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Epilobium parviflorum, woolly willow-herb, watery places, July, purple, B.
montanum, smooth-leaved willow-herb, woods, July, purple, B.

roseum, pale smooth-leaved willow-herb, marshes, July, rose colour, P.
tetragonum, square-stalked willow-herb, marshes, July, purple, P.
palustre, marsh willow-herb, marshes, July, purple, P.

Acer pseudo-platanus, the greater maple or sycamore tree, hedges, May to June, green, Matlock, &c.

campestre, common maple, hedges, May to June, green, Kedleston, &c.

Chlora perfoliata, yellow wort, limestone hills, June to July, yellow, A. Whitwell and Pleasley park

Vaccinium Myrtillus, black whortleberry, bilberry or piperidge bush, moors, May to June, flesh colour, Morley moor, Wirksworth moor, &c.

Vitis Idæa, red whortleberry, dry heaths, May to June, flesh colour
Oxycoccus, cranberry, dry heaths, May to June, rose colour

Erica vulgaris, long grig or common heath, moors, June to September, rose colour, Morley moor, Horsley castle, Bretby park, &c.

tetralix, cross-leaved heath, moors, June to September, flesh colour, East Moor cinerea, fine-leaved heath, moors, June to August, purple, not very common, Crich multiflora, many-flowered heath, moors, July, Ashover

Daphne mezereum, spurge olive, woods, February to March, rose colour, S. Matlock and Chee Tor, rare

Laureola, spurge laurel, woods, February to April, green, S. in a hedge near Osmaston, Matlock, Hardwick, &c.


Polygonum amphibium, narrow-leaved pond weed or amphibious lake weed, banks of rivers, July to August, rose colour, canal bank on the Nottingham road, near Derby

Persicaria, dead or spotted arsmart, meadows and pastures, August to September, rose colour, Mackworth

Bistorta, bistort or greater knot grass, June, rose colour, Crich, Normanton, Mackworth, Derby, &c. The young leaves, boiled and fried with bacon, are eaten by the common people in Derbyshire. Pilkington.

aviculare, snake weed or knot grass, rubble, April to October, greenish, B. one of the most noxious weeds that infest dry sandy soils

Fagopyrum, buck-wheat, corn fields, July to August, flesh colour, A. Chesterfield. Some experienced farmers say, from the quick and luxuriant growth of this plant, it is an admirable destroyer of weeds; and in numerous cases, supersedes the use of summer fallowing

Convolvulus, black bindweed, corn fields, June to September, white, A.


Paris quadrifolia, true-love or herb Paris, woods at Matlock, Pinxton, Newton wood, and in an island in the Derwent, Darley, near Derby, May, green Adoxa Moschatellina, tuberous moschatel, in the nutwood, Darley, and in Mileash lane, leading to Darley, April to May, green, common.

[blocks in formation]

Butomus umbellatus, flowering rush or water gladiole, ponds, &c. June to July, rose colour, Repton ponds, Anchor Church, Borrowash, &c.

Heath, called ling in England and heather in Scotland. When dry pastures abound with this plant, they take the name of heaths, and can only be extirpated by paring and burning, and converting the pasture into tillage; this has been effected with profit by several occupiers of such land in this county. It is the most valuable material for the construction of bush drains. Bees extract honey largely from the flowers, which is of a good quality, but of a reddish colour. In the highlands of Scotland, the poorer inhabitants use it in the construction of their cottages, and also use it for their beds, Scott says,

[blocks in formation]

In the island of Hay, ale is often made by brewing one part of malt and two parts of the young tops of heath; sometimes they add hops. Boethius relates, that this liquor was much used by the Picts. Sheep and goats will sometimes eat the tender shoots, but they are not fond of them. Cattle, not accustomed to browse on heath, Linnæus says, give bloody milk at first, but are soon cured by drinking plentifully of water. The branches of heath afford shelter, and the seeds a principal part of the food of many birds, especially those of the grouse kind; and the seed-vessels are formed in such a manner, that the seeds are preserved a whole year. In the north of Scotland ropes are made of it, as strong, as durable, and nearly as pliant as hemp.-Farey calls these plants worthless and detrimental.



