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Washhouses and baths, power to provide under 9 and 10 Vic.
c. 74, and 10 and 11 Vic. c 61.

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Sections from Town Police Clauses Act: setting chimney on

fire; accidental fires; fire engines; use beyond borough 76 106

Section from Towns Improvement Clauses Act; factories, &c.

to consume their own smoke

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Sections from Cemetery Clauses Act: as to consecrated part
and chapel; bodies not to be removed; consecrated
ground deemed in Cheltenham parish; Bishop's powers;
wilful damage; nuisances; Dissenters and chapel; grave
diggers; solemnities; no burial under chapel; sale of
graves, &c.; plan and entry; form and register of grants
and of assignments; probates; right to be exclusive;
improper burials; tablets and inscriptions

Application of payments for burial


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