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meadows between the Uttoxeter road and Thornhill farm. Transplanted

to the garden the character remains unchanged

Lamium album, white archangel or dead nettle, hedge banks, May to September, white, P.

purpureum, red dead nettle, hedge banks, May, purple

amplexicaule, great henbit, sandy fields, February to June, rose colour Galeopsis ladanum, red hemp nettle, corn fields, June to September, rose colour, P. Pinxton

Tetrahit, common hemp nettle, corn fields, July to September, white

versicolor, large flowered nettle, corn fields, July to August, yellow, between Mat

lock and Duffield

Galeobdolon luteum, yellow dead nettle or weasel snout, moist shady places, May, yellow,
P. Quarndon, Duffield and Derby
Betonica officinalis, wood betony, woods, July to August, purple, Allestree, Horsley, Bretby
and Crich woods

Stachys sylvatica, hedge nettle, hedges, July to August, blood colour, P. palustris, all heal or wound wort, moist meadows, August, purple germanica, downy wound wort, corn fields, July, purple, Pinxton arvensis, corn wound wort, corn fields, July to August, purple, A. Ballota nigra, stinking horehound, hedges, July to August, purple, near Windmill pit,


Marrubium vulgare, white horehound, rubble, July, white, P. Derby and Middleton dale Clinopodium vulgare, great wild basil, bushy places, August, rose colour, Bolsover, Chaddesden, Glapwell and Pinxton Leonorus cardiaca, motherwort or lion's tail, hedge banks, July to August, white, Mackworth and Handley Origanum vulgare, common marjoram, hedges, July to August, rose colour, P. Crich, Clown, Dovedale and Matlock Thymus Serpyllum, wild thyme, heaths, July to August, purple, P. Buxton, Littleover, Matlock and Peak forest. It yields an essential oil, which is very heating; an infusion of the leaves removes the headache occasioned by the debauch of the preceding evening

Acinos, wild basil thyme, dry hills, July to August, violet, A. Dovedale and Glap


Calamintha, calamint balm, borders of fields, July to August, violet. From the garden of A. N. Moseley, esq. of Park Hill, who thought that it had been found growing wild not far from that place

Scutellaria galericulata, scull cap or willow herb, watery places, July to August, blue, P.

Pinxton, and on the banks of the Mill dam, near Derby

minor, lesser scull cap or willow herb, moist heaths, August, pink, P. Prunella vulgaris, common self heal, meadows and pastures, July to August, violet, P. Melittis melissophyllum, bastard balm or balm leaf, woods, May to June, flesh colour, between Sinfin and Barrow.


Bartsia odontites, purple eyebright, meadows and pastures, July to August, purple, Bread-
sall, Matlock, and Radbourn lane
Rhinanthus Crista-galli, cock's comb or yellow rattle, meadows and pastures, June, yellow,
in a field between Matlock and Bonsal
Euphrasia officinalis, common eyebright, pastures, July to September, white, Quarndon,
Dovedale, and Radbourn lane
Melampyrum pratense, common cow wheat, woods, July to August, yellow, Morley moor,
on the side nearest to Horsley castle

Lathræa squamaria, great toothwort, shady places, April, purple
Pedicularis palustris, marsh lousewort, boggy marshes, June to July, purple, Quarndon

common and Breadsall

sylvatica, pasture lousewort, moist heaths, June to July, rose colour, Quarndon

common and Breadsall

Antirrhinum Cymbalaria, ivy-leaved snapdragon, old walls, May to November, violet, stone walls at Matlock, and rocks in Mr. Arkwright's grounds, Cromford, Morley, and Millford bridge

Elatine, sharp-pointed fluellin, corn fields, August to September, yellow Linaria, common yellow snapdragon, hedges, July to August, yellow, P. Breadsall and various other places. An infusion of the leaves is diuretic and purgative. The expressed juice, mixed with milk, is a poison to flies minus, least snapdragon or calf's snout, sandy fields, July to August, violet majus, great snapdragon, walls, July to August, rose colour, Matlock palustris, marshy snapdragon,

