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B-Hhhhhh, 2 leaves each. With a DUNTON, JOHN. portrait of Charles I.

The Antient Usage In Bearing of such Ensigns of Honour As are commonly call'd Arms. With a Catalogue of the present Nobility of England. By Sir William Dugdale Knt. Garter Principal King of Arms. To which is added, A Catalogue of the present Nobility of Scotland and Ireland, &c. Oxford: Printed at the Theater, for Rich. Davis Bookseller in Oxford 1682. 8°. Title, dedication to Robert, Earl of Aylesbury, Deputy Earl Marshall, and Addenda, 3 leaves: B-P 4 in eights, and between pp. 78-9, a folded List of the Knights of the Garter. DULCINA.

Dulcina. To the tune of Forgoe me nowe: come to me sone. Licensed to John White and Thomas Langley, 22 May, 1615.


Defense de la Foy Catholiqve contenve
av Livre de Trespvissant & Serenissime
Roy Iaqves I. Roy de la grand' Bretagne
& d'Irlande. Contre la Response de F.
N. Coeffeteav Doctevr en Theologie, &
Vicaire general des Freres Prescheurs.
Par Pierre Dv Movlin Ministre de la
parole de Dieu en l'Eglise de Paris.
M.DC.X. 8°. *, 4 leaves: a-ss 4 in
eights. Dedicated to James I.

Rerum nuper in Regno Scotia Gestarum
Historia, Seu verius Commentarius. . . .
Per Irenævm Philalethen, Eleutherium.
Dantisci,... 1641. 8°. *, 4 leaves:
A-Oo in eights.

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A Trve Iovrnall of the Sally Fleet, with
the Proceedings of the Voyage.
lished by Iohn Dvnton, London Mariner,
Master of the Admirall call'd the Leopard.
Whereunto is annexed a List of Sally
Captives names, and the places where
they dwell, and a Description of the
three Townes in a Card. London, Printed
by Iohn Dawson for Thomas Nicholes
1637. 4o, A-F in fours, besides
the large folded map. Dedicated to Lord

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DUNTON, JOHN, Publisher.

The Young Students Library, Containing Extracts and Abridgments of the Most Valuable Books Printed in England, and in the Forreign Journals. From the Year sixty five to this Time. To which is added, A New Essay upon all sorts of Learning; wherein the Use of the Sciences is Distinctly treated on. By the Athenian Society. Also, A Large Alphabetical Table, Comprehending the Contents of this Volume. And of all the Athenian Mercuries and Supplements, &c. Printed in the Year 1691. London, Printed for John Dunton, at the Raven in the Poultry. Where is to be had the Intire Sett of Athenian Gazettes

1692. Folio. Frontispiece, 1 leaf: title and following leaf, 2 leaves: a, 1 leaf: [a]-[d], 2 leaves each: e, 1 leaf: A-U, 2 leaves each: Aa-Uu, 2 leaves each Aaa--Uuu, 2 leaves each: a new title (De Punctorum Origine, &c.), 1 leaf : Aaaa-Uuuu, 2 leaves each: AaaaaVvvvv, 2 leaves each : 6 A-6 U, 2 leaves each : 7 A—7 D, 2 leaves each. Printed in two columns.

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The Post-Boy Robb'd of his Mail
Both Volumes in One. The Second Edi-
tion. London : ... 1706. 8°.
dinal and Duke of Richelieu.`
Emblema Animæ. Or Morrall Discourses
reflecting upon Humanitie. Written by
John du Plessis now Cardinall of Rich-
lieu. Translated by I. M[axwell.] Lon-
don Printed by Nic: and Joh: Okes.
1633. 12o. A, 5 leaves, title (engraved
by W. Marshall) on A 2: B-N 6 in

The Art of Pleasing in Conversation.
Written by the Famous Abbott Richlieu.
Translated out of French. London,
Printed for R. Bentley .. 1691. 12o.
A, 6 leaves, including a frontispiece :
B-Q in twelves.


DURANT, JOHN, Student in Physic and Astrology.

Art and Nature Joyn Hand in Hand. Or, The Poor Mans daily Companion... Wherein is shew'd for Two Pence charge, how you may cure any Distempers incident to Humane Body's: . . . London, Printed for Sam. Clark, . . . 1697. 8o, A-B in eights.


A Most Lamentable Information of Part of the Grievances of Mugleswick Lordship in the Bishoprick of Durham, sent up by Master George Lilburne, Major of Sunderland to be communicated to the House of Commons. [1641?] A sheet. The Narrative of Mr. John Smith of Walworth, in the County - Palatine of Durham, Gent. Containing a further Discovery of the late Horrid and [sic] PopishPlot. London, Printed, and are to be sold by Robert Boulter,... 1679. Folio, A-L, 2 leaves each.


