at St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York.

Robert Auston, of St. John's, Beverley, and Dionis Lee, of Holy Trinity, Hull, Wid. -at either place.

William Rycroft, of Gargrave, and Agnes Walshe, of Skipton—at either place.

Richard Swale, of Helmsley, and Elizabeth Wind, of dioc. of York at St. Michael'sle-Belfry, York.

Thomas Dowbiggin, of Bentham, and Margaret Procter, of Horton-at Horton.

William Hutchinson, of Whitkirk, and Dorothy Haggard, of Methley, Wid.-at Methley.

Paul Rawson, of Bradford, and Agnes Hinchcliffe, of Leeds, Wid.—at Leeds.

Richard Williamson, of Wighill, and Catherine Easterby, of Spofforth-at Spofforth. Robert Newby, of Skipton, and Elizabeth Jennings, of Kildwick-at either place. William Hepworth, of Kirkburton, and Mary Butterworth, of Rochdale, Wid.—at Kirkburton.

William King and Margaret Turner, of Slaidburn—at Slaidburn.

William Collingwood, Clk. and Ellen Halley, of St. Michael's, Spurriergate, York—at
St. Michael's, Spurriergate, York.

George Marshall, of Addle, and Agnes Curtis, of Leeds, Wid.-at either place.85
Christopher Taylor, of Skipton, and Ann Hodgson, of Broughton-at either place.
John Stainton, of Goodmanham, and Ann Twend? of Warter-at Warter.
Thomas Cliborne,86 Esq., and Susan Washburne, of Ripon at Ripon or
John Nettleton, of Rothwell, and Jane Pighells, of Dewsbury, Wid.-at Dewsbury.
George Liversedge, of Birstall, and Margaret Wood, of Kirkheaton—at either place.
Richard Cudworth, 87 of Silkstone, and Susan Binns, of Almondbury-at Silkstone or

85 Gilbert Stapleton was buried in Carleton Chapel, 14 April, 1636. Ellen, daughter of Sir John Gascoigne, Knight, was buried 18 September, 1666. She was his second wife. Robinson's "Priory and Peculiar of Snaith," London, 1861, p. 22.

85 At Leeds, 8 October, 1616.


Se See Foster's Visitations, p. 255. In 1585

three generations were living. In 1612, Thomas Clibborne, aged 5, 1585, was husband of Frances, daughter of Sir Richard Lowther of Lowther, and had six children, of whom Anne married 6 December, 1626, at St. Martin's, Micklegate, York, the Rev. William Bennet.

87 He was baptized 19 May, 1596, died 1657, and was buried at Silkstone. His daughter


James Rawden, of St. Martin's, Micklegate, York, and Elizabeth Rookes, of St. Lawrence, York, Wid.-at St. Laurence, York.

John Taylor and Isabel Godley, of Elland-at Elland.

John Nicholl and Dorothy Nicholl, Wid., of Elland—at Elland.

Francis Hemsworth, 88 of York, and Catherine Brooke, of Brayton-at Brayton or

Conyers Darcy89 and Grace Rokeby, of Wath-at Wath.

Posthumous Coulton and Mary Redman, of Yarome, [Yarm] Wid.—at Yarome Yarm.

John Parkinson, of Long Preston, and Mabel Armistead, of Giggleswick, Wid.--at either place.

John Watson and Judith Raice, of Ripon-at Ripon.

William Waddilove and Isabel Butler, of Hickleton-at Hickleton.

Ralph Bromehead, of Bradfield, and Jane Greave, of Sheffield-at Sheffield.

Ambrose Hutchinson and Susan Scarr, of St. Michael's, Spurriergate, York-at St. Michael's, Spurriergate, York.

William Fairburn, of Mexborough, and Elizabeth Box? of Barnborough, Wid.—at Barnborough.

Edward Saville, 90 of Wakefield, Esq., and Ann Tolson, of Cockermouth [co. Cumberland]-at either place.

Richard Bland, Esq., and Barbara Frescheville, of Anston-at Kippax or Todwick. Henry Peirson, of St. Dennis, York, and Jane Harrison, of Knaresborough-at either place.

Giles Clough, of Mitton, and Ann Greenwood, of Gisburn-at Gisburn.

Richard Butler, of Sutton-in-Holderness, and Elizabeth Barcherd, of Easington-at either place.

