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who was executed vpon Tower Hill, on the 20. day of Nouember. 1615. Together with a Meditation and Vow of his that hee made not long before hee dyed. Mors mihi Lucrum. Printed by G. Eld for Na: Butter, and are to be sold at his shop neere Saint Austenes gate. 4o, A --D 3 in fours.

Bibliotheca Eliotae.

Eliotes Dictionarie the second tyme enriched, and more perfectly corrected, by Thomas Cooper, schole maister of Maudlens in Oxforde. This last edition, beside the addition and correction of verie manie thynges, hath the propre names of most herbes that be agreed of among phisicians the correction of weightes, measures, and coynes, with the applyinge of the same to our tyme. Londini in Aedibvs T. Bertheleti. Cum priuilegio. [Cpl.] Thys endeth this Dictionarie printed at London in the house of Thomas Berthelet, Anno Domini. M.D.LII. The .x. daie of December. Cum priuilegio. Folio. A, 8 leaves, with title, &c.: A (repeated)-4 E in sixes, last leaf blank. Dedicated to Dr. Haddon, President of Magdalen, by Cooper. Printed in two columns.

Bibliotheca Eliotæ. Eliotes Dictionarie, by Thomas Cooper the third tyme corrected, and with a great number of phrases enriched . . . Londini in Ædibus nuper Tho. Bertheleti. Anno Domini. 1559. Cum priuilegio. Folio. Title, &c., 9 leaves: A (repeated)-4 F in sixes, 4 F 6 blank.

The Castel of Helthe. Gathered, and made by syr Thomas Elyot knight, one of the chief authors of Phisyke, whereby euery man may knowe the state of his owne body, the preseruation of helthe, and how to instruct well his phisition in sicknes, that he be not deceyued. M.D.XXXIX. [Col]Londini in ædibus Thomæ Bertheleti typis impress. . . Anno M.D.XXXIX. 4o, A-X in fours: Y, 6 leaves. Dedicated to Thomas, Lord Cromwell. Lambeth.

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present yeare, 1610. London, Printed for the Company of Stationers, 1610. 4o, black letter. T, 4 leaves: A-S in fours.

Pasqvill the Playne. Anno. M.D.XL. [Col] Londini in ædibus Thomæ Bertheleti typis impress. Cum privilegio ad imprimendum solum. Anno. M.D.XL. 8°, A-C 6 in eights, C 6 occupied on the verso by a large woodcut device with the motto Face avt Tace.

In prose. It is an interlocution between Pasquillus, Gnatho, and Harpocrates. The Banket of Sapience, Christi. 1564. [Col.] Londini Excudebat Henricus Wykes


Anno. M.D.LXIIII. 8°, A-G in eights, G 8 blank. Lambeth.

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[A Chronicle of England to A.D. 1447. No place, printer's name, or date, W. de Machlinia, circú 1480] Folio. Prologue, 6 leaves (?): A-Z in eights: z, 8 leaves: aa- in eights. Br. Museum (Grenville).

This copy is not perfect; it wants the end of the Table, aa 8, and the conclusion. [The Chronicles of England. Colophon:] Thus endeth this present booke of the cronicles of englond / enprinted by me william Caxton In thabbey of westmynster by london Fynysshid and accomplishid the x. day of Juyn the yere of thincarnacion of our lord god M.CCCC. LXXX. And in the xx. yere of the regne of Kyng Edward the fourth. Folio, 182 leaves, including two blanks. Publ. Lib. Cambridge, Lambeth, and Duke of Devonshire.


[The Chronicles of England. Edition. Colophon:] Thus endeth this present book of the Cronycles of England 7 Enprynted by me William Caxton In thabbey of westmestre by london / Fynysshed and accomplysshyd the /_viij / day of Octobre / The yere of the Incarnacyon of our lord God / M / CCCC / lxxxij And in the xxij yere of the regne of Kyng Edward the fourth. Folio, 182 leaves, including two blanks. Br. Museum, &c. (all imperfect).

