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THIS volume will be found uncommonly rich in new and important scientific facts. It will not probably be often our lot to include so great a number in so small a compass. This is partly owing to the sudden opening of the Continent, which has enriched the historical article commencing the volume with a vast number of new facts, many of: them of great importance. The two most prominent papers in a scientific point of view are, 1. The experiments by Beizelius on the composition of organized bodies. It brings a new kingdom under the dominion of chemistry ; while the uncommon accuracy of Berzelius has given a degree of perfection to his labours that could hardly have been expected. 2. Gay-Lussac's paper on Iodine. It proves to be a very interesting body; and the new views which its properties lay open greatly increase the interest which the scientific chemist must take in these investigations.

May, 1815.

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Page 420, line 42, for and portions of the gneiss, read not portions of the gneiss,

421, 34, - a granite through gneiss, read or granite through gneiss.
421, 36, sea coast, read east coast.
423, 25, interrupted, read intermixed.

34, pinnæ, read donax.


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Page 56, line 12, for + V - 1, read tv -1.
56, 18, yV aa- x x, read y = $V aa - XX.
22, experimental, reud:exponedtial.

26 + 38 read # 271

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59, 60,


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34 + 34 16, + 2 hafir.d:

read - 27 N-1 185,-zęd! :':

55 There is an error in the diagian, Hatė vbí., which, referring only to the line that is drawn through the centre, may be corrected without a new plate. The small o at the centre should be a large one, and the consecutive figures under the units and above them should refer to the circles which they touch. Thus 1 is right, but the following is ), wbich should be 1, and so on. Page 218, morning observation, May, 1814, for 24° 12' 49", read 24° 13' 12" ;

difference for + 0'47", read 1' 10". Page 218, noon observation, Nov. difference for – 0' 13", read + Of 13". om 218, morning observation, Jan. 1815, for 24° 16' 26", read 24° 16' 46".

229, line 4, for Macleugh, read Macleay.
397, 1, - or Changelica, read Archangelica.


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