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CHESHIRE. CHESTER, St. Olave, Bap., Mar. and Bur. 1611-1644, and (continued) Bur. 1654-1673, Harl. MS. 2177.


CHESTER, Trinity, 1598-1653, Harl. MS. 2177.

ALWINGTON, Bap. and Mar. 1550-1716, Bur. 1550-1775,
Chester MSS.

BRADFORD, 1559-1812, Chester MSS.

HARTLAND, Bap. 1557–1812, Mar. 1557–1837, Bur. 1577–

1866, Chester MSS.

HOLLACOMBE, 1638-1738, Chester MSS.

LITTLEHAM, 1538-1812, Chester MSS.

MAMHEAD, 1549-1892, Rev. W. C. Plenderleath, the


NEWTON, St. Petrock, 1578-1812, Chester MSS.

PARKHAM, 1537-1812, Chester MSS.

SHAUGH PRIOR, 1565-1887, MS. Coll. Arms.

SHEBBEAR 1576-1812, Chester MSS.

DORSET. HALSTOCK, Bap. 1698. Mar. 1701, Bur. 1698-1812, Rev. R. F. Meredith (Indexed).

DURHAM. DENTON, Bap. 1673-1714, Mar. 1673-1715, Bur. 1673–1717, Rev. J. Edleston (earlier Register printed).

GAINFORD, Bap. 1784-1841, Mar. 1754-1837, Bur. 1784– 1852, Rev. J. Edleston (earlier Register printed). WHORLTON, Bap. 1626–1724, Mar. 1713-1724, Bur. 16691724, Rev. J. Edleston (Indexed).

ESSEX. DEBDEN, 1557-1777, Chester MSS.

STANSTED MONTFICHET, 1558-1760 (per J. J. Green), Brit.

GLO'STERSHIRE. KING STANLEY, Bap. 1573-1812, Mar. 1573-1813,
Bur. 1573-1881, Rev. R. H. Clutterbuck, F.S.A.
LEONARD STANLEY, Bap. 1575-1600, Mar. 1570-1613, Bur.
1571-1664, and 1773-1812, Rev. R. H. Clutterbuck,




ASHE, Bаp. 1607, Mar. 1606, Bur. 1618-1720, Rev. F. W.

DUNMER, 1540-1889, St. Andrews (Index in progress).
EASTROP, 1750-1888, St. Andrews (Indexed).

KNIGHTS ENHAм, Baр. 1683-1812, Mar. 1697-1805, Bur.
1758-1812, Rev. R. H. Clutterbuck, F.S.A.

STEVENTON, 1604-1888, St. Andrews.

UPTON GREY, 1558-1837, Miss G. T. Martin.

ST. ALBAN'S ABBEY, 1558-1689, Chester MSS.

WESTON, Bap. and Bur. 1539-1760, Mar. 1539-1757,
M. R. Pryor.

BECKENHAM, 1538-1716, A. O. Barron.

BECKENHAM, Bap. 1717-1784, Mar. 1717-1790, Bur. 1717-1785, L. L. Duncan, F.S.A.

CHISLEHURST, 1558-1760, L. L. Duncan, F.S.A.


DAVINGTON, Index 1549-1862, B. M. Add. MS. 28837. (continued) MAIDSTONE, 1542-1740, Rev. J. Cave-Browne (part pub.).



Canon Benham.

Canon Benham.

ORPINGTON, 1560-1754, H. C. Kirby.

PRESTON (Faversham), 1559-1812, Rev. J. Russell Cooke.
THANET, St. Peter 1582-1777, Soc. of Antiq. MS. (by
Canon Benham).

THANINGTON, Mar. 1558-1737, J. M. Cowper.

LANCASHIRE. OLDHAM, Bap. 1558-1611. MS. Coll. Arms.
WARRINGTON, 1st Register Warrington Museum.

LONDON. ALL HALLOWS, Lombard Street, 1550-1867, Chester MSS.
BUNHILL FIELDS, Bur. 1713-1826, Chester MSS.
CHARTERHOUSE CHAPEL, Bap. 1696-1812, Mar.1671–1754,
Bur. 1695-1812, Dr. F. Collins.

