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Salops on the South side, by worteley to Wadesley where in times past Eueringham of Stainber had a Parke, now disp'ked. Then to Sheaffield

washethe the Castle walls, Keepeth his course to Attercliffe an Jron forge of the E. of Salop's from thence to Wincobanke, Kimberworth, & Eccles, where it entertaineth Rother; cometh p'sently to Rotheram, then to Aldwarke hall, the fitz-william antient possession, then by Thoriber Parke, the seat of Reresbies Knights, then to Mexborough where hath been a Castell, then to Conisborough pke & Castell of the Earle Warrens, where there is a place called Horsar's Tombe from hence to Sprotsbrough the antient seat of the famous family of Fitz-williams who haue flourished since the Conquest, thence by Newton to Doncaster, by Wheatley, Kirksandall, to Barnby Dun, by Bram with & Stainforth, to Fishlake, thence to Turnebrigg a port towne serueing indifferently for all the west parts, where he payes his tribute to Aire. Note that the Duke of Lancaster had a Parke at Fipping, halfe a mile short of Turnebrigg vpon the Riuer Dun.

Out of the booke of Lewes priory.

[In com. Sussex, 1629. Gasc. O. fo. 29 (should be 37).] AA [vol. 117] 27 Mabilia de Tilli, Widdow, gaue to the Prior of Lewes the Church of Haietefeld with the Chappell of Torn. Wittnesse, Eleas de Boeseuill, fo. 340 b.

1a Pt. Pat. A° 9 Ed. 3 [1335].

HHH [vol. 54] 120
in the County of Yorke,
for the yearly rent of 10.

The King confirmed to Richard Browne in fee 30 acres of wast land of his Mann's of Thorne granted to him by John de Warren E. of Surrey,

Pleas before the King, Trinit. ter. 9 Ed. 2 [1316] ro. 73 [fo. 33, (Dodsworth)].

W [vol. 152] 27 John de Warren by his Charter here enrolled granted &quit claime to the Lord the King, the Castles and Townes of Conysborough & Sandale, and the mann' of Wakefeld, Heytefeld, Thorne, Soureby, Braythwell, Fishlake, Dewsbury, & Hallifax in the County of Yorke, &c.

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M [vol. 160] 166 Thornhall in Beale LP formerly the habitation of the Nevills, is in the pish of Kellington.

Thorp Audlin.23

Out of the Collections of R. Gascoigne, lib. F. f. 34.

G [vol. 127] 16 To all &c. St Peter de Rotherfeld & Albreda his wife daughter of Oliuer de Daincort gaue to William de

22 There is neither ship of this name.

manor nor town-
See also under

KELLINGTON, vol. x. 433.

23 This heading and the next refer to

Wintworth, son of William de Wodhus, Kt. one Toft &c. in exchange for a certaine Toft in Thorp audelin which they had of the guift of the foresaid William in the same towne. Witnesse, Adam de Wanervill, John Biset.

Fines in the Treasury, 27 H. 6 [1449].

G [vol. 127] 39 Between Thomas Chaworth K, Henry Vavasour, Jun', William Scargill, Sen, Robert Nevell of Liversedge, complt, & William Gascoigne, K', & Margaret his wife, deft of the Mann's of Kelfeld & Broughton, Lands in Wentbrig, Thorp Audlin, Houghton, Castleford & Escric. the right of Thomas, Henry, William, &c. [fo. 29 (Dodsworth)].

Jn Pontefract Rolls Ao. 19, 20, 21 Ed. 3 [1345–8].

G [vol. 127] 58 The heires of John Stainton, pressa 1a, Ao. 17 [1343]. The heires of John de Quernby for tenemts in Thorp

Audlin [fo. 10 (Dodsworth)].

Pleas at Westminster de Banco Ao. 5 Ed. 3 [1331].
Mich. term. ro. 536 [should be 536].

GG [vol. 128] 122

[Partly given under BADSWORTH, Vol. x. 348, and DARINGTON, Vol. x. 373].

After "thereof": in Derthington, at the suite of William Malham & Jsabell his wife, fo. 3.

Escheats A°. 7 H. 8 [1515].

