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The Will of THOMAS ADENE (ADEANE) de Wargrave.-17 April, 1517. To be buried in the west part of the Church of B.V.M. of Wargrave. To the mother Church of Sarum ijd. My sons Henry, William, John, Robert, and Nicholas, my daughters Agnes and Alice, my wife Margery and Ralph Adene, executors. Witnesses, Thomas Bartley, Sir George Bakhouse, curate of Wargrave, Robert Gyll and others.

Prob. 18 May, 1517. (30, Holder).


The Will of JOHN LECHE, als A LARDER, armiger. -10 June, 1477. To be buried in the Parish Church of B.V.M. of Redyng. Monetary bequests to the Friars Minors in Redyng, the Friars Minors in London, the Churches of St. Laurence in Redyng, St. Giles in Redyng, Strattfeld Mortymer, Henley-upon-Thames and Tylehurst. To the Carmelite Friars in Fflete Streete in the suburbs of London, vjs. viijd. To Julianne Stylle, widow, one of the sisters of Elsyngspytell, London. To Margery, servant to Ann Rotheley. To John, sonne of Thomas James. To Thomas Potyger, poynte-maker. John Haugh, gentilman, John Deye, William Waryne, salter, and Thomas James, of Redyng, executors. Witnesses, Robert Leggett, skryvener, Juliana Stille, widow, William Sendall and others. Dated at London the year aforesaid.

Prob. 14 July, 1477. (30, Watlys).


The Will of ALICE ALDWORTH, of West Hacborne, widowe.7 Sept., 1545. Fearying the fearce and cruell plage of the pestelence being sicke of my body. To be buried in the Church yarde by the sepultures of my Auncetours at the South Ile ende of Hacborne. To the bells at Hacborne xvjd. To Sir John Parker to Item I will have at my

pray for me and my friends sixe pounds.
buriall tenne priests, at my moneth mynde x priests, and at my xij.
month mynde x priests. And every of them to have at eche tyme
viijd. a pece. To Sir Henry chauntrye priest at Ffyfelde, xxs. to
pray for me. To oon Banks of the same parishe xxs. To the same
Banks' wife my best kirtell. To Elizabeth Gynkis my russet gowne,
&c. To Alice Ivye my worst kirtell. To Sibill Mason; to Kateryn
Gynkis; to Agnes Gynks; to Julian Bolte, and to Alice Balmore
various bequests. To William Belman wife a smock. To Sibill
Mason two doghters a kerchief. Item, I will that Willm. Stevyns
shall occupie and enjoye the yeres of the Indenture of West Hac-

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borne the which was taken by my brother Edward Clark of the Lord Wyndesore, newly and lately left and bequest to me by my loving husbonde John Aldworth, so that the said William Stevyns shall paye yerely an annuall rent over and above the lords accustomed rent as by my frends Mr. Robert Pownde, vicar, and my cousyn Henry Burnam shall thinke it mete. And the overplus of the same to be for my twoo children William and Edward to fynde them towards scoles. To Thomas Taillour and William Taillour fourtie shillings apece. To Mr. John Stoner three pounds vjs. viijd. Witnesses, Robert Pownde, vicar, Sir John Parker, curat, Henry Burnam, Willm. Stevyns, Thomas Taillor, wt. other moo. Item, I give to Elizabeth Burnam my best gowne, &c.

Prob. 27 Sept., 1545. (35, Pynnyng).


The Will of ALice AldewortHE, widdowe, of the Towne of Wantage.-1557, May 16. To be buried in Wantage Church in the south side nighe unto the place where my husband lyeth. To the highewayes lying abowte the towne of Wantage xx3. My eldest sonne John Aldeworthe. My second sonne Robert Aldeworthe and his two children. My third sonne Thomas Aldeworth. To Willyam Aldeworth my fourth sonne the debt conteyned by obligacion and by Inventory of a house wherein he dwelleth in Oxforde. Richard Aldeworth my fyveth sonne. Marke Aldeworth my sixte sonne. Johan Pressye my eldest daughter. Johan Tovy my secound doughter and her children. Agnes my thirde doughter and her husband John Smythe and her children. Margery Wright my doughter and her children. Johan Aldeworthe my youngest daughter. To Richard Talbott of Wantage. My cozen Robert Aldworth the elder and his children. To Agness Keat and Anne Banting, servaunts. Thomas Aldeworthe and Richard Aldeworthe my sonnes, executors. John Aldworth my sonne, Robert Aldeworth the elder, and Richard Wright, my overseers. Unto the paving or pickenyng of the hole Market Place of the towne of Wantage tenne pounds. Witnesses, William Estmond and John Payne, Robert Aldeworth the elder, John Aldworth, Richard Wright and Thomas Aldeworthe.