Albert Durer Revived: Or, A Book of Drawing, Limning, Washing, Or Colouring of Maps and Prints: . . . London: Printed by F. Collins, for John Garrett, ... 1698. Folio. With a portrait of Durer on the back of the half-title. With engravings as in the ed. of 1652.

The copy here used ended on p. 19 imperfectly.

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Albert Durer revived: Printed for Thomas Glass, . Folio. With a portrait of Rubens as a frontispiece on back of half-title and other other engravings not in the edits. of 1652 and 1698.

This copy is imperfect. D'URFEY, THOMAS.

The Virtuous Wife; Or, Good Luck at last. A Comedy. As it is Acted at the Dukes Theater, By His Royal Highness His Servants. Written by Thomas D'Vrfey, Gent. In the Savoy: Printed by T. N. for R. Bentley, and M. Magnes. 1680. 4o, A-K 2 in fours, first leaf blank.

The Progress of Honesty: Or, A View of a Court and City. A Pindarique Poem, By T. D. The second Edition. London: 1681. 4°, A-D in fours, and the

The Malecontent; A Satyr: Being the
Sequel of the Progress of Honesty, Or a
View of Court and City. [By T. Durfey.]
London, Printed for Joseph Hindmarsh,


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A Third Collection of New Songs, Never Printed before. The Words by Mr. D'Urfey, Set to Music by the best Masters in that Science. . . . With Thorow. Basses for the Theorbo, and Bass-Viol. London, Printed by J. P. for_Joseph Hindmarsh, . . . 1685. Folio, B—G, 2 leaves each, a leaf of H, and the title. New Songs in the Third Part of the Comical History of Don Quixote. Written by Mr. D'Vrfey. And Sung at the Theatre Royal. With other New Songs by Mr. D'Vrfey.... Engrav'd on Copper-Plates. London, Printed for Samuel Briscoe, . 1696. Folio, 18 leaves.


The Life and Death of that Judicious and Accomplish'd Preacher, Robert Harris, D.D. Late Fellow of Trinity Colledge in Oxon. Collected by a joynt concurrence of some, who knew him well in his strength, visited him often in his sickness, attended him at his death, and still honour his Memory. By W. D. his London, 1662. 8°.

dear Friend and Kinsman. Printed for H. Brome Title and Errata, 2 leaves: B-I 4 in eights. Grenv. Coll. DURINE OF GREECE.

The first part of the historie of Durine of Grece Translated out of Frenche by H. W. Licensed to Thomas Purfoot, 8 Dec. 1598.

Arber's Transcript, iii. 44. DURY, JOHN.

A Briefe Relation of that which hath been lately attempted to procure Ecclesiastical Peace amongst Protestants. Published, by Samuel Hartlib. London, Printed by I. R. for Andrew Crooke....

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A Summary Discourse concerning the work of Peace Ecclesiasticall, How it may concurre with the aim of a cívill confederation amongst Protestants. Presented to the consideration of my Lord Ambassadour S Thomas Row, &c. At Hamburg, in the yeare MDCXXXIX. By Mr. John Dury.... Cambridge: Printed by Roger Daniel, Anno Dom. 1641. 4o, A-G in fours, first leaf blank, and a leaf of H.

A Seasonable Discourse Written by Mr. Iohn Dury upon the earnest requests of many, Published, By Samuel Hartlib. London, Printed for R. Woodnothe 1649. 4°, A-D in fours.


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A Discourse of Marriage, written to the Lord Harrington. Licensed to Robert Milbourn, 7 November, 1618. DYVE, SIR LEWIS.

A Letter from S: Lewis Dyve to the Lord Marquis of New-Castle giveing his Lordship an account of the whole conduct of the Kings affaires in Irland, since the time of the Lord Marquis of Ormond, His Excellencies arrival there out of France in Septem. 1648. Until S: Lewis his departure out of that Kingdome, In June 1650. Together with the annexed Coppies of sundry Letters. . . . Hagve, Printed by Samuel Broun 1650. 4o, A-G in fours, and *-3* in fours.


E. G.


A Moste profitable and pleazante Poeme, worthye to bee red and respected; drawene from the pure fountaine of flowing streame to euerlasting salu[a]con Compiled by G: E: [on the third leaf, the second being blank:] Adams Calamitie, & misery: cured by Christs humanytie & Mercy : Disce mori mundo: Viuere disce deo. [Circa 1600.] 4°, 21 leaves. Egerton MS. Br. M. 2477.

EARLE, JOHN, Bishop of Salisbury. Micro-cosmographie. Or, A Peece of the World Discovered. In Essayes and Characters. Newly composed for the Northerne parts of this Kingdome. At London. Printed by W. S. for Ed: Blount. 1628. 12°. A, 6 leaves: B-K 5 in twelves. With a preface subscribed by the publisher Blount. Br. Museum (Bliss's copy) and Bodleian.