All the copies known appear to be more or less defective.

The cronycle of Englonde. [There is no regular title. The colophon:] Here endyth this present cronycle of Englonde wyth the frute of tymes: compiled in a booke & also enprented by one somtyme scole mayster of saynt Albons, on whoos soule god haue mercy / And newly in the yer of our lord god. M.CCCC. lxxxxvij. enpryntid at Westmestre by Wynkyn de Worde. [A new title :] The descrypcyon of Englonde. Here foloweth



a lytell treatyse the whiche treateth of the descrypcyon of this londe whiche of olde tyme was named Albyon And after Brytayne And now is called Englonde and spiketh of the noblenesse and worthynesse of the same. [A second colophon :] Fynysshed and enprynted at Westmestre by me Wynken de worde / the yere of our lorde A.M.CCCC. and foure score and xviij. Folio. Printed in two columns. Table, 6 leaves: Prologue, with commencement of text, a-z in sixes: 9, 6 leaves: A-H in sixes, I in fours, with the familiar large mark on I 4 verso: the Description of Britain, A-D in sixes. Grenv. Coll.

The leaf which was in facsimile in this copy has since been supplied from another imperfect one.

Hic incipit fructus tempor9, [This occurs on the first column of the leaf marked a ij, there being no regular title. Col.] Fynysshed & enprynted in flete strete in the syne of the sonne by me wynkyn de worde / the yere of our lorde a.M.CCCCC. and ij. mensis Mayus. Folio, black letter, printed in two columns. Collation a leaf making Aai (wanting in this copy), and probably blank or with a page-cut Table, 5 leaves: a-z in sixes: 2, 6 leaves: aa-pp in sixes: cc, 7 leaves, with a colophon on the 2nd column of c 7 recto, c 7 verso occupied by the device: the Description of Britain, A-D 3 in sixes. Grenv. Coll.

Hic incipit Fructus tempor9 [This occurs as a headline on the 2nd column of a i verso immediately after the close of the Prologue. Col. :] Fynysshed and enprynted at Temple barre be me Julyan Notary Dwellynge in Saynt Clement9 parysse/the yere of oure lorde a.M.CCCCC. and iiij. mensis Augusti. Folio, black letter, printed in two columns. Collation: Table, 4 leaves marked A, A recto occupied by a woodcut composed of pieces a-x in sixes: y, 4 leaves: the Description of Britain, with a new title, A-C 5 in sixes. With cuts. Grenv. Coll. Hic incipit Fructus tempor9 [This occurs, as in Notary's impression of 1504, on a i verso, col. 2. The colophon is:] Enprynted at Londo in powlys chyrche yarde at the west dore of powlys besyde my lorde of londons palays by me Julyan Notary. In the yere of our lorde god. M.CCCCC.XV. Folio, black letter, printed in two columns. Collation:, 4 leaves, occupied with woodcuts on the first and last pages, the rest with the Table: a-z in sixes, 4 leaves. Grenv. Coll.


Neither the Grenville copy nor that in the General Library at the Museum has the Description of Britain, which is equally absent in a third at present in Mr. Quaritch's possession. But Herbert (edit. of Ames, pp. 306-7) appears to have seen one which possessed it.

The cuts in this edition vary from those in that of 1504. Their insertion was probably quite accidental, and, as in the case of the Holinshed of 1577, they have no special fitness.

Certayne Causes gathered together. [? 1549.]

The evils represented in this tract were just those which are depicted in the Early English Text Society's Extra Series volume, No. xii. 1871. The earliest dated publication of Hugh Singleton, the printer of the Certain Causes, appears to be 1548.

A trewe mirrovr or Glase wherin we maye beholde the wofull state of thys our Realme of Englande, set forth in a Dialogue or Comunication betwene Eusebius and Theophilus.