Prob. 31 June, 1557. (17, Wrastley).


The Will of JOHAN ALDEWORTH, late the wife of Robert Aldworth, of Wanting, tanner.-2 April, 1527. To be buried in the Church of Saint Petir and Pawle in Wanting.

Item, I bequeth to

the wayes
in the sowthe side of the towne xls. To the Church a
stremer of silke, price xiijs. iiijd. To Robert Aldeworth, son of
John Aldeworth. Edward Aldeworth my son, Alice Geryng my da.
and Robert Aldeworthe, the son of John Waldeworthe (sic) to have
halfe of my goods not bequest. My sonne Robert Aldeworth and
Thomas Webbe, executors. Thomas Geryng and William Towey,
Overseers. Witnesses: Sir Thomas Brest, curate, Sir Thomas
Wadam, chauntrie preest, Thomas Balowe, John Bradok, Edmund
Smyth et aliis multis.

Prob. 24 May, 1527. (19, Porch.)


The Will of JOHN ALDWORTH, of Wantyng, tanner.-5 April, 1525. To be buried in the Parish Church of Wantyng. To the Parish Church of Hyworth. Robert Aldworth my son. Joane, Agnes, Alice, Marion, and Elizabeth my daughters. Elyn my wife. Elyn Barre my servant. Robert Aldeworth my brother, John Aldeworth, of Lokyng, and John Aldeworth, of Sutton, executors. Robert Doo and Thomas Hulcup, overseers. Witnesses: Sir Thomas Kyng, curat there, Robert Aldeworthe the elder, William Kell with other moo.

Prob. 20 May, 1525. (33, Bodfelde).


The Will of JOHN ALDEWORTHE, of Westhacborne, yoman.—I July, 1545. To be buried in the South Ile of the Church of Hacborn. To Robert Aldworth my son Thindenture of the ferme of Charlton. To my sonne John Aldworth the lease of the parsonage of Charleton. My son William Aldworth thelder. My da. Joane Bruar. My da. Elizabeth. My da. Marion. To my da. Agnes Carpenter the lease of Benhames. William Aldworth the yonger and Edward Aldworth. My wife Alice Aldworth. Unto Hacborne Church ffourtie shillings. Unto Lokkyng Church xls. To repaire the wayes in Sutton more xs. Unto ffourscore pour householders in Lokkyng, Arrynton and Wantege parishes xijd. apece. Unto Mr. Robert Pownde my curat Twentie shillings to say a Trintall for me. The residue to my sonne Robert Aldworth and Robert Carpenter, my hole executors. John Cockishede, Robert Aldworth the yonger, of Wantage, and William Keitt, thoverseers. Witnesses: Maister Robert Pownde, my goostly father, William Keytt and John Cockishede with other moo.

Prob. 25 Sept., 1545. (35, Pynnyng).

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The Will of ROBERT ALDEWORTHE thelder, of Wantinge, als Wantage, tanner. -I Aug., 1555. To be buryed within the Churche of Wantage in the southeside by my brother John Aldeworthe. To the mending of the Kinges highwaye in the southeside of the towne of Wantage xls to be bestowed from Clements shiphouse to the furthiste parte of Gallowe lane end by my overseers. John Aldeworth my eldest son. My sons Robert Aldeworth, and Thomas Aldeworth. Joan Tovye my eldest da. My daurs. Agnes Smythe, Margery Wright and Joane Aldeworthe, my youngest da. My son Willyam Aldeworthe. To my son Richard Aldeworthe towards his learning of the Comen Lawe twentie poundes. Marke Aldeworthe my youngest sonne. To the mendinge of the highe waye from Pynkemans lane ende unto Drayton felde xiijs. iiijd. To Agnes Cowper, of Bluberie, in consideracon of her long service done to me xxvjs. viijd. Joane Presey my da.-in-law. Alice my wife, sole executrix. Willyam Ballowe, John Aldeworthe, Richard Write and Thomas Tovye, overseers. Witnesses: Mr. Thomas Rawe, vicar of Wantage, Willyam Andros, curate, Willyam Ballowe, and Willyam Estmonde.

