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AND FIRE, that guided the Ifraelites in the Wilderness, NOT MIRACULOUS: but, as faithfully related in Exodus, a thing equally practis'd by other na

tions, and in those places not only useful but neceflary. II. CLIDOPHORUS; or of the EXOTERIO

AND ESOTERIC PHILOSOPHY, that is, of the External and Internal Doctrine of the antients: the one open and public, accommodated to popular Prejudices and the establish'd Religions; the other private and secret, whering to the few capable and discrete,

was taught the real TRUTH Itript of all disguises. III.'HYPATIA; or the history of a most beautiful,

most virtuous, most learned, and EVERY WAY ACCOMPLISH'D LADY; who was torn to pieces by the CLERGY of Alexandria, to gratify the pride, emulation, and cruelty of their Archbisloop CYRIL,

commonly but undetervedly stild Saint Cyril. IV. MANGONEUTES: being 2 DEFENSE - OF NAZARE NU S, address'd to the right reverend

John lord Bishop of London; againit his Lordship’s Chaplain Dr. MANGE'Y, his Dedicator Mr. Patterson, and (who ought to have been nam'd first) the reverend Dr. BRETT, once belonging to his Lordship's Church.

By Mr. T O LA N D.

אַבִּיעה חירות מוֹי קֶום

LONDON Printed: And Sold by J. Brotherton and W. Meadows in

Cornhill, J. Roberts in Warwick-Lane. W. Meres without Temple-Bar, W. Cherwood in Covent-Garden, S. Chapman in Pall. Mall, and J. Graves in St. James's Street. MDCCXX. Price 2 s. 6d.

Where may be had the ad Edition of NAZARENU S.

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HE Title-pages of the followth ing Differtations do clearly e. nough indicate their several subje&s: but the design of Writing, and the occafion of publishing each require I shou'd give fome necessary informacion to the Reader, before he begins to peruse them. After acquainting my felf, in the

best manner I was able, with the various origins and peculiar constitutions of the Greec and Roman Republics, not forgetting the Persian and other Monarchies ; I judg'd my pains might be no less agreeably rewarded, if I shou'd use the like means, to get as clear a notion as possible of the MOSAIC Theocracy, or the Government of the Israelites. The curiofity that's natural to man, which makes him so ambitious of the character

Παλαιατε πολλατε ειδως, vehemently urg'd me to pry not indiligently into such remote antiquities : and my duty, as the Religion I profeft was founded on the Mosaic Institution, inspir'd me with still greater ardor in my researches. But as the polity of the Jews could not be learnt without their hiftory, both containd in the same books, and in the same thread of narration interwoven; so, notwithstanding the almost impenetrable obfcurity with which those books are accus'd, I continually made such discoveries in them, relating to matters either different from what was taught by my guides, or that were not taught by anty at all, as prov'd

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