Scrophularia nodosa, knobby rooted figwort, woods, July, blood colour, on the banks of the

Derwent, about Derby, frequent

Scrophularia aquatica, water betony or figwort, watery places, July, blood colour, by the
boat house, Darley
Digitalis purpurea, common forglove, hedge banks, June to July, purple, Stanton by Bridge,
Quarndon, Matlock and Horsley castle

var. alba, white foxglove, hedge banks, June to July, white

Orobanche major, greater bromerape, uncultivated places, May to June, purplish, in the highest part of the woods upon the rock opposite Matlock bath, and Little Eaton

ramosa, branched bromerape, August to September, bluish, in a young fir plan-
tation by the side of a high corn field, at Ingleby, near Anchor Church.


Draba verna, common whitlow grass, walls, March to April, white, on the wall surrounding

Mackworth church yard

muralis, speedwell leaved whitlow grass, fissures of rocks, May, white, A. on limestone rocks near the house of the Rev. E. Carr, Parwich Lepidium campestre, mithridate mustard or bastard cresses, June to July latifolium, broad-leaved pepperwort, pastures, July, white Hutchinsia petræa, rock cresses

Teesdalia nudi-caulis Liberis, naked-stalked cresses, Middleton dale. Mr. Coke

Thlaspi alpestre, alpine shepherd's purse, meadows and pastures, June to July, white, on

limestone rocks, and about lead mines at Matlock

Bursa pastoris, common shepherd's purse, March to September, white, A. in fields
and road sides, on cultivated ground

Cochlearea officinalis, garden scurvy grass, May, white, near the great cavern, Castleton,

and Wirksworth

Armoracea, horse raddish, watery places, May, white Coronopus Ruellii, swine's cress, road sides, June to July, white, Duffield.


Cardamine impatiens, impatient ladies' smock, rocks, May to June, white, abundant in the woods opposite the Matlock old bath

hirsuta, hairy-leaved ladies' smock, moist shady places, March to June, white
pratensis, common meadow ladies' smock, meadows and pastures, April to May,
purple, Breadsall meadows, and fields about Derby

Amara, bitter cress or ladies' smock, watery places, April to May, white, by the
side of the Markeaton brook, near a field on the Kedleston road
Erysimum barbarea, winter cress or rocket, rivulet banks, May to August, yellow
Alliaria, Jack by the hedge, sauce alone or garlic wormseed, hedges, May, white
cheiranthoides, treacle hedge mustard, July, yellow, hedge banks near Ashbourn
Nasturtium officinale, water cress, rivulets, June to July, white, Via Gellia brook, and
other brooks and springs, very fine
sylvestre, winter cress or water rocket
terrestre, land rocket

amphibium, water raddish, June

Sisymbrium officinale, hedge mustard, May

monense, dwarf sea rocket, sandy banks, June to July, yellow, Old Meadows
on the banks of the Derwent

Sophia, flix weed or water cress, waste ground, July, yellow, on rubbish be-
tween Derby and Shardlow

Arabis thaliana, podded mouse ear, turkey pod or wall cress, walls, April, white, on the wall round Mackworth church yard and at Langley

Turrita, tower wall cress, walls, May, sulphur, Matlock, near the entrance to the
Cumberland cavern

hispida, alpine rock cress, Middleton dale.

Mr. Coke

Brassica Rapa, wild rape or turnip cabbage, corn fields, April, yellow.

Turritis glabra, smooth tower mustard, gravelly pastures, May to June, white, Masson hill,

near Smedley's cavern

hirsuta, hairy tower mustard, old walls, May, white, Masson hill, near Smedley's


Sinapis arvensis, rough charlock or wild mustard, corn fields, May, yellow
alba, white mustard, corn fields, June, yellow
nigra, black mustard, borders of fields, June, yellow
Raphanus Raphanistrum, wild raddish, corn fields, June to July, yellow.

CLASS 16. MONADELPHIA. -PENTANDRIA. Erodium cicutarium, hemlock crane's bill, road sides, June to August, purple, P. moschatum, musk crane's bill, meadows and pastures, June to July, purple.