Monotropa Hypopithys, primrose scented bird's nest, woods, June, straw colour Andromeda polifolia, marsh cistus or wild rosemary, bogs, June, flesh colour, Axe-edge and Buxton

Arbutus Uva ursi, red-berried trailing arbutus, heaths, June, flesh colour, rocks over the Burbage, East Moor

Pyrola rotundifolia, winter green, woods, July, white, Woodlands. Mr. Knowlton.


Chrysoplenium alternifolium, golden saxifrage or sengreen, woods, April to May, yellow, in the Nutwood, Darley, and in the walk leading to Bonsal

oppositifolium, opposite-leaved saxifrage, woods, April, yellow, back of Saxton's, Matlock bath, and Quarndon

Saxifraga granulata, white saxifrage, limestone hills, May, white, in Alvaston meadows, on a bank near Osmaston, and Duffield

tridactylites, rue-leaved saxifrage, walls, April, white, Buxton, and common on

the walls about Derby

caespitosa, tufted alpine saxifrage, walls, &c. June, cream colour, Castleton hypnoides, mossy saxifrage, walls, &c. May, white, Dovedale, Castleton and Buxton

Scleranthus annuus, German knot-grass, corn fields, August, green

Saponaria officinalis, soapwort, hedges, August to September, bluish, Duffield

Dianthus Armeria, pheasant's-eye pink, gravelly pastures, July to August, red, Edensor deltoides, maiden pink, gravelly pastures, July to October, flesh colour, Bakewell hills, and on the road from Derby to Nottingham.


Silene anglica, English catchfly, sandy fields, July, white

quinquevulnera, variegated catchfly, sandy fields, June to July, blood colour
nutans, Nottingham catchfly, rocks, June to July, white, Dovedale and Middleton dale
acaulis, moss champion catchfly, rocks, June to July, rose colour

inflata, spattling poppy, white bottle or bladder champion, waste places, July to Au-
gust, white, P. in the fields leading from Matlock to Bonsal

Stellaria holostea, great stitchwort, woods, May, white, P. Derby, Duffield, Mackworth and


nemorum, wood slitchwort, woods and banks of rivers, June, white, P. Duffield graminea, lesser stitchwort, hedge banks, May, white, Derby and Pinxton

glauca, glaucous marsh stitchwort, moist meadows, June to July, white

uliginosa, bog stitchwort, rivulets, June, white

media, common chickweed, cultivated land, white, common in almost every situation

Arenaria trinervis, plantain-leaved sandwort, hedges, May to June, white, A.

serpyllifolia, thyme-leaved sandwort, walls, May to June, white, Matlock
laricifolia, larch-leaved sandwort, June, P. Crich and Middleton dale

rubra, purple sandwort, sandy fields, July to August, purple, corn fields near

verna, vernal sandwort, mountains, May to August, white, P. abundant near the mouths of mines, Matlock, &c.

saxatilis, rock sandwort, June, Middleton dale.


Cotyledon Umbilicus, kidney wort or wall pennywort, old walls, June to July, yellowish, on the rock at Anchor Church near Ingleby

Sedum Telephium, orpine livelong stonecrop, borders of fields, August, purple, P. Dethick, and on the banks of the Dove, Dovedale

dasyphyllum, round-leaved stonecrop, walls, June, white, P. Pinxton. Mr. Coke. acre, pepper stonecrop, walls, June, yellow, P. Derby, Matlock, Makeney and South Normanton

sexangulare, insipid stonecrop, walls, June to July, yellow

album, white stonecrop, rocks, July, white

reflexum, yellow stonecrop, walls, July, yellow

Oxalis Acetosella, common wood sorrel, cuckoo bread or sour trefoil, groves, April to May,

flesh colour, P. Nutwood at Darley, plantations at Markeaton, &c.