Christopher Browne and Ellen Carr, Wid., of Guisborough-at Guisborough. Henry Holme of Burnsall, and Dorothy Ideson, of Bolton Canons-at either place. Robert Royston and Dorothy North, of Doncaster--at Doncaster.

and co-heir, Grace, married 12 September, 1647, at Kirkby Wharfe, John Ellison, and secondly, William Wordsworth of Wraith House, baptized 7 May, 1615, buried 16 April, 1658, an ancestor of mine, and of the Poet Laureate William Wordsworth. Her third husband, Francis Morton, was married at Penistone 7 January, 1661-2, and she was living in 1697. Her sister Ann was the wife of Nathaniel Johnston, M.D., who died in 1705 (Dugdale's Visitation, 1665; Surtees Society, p. 6). Her sister Martha, wife of Samuel Savile of Mexborough (Dugdale's Visitation, p. 181), was buried 4 January, 1727-8. See Hunter's South Yorkshire, II., p. 270.

88 It is not a little extraordinary that no satisfactory pedigree of Brooke of Gateforth should be in print, considering the status of the families with which it intermarried, and the wealth of those who now represent it. That in Poulson's Holderness, I, p. 240, is simply ridiculous. We should all wish to know the origin of the family Greek-Christian name

"Callisthenes." Francis Hemsworth does not appear in the Visitation of 1612.

89 Conyers Darcy became second Baron Conyers, and was created Earl of Holderness, 5 December, 1682. He died 14 June, 1689. His son and successor, Conyers, who had four wives, was baptized 3 March, 1621-2, at St. Michael's-leBelfrey, York. Hunter's South Yorkshire, II., p. 165. From his sister Dorothy, who married 22 April, 1627, John Dalton of Hawkswell, who made her will 2 November, 1663, and was buried in York Minster, 30 November, 1663, I have the honour to descend.

90 He was son of Sir John Savile of Howley, created Baron Savile, by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edward Carey, Knight, of Hunslet, and Catherine Knevett, and was buried at Thornhill, 16 February, 1623-4. His wife was daughter and heiress of Richard Tolson of Bridekirk,. Cumberland. She re-married 2 June, 1625 at St. Helen's, York, William Vavasour of Weston, Esq., but died 11 November following.


Richard Smith, of Spofforth, and Ann Bilbrough, of Kirkby-Overblows at either place.

Richard Gale," of York, Mercht., and Jane Frank of Pontefract-at Pontefract.

Gervase Gilby, of Laneham, [Notts, diocese York] and Elizabeth Justice, of Doncaster Wid.-at either place.

William Bayldon,92 of Baildon, par. Otley, and Jane Popley, of Otley, Wid.—at either place.

Robert Eyre and Ann Hutchinson, of Thornhill-at Emley or Thornhill.

William Wood and Jane Scott, of Wawne-at Kilnwick, nr. Watton, or Wawne. Francis Horncastle, of Adwick-le-Street, and Jane Allott, of Emley at either place, Elmley.

William Stephenson, of Sledmere, and Agnes Cooke, of Holy Trinity, Goodramgate York-at Sledmere.

Ferdinand Robinson, of Escrick, and Thomasin Lowe, of St. Michael's-le-Belfrey, York-at Escrick.

Hierome Maddocks, 3 of Kirby Moorside, and Dorothy Johnson, of Whitby—at either place.

Francis Gardiner, of Skirpenbeek, and Elizabeth Cobb, of St. Helen's, Stonegate York at St. Helen's, Stonegate, York.

Christopher Dodgson, of Heptonstall, and Elizabeth Scholes, of Halifax-at Halifax.

George Bell, of Sowerby, and Frances Almack, of Thormanby-at either place.

Oswald Sheppard, of Snaith, and Ann Bingley, of St. Michael's-le-Belfrey, York—at St. Michael's-le-Belfrey, York.

William Howle and Ann Webster, of Sheffield-at Sheffield.

Anthony Bayles, of Guisborough, and Ursula Smith, of Egton-at either place.
George Noble and Dorothy Darwin, Wid., of Bolton Percy-at St. Mary's, Bishophill
Senr., York.

Robert Sutton, of Harwood, and Alice Barker, of St. Mary's, Bishophill, Seur., York,
Wid.-at St. Mary's, Bishophill, Senr., York.

Richard Coates, of Skipton, and Margaret Banks, of Gargrave—at either place.