GG vol. 128] 175 [Given under CASTLEFORD, but incorrectly numbered GG 177; and a blank there left for the number of "acres of medow" which is obliterated in the original by a blot, is here filled up with 20.]

the same Thorp, which was not distinguished by a second name (Audlin) at the Survey, when it was reported to have formerly belonged to Elsi, the owner of Norton, Sutton, and other manors in the neighbourhood. The taxable area he possessed in Torp was 6 carucates 3 borates, and it could have maintained 5 ploughs. The royal revenue from the manor was £1. At the time of the Survey, Elsi had been dispossessed and the manor was owned by one Ralph, who under the name of Ralph Pincerna in the time of Ilbert de Lascy, i.e. before 1087, had contributed to the foundation of St. Clement's Chapel by the gift of two garbs (apparently two-thirds

of the tithe), and all the tithe of the mill, which he could not have given according to the practice of the day, had he not owned the mill itself. This gift must


have been after the Survey (and quickly, before the death of Ilbert de Lascy, who seems to have died very nearly at the same time as the King), for at the Survey the mill was not built, though the site was allotted; while, when the grant was made to St. Clement's the mill was built and in use. See also some remarks upon the introduction of windmills at the bead of this article. The mill has now quite disappeared, and there is no trace of its former existence. At the time of the Poll Tax in 1378, there were 26 taxpayers, 19 at 4d., 4 at 6d., and 3 at 12d., paying altogether 11s. 4d. The 4 at 6d. were a butcher, a draper, a webster, and a wright; and the 3 at 12d., the three wealthiest men of the place (significant of the fact that the Great North Road bisected the manor), were three ostelers.


Thorp nere Wentbrig.

ats nere BADSWORTH.

In the writeings of Thomas Wentworth, Baronet, ex Gasc. lib. F. fo. 20. G [vol. 127] 113 J, William sonne of William de Wynteworth wodehouses, haue giuen &c. to John my brother & Jone daughter of Richard le Tyars & their heires, &c., the yearly rent of 20* out of my Lands and tenemts, which John my vnkle & Agnes his wife doe hold for terme of life of the demise of William de Wentworth wadhouses, my father, in Thorp nere Wentbrig, & in Upton, to haue to the foresaid John & Jone & their heires. And if it happen the said John my vnkle to die before Agnes his wife J will that the foresaid John & Jone of the foresaid tenements 40 in the life of Agnes, with a windmill, & after the decease of John & Agnes all the Lands and Tenem's in Thorp aforesaid & Upton may remaine to John my brother & Jone daughter of Richard le Tyes, together with the windmill. But if the said John my brother die withont heire of the foresaid Jone after their decease all the p'mises to returne to me & my heires. Witnesse, John de Trauers, then Steward of Pontefract, Edmund le Boteler, Tho. Seynpaul, John Dangerous, Roger de Folifate. Dat. 7 Ed. 2 [1313–4].

Fines Ao. 21 E. 1 in the Treasury [1292].

G [vol. 127] 137 Edmond Foliot, Sara his wife, Lands in Pontefract, Hegburgh & Thorp nere Badsworth.

Out of the Coucher of the Priory of Bolton.

QQ [vol. 144] 53 24 William, son of Adelinus, gaue to Durandus sonne of Drogon his servant, & his heires, all his land wch he had at Wentbrigge. Except that land wh Richard Gests held. And in the Towne of Thorp that bovate of Land weh was Robert son of William. Wittnesse, Eudo de Lungvilliers, &c. fo. 162.

24 See post, under Wentbridge, note 42. Eudo de Lungvillers, the principal witness to this deed, and the only witness named in the above extract, was towards the close of the 12th century seneschal of Clitheroe, the head of the honour which comprised the Lancashire estates of the Pontefract lords. He had a son Alan, as I gather from a charter of Robert de Lascy the second (No. 9 P.) in Lausdowne 207a, while a William who tests the same charter appears as his brother in No. 27 P., another charter of the same Robert, also in Lans. 207a. An Ivo de Lunevillers is a co-witness with William in 1189, and witnessed Roger de Lascy's charter to the Burgesses of Pontefract, while the above William seems to have witnessed their "little charter," both in 1194. But a knight's fee under Henry de


Lascy was held in 1166 by Eudo de Lungvillers, who might have been the first named. General Plantagenet Harrison's pedigree (p. 444), to which I have referred, gives me no help to satisfy the conditions, but is itself startlingly inaccurate during the period to which these refer. For he says, (1) that Eudo de Lungvillers married Agnes d. and h. of Colegrain, lord of Hutton Magna (which was in the fee of Earl Alan), and held a k. f. of Henry de Lascy in the time of King Henry I. and King Stephen; but H. de Lascy was not contemporary with either H. I., or Stephen. (2) Robert, his son, fined 5 marks for his father's lands in 1 H, 2 (1155); but Eudo, according to the "Liber Niger" return, still held the k. f. in February, 1166. (3) Robert's son Ivo gave half the manor of Bads


QQ [vol. 144] 53 Know p'sent & to come that J Durandus, sonne of Drogon, haue giuen, granted & by this my p'sent Charter confirmed to God &c. St Mary of Bolton & the Canons serueing there, for the health of my Soule & Agnes my wife &c. All my Land in Wentbrigg in the fee of Thorp, except one Toft in the Towne of Thorp & one bovate of Land with the appurtnances & Common of pasture of Thorp. All these lands which my Master Willm, sonne of Aldelinus, gaue unto me for my service, as his Charter to me doth testifie, J haue giuen to the foresaid Canons of Bolton in Perpetuall Almes, &c. Wittnesse, William de Rie, William Suinepuill [perhaps St Paul], Richard de Hudleston, Osbert de Bretton, William de Rievill [Reineville], William de Stiveton, Reinerus his brother, Alexander de Wincheton, William his sonne, &c. fo. 162.