Agrestemma Githago, corn cockle, corn fields, June to July, purple, A. Breadsall

Lychnis flos-cuculi, meadow pinks, wild Williams, ragged Robins or cuckoo flower, June, rose colour, P. between the old Uttoxeter road and Thornhill

dioica, red and white flowered champion cuckoo flower, moist woods, May to Oct. red and white, P. in the plantations at Markeaton, and all the woods about Derby. Frequent in hedges and amongst corn

Cerastium vulgatum, clammy mouse-ear chickweed, sandy places, April to May, white, in a meadow near the Markeaton brook, between Matlock and Bonsal, &c. viscosum, narrow leaved mouse-ear chickweed, pastures, May to September, white, on the Ashbourn road, near Derby

semi-decandrum, least mouse-ear chickweed, rubble, April to August, white, A. Morley moor, near to Horsley Castle, and Pinxton

arvense, field mouse-ear chickweed, corn fields, May to August, white, P. aquaticum, great marsh mouse-ear chickweed, watery places, July, white, P. Siddals, near Derby

tomentosum, woolly mouse-ear chickweed, July, Kedleston

Spergula arvensis, corn spurrey, sandy fields, July to August, white, Priory near Breadsall and in a corn field near Quarndon

nodosa, knotted spurrey, sandy fields, July to August, white.



Lythrum Salicaria, purple spiked willow herb or loosestrife, banks of the canal between Derby and Breadsall, and in the Wilderness at the Priory, near Breadsall.


Agrimonia Eupatoria, common agrimony, borders of fields, June to July, yellow, in a field on Thornhill farm, near Derby, between Matlock and Bonsal, Duffield, &c.


Reseda luteola, wild woad or dyer's weed, waste ground, June to July, yellow, A. Allestree, Chesterfield, Derby, Duffield, Matlock, &c.

lutea, yellow weed or base rocket, dry soil, July, yellow, in a meadow by the side of the Derwent, Matlock

Euphorbia Peplus, petty spurge, cultivated ground, June, yellow, A. Derby

exigua, dwarf spurge, corn fields, July, yellow, A. Pinxton, and near Breadsall, Priory

helioscopia, wartwort, churnstaff, cat's milk or sun spurge, corn fields, July,
yellow, A. Derby, Pinxton, &c.

platyphylla, broad-leaved spurge, corn fields, July to August, yellow
amygdaloides, wood spurge, woods, April, yellow, Chaddesden, common
verrucosa, rough-fruited spurge, meadows and pastures, August
Characias, red spurge, woods, March to April, purple.


Sempervivum tectorum, common house leek or sengreen, roofs, July, flesh colour.

[blocks in formation]

Prunus Padus, bird cherry, woods, May, white, Chee Tor, Matlock, and between Dovedale

and Woodheaves

cerasus, wild cluster or cherry tree, woods, May, white, Bretby, Derby, Glapwell,

Mackworth, &c.

domestica, plum tree, hedges, April, white, in a hedge in the Humbleton farm, near


insititia, bullace tree, hedges, April, white, near Mackworth, Pinxton, &c.

spinosa, sloe tree or black thorn, hedges, March to April, white, in a field leading to Thornhill farm, near Derby. The tender leaves have been recommended as a substitute for tea. Letters written on linen or woollen with the juice of the fruit, will not wash out

avium, black cherry tree, Derby and Pinxton.


Crataegus aria, white beam tree, wild pear tree or hawthorn, fissures of the rocks, opposite the old bath, Matlock

oxycantha, common hawthorn, hedges, May to June, white.


Sorbus aucuparia, quicken tree, mountain ash, roan, or tree service, woods, May, white, Matlock, and Haddon pastures

domestica, true service tree, woods, May, white, Crich and Matlock.


Pyrus communis, pear tree, woods, April to May, white, Matlock, and between Morley and


Malus, crab tree or wilding, woods, April, white, in hedges between Etwall and

Hilton, &c.

Pyrus torminalis, wild service, woods, April to May, white

Spiræa Filipendula, common dropwort, meadows and pastures, July, white

ulmaria, meadow sweet, moist meadows, June to July, white, Derby, Duffield, Pinx

ton, &c.

salicifolia, willow-leaved dropwort.


