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my childer. To the steple beldyng xxs. To byeng of a paire of organnys, to be our Lady messe with all, vjs. viijd., if the organys be bowght and go forward, or els I will the said vjs. viijd. ramayne to the said steple. To the house of Newburgh, for clene absolucion, xs. To our Lady in the where, iijs. iiijd.; also to our Lady in the porche, iijs. iiijd. and a sleyveles jacke. To Seynt John alter a hangyng to be before hitt. Also I will my wif fynd a sherage1 before Saynt Kateryn her lyf, and after her departyng I will my son William fynd it. Also I will my litle gray mere be sold, and the money to be bestowed of menddyng of ways moost nedful aboutte the towne. Allso I will my wiff haue my house duryng the terme of hir lif, and after hir deithe I will and gyf the said house wt thappurtenances to my son William Stevynson and to his heres of his body lawfully begottyn, and in defawte. vnto my doughtour, Margaret . Sir George Stevynson, my son, terme of his lif, and after the deith of the said Sir George I will that the said house remane unto the parishe churche of Thriske, oppon this condicion folowyng that is to say, the chirch wardyns of the said chirch shall yerelye for euer cause an obite to be song in the forsaid chirch for me, for my wiff, and for all my childer, at the which obite I will shalbe xij prestes and xxiiij scolars with other expenses nedfull, al mountyng yerelye to xs. Also I will if the parishing do fynd a gyld preist that the forsaid house be gifyn vnto that gilde oppon the condicion aforesaid, and that the gilde preist shall kepe the forsaid obite after the maner before spokyn. And if nother the chirch wardyns, nor the preist, kepe the forsaid obite trulye and yerelie on the day of my bereyall, than I will that the forsaid house remayne vnto next of my blode then reignyng. To euery one of the iiij orders of Freres, iijs. iiijd. Also I will my son William haue forty nobles in penny and penny worth at the seight of thes iiij men, that is to said [sic], John Wyntter, William Dowson, Richard Woodroper, and John Fox, with certayn herelowmys as a cowntour, a steippe fatte, a kylne, a hare,2 wt other certayn bordes that er nallyd, as beddes, formys, and trestils. Also I gif the said William a gowne lynyd wt watteryd tuyke,3 and a bucskynne dublett, and my best jacke, my swerd, and al my harnes, and thus he to be content. Also I gif my wif

1 A candle (cierge).

2 Hair cloths for drying malt in kilns after it has begun to put out rootlets,

but before it sprouts. See Durham Account Rolls, iii, 923.

3 Tuyke, tick or ticking.

my white furryd gowne. Also I gif John Smyth a bukeskynne dublett. Also I gif to Lord of Lanmouth my vickett' jackett. (Ibid., ix, 174.)

Sept. 29, 1521. Richarde Dobson, of Thriske, bocher. To be beried in the chirche of Saynte Marye in Thriske. To the steple beldyng, xxd. To our Lady in the porche my best gowne. Also to our Lady in the where, xijd. Also to Saynte Sithe, iiijd. Also to Saynte Petir, iiijd. Also to Saynte Anne, xijd. Also to Saynte Laurence, iiijd. Also to Saynte Nyneand, iiijd. Also to Saynt Antony, iiijd. Also to Saynte Loys, iiijd. Also to torches, xijd. My sister Elezabeth, ij silver crokes and a dawke.2 (Ibid., ix, 208d.)

May 3, 1527. John Cawton, of Thirsk. To be beried within the parishe churche yerde of Thirske. Settlement of property in Thirsk and Dalton, Micklegate, Rogerfeld, the chantry of St. John and St. Nicholas, Sand flattes, all in Thirsk. To Henry Cawton, my son, a fetherbed and a bolster. To the beldyng of the steple of Thirske, when it shal go forward, vjs. viijd., of the whiche there is ijs. paid to Roberte Cuttworth. To Roberte Cawton, my sone, a Flandders chiste, and all thynges belongyng to one bed, and one siluer spone and an newe almary. To Roger, my sone, a siluer spone and all thynges belongyng to a bed. To Henry, my sone, my best siluer spone. To Thomas, my sone, a siluer spone. To the howse of Newburghe, ijs. iiijd. To the causey in Sancte Marygate, xijd. To the abbay of Ryvax, xxd. To my daughtour at Arden Abbay a fedderbed. To Alicie Skinner a hoole bed, a brasse pott, and a ambre and a calle.3 (Ibid., ix, 374d.)

May 11, 1527. John Wynter, of Thirske. To be beried within the parishe church of Thirske afore the hie altar where agaynst my stalles end. To the re-edificacion of the parishe churche of Thirske, iijs. iiijd. (Ibid., ix, 375d.)

