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The Berks, Bucks & Oxon

Archæological Journal.

HOMAS FULLER quaintly observes : "Some report that the toad before her death, sucks up, if not prevented with. sudden surprisal, the precious stone (as yet but a jelly) in her head, grudging mankind the good thereof. Such generally the envy of antiquaries, preferring that their rarities should die with them, and be buried in their graves, rather than others receive any benefit thereby." Lest we incur a like condemnation, it has been determined to launch a new vessel wherein to convey the treasures of knowledge and the collections of the curious, to such readers as may choose to avail themselves of them. The three Counties can boast of many active Societies and many zealous workers in Archæological research, and it is the object of this Journal to record the results of their labours in the wide field of Antiquarian discovery. We shall welcome in these pages contributions on Local History, Transcriptions of Records, Notes and Discoveries of various kinds, Family History, Heraldry, Traditions, Folklore, Ancient Customs, and all that pertains to the study of the history of the three Counties. Most of the Societies whose names appear on the title page, have signified their intention to co-operate in the work; with one or two the negotiations are in progress. It is hoped that all the Societies may find it convenient to utilise the Journal in making known their work and the discoveries brought before them in relation to the historical and architectural antiquities of the district. American genealogy will be an important feature of our work, and we have often received enquiries and communications from the descendants of old Berkshire families who migrated to America more than two

centuries ago. We desire to express our thanks to the Secretaries of the Societies and other gentlemen for the kind assistance they have rendered in inaugurating the Journal. We venture to seek the co-operation of all who are interested in Archæological pursuits, and we trust that the Journal may be useful in stimulating Antiquarian research and in recording the results of the labours of Archæologists in the three Counties. Again to quote the words of the wise Doctor: "May they ever be skilful in knowing, careful in keeping, and courteous in communicating, their curious collections in that kind."

Proceedings of Societies.

OXFORD ARCHITECTURAL AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY.-The Official minutes of the proceedings of this active Society are published in this number.


NEWBURY FIELD CLUB.-The Annual Meeting was held on February 6th, under the presidency of W. G. Mount, Esq., M.P. We regret that want of space prevents us from publishing the President's address and a full report of meeting. Mr. Mount described the excursion to Wilton House, the seat of the Earl of Pembroke, and to the town of Wilton, its Church, and interesting Town Hall with its charters and maces. The second excursion was to Wittenham Church, with the Crusader Chapel and leaden font, the site of the Roman discoveries at Long Wittenham, Dorchester and Little Wittenham. The officers were re-elected, and Mr. Walter Money gave an interesting account of the new volume of Transactions, which promises to be a valuable contribution to Berkshire History, adorned with several illustrations, and well worthy of the reputation of thisdistinguished Society.

* *


BERKS ARCHEOLOGICAL SOCIETY.-The Annual Meeting was held on March 27th. The Report was read, and will be published in the next number of the Journal. The officers were re-elected, and a Paper was read by the Rev. P. H. Ditchfield on "The Livery Companies of London." The Secretary requested aid from the members of the Society for the completion of the Survey for Berks, the institution of a Photographic Survey of the County, and the collection of Berks Words for the new Dialect Dictionary.

Oxford University Brass Rubbing Society.



REV. J. C. COX, LL.D., F.S.A.

Honorary Members:




Vice-President :-J. L. MYRES, B.A., F.S.A., Magd. Coll.
Hon. Treasurer: P. MANNING, Marcon Hall.
Hon. Secretary: A. R. PINEL, Jesus Coll.
W. R. BARKER, Worc. Coll.


Past Vice-Presidents.

H. F. HAINES, B.A., St. Cath.
C. T. DIMONT, Worc. Coll.
J. HENSON, Worc. Coll.

S. L. SAUL, B.A., Keble.

R. K. W. OWEN, St. John's.

42 Resident Members. 1 Corresponding Member.

THE O.U.B.R.S. has just completed its second academical year, having been founded by some twenty Undergraduate Brassrubbers in May, 1893, with Mr. H. F. Haines, son of the famous authority on Brasses, as its first Vice-President. The Society has since more than doubled its roll of members,

The Society has a two-fold object; during term, to complete and revise the register, first of all Brasses, then of all Sepulchral Monuments in the County and Diocese of Oxford; and, during vacation, to promote the study and preservation of Brasses elsewhere, as its members may find opportunity.

The Society has held two Ordinary Meetings in each of the last three terms, at all of which recent rubbings taken by members have been exhibited. Papers have been read on

"Symbolism in Brasses," by H. M. CONACHEr.

"The Problems of a Brass Engraver," by J. W. CROWFOOT. "Heraldry," by A. R. PINEL.

"Canopies in Brasses," by J. L. MYRES.

"The Parish Church and Monuments of Minster in Sheppey," by W. H. Draper.

At the last meeting, in Lent Term, several members discussed the Brasses which they had lately studied, and exhibited their Rubbings.

At a Public Meeting held in November, in the Ashmolean Lecture Room, Viscount Dillon kindly gave a most interesting lecture upon "Ancient Armour," and has since graciously consented to become an Honorary Member of the Society.

With its present programme and organization, and with so many active Brass-rubbers in its ranks, there is reason to hope that the Society will continue to progress as rapidly as it has hitherto done during its brief existence.



Oxford Architectural and Historical
Society, 1894.


The first Meeting of the Lent Term was held in the Old Ashmolean Museum, at 8.15 p.m., the President in the chair.

The following were elected Members of the Society :-M. W. Myres, Esq., Oriel College; Miss Ward, The Firs, Banbury Road; H. D. Grissell, M. A., Brasenose College.

C. M. LAING, B.C.L., gave notice of his intention to move an amendment to Rule XXVI., raising the annual subscription to 10/with 5/- entrance fee, and providing for the payment of a small fee from all strangers introduced at the Excursions of the Society.

F. KING, Esq., then read a paper entitled “Reminiscences of Oxford during the past seventy years."

H. HURST, M.A., made some observations on the demolition of the City Gates, and of the old church of St. Clement, and upon the cutting on Headington Hill.

A Report

was presented and read, from the Sub-Committee of

the Society appointed to examine the state of the rubbings of Brasses belonging to the Society.


An Excursion (No. ccxx.) to Islip took place. The Members were received by the Rector, the Rev. T. W. FowLE, who described the Church. They then were entertained at the Rectory, an historical building erected by Dr. South 1690-91. The weather being very wet, but few joined, and the part of the programme as regards Water-Eaton was omitted.


The second Meeting was held at 8.15 p.m., in the Old Ashmolean
Museum, the President in the chair.

The following were elected Members of the Society :-R. F. Kerr,
Esq., Christ Church; Miss Thomas, 141,
Woodstock Road; Mrs.
Drinkwater, 1, Farndon Road; J. Cotton, Esq., 6, St. John's Road;
H. B. Forster, Esq., Exeter College.

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