Nine Geometricall Exercises: For Young Sea-men, and Others that are Studious in Mathematicall Practices ... All which Exercises are Geometrically Performed, by a Line of Chords and Equal Parts, by Waies Not Usually Known Or Practised. Unto which the Analogies Or Proportions are Added, Whereby They May be Applied to the Chiliads of Logarithms, and Canons of Artificiall Sines and Tangents

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J. Flesher, 1704 - 192 pages

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Page 179 - Ocean, the first thing which strikes us is, that, the north-east and south-east monsoons, which are found the one on the north and the other on...
Page 257 - The stomachs of birds shot at all times of the year and in all parts of the state, have been preserved in alcohol, each labeled with name, date and locality.
Page 3 - A circle is a plane figure contained by one line, which is Called the circumference, and is fuch that all ftraight lines drawn from a certain point within the figure...
Page 75 - That i г is, the tangent of half the bafe is to the tangent of half the fum of the...
Page 41 - So is the Tangent of half the Sum of the oppofite Angles to the Tangent of half their Difference.
Page 76 - Prove that, in any plane triangle, the base is to the difference of the other two sides, as the sine of half the sum of the angles at the base, to the sine of half their difference : also, that the base is to the sum of the other two sides, as the cosine of half the sum of the angles at the base, to the cosine of half their difference. Ex.
Page 225 - Bring 22 d. of Capricorn to the Meridian, and fet the Hour Index to 1 2. Then turn the Globe about till Aldebaran be under the Meridian, and then you (hall find the Index to point at 42 m.
Page 169 - A line drawn from one pole to the other is called the axis of the magnet-.
Page 32 - Diameter pafllng thro' the other End ; or it is half the Chord of twice the Arch ; fo BF is the Sine of the Arches BA, BD.
Page 222 - Bring 2 1 d. of Capricorn to the Meridian, and the Index to 1 2 a Clock. Then move the Globe and Quadrant of Altitude fo together, that the Great Dog meet with 14 d.

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