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Two other children, Samuel and Peter, are also recorded elsewhere.


The house inhabited by the Saltonstalls at Huntwick is still standing. It appears to have been built about the middle of the 16th century, and though sadly altered, still retains many traces of its original beauty. In one of the rooms, which is panelled throughout in oak, is a handsome carved mantelpiece in the renaissance style, which three grotesque figures divide into two arched panels, with a frieze above. The house has been let as a farnihouse for upwards of a century, though it was formerly occasionally used by members of the Winn family, the present owners. Near the house is a large and handsome pigeon-cote of about the same date, and some of the farm buildings are also ancient.

1608. Ralfe Gargrave did chaunge his life the xvii of September. 1609. Edward Gargrave dyd chaunge his lyfe the xiij day of october. 1609. Mychell Gargrave did chaunge his lyfe the vij day of november. 1609. Richard the son of Thomes Beckwith did chaunge his life the vijth day of ffebruarie.

The above is written with a hand at the side as shewn. In 1643 a Thomas Beckwith left a "Pighell" producing an annual rent of 3s. 4d. for the poor of Wragby. The benefaction has long been lost, the last recorded payment being in 1712.

1610. Isabell the wyfe of Mychell Gargrave did chaunge her lyfe the xj daye of June.

Thus Michael and Isabel Gargrave died within about seven months of each other, having lived together, happily let us hope, for upwards of thirty years. Their marriage in 1578 is thus recorded:

"Mychell Gargrave and Isabell Roodhouse were maryed the xxviij of September."

1610. Anne the dowghter of Thomas Gargrave and Ursalie her mother was Bap: the thyrd day of Marche.

1612. Rosamunde the dowghter of Mr. Richard Salterstall was Bap: the xvi day of Aprill.

1612. Elizabeth the dowghter of Anthonie Gargrave was Bap: the xv daye december.

1612. Nan Beldame did chaunge her lyfe the vij day of november. 1612. Ralfe Cariare and Sybble Gargrave were maryed the xxi dayo of June.

1614. Mr. John Leprevicke Clerke did chaunge his lyfe ye xth day of december.

1616. John the sonne of Tho: Gargrave was Bap: the xxj daie of April.

1616. William Walker and Elyzabeth Gargrave were maryed the xxviijth daye of Julii.

1617. Robert the sonne of Rychard Saltonstall Esquire was Bap: the iij day of Julii.

In 1617 Mr. John Atkinson, who had a laudable habit of signing his name, which other early incumbents of Wragby lacked, signs himself adjoining the registry of burials thus "Johanne Atkinsono clerico."

1619. Gulielmus Ireland de Nostell Esquier Armiger sepultus erat in Ecclesia par Wragbiana primo die Martii postquam Londini ultimum spiritum exhalasset."

The names of godparents are not usually given, but in the following and some few other instances they are recorded. It will be observed that the Richard Saltonstall, Esquire, of 1617 is now, 1619, Sir Richard.

1619. Rosamundi (sic) filia Johannis Atkinson et Edithæ uxoris ejus baptizabatur tertio die Octobris cujus compater erat Thomas Beckwith Commatres autem Rosamundi Heaton Annaque Ffosterd.

1619. Henricus filius Ricardi Saltonstall militis et Gratiæ uxoris ejus Baptizabatur nono die Novembris cujus compatres erant Henricus Smith et Samuell Saltonstall milites, Commater autem erat Catherina Wainworth.

Who was this Samuel Saltonstall, miles? Not Sir Richard's father, for he died in 1612. Was he a son of the Lord Mayor?

1621. Christopherus filius Johannis Atkinsone et Edithæ uxoris ejus baptizab. decimo septimo die Maii cujus compatres erant

Christopherus Hutchinson vicarius de Felkirk et Thomas
Oxley Commater autem Da Nellson de Crofton.

The child died on June 21st of the same year.

3 For a pedigree of the Irelands, see Hunter's South Yorkshire.

1621. Henricus filius Richardi Thompson nuper defuncti in Settele in Parochia de Giglehwicke et Helenæ uxoris ejus in itinere in parochia parturientis baptizab: trigesimo die Julii.

1621. Gratia filia Richardi Saltonstall, militis et Gratiæ uxoris ejus bapt. 26 ffebe.

1622. Anna uxor Domi ffrancisci Ireland militis vitam hanc caducam in immortali mutavit quarto die Augusti.

1624. Johannes filius Domini Richardi Saltonstall militis et Gratia uxoris ejus baptizab: vicessimo octavo die Novembris.

1625. Maria filia Richardi Croft Baptizab. Maii primo 1625.

Thomas Parkinson de Ackworth et Janna Clarkeson de
Ryhil nuptias inibant eodem die viz maii primo anno 1625
Caroli regis Anno primo patre suo defuncto.

1625. Obitus sanctissimæ domina Gratiæ Saltonstall uxoris dmi Richardi Saltonstall militis vicessimo septimo die Junii.

This lady is elsewhere in the registers styled "piissima."