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C 3-4 are occupied by the Lord's Prayer in stanzas; the rest is prose. Historia delle Cose Occorse nel Regno D'Inghilterra, in materia del Duca di Notomberlan dopo la morte di Odoardo VI. Nell 'Academia Venetiana, M.D.LVIII. 8°, italic letter. A, 4 leaves, A 4 blank: B-I 4 in eights.

Dedicated by Luca Cantile to Margaret of Austria. On the title is the engraving of Fame.

Repente, O ye Englande! A ballad. Licensed to Thomas Hacket in 1560-1.

The Armes of Englonde. Licensed to Giles Godet in 1562-3.

A Warnyng to all Englonde by Casualtes of fyre for all howsholders to take warnynge there at. Licensed to W. Pickering in 1567.

A Warnynge or punysshement that Englande should Repente. A ballad. Licensed to W. Edmondes in 1570.

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A, 4 leaves: B-V in eights, besides 32 leaves with title and Preface before A. A 4 is a blank.

Alarme to England. A ballad. Licensed to Abraham Newman, 17 Sept. 1578.

London is inserted in the margin, perhaps as a substitute for England. Anticosmopolita, or Britanniæ Apologia. Licensed to Richard Day, 30 June, 1579. A godlie exhortacon vnto Englande to repent him of the evill and sinfull waies /shewinge thexample and distruccon of Jerlm and Andwarp. A ballad. Licensed to Thomas Man, 15 Nov. 1578.

An admonycon to England whereby to repent,

Wishinge from wickednes all heartes to Relent.

A ballad. Licensed to John Allde, 22 Nov. 1579.

A pretie schole of spellinge and writinge Englishe. Licensed to Thomas Butter, 20 July, 1580.

An exhortacon to England to the tune of Ahlas and well adaie. A ballad. Licensed to E. White, 21 Nov. 1580.

A ballad intituled Awake all faythfull English hartes. Licensed to Thomas Purfoot, 8 Aug. 1586.

The Commons crye of England against the queenes maiesties Enemyes. A ballad. Licensed to Robert Robinson, 21 Nov. 1586.

The sorowfull sobbes and sighes of England, &c. A ballad. Licensed to H. Carre, 8 March, 1586-7.

The genealogie of the kinges of England. from William the Conquerour in A table with pictures. Licensed to John Wolf, 4 Dec. 1587.

The Copie of a Letter sent ovt of England to Don Bernardin Mendoza Ambassadovr in France for the King of Spaine, declaring the state of England, contrary to the opinions of Don Bernardin, and of all his partizans Spaniardes and others. This Letter, although it was sent to Bernardin Mendoza, yet, by good hap, the Copies therof aswell in English as in French, were found in the chamber of one Richard Leigh, a Seminarie Priest, who was lately executed for high treason committed in the time that the Spanish Armada was on the seas. Whereunto are adioyned certaine late Aduertisements, concerning the loss and distresses happened to the Spanish Nauie, aswell in fight with the English Nauie in the narrow seas of Eng


land, as also by tempests, and contrarie winds vpon the West, and North coasts of Ireland, in their returne from the Northerne Isles beyond Scotland. Imprinted at London by T. Vautrollier for Richard Field. 1588. 4°, black letter, A-H 2 in fours.

In this, doubtless the second impression of the year, the Advertisements out of Ireland commence on sign. F 2 verso. The Copie of a Letter sent ovt of England to an Ambassadovr in France for the King of Spaine, declaring the State of England, contrary to the opinion of Don Bernardin, and of all his partizans, Spaniards and others. Whereunto are adioyned certain Advertisements, concerning the losses and distresses happened to the Spanish Navy, . . . Loǹdon, Printed by George Miller dwelling in Black-Friers. 1601. 4°, A-E in fours. Grenv. Coll.

A Dyttie of encoragement to English men to be bold to fight in Defence of prince and cuntrey. Licensed to H. Kirkham, 29 June, 1588.

A Joyfull sonnet of the Redines of the shires and nobilitie of England to her maiesties service. Licensed to J. Wolf, 3 Aug. 1588.