Micro-cosmographie. . . The fift Edition much enlarged. London. Printed for Robert Allot, . . 1629. 12. A, 6 leaves: B-N in twelves.

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England. Licensed to H. Kyrkham, 3
May, 1580.

A praier gathered vpon thoccasion of
thearthquake. Licensed to H. Denham,
6 May, 1580.

An admonycon concerninge thearthquake.
Licensed to H. Bynneman, 27 June, 1580.
A thinge of thearthquake. Licensed to
H. Denham, 27 June, 1580.


To the High and Honorable Parliament of England now assembled at Westminster, The Humble Petitions, Serious Suggestions, and dutifull Expostulations of some moderate and loyall Gentlemen, Yeomen, and Freeholders of the Easterne Association. These Petitions, &c. had been formally presented to the Parliament, but for the reasons rendred at the latter end. London, Printed for Ralph Smith . . 1648. 4o, A-E 2 in fours.



A true Relaçon of all the strange and admirable Accidents which lately hapned in the kingdome of the great Magor or Magull, who is the greatest Monarch of the East Indies. Licensed to Nicholas

Bourne and Thomas Archer, 27 May, 1622.

Two Letters Concerning the East India Company. Printed in the Year 1676. 4o, 8 leaves.

A Treatise wherein is demonstrated I. That the East-India Trade is the most National of all Foreign Trades. II. That the Clamors, Aspersions, and Objections made against the present East-India Company, are Sinister, Selfish, or Groundless. III. That since the Discovery of the EastIndies, the Dominion of the Sea depends much more upon the Wane or Increase of that Trade, and consequently the Security of the Liberty, Property, and Protestant Religion of this Kingdom. IV. That the Trade of the East-Indies cannot be carried out to National advantage, in any other way than by a General Joynt-Stock. V. That the East-India Trade is more profitable and necessary to the Kingdom of England than to any other Kingdom or Nation in Europe. London, Printed by J. R. for the Honourable the East-India Company, 1681. 4°, A-F, in fours, F 4 blank: A-B in fours, B 4 blank. Four and twenty Queries relating to the East-India Trade. Part II. Printed, and are to be Sold by A. BaldLondon : win in Warwick-Lane, 1699. A sheet, in prose. Ouvry Cat., No. 127.



The Weavers and Clothiers' Complaint
against the East-India-Trade. Part I.
London Printed, and are to be sold by
A. Baldwin in Warwick-Lane. 1699. Å
sheet, in verse. Ouvry Cat., No. 125.
A Discourse concerning the East-India
Trade .. Shewing how it is Vnprofit-
able to the Kingdom of England.
London: Printed for R. Baldwin ..
1699. 4o, A-B in fours.

Abstracted from John Cary's Essay, 1695,
ECHLIN, DAVID, M.D., Physician to
with some additional particulars.
Queen Anne of Denmark.

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Ova Paschalia Dauidis Echlini. Ad Avdi-
tores Svos Classicos, in Collegio Plessæo.
Parisiis, E Typographia Steph. Preuos-
teau, 1602. 40, A-C in fours. In
With verses on the last page by
James Melville and Leonard Maillard.
The copy, from which I describe this
tract, belonged to the author, and has his
autograph corrections.

In Felicissima Inavgvratione Beatissimi
Papa Pavli Qvinti Gratulatio Joannis
Colvilli Scoti. Parisiis, Apud Dionysium
Binet... 1605. 8°, 4 leaves. In verse.
Britwell (Heber's copy).

In Obitv Beatiss. Papæ Clementis octaui
lacrymæ Joannis Coluilli Scoti.
dem In felicissima assumptione Beatiss.
Papae Leonis Vndecimi gaudia. Parisiis.
Ex Typographia Steph. Preuosteau


4°, A-C in fours, C 4 blank.

The author, in his own copy, has erased the name of Colvill, and substituted his


Perivrivm Officiosvm: Ad Vere Nobilem, et Generosum, optiméq; de me meritum virum, Robertvm Aytonvm Equitem, Annæ fæliciss. mem. tarium. Homo homini Deus. Londini, Regina SecreApud Georgium Miller. EDLYN, RICHARD, Student in the MatheA-B in fours, B 4 blank. B. M. M.DC. XXVI. 4o,

matical and Physical Sciences. Observationes Astrologica Or An Astrologicall Discourse of the Effects of the Notable Conjunction of Saturn and Mars that happened October 11 1658. and other configurations Concomitant. From whence is Rationally predicted the Quality and Time of those principal Transactions that are probably to Ensue in England and severall other parts of Europe (almost) untill the year 1661. . . . London. Printed by T. W. and are to be sold by Richard Blome. [1658.] 8o, in eights, and a, 8 leaves. Dedicated A-H to Henry, Marquis of Dorchester. With

[blocks in formation]

verses by John Deacon and John Gad- EDWARD VI., King of England. bury.

