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elegant style. The centre space on the east side has, as bas been already mentioned, a semi-liexagonal apse-a beautiful feature, somewhat continental, as are other features in this church. It was the chapel of the Virgin Mary. Two sides are pierced with two-light windows, the centre occupied by an elegant reredos, the lower part of which has a rectangular compartment enclosed with mouldings, within which there appears to have been once some sculpture or perhaps painting. The upper part is formed by a triple ogee niche with crockets, finials, and trefoil feathering, the centre niche surmounted by a triangular canopy with rich finial and crockets and a pierced trefoil within it, and between the niches rise lofty crocketed pinnacles. These niches are set on a horizontal string course, with moulding enriched with foliage. Under the south-east window is a piscina, the basin moulded and contracting, under a small trefoil niche surmounted by a dripstone on bold head corbels. The groining is very elegant, and springs from clustered shafts with foliated capitals. At the point of the arch opening to this apse is a piece of sculpture representing the Virgin Mary. In the southern part of this same aisle is another niche with piscina. Some of the south transept windows have shafts with foliated capitals. There is a fine pointed arch at the entrance of the chancel beyond the tower arch, which does not include the space formed by the breadth of the transeptal aisle. The chancel is very long, and without aisles. On the south side of the altar are three sedilia with fine crocketed canopies, the firials rising above the string course, also a piscina eastward of the sedilia. On the north side corresponding is the Easter Sepulchre, a great curiosity, of which but few specimens exist, and coëval with the church. It resembles those at Hawton and Heckington. The lower part exhibits bas-relief sculpture, apparently representing the soldiers who watched the Sepulchre, under ogee canopies, over which is an opening perhaps in order to form a credence or prothesis, and the upper part has a bas relief of the Saviour rising from the tomb attended by angels, and crowned by a depressed ogeo arch. It is flanked by buttresses with crocketed pinnacles and very large fimials, and on each side are brackets. There is a priests' door on the north of the chancel and a vestry. The font -o is near

30 Font en raved. “Baptismal Fonts,” Pt. I.


the north-east pier of the tower and an excellent specimen, coëral with the church. It is a decagon in form. The bowl large and set on a low moulded base, raised upon a circular plinth. It is charged with a series of straight-sided arches with crockets and finials, and containing elegant and varied Decorated tracery, the ground enriched with foliage in basrelief. The arches are divided by buttresses with crocketed pinnacles. The whole is unluckily painted.

ALL SAINTS, Roos (E. R.). The church is a neat though not remarkable structure, but having had lately the advantage of a complete and judicious restoration presen (especially the interior) a pleasing and truly ecclesiastical appearance. The plan is a western tower, nave with aisles, and chancel, on the north of which is a vestry, with an apartment over it. A west porch is attached to the tower which is engaged with the west end of the aisles. The tower itself is plain Perpendicular, the walls of the church are of brick and rubble mixed. The nave is divided from each aisle, beyond the

. tower, by three acute arches springing from light circular columns, which must be Early English. The clerestory windows are very obtuse and of Perpendicular character, as are most of the features of the church. There is however one Decorated window on the north of the chancel. The east window is filled with stained glass by Willement, and has a depressed arch. The chancel is large and some new sedilia have been made in it. The room over the vestry is entered by a staircase in an octagonal turret with circular termination. In this room is a window looking into the chancel just over the altar. It was probably the residence of a priest.

The nave has been entirely cleared of pers. The tower opens to the nave and aisles by three pointed arches upon lead corbels. The font a plain octayo: al bowl.

Sr. John, PENISTONE (W. R.). July 27, 1846.- A large plain church of considerable length, and nearly all of Third Pointed character. The material is an excellent hard gray stone. The plan comprises nave and chancel, each with aisles, a western tower and south porch. The tower is rather a fine one of three

a stages, with battlement and four crocketed pinnacles. There are angular buttresses and good gurgoyles. The rest doorway has two orders of moulding filled with heads and pieces of foliage, some round, some square. Over it is a three-light window, the belfry window of two lights with transom. The south aisle and clerestory of the nave are embattled, the latter having crocketed pinnacles. The chancel and its chapels have plain moulded parapets. The porch is plain. The windows of the aisles are of two and three lights, some much mutilated. Those of the clerestory square-headed and late. The chapels of the chancel have externally something of the air of transepts, with gables. The arcades of the nare have something of an earlier character. On each side six pointed arches, rather low, with hoods, and very much like First Pointed. The piers are alternately circular and octagonal. Some of the northern capitals square, but most of them circular. The responds are curtailed shafts. The southern arches differ in their chamfering from the northern. The roof of the nave is panelled, with bosses at the points of intersection. Those of the aisles are low and flat ceilings. The chancel arch has continuous chamfered orders. There is a pointed arch upon octagonal shafts between the south aisle of the nave and that of the chancel. Between the two north aisles the arch has been removed, but the head corbels remain. There is a vestry eastward of the north aisle. The chancel opens to each aisle by one pointed arch on octagonal shafts, but not quite corresponding. The east window of the chancel is of five lights with mullions simply crossing, that at the east of the south aisle similar, of three lights. The north chapel has three light windows with straight arch, and of large size. The chancel has a flat open roof. The font is in the corner of the south aisle, and Third Pointed. The bowl octagonal, with starlike panelling, diminishing towards the base. It seems late. There is a large old organ. The pulpit bestrides the nave.