CHAPEL ROYAL, Whitehall, 1704-1867, Chester MSS.
CHELSEA, Mar. 1559-1754, Chester MSS.

MERCERS' CHAPEL, 1641-1833, Chester MSS.
ROLLS' CHAPEL, 1736-1826, Chester MSS.

ST. BENET, Gracechurch, 1558-1866, Chester MSS.
ST. LEONARD, Eastcheap, 1538-1812, Chester MSS.
TEMPLE CHURCH, complete, Chester MSS.

WESTMINSTER, St. Margaret, complete, Chester MSS.

MIDDLESEX. EPPING, 1538-1750, W. C. Metcalfe, F.S.A. (indexed to


NORFOLK. ANTINGHAM, 1679-1812, Rev. F. Procter.

BACTON, 1558-1812, Rev. F. Procter.
BRADFIELD, 1725-1812, Rev. F. Procter.

BUNSTEAD, 1561-1812, Rev. F. Procter.

CASTLE ACRE, Bap. 1695-1699, Mar. 1710-1748, Bur. 1695-1698, Rev. J. H. Bloom.

GARVESTON, 1539-1812, Chester MSS.

HORSEY, Bap. and Bur. 1559-1812, Mar. 1571–1677, Rev.
F. Procter.

INGHAM, Bap. and Bur. 1800-1812, Mar. 1800-1838 (the
Register burnt), Rev. F. Procter.

MUNDESLEY, 1724-1744, and 1756-1812, Rev. F. Procter.
PALLING, 1779-1812, (Register lost), Rev. F. Procter.
SWAFIELD, 1660-1812, Rev. F. Procter.

THORPEMARKET, 1537-1739, Rev. F. Procter.

THUXTON, Complete, Chester MSS.

WAXHAM, 1780-1812 (Register lost), Rev. F. Procter.
WEST SOMERTON, 1736-1812, Rev. F. Procter.

WESTWICK, Bap. and Bur. 1642-1812, Mar. 1642-1836,

Rev. F. Procter.

WINTERTON, with E. Somerton, 1717-1812 (after fire),
Rev, F. Procter.

NORTHANTS. LILFORD, 1564-1777, Chester MSS.
WADENHOE, Complete, Chester MSS.



CARLTON-IN-LINDRICK, Mar. 1559-1754, Bap. and Bur.
1559-1678, G. W. Marshall LL.D., Coll. Arms.
RATCLIFFE-ON-Soar, 1597-1773, Rev. E. F. Taylor.
SUTTON, St. Ann, 1560-1759, Rev. E. F. Taylor.
OXFORD, All Saints, 1559-1866, Chester MSS.

OXFORD, St. Giles, Mar. 1559-1754, Bap. 1576-1769, Bur.
1605-1768, Chester MSS.

OXFORD, St. Mary Magdalen, 1600-1726, Chester MSS.
OXFORD, St. Mary the Virgin, 1599-1866, Chester MSS.
OXFORD, St. Peter-in-the-East, 1559-1866, Chester MSS.

RUTLAND. EDITH WESTON, Bap. 1585, Mar. and Bur. 1586-1836,
Rev. A. Trollope.

HAMBLEDON, Bap. and Bur. 1558–1812, Mar. 1558–1846,

Rev. Geo. Gibb.

LUFFENHAM (NORTH), Bap. 1572-1748, Mar. and Bur.
1565-1749, Rev. P. G. Dennis.

LYNDON, Bap. and Bur. 1580-1813, Mar. 1580-1837,
Rev. T. K. B. Nevinson.


Rev. M. A. Thomson.

SHROPSHIRE. QUATFORD, 1636-1811, Brit. Mus. Add. MS. 28740. SOMERSET. BANWELL, 1568-1797, Chester MSS.

STAFFORDSHIRE. INGESTRE, 1691-1733 (per C. J. Bradshaw).


BANSTEAD, Bap. and Mar. 1547-1750, Bur. 1547-1789,
F. A. H. Lambert, F.S.A.