Hugh Dodgson, of St. Mary's, Bishophill, Senr., York, and Cecily Temple, of St.
Michael's, New Malton, Wid.-at either place.

Robert Popley, of Bradford, and Ann Woffinden, of Wakefield—at either place.
William Pickard, of Bardsey, and Jane Frank, of Bingley-at either place.

Henry Hoyle and Ann Fletcher, of Leeds-at Leeds. 93′′

William Thorpe and Ann Clayton, of Ecclesfield-at Ecclesfield.

Thomas Banks, of Wakefield, and Isabel Oates, of Whitkirk—at either place. Thomas Potts, of St. Crux, York, and Mary Ross, of Husthwaite-at either place.

"This entry is perplexing. No Richard appears in the Gale Pedigree given by Foster; but John Gale of Scruton married Jane, daughter of John Frank of Pontefract (Dugdale's Visitation 1665, p. 3), and both died (probably of the plague) in 1624. They were grandparents of the learned Dean of York, but their

son, Christopher Gale, was born in the year
94 See Foster's Visitations, p. 303. Mr. Bayl-
don would be fifty-three years of age,
93Jeremy Madoxe and Dorothy Johnson
married at Whitby, 4 February, 1616–7.
93a 21 November, 1616.


Richard Beaumont, of Silkstone, and Jane Scholefield, Wid.-at Bramley, Silkstone or Rochdale.

Robert Holme and Ann Simpson, of Hampsthwaite-at Hampsthwaite.

John Meering, of Water Frystone, and Elizabeth Bolton, of Ledsham-at Ledsham.

William Hodgson and Mary Beeston, of Wakefield—at Wakefield.


Thomas Nelson, 4 of Wilsthorpe, and Alice Ingle, of All Saints, North St., York-at All Saints, North St., York.

Simon Duffield and Dorothy Crawe, of Ripon-at Ripon.

Stephen Simpson and Catherine Johnson, of Overton-at Overton.

Thomas Johnson, of Ripon, and Mary Chaworth, of Allerton-at either place.

James Corker, of Huntington, and Margaret Penrose, of All Saints, Pavement, York, Wid.-at either place.

Thomas Scaife, of Hampsthwaite, and Ann Hogg, of Nidd—at either place.

Roger Balden (? Bayldon) and Ellen Browne, of Giggleswick--at Giggleswick.


Edward Rolleston, 5 of Water Frystone, and Elizabeth Lee, of Featherstone-at either place.

Francis South, of Bradford, and Sibel Senior, of Tankersley-at either place.
William Wright and Ursula Marton, of Bransby-at Bransby.

Seth Reynolds, of St. Olave's, York, and Ann Halley, of St. Michael's, Spurriergate,
York, Wid.-at St. Michael's, Spurriergate, York.

Walter Best and Ann Newlove,9 of St. Michael's, New Malton-at St. Michael's, New Malton.

John Taylor and Dorothy Escrick, of St. Michael's-le-Belfry, York-at St. Michael'sle-Belfry, York.

Stephen Moorhouse, of Ilkley, and Ellen Sharpe, of Bolton-at either place.

Edward Gray, of St. Michael's, Spurriergate, York, and Helen Hawkesworth, of Holy
Trinity, Micklegate, York--at either place.

Geoffrey Robinson and Joan Fawcett, of Askham-Bryan-at Askham-Bryan.
Joseph Moore, 98 Clk. of Kirby Knoll, and Rachel Lindley, of St. Helen's, Stonegate,
York at either place.

Timothy Dennison and Gertrude Rhodes, of Wakefield—at Wakefield.

94 [Thomas Nelson and Alice Ingle]. Took place 25 February, 1616-7.

95 [Edward Rolleston and Elizabeth Lee]. Took place at Featherstone, 1616-7.

96 [Walter Best and Ann Newlove]. Took place 2 March, 1616-7. He was son of Edward Best of Old Malton, buried 22 July, 1604, at St. Leonard's, by Catherine, sister of Anthony Dudding, and was a cousin of James Best, gentleman, of Elmswell, parish of Driffield, 1598. See the Surtees Society's " Best's Farming Book." Walter Best was baptized 1 May, 1586, and buried at St. Leonard's 12 May, 1645, leaving issue Claudius, Philippa, Mary, Grace, Frances, and Jane.

97 [Edward Gray and Helen Hawkesworth]. Took place 3 March, 1616-7, at Holy Trinity, Micklegate.