Rosa spinosissima, burnet rose, sandy heaths, July, white, S. hedges and pastures at Rough Heanor

arvensis, white dog rose, hedges, May to June, white, S. common

villosa, apple rose, moist woods, June, rose colour, S. Hathersage, Dovedale and Rough


tomentosa, downy-leaved dog rose, hedges, June to July, rose colour, S.

rubiginosa, sweet briar rose, hedges, June to July, rose colour, S. Rough Heanor
canina, red dog rose or hep tree, hedges, June, flesh colour, S. common

Rubus idæus, raspberry, woods, May to June, white, Bretby woods, Crich woods, Alderwasley woods, &c.

cæsius, dewberry bush, borders of fields, June to July, white, in Radbourn lane, Nutwood at Darley, &c.

fruticosus, bramble blackberry, hedges, July to August, bluish, common

saxatilis, stone bramble or cloudberry, mountains, June, white, hills opposite Mat-
lock bath

Chamæmorus, mountain bramble, mountains, June, white, Kinder-Scout and Axe-
Edge. Mr. Knowlton.

Fragaria vesca, wood strawberry, woods, May to June, white

sterilis, barren strawberry, barren pastures, March to April, white, Allestree Potentilla anserina, wild tansey or silver weed, moist meadows, June to July, yellow, P. road sides about Derby, Sinfin moor and Hartington, common

argentea, hoary or silvery cinquefoil, gravelly pastures, June, yellow, on the Markeaton road, near Derby lodge

reptans, common cinquefoil, meadows and pastures, June to August, yellow, P. Tormentilla officinalis, common tormentil, June to July, yellow, P. Normanton, Radbourn, Quarndon common and Morley moor

reptans, trailing tormentil, June to July, yellow, P. The roots are powerfully astringent; they are used, Dr. Withering informs us, in several counties,

to tan leather: and that farmers find them efficacious in the dysentery of cattle. They dye red

Geum urbanum, herb bennet or common avens, woods, May to August, yellow, hedges on the Kedleston road, near Derby, &c.

rivale, water avens, moist meadows, June to July, reddish, P. Hassop, Pinxton and Chee Tor

Comarum palustre, marsh cinquefoil, old pits, June to July, purple.



Chelidonium majus, great celandine, rubble, May to June, yellow, P. Little Eaton, Mackworth and Matlock

Papaver Argemone, rough-headed poppy, corn fields, June to July, scarlet, A. Chaddesden, Spondon, Stanton by Bridge, &c.

dubium, smooth-headed poppy, sandy fields, June to July, scarlet, A. Chaddesden, Spondon, Stanton by Bridge, &c.

Rhoas, common red poppy, corn fields, June to July, scarlet, A. Chaddesden,

Spondon, Stanton by Bridge, &c.

somniferum, white poppy, corn fields, July, white, A. Chaddesden, Spondon, Stanton by Bridge, &c.

Nuphar lutea, yellow water lily, rivers, July, yellow, P. Repton, Hardwick, Breadsall, Priory and Winfield

Nymphæa alba, white water lily, watercan or candock, rivers, July, white, P. Wingerworth, Swarkstone, and Anchor Church ponds, and in a slow stream at West Hallam

Tilia europæa, common lime or linden tree, woods, July, yellowish, very fine avenue at Brislingcote Cistus Helianthemum, little sun flower or dwarf cistus, moist pastures, July to August, yellow, P. Ashover, Clown, Matlock and Middleton dale.


Aquilegia vulgaris, columbine, meadows and pastures, July, violet, Matlock, at the back of Haddon hall, and Buxton.


Anemone nemorosa, wood anemone, woods, April, white, P. meadows about Breadsall, Nutwood at Darley, &c.

Thalictrum minus, lesser meadow rue, dry pastures, June to July, purplish, P. Castleton flavum, common meadow rue, moist meadows, July, ochre, P. banks of the Derwent, below Derby, Alfreton, Duffield, &c.

