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E. Court book, 1661-1724. At the end are a number of Certificates under the Test Act. Also entries relating to the

oyster fishery.

1661. (Extracts.) "Stephen Morris disfranchised till he pay £5 for contempt in sliteing and undervalueng ye charter.

"None to keep a horse except ye Mayor, Jurats, and Bailiffs, and ye two Butchers, on forfeiture of 35 for every day except they hire two whole leeses or rent £10 per annum.

"The Hoymen and Bakers admitted to keep a horse on the green. "Mr Rich Nicolls fined £5 for abusing the Mayor and undervaluing him in his authority."

II.-Proceedings of the Mayor's Court, 1573-1608 (extracts) :

1573. "At this law day it is ordayned by the Maior, Bayliffs, and Burgesses yt every Baker in the said Towne and liberty shall sell to every victuayler xiij loves to the dossin, and likewise every burges in the town and liberty shall sell xiij loves to the dossin being no vitayler, uppon the payne of every one that offendeth to the contrary iij iiijd."

1575. "We present the butts (for the Archers) for being in decay and will that they be made up this weke."

"We the said Jury will that order be taken in the towne for keepinge clean of the Churchyard, and about the Church."

1582. "It'm we present that we think it is expedient to have a cucking stole made in the Towne for the punishment of scouldes and unquiet."

1584. "Itm the same Jury do present all the Inhabitants of the said towne for Bowling and such other unlawful games wherefore every man is amerced to paye ijd unto the poor men's boxe, and he that refuseyth to pay shall be distrayned by the officers and shall paye xijd."

1584. "Yt is agreed that Richard Higat fleming shall paye unto our Church, that is to saye unto the Minister iijs, and unto the Clerk xija." "It'm it is agreed that Richard Higat fleming shall provide one caliver furnished, to remayne in the custody of our chambers for ever uppon payne if he doe not provide it by Midsommer next xx3." 1588. "We present privy tiplers not licensed to sell malt. Widdowe Lawson and Richard Whyte not to tipple or sell any more upon payne of vjs and viijd for every tyme."

"Md that Robert Lulley Clarke did sell a black mare of three years old in the market for the sum of fifty three shillings."

III.-Records of Court, 1598-1674.
IV.-Book of Enrolments, 1585-1671.
V.-Chamberlain's Accounts from 1611:—

1613. Pd to Mr Lee (Steward) for his fee.

It'm paid for the Vane and setting it up.
It paid for writing a petition to ye lord of
Canterbury .

1623. For gaging 410 barrells of beere 4a per


Mr Garland rent for the land laid to the
Copperas house

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Pd to Mr Pretchett for making of a sermon ye

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4 June
For repairing the Court Hall and building of a
prison under the same and for repairing of
the cadge and pillory

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Pd for chardges in going to the Burgesses to Lon-
don and for lobsters that were given to them

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8 4

7 6

6 17 4

2 10 0


15 12 3

1 0 0

£ 8. d.

1653. Rent for the New Salt house


0 0


back the souldiers

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For mendinge the glass windows in the Court

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For a sheet to burie a poore man

for sockinge of him

For lobsters for Col. Kenniwicke

To Weldishe and William ffelowe for fetching

To Vile for clearing the well

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The well above referred to was no doubt the Castle well, to which the townsmen now had free access for the first time, the Castle having been demolished in the previous year. This well is still the sole source of the water supply for the town.



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4 15 0

2 16 0

1 13 0

VI.-Chamberlain's Accounts from 1700.
VII.-Folio Book labelled Town Quay.

VIII.—Parchment bound book containing translations of Charters, copies of By-laws, etc. The Mayor's salary is set down at £20, with a lease for twenty-four sheep on the Common. Fines: A Jurat refusing the office of Mayor £50. A Bailiff refusing to be a Jurat £30. Free Burgesses refusing the office of Bailiff £20. Admission of Freemen 40s for the sons of freemen and for apprentices, £6 in the case of "foreigners."