The Preface is dated from New Buildings in Sugar Loaf Court in the lower end of Tenter Alley in Little Moorfields.


Observations, Vpon the Five First Bookes of Cæsars Commentaries, setting forth the Practise of the Art Military, in the time of the Roman Empire. Wherein are handled all the chiefest points of their discipline, By Clement Edmvnds. At London, Printed by Peter Short . . . 1600. Folio. *, 2 leaves: A-Bb in fours. With plates at pp. 28, 58, 80, 86, 188, and 196. Dedicated to Sir Francis Vere.

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Obseruations vpon Cæsars Commentaries setting forth the Practise of ye Art militarie in the tyme of the Romaine Empire for the better direction of our moderne Warrs. By Clement Edmonds Remembrancer of the Citie of London. Printed

at London for Mathew Lownes 1604. Folio. T, 4 leaves, including a portrait of Cæsar b-t 2 in fours, t 2 blank. Dedicated to Prince Henry. The title is engraved.

Observations vpon Cæsars Comentaries. By Clement Edmvndes, Remembrancer of the cittie of London. 1609. London Print. for Math. Lownes. Folio. A, 3 leaves, besides the frontispiece : B-C in fours: D-V 5 in sixes Portrait and to the Reader, 2 leaves: A-Bb in fours: Sixth Booke, b-r in fours, r 4 blank: The Maner of our Moderne Training, 8-t 1 in fours. With plates and verses by Camden, Sylvester, Daniel, and Ben



Of Education. Especially of Young Gentlemen. In Two Parts. The Second Impression with additions. Oxon. At the Theater Ann. 1673. 12o. a, 6 leaves: A-N 6 in twelves.

EDWARD IV., King of England.

The Story of Kynge Henry [Edward] the IIIJth and the Tanner of Tamworth. Licensed to W. Griffith in 1564.

A Merry, Pleasant, and Delectable History, Between K. Edward the Fourth, And a Tanner of Tamworth, As he rode upon a time with his Nobles on Hunting toward Drayton-Basset: very Pleasant and Merry to Read. Printed for F. Coles, in Vine-street, neer Hatten Garden. Small 8o, A in eights. Black letter. With cuts.

A Proclamation set furth by the kynges maiestie, wyth the assent and consent of hys moost dere uncle Edward duke of Somerset... concernyng the inhibicion of all preachers, as well such as hath ben licenced, as also all other, the .xxiii. day of Septembre in the second yere of his Maiesties moste gracious reigne. God saue the Kyng. Excusum Londini, in ædibus Richardi Graftoni Regij Impressoris. Cum priuilegio. A broadside in black letter.

Puttick's, May 15, 1877, No. 669.

All suche Proclamations, as haue been sette forthe by the kynges Maiestie, and passed the Print: from the last daie of Januarij, in the firste yere of his highnes reigne, vnto the last daie of Januarij, beeyng in the .iiii. yere of his saide moste prosperous reigne, that is to saie, by the space of .iiii. whole yeres. Anno. 1550. [Col.] Imprinted at London, by Richard Grafton, Printer to the kynges maiestie. Anno. 1550. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum. 8°, black letter, a-n 6 in eights, n 6 with the colophon.

The pycture of Kynge Eddwarde the VI. Licensed to Giles Godet in 1562-3. EDWARDES, ROBERT.

The Inglish scholemaster sett forth by Robert Edwardes. Licensed conditionally to Edward Allde, 12 Jan. 1590-1. EDWARDS, DOCTOR.

A discourse of all sortes of flowers. Licensed to Richard Harper, 7 November, 1637.


Phelome Kynge of Egipte. A ballad.
Licensed to James Roberts in 1569-70.
The ij Kynges of Egypte. A ballad.
Licensed to James Roberts in 1569-70.
Ripley Reviv'd Or, An Exposition upon
Sir George Ripley's Hermetico-Poetical
Works. Containing the plainest and most
excellent Discoveries of the most hidden
Secrets of the Ancient Philosophers, that
were ever yet Published. Written by
Eirenævs Philalethes an Englishman,
stiling himself Citizen of the World.
London, Printed by Tho. Ratcliff and
Nat. Thompson, for William Cooper..
1678. 8°. 7 leaves: A-Cc 4 in eights,
Cc 4 blank: A-F in eights, with the
Breviary of Alchemy.


The Four-Legg'd Elder, Or, A true Relation of a Dog and an Elder's Maid. To

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