[Other references are CCC [vol. 34] 24, 56, 64, and 73, and the references to the folios, are in this instance given in columns, thus: , showing that there was no longer any intention to make the extracts.]

24 56

Thorp by the water.26

[There was no entry under this heading.]

NNN [vol. 73] 49

[blocks in formation]

Between Walter son of Thomas complt & Astin son of Thomas deft., of 6 Acres of Land with the appurtnances in Trunflet, the right of Aslin [perhaps Astin] & his heires for euer. And for this quit claime &c. Aslin granted 3 of the foresaid Acres with the appurtnances; viz. to the foresaid Walter & his heires &c. doeing seruice thervnto belonging to Thomas de Trunflete & his heires, the Cheife Lord; viz. 3a at Whitsonday & 3d at the feast of S' Michael, for all Services.

worth, and half the advowson of that church, with Hugeline his d., to Sir Robt. Conyers, temp. H. II., and was security 8 John for Roald fil' Alan, Earl Richmond, Ivo's brother Robert being parson of Badsworth. But Hugeline was the d. of William, married a Quarterman, and was the mother of the heiress who married Conyers, while Ivo's name does not appear in the list of sureties which General Harrison gives on pp. 34 and 36. (4) Sir Hugh, Ivo's son, paid 5 marks on writ of disseisin in 8 R. 1 (1196), and levied a fine on land 10

John. He married Clemence, co-heir of Badsworth, and died 30 H. 3 (1245); but to say nothing of other discrepancies, if this Sir Hugh obtained Badsworth and its advowson by marriage only, by whose right could his father have pre


26 Probably meaning Thorpe in Balne. 27 Trumfleet in Balne, a small district north of Thorp in Balne, was never accounted a distinct township. It was in the township of Kirk Sandall, and was not even named, either in Domesday, or in the Poll Tax of 1378.

Jn an old Roll containing 2 membranes giuen to Roger Dodsworth, 1632, by Robert Rockley of Rockley Esq. titulo chartæ de Liuersall. BBB [vol. 32] 44 Know p'sent & to come that J Adam Raineuile haue giuen &c. to John de Raucest' & his heires or assignes &c. the Homage & service of Thomas de Molendino & his heires, of his tenement which lieth between the mill damme of Trumflete of the one part, & dich of Hawshirst of the other, whereof one end butteth vpon Calnecroft [query Balnecroft] & the other vpon Pighil, the service & homage of William de Fossato & his heires of his tenemt which lieth between the damme of the foresaid mill of the one pt. &. . . . and (sic) of the other pt. whereof one end butteth vpon the way wch goeth towards Doncaster, & the other vpon Suauncroft & wranker, &c.

GG [vol. 128] 48

Fines at Yorke, 16 Ed. 2 [1322].

Between John de Wentworth [que' (Dodsworth)], & Robert de Bilham & Alice his wife, deft, of 6 acres of meadow & 2 acres of pasture with the appurtnances, in Trumflet in Balne. the right of the said John & his heires.

Fines 34 Ed. 3 [1360].

W [vol. 152] 17 [Entered under LITLE SMEATON, ante, vol. xii. 77].

GG [vol. 128] 128

[blocks in formation]

William Hamelton, Archdeacon of Yorke, gaue to John son of Thomas Metham & Sibill his wife, his neice, the Mann's of Hirstcourtnay in the County of Yorke, & Basslelow with the members in the County of Derby, in tayle, dated 25 Ed. 1 [1297]. Likewise Adam Hamelton did Confirme to John Metham & Sibill his wife his mann's [manner (Dodsworth)] of Vernoïlehall in Balne, wth the appurtnances & one messuage in Kingston vpon Hull, in the County of Yorke & all his lands in Hockhall & Podsech in the County of Essex [sic] wch did descend to him by Jnheritance after the death of William Hamelton Kt., his brother. Dated 35 Ed. 1 [1307] [Sir Thomas Metham hath a great cowcher of Metham evidences, fo. 5 (Dodsworth)].

Escheats, 12 Ed. 4 [1472] No. 8.

H [vol. 129] 133 [Given under POLLINGTON, vol. xi. 460.]

23 There is no manor or township of this name. But in the early portion of the twelfth century, two Henry de Vernoils, father and son, had considerable possession in the immediate neighbourhood, and one of the two appears inaking

several grants of land at Kellington and Brayton to the priories of Pontefract and Selby. Doubtless this mansion or head house took its name from them, and retained it, although the Vernoil possession was but short.

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