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III of an Oblong Parallelipipedon MNOPQR, whose Breadth Fig. XX:

at the End NO is 3.40 Foot, and Depth M N 6.50 Foot, and the Length thereof MP, 16.25 Foot.

As 1 : 3.40::6.50 : 22.10 :: 16.25 : 159.12 Foot. Logar.. 3.40

0.531479 Logar. 6.50

0.812913 Logar. 16.25

1.210853 Logar. 359.12

2.555245 The Solidity. . IV. Of a Pyramis STVXN, whose Side of its Base ST, 8ci is Fig.XXI.

1.12 Foot, and Altitude NX 12.ço Foot.

As 1 : 1.12 :: 1.12 : 1.25 : } NX:4.30 : 5.39 the Sol. Con. Logar. 1.12

0.049218 Logar. 1.12

0.049218 Logar. 4.30

0.633468 Logar. 5.39

0.731904 the Solid Content, i V. Of a Cone A B CD, whose Diameter BC is 6:12, and Alti. Fig. tude AD 12.90 Foot.

XXII. As 7 in 4 (28) : 22: So 6.12 in 6.12 (37.45) : 29.30

The Area of the Circle of the Base. As I : 29.30 : : -S0 -4.30 : 126.00

The Solidity. Logar. 28

1.447058 Logar. 22

1.340422 Logar. 37.45


2913874 Logar, 29.30

1.466816 the Area, Logar. 4:30

0.633468 Logar. 126.00

2.100284 the Solidiry.

VI. Of the Fruftum of a Pyramis or Cone.


XXIII.! Let ABCHGF be the Fruftum of a Square Pyramid, the XXIV. Side of the Square at the Leser end A B, is 1.60. Foot; and there.


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fore the Ares of that Square A BCD is 2.56 Foot: -The Side of
the Square at the Greater End F G, is 2.30 Foot; and therefore
the Área thereof is 5.29 Foot, and the Altitude DE 39.3 Foot.

The Logarithm of ABCD 2.56 is

0408240 The Logarithm cf E F G H 5.29 is

0.723455 Their Sum

1.131695 Their half Sum

Which is the Logarithm of 3.68
The Sum of the Three Produ&ts 11.53
The Logar. of the Sum


1.061829 The Log. of į of the Altitude


1.117271 The Log. of


2.179100 Which is the Solidiry of the Fruftum ABCDEFGH. In the same manner the Fruftum of a Cone of the fame Altitude,

and the Area's of the Circles, at both Ends, the same with the Area's of the Squares, the Solidity of such a Fruftum Cone, will be found to be the same.

VIL. Of a Globe or Bullet, whose Diameter is 3.75 Boot. XXV. The Logar.of the Diameter 1.75

0.243038 Multiplied by 3

0.729114 The Logar. of 355

2.550228 Their Sum

3.279342 Logar. of [678 always] Subftra&

2.831229 Rests the Logar. of 2.806 Foot

0.448113 Which is the Solidity of the Bullet..



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C D.
OSMOGRAPHY, in Greek Koomongapia, is derived a

fcription: So that COSMOGRAPHD is a Defcription of the
World; confider'd under the Names of the Heavens, as the Cæle-
stial; and of the Earth and Water, as the Terrestrial Parts there-
of. A true aud perfe&t Represention of both which, may be (and

usually is) deseribed upon Two Round Bodies, called GLOBĖS: . And therefore we shall first trear of them..

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C.H.A P. I.

Of a material Sphere or Globe ; and of such Circles, Lines

and Points, as are described upon it, and that are appen-
dant to it. And how to red ifie the Globe, fitting it for
the resolving of such Problems as are to be performed by it.

I. Of the Circles of the Sphere..
Globe or Sphere is an Artificial Representation of the Starry Fig.
A , .
or of the Earıh and Water, under the Form or Fi- XXV.


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