Prob. 8 June, 1556. (8, Ketchyn).


The Will of THOMAS ALDWORTH, of Drayton.-2 August, 1512. To be buried in the churchyard of Drayton. To the pixmakyng of my pishe church of Drayton ijs. To our lady aulter in the same Churche iiijd. To Seynt Thomas aulter iiijd. Alice my wyff. My v. children. To the iiij. orders of ffriers in Oxford to every of them vs. To John my sonne my ffarmy that I dwell nowe in at the tyme of his mariage, and I woll that John Curson have the occupying of it till the time aboveseid of his mariage. My brothers John and Richard Aldworth. John Curson, executor. John Audillat shalbe myn overseer. Witnesses, Sir William Meryman, John Fforty, William Wyse, wt. dyñs other moo.

Prob. 3 Aug., 1513. (19, Fetiplace).


The Will of THOMAS ALDEWORTHE, of lockyng.-15 May, 1515. To be buryed in Saint Kateryn's Isle of lokyng. To the hygh aulter of Lokyng xijd. To the rode lyght xijd. To our Lady lyght viija. To the heise lyght vjd. To Saint Kateryn's lyght iiijd. and a taper of wex to burne ther by a yere in tyme of dyvyne suice, I give to that same xlvjs. viijd. To Sr. Rycharde psonne xijd. My son

Wyllyam. My doughter Agnes. To John Chare. To Cristian Chare I gyve xls. for to bye a cope for the churche of lockyng. Agnes my wyff and John my sonne, executours. Robert Doo and John Kete, overseers. Wittenes, Maister John Estmonde psonne ther, Robert Aldeworth, Syr Rychard psonne pisshe preest, With other moo.

Prob. 16 July, 1515. (8, Holder).


The Will of WILLIAM ALDWORTH, of Clopcote. -Saint Symonde and Jude day [19 June] 1524. To be buried in the church of Saint Nicolas within the Castell of Walingford. To the churches of Saint Mary, Saint Petir, and Saint Leonard in Walingford iijs. iiijd. apece, and to my parish church of Alhalowen in Walyngford vjs. viijd. To the church of Saint Kateryn in Hynton vjs. viijd. and to the reparacon of the high waye in Crowmershe iijs. iiijd. and to Walingford brige iijs. iiijd. To Isabell my wife the years of my ferme at Clopcote to go on her marriage or decease to John Aldworth my younger son, and in case of his decease then to William Aldworth my son, his brother. To John Aldworth of Sutton, my eldest son, the years of my ferm in Sotton Cortney. To John Aldworth of Harwell, Robert Symons and John Chamber. My da. Agnes Symondes. To my son William Aldworth a messuage in Sutton Wyke in possession of Leonard Rede, esquire, called Cowpers and Thrysts. My lands in Walyngford, Reding and Henley upon Thamys. My daurs. Alice and Joan Aldworth and Isabell Yate. Alice Yate my daughter's daughter. Isabell More maide servant. To Isabell my wife a tenement in Redyng which I purchased lately of Thomas Maxfelde and Anne his wife called Scochyns. Robert Symons my son in law and my da. his wife. My da. Joan Trewlock of Sutton. My good maister Thomas Ingglefeld, Esquier, overseer. Andrew Yate my son in law and John Aldworth of Harwell my youngest son, executors. Witnesses Sir Richard Hawkyns, prest, John Karver, oon of the clerks of the College, and Maister John Butler, my curat. Prob. 3 Feb., 1524. (30, Bodfelde).


The Will of ROBERT ALY, of Wyndesore.-8 Dec., 1542. To be buried in the church of Cluwerth. To Cristian my wife my lands in Wycam, co. Bucks, for life and then to John Aly my eldest son and his heirs for ever. To the said Cristian the lands &c. that Warde gave unto her by her father. To Alice Gynger. The residue to my children to be divided equally by John Aly and

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