Geranium sylvaticum, wood crane's bill, meadows and pastures, June to July, purple, in a wood at the foot of the Zig Zag walk, Matlock

pratense, crowfoot leaved crane's bill, meadows and pastures, June to July, blue,
P. Breadsall, and in a meadow on the Markeaton road
robertianum, stinking crane's bill or herb Robert, stoney places, May to October,

purple, B. frequent about Derby

lucidum, shining crane's bill, stoney places, May to August, rose colour, Dethick, Matlock bath, Peak's hole and Winfield manor

molle, dove's foot crane's bill, waste ground, April to August, purple, A. on the Ashbourn road

rotundifolium, round-leaved crane's bill, walls, June to July, rose colour, A. on
a dry bank on the Markeaton road
dissectum, jagged-leaved crane's bill, waste ground, May to June, purple, A.
Derby, Pinxton, &c.

columbinum, long-stalked crane's bill, corn fields, June to July, rose colour, A.
Matlock, Middleton dale and Dovedale

sanquineum, bloody crane's bill, meadows and pastures, June to October, blood colour, P. Buxton rocks, and opposite Haddon hall

Malva sylvestris, common mallow, waste places, May to August, purple, on the Kedleston

road and near Markeaton

rotundifolia, dwarf mallow, road sides, May to July, flesh colour, at the foot of the

High Tor, Matlock

moschata, musk mallow, borders of fields, May to August, rose colour, very frequent about Shardlow, Dale Abbey, Spondon and various other places.



Fumaria lutea, yellow fumatory, old walls, May, yellow, Castleton, Smith's Fl. behind a hovel in a path leading from the temple to the lead mines, top of Masson hill. Mrs. Lucy Hardcastle

officinalis, common fumatory, gardens, corn fields, and sometimes old walls, April

to August, rose colour, common about Derby claviculata, white climing fumatory, on walls, in hedges and woods, August, white, in a dingle on Quarndon common, and in a fox cover near Horsley castle.


Polygala vulgaris, common milkwort, meadows and pastures, May to June, about Matlock, in all the variety of colours, blue, pink and white, also in the high and dry grounds near Derby.


Spartium scoparium, common broom, dry pastures, May to June, near Breadsall and near Belper lane end, common Genista tinctoria, wood waren, greenwood or dyer's broom, dry pastures, July, yellow, common. It gives a bitter taste to the milk of cows when they feed upon it anglica, needle furze, petty whin or hengorse, moist heaths, April to September, yellow, turnpike road leading to Burton, and near the pastures, Egginton

Ulex europæus, common furze, whins or gorse, heaths and barren neglected land, May to September, yellow, Morley moor, Horsley castle, and between Findern and Willington

nanus, dwarf furze, Dovedale, August to October, yellow

Ononis spinosa, thorny rest harrow, petty whin or ground furze, dry pastures and hedge banks, August to October, yellow, in a lane leading to Radbourn arvensis, hairy rest harrow, barren pastures, June to August, near Breadsall, more

common than the preceding species

Anthyl vulneraria, kidney vetch or lady finger, dry pastures, June to August, yellow,
frequent on the top of Masson hill, among the lead mines
Orobus tuberosus, heath pea or wood pea, woods and pastures, May, purple, Nutwood at
Darley near Derby, and frequent about Matlock
Lathyrus Nissolia, grass vetch, woods and pastures, July to August, crimson, Nutwood at


hirsutus, rough-podded lathyrus, borders of fields, South Normanton, July, purple pratensis, meadow vetehling or tare everlasting, meadows and pastures, July to August, yellow, Kedleston, Markeaton woods, and various other places sylvestris, narrow-leaved pea everlasting, moist woods, July to August, yellow latifolius, broad-leaved pea everlasting, woods, July to August, rose colour

Vicia sylvatica, wood vetch, woods, July to August, white, Heights of Abraham, Matlock, in a walk high in the rock behind Saxton's Matlock bath, not far from

the entrance of Skidmore's cavern, but on the opposite side of the path. This beautiful plant also grows near Dovedale, Duffield, and various other places

