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Repeal of 1 and 2 Geo. IV. c. 121; books of the former
Paving Acts to be still evidence; arrears of rates to be
paid; and collectors and others to account and hand
over property to the Commissioners under this Act; ex-
isting contracts to subsist, and penalties incurred to be
recoverable under this Act; bye-laws for hackney car-
riages to continue until others made

Interpretation clause; distances how measured; rule where

a fixed day of the month falls on a Sunday, &c.
Incorporation of provisions of Public Health Act, and Con-

solidation Clauses Acts

Short title of Act

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Number of Commissioners and their style


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Commissioners' Clauses Act: annual election day; returning
officer; poll clerks; scale of votes; joint rating and
ownership; compound vote, owner and occupier

Case of electors having property in several wards -


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Commissioners' Clauses Act: list of voters; rate collectors;

mode of voting; variation of question to suit change of

occupation; and voting in several wards; female owners

and occupiers and male owners may vote by proxy; cor-
porations and companies to vote by proxy; appointment
of proxy to be exhibited to the returning officer; ques-
tions to be put; false answers a misdemeanour; closing
poll; poll declared; voting papers kept; double return;
substituted day; want of title in officers; expenses

Penalty upon officers misconducting elections; penalty for

falsifying voting paper -

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Commissioners to be qualified by residences and by property
to £1000 value or £40 yearly rating
Commissioners' Clauses Act: joint occupiers' qualification;

joint ownership qualification; no double qualification
from one property; office holding, etc. vacates commis-
sionership; shareholders in companies; declaration;
false declaration; taken at first meeting; penalty for
acting unqualified; non attendance

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Sections from Public Health Act; making and confirmation;

no bye-laws made until one month after public notice;



Sections from Public Health Act: purchase by agreement;
entry on lands; compensation; gas and water pipes re-
moval and sewer alteration

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Sections from Public Health Act; map of sewers and pipes;
publication of map; survey beyond borough; level lines;
bench marks; expense of surveys -


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Sections from Public Health Act: sewers vested in Commis-
sioners; power of communicating with excepted sewers;
purchase of sewers; provision in case of purchase of
sewers belonging to Sewers' Company

Sections from Public Health Act: making sewers; cleansing

sewers and repairing works; unauthorised sewers; use

of sewers by persons beyond borough

Commissioners to make main sewers and tanks in lieu of the


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Saving rights of Cheltenham Gas Company; provision as to
draining gas refuse into sewers



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Power to put lamp posts and irons against buildings; mode
of lighting; to erect works for lighting


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Section from Public Health Act

Road trustees not to collect toll; exceptions, Cheltenham

trust and Gloucester trust

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Section from Public Health Act: power to purchase premises 63 80
Sections from Towns Improvement Clauses Act: setting for-

ward houses; setting back houses; new projections;
old projections; doors to open inwards; alteration of

doors opening outwards; cellar coverings; water-spouts 64 80


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