The Englishe preparacon/

Of the Spaniardes navigacon.

A ballad. Licensed to John Wolf, 18 Aug. 1588.

A propper newe balled briefely shewinge the honorable Cumpanyes of horsmen and footemen whiche dyverse nobles of Englande brought before her maiestie, &c. Licensed to John Wolf (conditionally), 28 Aug. 1588.

This may be identical with "the martiall shewes of horsemen before her maiestie at Sainct James," licensed to Wolf on the 7th of September, 1588, but no sum named. A newe ballad of Englandes Joy and delight,

In the back Rebound of the Spanyardes spyght.

Licensed to R. Jones, 21 Nov. 1588.

An admonition to the people of England. Licensed to Ralph Newbery, 10 Jan. 1588-9.

A brave encouragement for Englishe Chivalrye, &c. A ballad. Licensed to R. Jones, 20 May, 1590.

A privat mans porcon prepared for the health and preparacon of England, &c. Licensed to John Penny, 12 April, 1591. A Declaration of great troubles pretended against the Realme by a number of Semi

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narie Priests and Iesuits, sent, and very secretly dispersed in the same, to worke great Treasons vnder a false pretence of Religion. With a prouision very necessarie for remedie thereof. Published by this her Maiesties Proclamation. Imprinted at London by the Deputies of Christopher Barker,... 1591. 4o, A-B in fours, B 4 blank.

The Royaltie of England. Licensed to John Danter, 20 Feb. 1593-4.

A ballad intituled A Triumphant newe successe which our Englishe men had in Britanye with the yeildinge and takinge of the towne and castell of Morlesse in September 1594.. Licensed to T. Millington, 31 Oct. 1594.

Englands felicitie with an admonicon to repent By examples of others harmes. A ballad. Licensed to John Danter, 23 July, 1592.

Rervm Anglicarvm Scriptores post Bedam Præcipvi, Ex Vetvstissimis Codicibvs Manvscriptis Nvnc primvm in Lvcem Editi.... Londini, Excudebat G. Bishop, R. Nvberie, & R. Barker, Typographi Regij Deputati. Anno ab incarnatione. 1596. Folio, 2 leaves: A-4 S 4 in sixes Tables, 22 leaves.

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Edited by Henry Savile. The writers are, William of Malmesbury, Henry of Huntingdon, Roger Hoveden, Ethelbert, and Ingulph of Croyland.

Englandes hollidays. Licensed to Edward Allde, 18 May, 1603.

Gods warning to the people of England, a ballad. Licensed to Ralph Blower, 23 February, 1606–7.

The Danger wherein the Kingdome now standeth, & the Remedie. Printed, 1628. 4o, A-C in fours.

Englands Reioycing at the Prelats downfal. Or, Gods Goodnesse and mercy to England in delivering them from the cruell tyranny of blood-thirsty Prelats. .. England, Printed in the yeare of the downfall of the Prelats. 1641. 4o, A-B in fours.

Englands Glory in Her Royall King, and Honorable Assembly in the high Court of Parliament, above her former usurped Lordly Bishops Synod. With a discourse betwixt Master John Calvin, and a Prelaticall Bishop, whereunto is added the Bishop of Canterburies Dreame. Printed in the Yeare, 1641. 4o, B-D in fours and the title, D 2–4 blank.

Englands Tears and Lamentation for her lost Friend Peace, And Her Comfort for


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the continuance of Trvth Or Truth and Peace justly pleaded for, and truly Petitioned for London, Printed for William Ley. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. Querees, to find out who it is that holds out in Armes against the State of England. London August [8,] 1646. A sheet. B. M. Englands Petition to their King. Or, An humble Petition of the distressed and almost destroyed Subjects of England, To the Kings most excellent Majestie. Containing (in the judgment of the wise) the very sense of all the true-hearted of the Kingdome but because the way to the Kings eare is stopt, it was sent to London, and there printed, as it is honestly declared to the Reader. Exod. 10. 7. Knowest thou not yet that our Canaan is destroyed? Printed on the day of Jacobs Trouble, and to make way (in hope) for his deliverance out of it. May 5. 1643. 4°, 4 leaves.