Clematis vitalba, traveller's joy or great wild climber, hedges, July, white

Caltha palustris, marsh marigold, marshes, May, yellow, P. Breadsall meadow, &c. Ranunculus Flammula, lesser spearwort or crowfoot, watery places, June to September, yellow, P. in the boggy part of a meadow near Breadsall

lingua, great spearwort or crowfoot, muddy ditches, July, yellow, P. Ingleby and Knowl hills, South Normanton, &c. Mr. Coke

Ficaria, common pilewort, April, yellow, P. pastures and hedge banks, com


auricomus, wood crowfoot or goldilocks, woods, April to May, yellow, in the plantations at Markeaton, &c.

sceleratus, water crowfoot, watery places, June to August, yellow, in shallow water near Dead man's lane

bulbosus, butter cup or gold cup, meadows and pastures, May, yellow, in a
meadow above Little Chester, opposite Darley, where beautiful specimens
with full double flowers may be found

hirsutus, pale hairy crowfoot, corn fields, June to October, yellow, A.
repens, creeping crowfoot, meadows and pastures, June to August, yellow, P.
acris, upright meadow crowfoot, meadows and pastures, June to July, yellow, P.
arvensis, corn crowfoot, June, yellow, A. in corn fields at North Winfield and
about Breadsall

parviflorus, small flowered crowfoot, gravelly places, May to June, yellow, on
the bank of the canal, near Borrowash

hederaceus, ivy-leaved crowfoot, watery places, May to August, yellow, P. South Normanton, and in a ditch at Osmaston, by the side of the Chellaston road

aquatilis, fennel-leaved crowfoot, ditches, May to June, yellow, Markeaton brook, in the river Derwent, Ecclesbourne and Duffield

Trollius Europæus, globe flower or locker gowlans, May to June, yellow, Via Gellia, near to Bonsal, Litton dale, Ash dale, Buxton, and Demon's dale, Taddington. Botanist's Guide

Helleborus viridis, green hellebore, woods, April, green, P. in a field opposite Quarndon school, Matlock and Codnor castle

fœtidus, stinking hellebore, setterwort, ox heel or bear's foot, high pastures, Mar. to April, green, P. romantic rocks at Matlock, Cromford moor and Dethick.

[blocks in formation]

Ajuga reptans, common bugle, woods, May, blue, P. plantations at Markeaton, and woods at Matlock

alpina, alpine bugle, mountains, July, blue, summit of a mountain near Castleton. Mr. Dawson Turner Teucrium Scorodonia, wild germander or wood sage, woods, July, yellow, in a lane between Locko park and Dale Abbey, Duffield bank, &c. common

Nepeta cataria, cat mint, road sides, July, white, in the lane between Derby and Normanton Verbena officinalis, common vervain, road sides, July, purple, in a piece of waste ground

by the large silk mills, Derby, and Duffield bridge

Mentha sylvestris, horse mint, watery places, August to September, lilac, Longford brook rotundifolia, round-leaved mint, moist places, August to September, reddish, near a brook on the Uttoxeter road

viridis, spear mint, marshes, August, purple, banks of the Derwent, Duffield piperita, peppermint, watery places, August to September, purple, Bonsal dale, Anchor Church and South Normanton

odorata, bergamot, watery places, July to August, red

hirsuta, hairy mint, watery places, August to September, lilac, Sinfin moor
acutifolia, fragrant sharp-leaved mint, watery places, September, lilac

rubra, tall red mint, watery places, September, purple

arvensis, corn mint, corn fields, June to September, blue, P. in the water at Ked

leston park

aquatica, water mint, watery places, August, by the side of a brook near Thornhill


citrata, lemon mint

Pulegium, pennyroyal, wet commons, September, purple, Langley common, Ock. brook and Radbourn Glechoma hederacea, ground ivy, cat's foot or alehoof, hedge banks, April to May, blue, Mrs. Hardcastle found, for many successive years, a beautiful pure white variety, growing in a shady corner, by the brook which runs through the

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