The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Other Principal Saints, Volume 3

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James Duffy, 1866

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Page 236 - I REJOICED at the things that were said to me: We shall go into the house of the Lord.
Page 177 - Whilst Alypius, assisted by the governor of the province, urged, with vigour and diligence, the execution of the work, horrible balls of fire breaking out near the foundations, with frequent and reiterated attacks, rendered the place, from time to time, inaccessible to the scorched and blasted workmen; and the victorious element continuing in this manner obstinately and resolutely bent, as it were, to drive them to a distance, the undertaking was abandoned.
Page 252 - And Mary said: Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to thy word.
Page 111 - withdrawn from wrath, and called to the mercy of Christ. How is the king of that province called? " They told him his name was M\\a. : and he, alluding to the nam-e, said, "Hallelujah, the praise of God the Creator must be sung in those parts.
Page 10 - Woulds of Yorkshire. St Cedd being made bishop of London or of the East Saxons, left to him the entire government of this house. Oswi having yielded up Bernicia, or the northern part of his kingdom, to his son Alcfrid, this prince sent St Wilfrid into France, that he might be consecrated to the bishopric of the Northumbrian kingdom, or of York ; but he staid so long abroad that Oswi himself nominated St Chad to that dignity, who was ordained by Wini, bishop of Winchester, assisted by two British...
Page 273 - One thing I have asked of the Lord, this will I seek after ; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord, all the days of my life; That I may see the delight of the Lord, and may visit his temple.
Page 58 - Were many others exceeding hot and thirsty ; his face was dirty, his complexion pale, with the ulcer in his face, of which he died at seven years of age, and it was for him that I had prayed. There seemed a great distance between him and me, so that it was impossible for us to come to each other. Near him stood a vessel full of water...
Page 57 - And she answered, In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ he shall not hurt me. And as she began to ascend the first step of the ladder she seemed to tread upon his head. When she arrived at the top she saw a venerable man in the guise of a shepherd, feeding his flock ; and round him stood many thousands clothed in white. He raised his head, and looked on her, and said, You are...
Page 58 - Jesus Christ. When it came to my turn, my father instantly appeared with my infant. He drew me a little aside, conjuring me, in the most tender manner, not to be insensible to the misery I should bring on that innocent creature to which I had given life. The president Hilarian joined with my father, and said : " What ! will neither the grey hairs of a father you are going to make miserable, nor the tender innocence of a child, which your death will leave an orphan, move you ? Sacrifice for the prosperity...
Page 60 - I was wondering that the beasts were not let out against us, when there appeared a very ill-favoured Egyptian who came out to encounter me with others. But another beautiful troop of young men declared for me, and anointed me with oil for the combat. Then appeared a man of prodigious stature, in rich apparel, having a wand in his hand like the master of the gladiators, and a green bough, on which hung golden apples. Having ordered silence, he said that the bough should be my prize if I vanquished...

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