The Declaration of the Kingdomes of England and Scotland, Ioyned in Armes for the vindication and defence of their Religion, Liberties, and Lawes, against the Popish, Prelaticall, and Malignant Party. London, Printed for Iohn Wright in the Old-baily. Februar. 1, 1643. 4o, black letter, A-B in fours. The Danger Wherein the Kingdome of England now standeth; And the Remedy for the present safety thereof. With the propositions drawne for the defence of the same, and the annoying of all the wicked Adversaries. Worthy to be read of all them that wish well to the prosperity of all true hearted English-men. Bvt more specially for all Merchants and Sea-men whatsoever. London. Printed for Richard Palmer, 1643 [May 2.] 4°, 6 leaves. B. M. A New (and too true) Description of England Briefly Delineating the Carefull condition of the Court, Cautious Policy of the head City, Callamitous case of the Country, And Cruell passages of the Camps. In A Familier Dialogve, Betwene, Chrystopher A Cavalier, and Barnaby a Caviller. Written by (now I thinke on't) 'tis no matter who. But it affords


More witt then words. London, Printed in the Year 1643. [Feb. 15, 1642.] 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. Englands Disorder, Or,

The Subjects exclamation, Against the Sects of this Nation. The Tune is, Hang sorrow cast away care, Or my father hath made his will. London Printed for Richard Burton, at the Horse

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Shooe in Smithfield, 1646. A ballad in two parts, with three cuts on two leaves. Black letter.

Englands Wolfe with Eagles Clawes: The Cruell Impieties of Bloud-thirsty Royalists, and blasphemous Anti-Parliamentarians, under the command of that inhumane Prince Rupert, Digby, and the rest. Wherein the barbarous Crueltie of our Civill uncivill Warres is briefly discovered. London: Printed by Matthew Simmons, 1647 [Sept. 23, 1646.] A side, with an engraving. B. M.

. . 1647.

Englands Mad Petition to the Right Honourable the, &c. The Humble Petition of above 12. millions of Well-affected (before so ill distracted) people of all sorts, Ages, Sexes, and sises... all desiring the enlargement of Bedlam,... Presented to the Houses on Thursday, August 26. 1647. Printed at London betwixt Bishopsgate-street and More-fields, 4o, 4 leaves. Partly in verse. The Petition of Right of the Free-Holders and Free-Men of the Kingdom of England: Humbly presented to the Lords and Commons (their Representatives and Substitutes) from whom they expect a speedy and satisfactory Answer, as their undoubted Liberty and Birth - right. Printed in the Year, 1648. 4°, A—Č in fours.

The Kingdomes Briefe Answer, to the late Declaration of the House of Com

mons, Feb. 11, 1647. Touching the

Reasons of their no farther Addresses to

the King. London, Printed in the year of our Lord, 1648. 4°, A-C in fours. A Sad Message from Heaven Threatening Destruction to England: Except Speedily prevented by reall Repentance and amendment of Life. [Quot. from Scripture.] London, Printed for Tho. Vere, . . . 1648. [Aug. 15.] 8°, black letter, 8 leaves. B. M. Englands Monument of Mercies in Her Miracvlovs Preservations from Manifold Plots, Conspiracies, Contrivances and attempts, of forraigne and home bred treacherous Enemies.. Printed for S. W. and J. P. . . . 1646. A large sheet with the centre occupied by engravings. B.M. A Venice Looking-Glasse: Or, A Letter written very lately from London to Rome, by a Venetian Clarissimo to Cardinal Barberino, Protector of the English Nation, touching these present distempers. Wherein, as in a true Mirrour, England may behold her owne spots, wherein she may see, and fore-see, her Follies pass'd, her present Danger, and future Destruc

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