A System of Geography, Comprising a Description of the Present State of the World and Its Five Great Divisions: America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceanica : with Their Several Empires, Kingdoms, States, Territories, Etc. ... Accompanied by an Atlas Containing Thirty-two Maps, Drawn and Engraved Expressly for the Work

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Thomas, Cowperthwait & Company, 1853 - 336 pages
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Page 258 - Ocean, the first thing which strikes us is, that, the north-east and south-east monsoons, which are found the one on the north and the other on...
Page 134 - Massachusetts . . Rhode Island . . Connecticut New York New Jersey Pennsylvania . . . Delaware Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina . Georgia Florida Alabama Mississippi Louisiana Texas Arkansas Tennessee...
Page 101 - The members of the House of Representatives are elected by the people of the respective States ; and each State is entitled to a number of representatives proportionate to the population of that State.
Page 103 - States (1) George Washington. (2) John Adams. (3) Thomas Jefferson. (4) James Madison. (5) James Monroe. (6) John Quincy Adams. (7) Andrew Jackson. (8) Martin Van Buren. (9) William Henry Harrison. (10) John Tyler. (11) James K. Polk. (12) Zachary Taylor. (13) Millard Fillmore. (14) Franklin Pierce. (15) James Buchanan. (16) Abraham Lincoln. (17) Andrew Johnson. (18) Ulysses S. Grant.
Page 101 - Constitution in a Congress, consisting of a Senate and House of Representatives. The Senate consists of two members from each State, chosen by the State Legislatures for six years.
Page 21 - What takes place during the earth's yearly motion? A. A change of seasons. A. The change from winter to spring, from spring to summer, from summer to autumn, and from autumn to winter again.
Page 101 - Provided, That the Secretaries of State, of the Treasury, of War, of the Navy, and of the Interior, the Postmaster-General, and the AttorneyGeneral, shall hold their offices respectively for and during the term of the President by whom they may have been appointed and for one month thereafter, subject to removal by and with the advice and consent of the Senate.
Page 81 - In 1497, John Cabot, and his son Sebastian, natives of Venice, in the service of Henry VII. of England, discovered North America, and explored the coast from Newfoundland to Florida.
Page 125 - State, for the greater part of that gloomy period, was the theatre of active hostilities ; and the surrender of General Burgoyne and his army, with other memorable events, took place within its limits. 12. The city of New York is situated on Manhattan Island, at the junction of the Hudson and East rivers. It is the largest city...
Page 101 - The executive power is vested in a President, who, together with the Vice-President, is chosen for four years, by electors from all the States. The principal subordinate officers of the executive department are the Secretaries of State, of the Treasury, of War, and of the Navy, the Postmaster General, and the Attorney General.

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