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An entirely New Edition, thoroughly Revised, considerably Enlarged, and reset in New Type.

Medium 4to. 2118 pages, 3500 illustrations.

Prices Cloth, £1 11s. 6d.; half-calf, £2 2s.; half-russia, £2 58.; calf, £2 8s. Also in 2 vols. cloth, £1 14S.

In addition to the Dictionary of Words, with their pronunciation, etymology, alternative spellings, and various meanings, illustrated by quotations and numerous woodcuts, there are several valuable appendices, comprising a Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World; Vocabularies of Scripture, Greek, Latin, and English Proper Names; a Dictionary of the noted Names of Fiction; a Brief History of the English Language; a Dictionary of Foreign Quotations, Words, Phrases, Proverbs, &c.; a Biographical Dictionary with 10,000 Names, &c.

This last revision, comprising and superseding the issues of 1847, 1864, and 1880, is by far the most complete that the Work has undergone during the sixty-two years that it has been before the public. Every page has been treated as if the book were now published for the first time.

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'We believe that, all things considered, this will be found to be the best existing English dictionary in one volume. We do not know of any work similar in size and price which can approach it in completeness of vocabulary, variety of information, and general usefulness.'-Guardian.

'The most comprehensive and the most useful of its kind.'-National Observer.

'A magnificent edition of Webster's immortal Dictionary.' - Daily Telegraph.

A thoroughly practical and useful dictionary.'-Standard.

'A special feature of the present book is the lavish use of engravings, which at once illustrate the verbal explanations of technical and scientific terms, and permit them to remain readably brief. It may be enough to refer to the article on "Cross." By the use of the little numbered diagrams we are spared what would have become a treatise, and not a very clear one. We recommend the new Webster to every man of business, every father of a family, every teacher, and almost every student-to everybody, in fact, who is likely to be posed at an unfamiliar or half-understood word or phrase.'— St. James's Gazette.

Prospectuses, with Specimen Pages, on application.

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London: GEORGE BELL & SONS, York Street, Covent Gaiden.

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