May 14, 1529. Alicie Perte, of Thirske. To be beried within the churche of oure ladie of Thirske, besides my husband. To the newarke of Thirske steple a riall. To Barker Bridge, vjs. viijd. To Sir Thomas Aldeburgh, curate of Thirske, iiijd. (Ibid., ix, 444.)

1 This word seems to defy explanation. 2 Dalkxa pin, brooch, clasp, buckle. See the N.E.D., where the following passage is quoted from the will of John Gregson, of Ripon (1488), who bequeathed to William Fox, chaplain, unum portiferium cum a dalk cum ymagine Beatæ Mariæ." The will is printed in The Ripon Chapter Acts (Surtees Soc.,

Ixiv), p. 285. The testator also left a gilt dalk.

3 Cawl, an East Riding word, meaning a kitchen dresser with hutches underneath for young chickens or ducks in cold weather. (E.D.D.) See also William Dowson's will below, where the word occurs again in association with an ambry.

June 28, 1529. Rob. Cawton, of Thirske. I bequeath my sall to Almyghtie God and our lady Sancte Marie, and to all the fare company of hevyn, and my body to be beried within the churche of our Ladie of Thirske. To the beldyng of the steple of Thirske, xxs., and iijs. iiijd. for lyeng in the churche. Sir Roger Cawton, my broder, my best gowne, a girkyn of chamlet, a par hoise, a silver spone which was his fadders, and vjs. viijd. to his offering when he synges his first messe. To the roode lofte, vjs. viijd. To the thre Mares in Thirske churche and Sancte Sithe, ijli. wax. To the caucey in Kirkgate, xxd. To the caucey to Bagby More, xxd. To the hanker,1 xijd. To Sir Thomas Aldburgh, xvjd. (Ibid., ix, 457.)

May 26, 1531. John Fox, of Thirsk. To be beried within the parishe church of Owr Lady in Thrisk afor the rood. To the hye altar at Thrisk, in the honour of the sacrament, xijd. To the beilding of the steipull of the parish church at Thirsk, vjs. viijd. To the mending of the cawcey in Sanct Marie gait in Thrisk, xijd. (Ibid., x, 77d.)

1532. [No day.]

James Marshall, of Upsalle, gentilman. To be buried in the churche of Oure Ladie at Thirske afore the roode nyght [sic] wher my mother liethe, and ther one crosse of woode and one serge of wax to be founde in the honour of God by the space of one yere and one day. To the buyldinge of Thirske steple an acre of rie whiche was Pallesers, and one acre of hauer and one of barle that liethe besides To Kylvington hie altare, for tithes forgotten, xijd. Also my chamlett gowne and my rede satten doblett and iijs. iiijd. in money, to make one cope withall. To euere of thes iiij howsses of Frears, that is to say, the Austen Frears of Yorke, the frears of Richmounte, Allerton, and Yarme, xijd. Also I will that the freares of Richmunde and Allerton say one trentalle of messes for my saull and all Cristen saulles, all of one daie, and eyther howse to haue for the same vs. Also I will that euere prest in Thirske that haithe one cope vpon hym the daie of my buriall [haue] vjd. To the roode warke at Kirkebe Knoll, xijd. To the parson of Kirkebe Knoll, viijd. To the churchwarke of Filliskirke, xijd. Also I will that euere house in Kylvington parishe haue ijd. To my sone, William Marshall, my best cownter, my longset till, my sestorn, and my bay geldinge if his mother die, or elles not. Sons Thos. and Roger lands in Norton, now in the holding of Rob. Sedlee,

1 The anchoret.

annual value of xxxijs., and ij acre of land in Thirsk, in the holding of Chris. Choltroppe and one Palisser. Son Will. Walcar a tent in Morton upon Swalle. Daughters Elenor and Anne. Son Roger, one cownter and one cubborde that standithe in the haul and my whitte fille. Wife Elinour a farmhold in Murton of Swalle in the holding of Lumlay, and another in the holding of Smelt. Daughters Margaret and Jane. Sister Alice. To Marmaduke Lee, xiijs. iiijd. to fest hym to one craft, and one whie withe calf to fynde hym reyment. To Mr. Commander of Sanct John is my lute. Sir Thomas Smythe, iiijd. To Sir Thomas, of Boltbie, vjd To Thomas Tolthorpe iij wenches, eche of them, vjs. viijd. to ther marriage. Brother Sir Rob. Marshall, parson, Thomas Rickebie, supervisor, my cote of plaite. (Ibid., xi, 339d.)