Cracca, perennial tufted vetch, meadows and hedges, July to August, violet
sativa, common vetch, corn fields, May to June, purple, common about Derby
sepium, bush vetch, hedges, May to June, blue, common

Ervum tetraspermum, smooth podded tare, corn fields, June, purple, in the path up the rock

behind Phoebe's cottage, Matlock

hirsutum, small wild rough podded tare, corn fields and hedges, July, blue, Quarn

don common

Ornithopus perpusillus, common bird's foot, dry pastures, May to August, reddish, on the highest part of Quarndon common and Chevin Hedysarum Onobrychis, medick vetchling or cock's head, gravelly fields, July, rose colour,

not common

Astragalus glycyphyllos, liquorice vetch, ditch banks, June, yellow Trifolium officinale, melilot, in fields, among corn, and under hedges, July to August, common repens, white trefoil or Dutch clover, meadows and pastures, May to September,

white, common

pratense, honeysuckle trefoil or common clover, meadows and pastures, May to September, purple, common

medium, long-leaved purple trefoil, cow or perennial clover, meadows and pastures, June to July, purple

fragiferum, strawberry trefoil, moist meadows, July to August, flesh colour,


arvense, hare's foot trefoil, meadows and pastures, July to August, flesh colour
procumbens, hop trefoil, meadows and pastures, May to August, yellow, in sandy
and gravelly soils

arabica, heart trefoil or claver, meadows and pastures, May
minus, lesser yellow trefoil, dry pastures, June to July, yellow

striatum, knotted trefoil with softer heads, dry pastures, July, purple
filiforme, least hop trefoil, sandy pastures, May to June, not very common

Lotus corniculatus, bird's foot trefoil or claver, meadows and pastures, June to August,
yellow, Matlock, Morley moor, Quarndon, and in most dry situations
major, great bird's foot trefoil, meadows and pastures, June to August, yellow
Medicago lupilina, melilot or black medick trefoil, pastures and heaths, in light soil, May
to August, yellow, Little Eaton
maculata, spotted melilot.



Hypericum androsœmum, tutsan or St. John's wort, woods and moist hedges, July to Au

gust, yellow

quadrangulum, St. Peter's wort, moist meadows and hedges, August, yellow, in a wood near Wheathill, and by the brook in a field leading to Thornhill


perforatum, common St. John's wort, groves, July to August, yellow, on the Kedleston road, near Quarndon

dubium, imperforate St. John's wort, woods, July to August, yellow humifusum, trailing St. John's wort, dry pastures, July, yellow, Dale Abbey, and in a lane near Locko park

montanum, mountain St. John's wort, moist hedges and road sides, July, yellow, Deadman's lane, near Derby

hirsutum, hairy St. John's wort, watery hedges and road sides, Deadman's lane,

near Derby, July, yellow

pulchrum, heart-leaved or upright St. John's wort, woods, July, yellow, on the road between Spondon and Locko, in a dry bank, and on Morley moor elodes, marsh St. John's wort, watery places, July to August, yellow.


Trogopogon pratensis, go-to-bed-at-noon or yellow goat's beard, pastures, B. June, yellow, in

pastures at Darley, near Derby, and Pinxton

porrifolius, salsafy or purple goat's beard, in the high fields between Matlock bath and Bonsal, May to June, purple

Picris hieracioides, Langue de bœuf or ox tongue, borders of fields, July to August, yellow Sonchus palustris, marsh sowthistle, banks of rivers, July to August, yellow

arvensis, corn sowthistle, corn fields, August, yellow

oleraceus, common sowthistle, cultivated land and gardens, June, yellow

Lactuca virosa, strong scented lettuce, on banks, under hedges and the borders of fields, B. July to August, yellow, Matlock. Mr. Coke scariola, prickly or mild scented lettuce, about Peak's hole, B. August, yellow