IX.-Churchwardens' Accounts, 1723-1768:

1731, June 5th. "Pd the Ringers and for Bonfire, Beer, etc., upon his Majesty's coming to anchor within Sheerness"

June 6th. "Paid to the Boats' crews that attended the Mayor, Jurats, and Bailiffs when they waited on his Majesty on board the Carolina yatch" 1762, May 7th. "Paid Mr Ongley for one barrell of Strong beer to be drank by the populace when peace was proclaimed ”

X.-Cesse Book from 1706.

Bailiff's disbursements from 1702.

£1 13 6


1 16 0

Also contains the Land

XI.-Folio book inscribed Parish of Queenborough

Articles of ye Committee, 1806-1810.

XII.-Folio book containing abstracts of leases.


These may be divided into two classes (a) General, (b) Letters. Many of the latter refer to the Parliamentary elections, and are of interest as shewing the influence which was brought to bear upon the Burgesses by those who imagined that they had a right to control their choice of representatives.


Office copy of the Royal Charter of Queenborough. "A copy of the original record remaining in the Rolls Chapel having been examined therewith this day by me John Hewett Aug. 16th 1827."

A copy of King Charles II.'s Confirmation of the Charter. A letter from Christopher Robinson, Mayor, to the Collector of the Queen in Kent, protesting against the imposition of the 10th and 15th being levied by the parish of Minster on lands and goods of certain Burgesses of Queenborough.

A copy of the Charter, "amended by Capt Evans 1626." A "copy of ye old Charter of Queenborough," 42 Edw. III. Names of the Burgesses 1459-60, and 1471.

Nomina Burgensium ville de Queenburgh tempore Johannis Swalman Maioris de Queenburgh Anno xxxviij° H. vjth.

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1368. Copy from Patent Roll of a Warrant for the appointment of Richard de Blore, Richard Cok, and William Chaundeler as paymasters for work done at Queenborough Castle.

1384. Copy from the Patent Roll of Grant by King Richard II. of the lordship of the Castle to his favourite Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford.

The will of Thomas Robynson, singleman, of Queenborough, made Nov 22d, 1557 :—

"I give and bequeath my soul to God Allmighty, and my body to be buried in the Churchyard of Mynster, to the parish

priest of the same iijs iiijd, to the Chapell of Queenborowe xx". Roger Kircopp iijs, to Elizabeth Stevenson one half angell in gold. To Ralph Blythe one blacke cote and ijs in money. To William Thorneborowe's wife xijd. To Kircoppe's Children and John Saunders' children vijs. To each howse xijd. To Gilbert Amore one doblett. To William Howhe one sherte and my best breaches. To Mr John Saunders for the injuries done to him by me when I was his servaunt vjs viijd. To Roger Kircoppe iijs iiijd. To my Mr John Saunders' wife vs. To be bestowed at Mynster at my buryall one ewe shepe wyth as moche brede and drynke as shall suffice, and at my moneths minde at Quinborowe. To the townhall of Quinborow xls." His executors are directed to sell his house to the best advantage, and to devote the money to making a well in the middle of the town. "To every pore house in the towne xijd and all the rest to be bestowed in dedes of mercy and pyttie." Witnesses, Sir John Sheref preste, James Pette, Roger Kircoppe, and other more. (Proved before the Mayor Robert Colens May 24th, 1558.)


1558. An Assessment for the Minister's wages, 41 paid and the total amounted to £5 3s. 4d.

1660. Proceedings in the Court Leet before John Tyce, Mayor :

"We present that Daniel Baker, ffreeman, being at home at his owne house, hath wilfully absented himself from his attendance at this Court Leet and hee is therefore amerced at 5a to bee levied for the use of the poor of the towne.

"Also we present Mr Nicholas Taylor and Henry Minge for their keeping each of them a hogg on the Common more than their stock, and are therefore allowed a moneth's time for their removal of them upon penaltie of xijd a peece.

"Also we present John Tayler for keeping company at his house in Sermon time on the last Lord's Day and hee is therefore amerced at ijs.

"Also we present Mr Richard Thompson for breaking downe the cage and stock house, and doe order him to repaire the same againe at his owne charge within one moneth upon penaltie of xx3.

"Also we present Mr Richard Thompson for detaining forty shillings of the money given to the Towne by James Herbert, Esqre, and Sir William Wheeler, K,* and order the same to be paid unto

* Members for the Borough 1660.

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