Sept. 22, 1534. Will. Barton, of Thirske, smyth. To be beried in the kirke of our Lady of Thirske. To the stonbrig, 12d. (Ibid., xi, 123.)

Dec. 2, 1535. Will. Dowson, of Thirske. To be beryed in the churche yearde of oure ladye of Thirske nyghe to my grandfadre, Thomas Nosterfelde. To my servaunte, Elezabeth Baker, all the brewing vessell within my house, as leide, mashefatte, gyylfatte, stades, and ayle pottes, my ambrye and my caule, a gowne of musterdevilles, and ij siluer spones, a payre of Syluer croukes, and my best beades with all their yowelles. To John Dowson, my kynseman, my gawberdyne. To my suster Jenett a beefe flycke.2 To George Allayne a hert of syluer and gylte. To my suster Metcalf a tryangle of syluer and gylted. To the churche of Thyrske a masse booke written on parchement. To Ric. Dowson, my brodre sone, my borgage in Mekilgate. Witness, Sir Thos. Aldburgh, curate, Sir Rob. Dowson, preste (brother of the testator) (Ibid., xi, 176d.)

March 30, 1538. John Sober, of Sandhoton, par. Thirske. My soule to Almightie God and hys mercie by the helpe and prayers of his glorious moder, oure Ladie Sancte Marie, and all the holie company of heven, and my bodie to be buried in the churche garthe of Our Ladie in Thirske. To the building of the steple in Thirske, iijs. iiijd. To Sancte Leonarde chapell in Sandhoton, xijd. To Sancte Laurence chapell in Carleton Mynyote, xijd. (Ibid., xi, 294.)

1 A kind of mixed grey woollen cloth, much used in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, named from Musterdevillers

or Monstervillers, now called Monti-
villiers, a town in Normandy.
2 A flitch of beef,

July 29, 1538. John Smythe, of Thirske. To be buriede in the churche of Our Laidy at my nawne stalle ende. I wyt and gyves vnto the steple, ijs. Unto Will. Smythe wif, my doughter, a ledder belt withe syluer stothes.1 (Ibid., xi, 313.)

Dec. 24, 1545. Raufe Sparlinge, of Thriske. My bodie to be buried within my parishe churche of our ladie of Thriske, in the alie before Sancte Anne closet, if there can be plaice conuenientlie for me there, if not, in the middest alie before the roide, painge therfore to the churche wardons for the time beinge ijs. iiijd., accordinge to the custome. Towarde the beyldinge of the steple, iiijs., that the churche owithe me sens I was churche wardon myself, whiche I laid furthe of my purse than to the necessarie chargies of the churche, as George Hoopes and Richarde Ragnell, withe other of my fellowes, knowe. Witness, Sir Ric. Lollye, the curate. (Ibid., xiii, 141.)

Jan. 1, 36 Henry VIII (1544-5). Thomas Cawton, of Thirske, yoman. My bodie to be buried in the churche earthe besides my father stone at the quere doore, where my father and my mother doithe lie, whose soules Jesu have mercie vpon. Wife Dorithie land in Thirsk, Lofthus house, Mikillgaite, Bailegarthe, Gisburghe cloise, Dawber sike, Kelde hilles, Bridge flate. Item I will that one greate shete, the bed in the parloure, one prisser their, with tubbes, troghes, bowtinge tonnes in the bowtingehouse, one litle cupborde, one greate chaire in the chamer, mannegers, hekkes in the stables, one coueringe of the bed in the parloure, all thies to be areloomes lefte in the saide house to Michael Cawton, my sone. Residew of all my landes in Thirske, Berbekke, Rogerfelde, Bagbie, and Dalton to Henrie Cawton and his heires maile, and in defalte to Anthony Cawton and his heeres maile. Item I will that if my wife do not dwell in the greate house, or do marie awaie frome it, then I will that Michaell Cawton, my sone, shall enter into the house, and to all the areloomes theire beinge as inheritance to hyme and to his assignes, discharginge the fre rente therof yerlie, viijs., to the Ladie preste. Henrie Cawton shall haue all the kinges lande in Thirske feldes and Barbek, the greate cloise at Woodside nexte Norbie, painge the kinges rente and farmes, that is to saie, ixs. xviijd. ob. yerelie, accordinge to my couents seale, and my sone, Mychaell Cawton, to haue the other cloise, and to paie yerlie to the kinge is graice iijs. continuall duringe my

1 Stothes upright pieces of wood, such as laths are nailed to in stoothing. See Durham Account Rolls, iii, 971.

Here it means bars fixed across the leather belt. (J.T.F.)

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