(To be continued.)



Communicated by JOHN SYKES, M.D.


1570. Mar. 6, Grace, d. of Thomas Saltmarshe. 1583. June 2, Thomas, s. of Edward

Dec. 1, Thomas & Abigail, children of Marmaduke Haddlesaie. 1584. Oct. 11, Anne, d. of Edward Saltmarsh. 1587. June 4, Jane, ye D. of no man #+ it dyed. 1588. Dec. 18, Elez, D. of Mr. Heugh Armyn. 1589. June 29, Henry, s. of Wm Maleveray. 1590. Dec. 2, Elizabeth, D. of 1594. May 26, John, ye S. of Maister Thomas Bate, of essenton (Easing

ton). 1595. Aug. 2, Judithe, y D. of William Maleveraye.

Sep. 20, Thomas, son of Thomas Bate. 1596. Sep. 8, Joyce, dr. of 1599. May 13. Alexander, s. of Thomas Swan, Merchant.

Nov. 15, Blaz, s. of Mr. Thomas Baate, gentleman. 1600. Ap. 6, Thomas, s. of Mr. Robert Fowbery.

Dec. 29, Francis, s. of Mr. Thomas Bate. 1601. Feb. 20, Henry, s. of Robt. Herryson, merchant.

July 8, Robert, s. of Mr. Robert Fowberry, scolem”. 1602. June 9, Mighell, ye S. of Mr. Willm. Mitchell, "ye Mr. of the

1603. Sep. 29. Tobie, s. of Mr. Thomas Bate.
1604, Mar. 7, Elizabeth, d. of
1605. Nov. 10, Clare, d. of Mr. James Beste.
1606. Feb. 7, Marye, d. of Mr. Willyam Maleverer.
1607. Dec. 23, Leonard, s. of Master Thomas Bate, gen.
1608. April 17, Thomas, s. of James Beste.

May 7, Lawrence, s. of Ezechias Prestwood.
Oct. 22, Armitage, d. of Edward Prestwood.

29, William, s. of William Maleveray. 1609. Jan. 27, Cutberd, s. of Lawrence Prestwood.

May 3, Christofer, s. of Mr. Thomas Bates.
Aug. 19, Anne, d. of William Beste, Surgeon.

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23, Marmaduke, s. of Mighell Haddlesey, merchant.

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1612. Barnard, the sone of Robert Smyth, bap: the third day of March

Ano. Dni. 1612, the wch Robert was the brother of Mr. Barnard

Smyth, Alderman of Kingstone, sup: Hull.

Aug. 29, Anne, d. of Widow Maleveray.
1613. Oct. 31, William, s. of Peter Poore, mercer.

Nov. 20, Mary, d. of Mr. Thomas Bate, Gent.
1614. June 8, Robert, son of Robert Herrison, merchant.
1616. Feb. 21, John, s. of Mr. Ric. l'errott, Preacher.
1619. Nov. 28, Christopher, s. of Anthonie Best.
1620. Feb. 28, Dinah, d. of Anthonie Best.
1622. May 27, Thomas, s. of

Nov. 18, Jael, d. of Mr. Joel Gascoyne.
1624. Mar. 24, Barnard, s. of Mr. William Haddlesey.
1626. July 5, Alexander, s. of Mr. Philip Wright, alias Wretham

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1632. Feb. 20, Frances, d. of Richard Best.

Oct. 15, Hugh, 8. of James Best, Junior.
1637. July 19, Leonard, s. of Cuthbert Prestwood.
1638. Jan. 4, Lawrence, s. of
1639. May 13, Munson, s. of Munson Harrison.

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1644. May 14, Nathaniel, s. of Mr. Francis Bointor..
1645. Sep. 29, John, s. of Mr. John Mauleverer.
1646. July 2, Thomas, s. of Thomas Saltmarsh.

Baptisms wanting from 1651 to 1653.
1654. Feb. 5, Cornelia, d. of Mr. Cornelius Prowle, merchant.
1657. May 24, Susanna, d. of Mr. Wm. Charnelhouse.

Dec. 23, Francis, s. of Mr. Martin Frobisher.
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1676. July 16, Bartholomew, s. of William Saltmarsh.
1680. April 28, Abraham & Isaac, sons of Abraham Marshall.
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1694. Ap. 23, Henry, s. of William Dawson, Esq.

June 13, Tabitha, d. of Christopher Sykes.
1696. May 21, George, s. of Wm Crowle.

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