Prenanthes muralis, wall ivy leaved lettuce, woods, July, yellow, about Matlock and Duf-
field bridge, frequent
Leontodon Taraxacum, dandelion, in meadows and pastures, P. April to September, yellow,


autumnale, hawkweed with bitter roots or yellow devil's bit, in open fields and
commons, July to August, yellow

Apargia hispida, rough hawkbit or hawkweed, meadows and pastures, P. June to July,


hirta, prickly hawkbit, meadows and pastures,

autumnalis, autumnal hawkbit, meadows and pastures, July to August Hieraceum Pilosella, mouse-ear hawkweed, dry pastures and hedge banks, May to July, yellow, Derby and Mackworth

dubium, creeping hawkweed, mountains, P. July to August, yellow, Coxbench


murorum, French lungwort, hedge banks, P. July, yellow, Derby and Pinxton
sylvaticum, wood hawkweed, woods, August, yellow

paludosum, marsh or mountain hawkweed, mountains, July, yellow
villosum, alpine hawkweed, alpine rocks, August, yellow

sabaudum, shrubby hawkweed, with broad rough leaves, on heaths, in woods
and hedges, P. July to August, yellow, Brampton
umbellatum, bushy hawkweed, woods, August to September, yellow
Crepis tectorum, smooth succory, pastures, A. June to September, yellow, Pinxton
Hypochoris radicata, long-rooted hawkweed or cat's ear, meadows and pastures, P. June to

August, yellow, common
Lapsana communis, nipplewort, under hedges, on rubbish, gardens and cultivated land,
June to September, yellow, common
Cichorium Intybus, wild succory, chiefly on dry banks, July to August, blue, in the road
leading to Swarkstone bridge, nearly upon the bridge
Arctium Lappa, common clot burr or burdock, rubbish, B. July to August, purple, on al-
most every road side

Bardana, taller burdock, with woolly heads, on the sides of roads, July to August,
purple, not uncommon

Serratula tinctoria, sawwort, woods, P. July, August, purple

Carduus nutans, musk thistle, pastures in calcarious soil, P. July to August, purple, common
Acanthoides, welted thistle, with small flowers, road sides, dry ditch banks, and on
rubbish, June to July, purple, not uncommon

tenuiflorus, slender flowered thistle, hedge banks, June to July, purple
marianus, milk or ladies' thistle, hedge banks, July to August, purple

Onopordum acanthium, cotton thistle, road sides, on rubbish, and in cultivated land, July,


Centaurea calcitrapa, star thistle, in dry pastures and by the side of roads, July, not common Cnicus lanceolatus, spear thistle, pastures and road sides, B. July to August, purple. The flowers have the property of curdling milk

palustris, marsh thistle, marshes, moist pastures and hedge banks, P. July to Au

gust, purple

acaulis, dwarf thistle, pastures, July to August, purple. A dwarf plant but spread-
ing the breadth of a foot, the leaves grow close to the ground, and prevent
cattle from browsing near them

arvensis, common thistle, pastures, corn fields and road sides, July, purple
eriophorus, woolly headed thistle, pastures and road sides, August, purple, Matlock

bath, &c.

heterophyllus, melancholy thistle or all-leaf, moist alpine pastures, July to August,
purple, P. Buxton, Taddington, &c. This elegant plant is smoked by the
inhabitants instead of Tobacco. It grows among the hay, which is in
general cut down before it flowers, the people therefore imagine it never
flowers, and call it all-leaf

pratensis, gentle thistle, wet meadows, June, purple

Carlina vulgaris, wild carline thistle, in dry fields, and on barren sandy soil, May, Middleton

dale, common

Bidens tripartita, trisid leaved water hemp agrimony, watery places and stagnated waters,
A. July to August, yellow, frequent

cernua, water hemp agrimony, watery places, September, yellow, Little Eaton

brook, and Old Meadows, Derby

Eupatorium cannabinum, hemp agrimony, Dutch agrimony or common hempweed, in ditches and marshy ground, July to August, purple, on the banks of the Derwent, by Markeaton brook, and various other places


Conyza squarrosa, great feabane or ploughman's spikenard, dry sandy pastures, July to
August, yellow, a troublesome weed and very common


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