BEDDINGTON, Mar. 1538-1754, R. Garraway Rice, F.S.A.
COULSDON, Mar. 1655-1753, R. Garraway Rice, F.S.A.
FARLEIGH, Bap. and Bur. 1678-1812, Mar. 1679-1810,
R. Garraway Rice, F.S.A.

GODALMING, Bap. 1582-1625, Mar. and Bur. 1583-1625,
Ralph Nevill, F.S.A.

HORLEY, Bap. 1630-1700, Mar. 1630-1753, Bur. 1599-
1700, A. R. Bax.

MITCHAM, 1563-1678, Chester MSS.

RICHMOND, 1583-1812, J. Challenor Smith.

WOLDINGHAM, Вap. 1766-1812, Mar. 1769-1810, Bur. 1765-1811, R. G. Rice.

SUSSEX. ARDINGLY, 1558-1724 (by Rev. J. H. L. Booker), The Rector, Indexed and annotated.

BALCOMBE, Bap. 1554, Mar. 1539, Bur. 1540-1746 (by

Rev. J. H. L. Booker), The Rector.

CRAWLEY, Mar. 1688-1750, R. Garraway Rice.

DITCHLING, Bap. 1557 and Mar. and Bur. 1556-1750,
Capt. Attree, R.E. (indexed).

EAST GRINSTEAD, Bap. 1558-1760, Mar. 1559-1760, Bur.
1574-1760, R. Payne Crawfurd.


EDBURTON, 1558-1673, Sussex Arch. Soc. (see No. 1 List). (continued) HORSHAM, Bap. and Bur. 1540-1761, Mar. 1541-1753,

R. Garraway Rice.

ITCHINGFIELD, Mar. 1700-1812, R. Garraway Rice.
NUTHURST, Mar. 1653-1754, R. Garraway Rice.

NUTHURST, Bap. and Bur. 1636, B. M. Ayscough, MS. 1677
WIVELSFIELD, Bap. and Bur. 1559-1780, Mar. 1559-1753,
Capt. Attree, R.E.

WARWICKSHIRE. FILLONGLEY, 1538-1653, Rev. A. B. Stevenson. LILLINGTON, Bap. 1540-1573, Mar. 1541-1573, Bur. 1539-1575, Rev. J. Edleston.


CHERHILL, 1690-1891, Rev. W. C. Plenderleath, The

EAST KNOYLE, 1538-1892, Rev. R. N. Milford (indexed).
SEAGRY, Bap. and Bur. 1610-1811, Mar. 1611-1753 (old
Trans.), D. Hipwell.

WORCESTERSHIRE. CLENT, 1562-1812, J. Amphlett.

HAGLEY, 1538-1889, Parish and W. Wickham King

HAGLEY, 1538-1831 (Copy of J. Noakes), J. Amphlett.
OLD SWINFORD, 1602-1756, W. W. King.

PEDMORE, 1539-1886, Parish and W. W. King.

YORKSHIRE. BATLEY, Bap. and Bur. 1559-1812, Mar. 1559-1803,
Mich. Sheard.

EGTON, Mar. 1622-1761, Bap. and Bur. 1622-1779.
FARNHAM, 1570-Bap. and Mar. 1721, Bur. 1720, Dr. F.

HEMSWORTH, 1553-1688, Rev. J. H. Bloom, M.A.

KIRBY FLEETHAM, 1591-1718, Chester MSS.

KIRKDALE, 1580-1762, Chester MSS.

KNARESBOROUGH, 1561-Bap. 1767, Mar. 1751, Bur. 1764,

Dr. F. Collins.

MIRFIELD, 1559-1606, Par. Church.

SHEFFIELD, Bap. 1559-1603, Rev. C. V. Collier.

SHEFFIELD, Bap. by Rev. Jollie, 1681-1704, Brit. Mus.

Add. MS. 24486.

[blocks in formation]

YORK, St. Martin-cum-Gregory, 1540-1780, Indexed to 1740, Rev. E. Bulmer.

Harrison & Sons, Printers in Ordinary to Her Majesty, St. Martin's Lane.

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