98 [Joseph Moore and Rachel Lindley]. Took place 2 March, 1616-7, at St. Helen's, York.

His wife was daughter of the Reverend Christopher Lindley, B. D., Rector of Langton (E. R. Y.), 9 March, 1570-1, till his death, whose will is dated 7 June, 1609, and was proved 27 October, 1610. He left to his daughters Rebecca and Rachel a portion of tithe called Mary Tithe, including all tithes great and small, a messuage, house and garth, and one oxgang of land called the Abbot Oxgang, and one oxgang formerly belonging to Kirkham Priory, equally, to them and their heirs for ever. Rachel was of Langton, widow, in 1649, and granted her half part of these tithes to her son, the Reverend John Moore of Bagby, co. Lincoln, who sold them 27 April, 1632, to Sir Thomas Norcliffe. Rebecca married Wilkinson, and her son George Wilkinson, of Langton, gent., sold his half part 24 January. 1652-3, to Sir Thomas Norcliffe, Knight.


Thomas Cowper,99 of York, and Elizabeth Carr, of St. Martin's, Coney St., York-at St.
Martin's, Coney St., York.

William Micklefield, of Wilberfoss, and Petronel Hardy, dioc. York—at Wilberfoss.
John Swale, of Middleton, and Mary Straker, of Marston-at either place.
Lawrence Frybus and Margaret Redhead, of Scarborough—at Scarborough.
Humphrey Northall, of Rotherham, and Ann Greaves, of Ecclesfield—at either place.
Richard Fallowfield,100 of Morland, and Ellenor Lowther, of Lowther, par. Lowther, per
John Lowther, gen.-at Lowther, dioc. Carlisle.

Alexander Blacklock, of Oswaldkirk, and Mary Wilson, of Strensall, Wid.-at either place.

George Buck, of Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, York, and Joan Outhwaite, of St. Maurice, York-at St. Maurice, York.

Thomas Harrison and Margaret Milner, Wid., of Sutton in Holderness-at Sutton in Holderness.

Thomas Hooper, gen. and Ellen Herbert, of (?)—at St. Mary Bishophill Senr. York, or Holy Trinity, King's Court, York.

Jona Harwood, of St. Mary's, Hull, and Jane Prestwood, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at either place.


Richard Thirkell and Agnes Gorrell, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity, Hull. Richard Leigh, of Leeds, and Alice Robinson, of St. Helen's, Stonegate, York-at either place.

Jasper Hay,' of Bradford, and Prudence Brooksbank, of St. Helen's, York—at either place.

Daniel Dolliffe and Ann Greave, of Wakefield-at Wakefield.

Francis Stirk, of Ilkley, and Janet Halton, of Bolton Canons-at Bolton.

Charles Blunt, alias Heptonstall, co. Derby (sic) gen., and Ann Milner, of Harthill -at Harthill.

Edmund Saltmarshe,2 of Thicket, and Jane Haddlesey, of St. Mary's, Castlegate, York at St. Mary's, Castlegate, York.

Francis Cartwright,3 of Hull, and Catherine Birstal, of St. Mary's Bishophill, Senr. York at St. Mary's Bishophill, Senr. York.

John Harrison and Jane Bacon, of St. Mary's, Bishophill, York at St. Mary's, Bishophill, York.

Richard Marriott, of Bawtry, and Barbara Taylor, of Hatfield-at either place.


Neville, co. Derby, gen. and

Williamson, Wid.

Richard Kempe and Ann Hogg, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity, Hull.

[Thomas Cowper and Elizabeth Carr]. Took place 5 March, 1616-7.

100 Richard Fallowfield and Ellenor Lowther were married at Lowther, 1st September, 1617. He was baptized 16 February, 1594-5, and buried 29 January, 1679-80, at Morland. His wife was daughter of Sir Christopher Lowther of Lowther, by Helen Musgrave; and their only child, Lucy, was buried at Morland, 31 September, 1682, as wife of John Dalston, Esq.

of Acorn Bank, who died 13 April, 1692, aged 86. M. I. Kirkby Thore. Burn and Nicholson, I. pp. 248, 384.

[Jasper Hay and Prudence Brooksbank]. Took place 2 April, 1617, at St. Helen's.

2 [Edmund Saltmarshe and Jane Haddlesey]. Took place 9 April, 1617.

3 [Francis Cartwright and Catherine Birstall]. Took place 13 April, 1627.

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