The Register for 1626 begins thus :

Anno dmi 1626 anno regni domi reg(is) Caroli primo Johanne Atkinsono curato.

1626. Elizabetha filia domi ffrancisci Ireland militis nata et baptizata erat tertio die Martii.

1630. The last entry in the book is Franciscus filius Roberti Owrom Baptiz: 10 Martii.

NOTE. Dr. Sykes suggests that the confused entry recorded on p. 313 of Vol. XII. of the Journal means that Blacke, a servant of Thomas Gargrave, was the putative father of Isabel Brathet's child.


(Charter Roll, 18 Edw: j. No 50). Ex Rotulo de Auno 18°

For Elias de

Edw: jin No 50.

The King to the Archbishops, etc., greeting. Know that we have granted and by this our charter have confirmed to Elias de Midhope that he and his heirs for ever may have one market every week on Tuesday at his manor of Peningsale1 in the county of York, and one fair at the same place every year for three days, namely, on the eve, the day and the morrow of Saint Barnabas Apostle, unless that market and fair are to the injury of neighbouring markets and fairs. We have granted also to the same Elias that he and his heirs for ever may have free warren in all his demesne lands of the aforesaid manor and Midhope, Langside, Udene, Hordene, Waldershelfe, Mickledene and Barmeside in the county aforesaid, while those lands are not within the boundaries of our forest, so that no one may enter those lands to chase in them or to catch anything which pertains to warren without license and will of the same Elias or his heirs, on pain of our forfeit of ten pounds. Wherefore we wish and firmly command for ourselves and our heirs that the aforesaid Elias and his heirs for ever have the aforesaid market and fair at his manor of Peningsale with all liberties and free customs pertaining to such market and fair, unless, etc. And that the same Elias and his heirs for ever may have free warren in all his demesne lands aforesaid, as long as, etc. so that, etc. as is aforesaid, these being witnesses-the venerable fathers G. Wigorn, R. Bathon and Wellen, A. Dunelm, Th. Meneven,2 bishops, Edmund our brother, William de Valence our uncle, Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Hereford, Henry de Lacy Earl of Lincoln, Humfrey de Bohun Earl of Hereford and Essex, Roger de Bigod Earl of Norfolk Marshall of England, Henry de Grandisono, Peter de Champount, Richard de Bosco and others.

Given by our hand on the eighth day of June (1290).

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Sheffeild granted 24 Edw: j. (1295).

Doncaster granted 1 John (1199).

Bradford granted 22 Edw: j. (1293), part 1. No. [23].

Bawtrey 22 Edw: j. (1293), No. 39.

Rotherham 9 Edw: ij. (1315), No. 38.

Wakefield 19 Edw: ij. (1325).

Barnesley not granted till after Edward the 4th's time.

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Lett Geo: Bramhalle and other the partics concerned in the holding a markett at Peninston in the west ridding of the County of Yorke or theire agent attend me at my Chambers on Friday the 30th of this instant June at six a clock in the evening to shew cause why an informacon in nature of a Quo Warranto should not be exhibitted against them for holding the said markett. It appeareing by affidavits that till very lately noe markett was held there in the memory of man.

Inner Temple,

10th June, 1698.

Tho: Trevor.

Overleaf in another hand-Godfrey Boswell of Gunthwaite in the County of Yorke Esqre. Lord of the Mannor of Peninston to keep a faire in the Towne of Peninston.

The faire of Barnesley is on Wednesday 7 miles distant from Penin


Endorsed-Peniston Markett.

Elias de Midhope Grant.

18 Edw: j. ao. 1290.

From the Calendar of Charter Rolls.

Public Record Office.

Doncaster fair granted to Robert de Thurnham.

1 John (1199), part 2, No. 5. Bredford market and fair granted to Henry de Lacy Earl of Lincoln. 22 Edw: j. (1293), No. 23. Baltrey-change of market of the manor. Robert de Veteri Ponte and Idonia de Leyborne one of the heirs of the aforesaid Robert.

22 Edw: j. (1293), No. 39. Sheffield--market, fair and free warren granted to Thomas de Furni24 Edw: j. (1295), No. 3.


Roderham-market and fair granted to the Abbot of Rufford.

9 Edw: ij. (1315), No. 38.

Wakefied-fair granted to John de Warenna Earl of Surrey.

5 Edw: iij. (1331), No. 21.

1344 Know all men that Richard Crok of Bernesley and Agnes his wife have granted and demised to William de Boseville clerk, his heirs and assignes, all lands and all tenements, rents and services with meadows and with all other their appurtenances which the said Richard and Agues his wife have in the town of Bernesley. To have and to hold all the abovesaid lands and tenements rents and services with meadows and with all their appurtenances in the town abovesaid to the afore-mentioned William, his heirs and assignes, during term of life of the said Agnes. And the aforesaid Richard and Agnes his wife will warrant all the aforesaid lands and tenements, rents and services with meadows and with all their appurtenances in the aforesaid town, to the aforesaid William, his heirs and assignes, against all men during the life

Not entered, 19 Edw. ij.

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