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Page 129 - Or like the borealis race, That flit ere you can point their place; Or like the rainbow's lovely form Evanishing amid the storm. Nae man can tether time or tide; The hour approaches Tarn maun ride — That hour o...
Page 121 - Are bathed in a flood as of molten gold. And thou turnest not from the humblest grave, Where a flower to the sighing winds may wave; Thou scatterest its gloom like the dreams of rest, Thou sleepest in love on its grassy breast. Sunbeam of summer ! oh, what is like thee ? Hope of the wilderness, joy of the sea ! — One thing is like thee to mortals given, The faith touching all things with hues of heaven ! BREATHINGS OF SPRING.
Page 194 - PLEASANT it was, when woods were green, And winds were soft and low, To lie amid some sylvan scene, Where, the long drooping boughs between, Shadows dark and sunlight sheen Alternate come and go...
Page 178 - Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control, These three alone lead life to sovereign power. Yet not for power (power of herself Would come uncall'd for) but to live by law, Acting the law we live by without fear; And, because right is right, to follow right Were wisdom in the scorn of consequence.
Page 149 - He either fears his fate too much, Or his deserts are small. Who dares not put it to the touch, To win or lose it all.
Page 217 - We'll prove it just, with treacherous bait To make the preying Trout our prey. And think ourselves, in such an hour, Happier than those, though not so high, Who, like Leviathans, devour Of meaner men the smaller fry.
Page 215 - O Memory ! thou fond deceiver, Still importunate and vain, To former joys recurring ever, And turning all the past to pain...
Page 91 - Tis not my talent to conceal my thoughts, Or carry smiles and sun-shine in my face, When discontent sits heavy at my heart.
Page 130 - Let the sweet heavens endure, Not close and darken above me Before I am quite quite sure That there is one to love me ; Then let come what come may To a life that has been so sad, I shall have had my day.

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