A Treatise on Marine Surveying: Prepared for the Use of Younger Naval Officers, with Questions for Examination and Exercises, Principally from the Papers of the Royal Naval College, with the Results

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Macmillan, 1882 - 307 pages

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Page 53 - ... the three angles of a triangle are together equal to two right angles, although it is not known to all.
Page iii - Robinson. — TREATISE ON MARINE SURVEYING. Prepared for the use of younger Naval Officers. With Questions for Examinations and Exercises principally from the Papers of the Royal Naval College. With the results. By Rev. JOHN L. ROBINSON, Chaplain and Instructor in the Royal Naval College, Greenwich. With Illustrations. Crown 8vo.
Page 180 - It remains to be noticed that the direction of strong winds, as well as the varying pressure of the atmosphere, considerably affect both the times and the heights of high water. Thus in the North Sea a strong NNW gale and a low barometer raise the surface 2 or 3 feet higher...
Page 166 - The sphere of the attractive virtue which is in the moon extends as far as the earth, and entices up the waters ; but as the moon flies rapidly across the zenith, and the waters cannot follow so quickly, a flow of the ocean is occasioned in the torrid zone towards the westward.
Page 145 - Shew that, if each of the angles of a spherical triangle, whose sides are small when compared with the radius of the sphere, be diminished by one-third of the spherical excess, the triangle may be solved as a plane triangle whose sides are equal to the sides of the spherical triangle, and whose angles are these reduced angles.
Page xvi - Nautical Surveying,— Use of Charts ; Rating of Chronometers ; Determination of Meridian Distance ; Selection and Measurement of a Base Line ; Determination of Latitude, Longitude, and True Bearing ; Triangulation ; Levelling ; Soundings: Fixing Positions: Tide Gauge; Establishment oí the Port ..... 12. Instruments. — Construction and Use of Marine Barometer, Sextant. Artificial Horizon, Azimuth Compass, Theodolite, and Level . .
Page 15 - ... and strong rippling all round the edge, by which the bank may generally be discovered. Beyond this point the streams unite and flow on towards Howth and Lambay, growing gradually weaker as they proceed, until they ultimately expend themselves in a large space of still water situated between the Isle of Man and Carlingford.
Page 53 - The angle at the centre of a circle is double the angle at the circumference on the same arc.
Page 53 - The opposite angles of a quadrilateral inscribed in a circle are together equal to two right angles, with converse.
Page 189 - Portland, there are what are termed the first and sccunil high waters. This double high water is probably caused by the tidal stream at Spithead, for, as long as that stream runs strong to the westward the tide is kept up in Southampton water, and there is no fall of consequence until the stream begins to slack at Spithead, but when the stream makes to the eastward at Spithead the water falls rapidly at Southampton. After low water, the...

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