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Bromus erectus, upright brome grass, meadows and pastures, July diandrus, wall brome grass, sandy ground, June

maximus, large panicled brome grass, meadows and pastures, July uniolaides, flat spiked brome grass, meadows and pastures, July Avena fatua, wild oat grass, August, a weed in corn fields

pratensis, narrow leaved oat grass, meadows and pastures, July
Hlavescens, golden oat grass, meadows and pastures, June to July
planiculmis, broad leaved oat grass, meadows and pastures, June
parviflora, small flowered oat grass, meadows and pastures, June
pubescens, yellow oat grass, meadows and pastures, June
fragilis, slender oat grass, meadows and pastures, June

Arundo phragmites, common reed, shady places, rivers and ponds, July

epigeios, wood reed, moist woods, July

calamagrostis, fine panicled reed, moist woods, July

arenaria, sea reed grass, meadows and pastures, August

Lolium perenne, perennial darnel, meadows and pastures, June

temulentum, bearded darnel, corn fields, July, a very pernicious weed amongst


arvense, white darnel, corn fields, July

Hordeum murinum, way-bennet or wall barley, walls and rubbish, June to August, against old walls and sides of bridges

pratense, meadow barley, moist pastures, June

bulbosum, bulbous barley grass, meadows and pastures, July Elymus europæus, wood lyme grass, woods, June

Triticum repens, creeping wheat grass, rubbish, June, August

caninum, bearded wheat grass, shady places, July

junceum, rush leaved wheat grass, meadows and pastures, August to September compositum, compound spiked wheat grass, meadows and pastures, August to


rigidum, stiff wheat grass, meadows and pastures, September to October.


Montia fontana, water chickweed, shallow waters, March.



Dipsacus fullonum,_manweed or fuller's teasel, hedges, July, purple, B. a lane leading to Radbourn, frequent near Derby

sylvestris, wild teasel, moist places, July, purple, road side near Kedleston, Spon

don, Thurvaston, &c.

pilosus, small teasel, moist places, August, white, Markeaton plantation, hedges near Derby, Spondon, &c.

Scabiosa succisa, devil's bit scabious, pastures, July to October, violet, P. near Little Ches

ter, in a pasture opposite Darley, a corn weed

arvensis, field scabious, June to August, purple, P. in corn fields near Breadsal
columbaria, fine leaved scabious, dry pastures, June to August, purple, P. heights
of Dovedale, and Horsley castle

Sherardia arvensis, little field madder, corn fields, May to August, blue, A. in a high field
on Quarndon common
Asperula odorata, sweet woodruff, woods, May, white, P. Mackworth, Sutton, Dovedale,
Markeaton, Matlock, &c.

cynanchia, small woodruff, chalk hills, July, P. Normanton, Pinxton

Galium cruciatum, crosswort bed straw, bushy places, May to August, yellow, in Thornhill

farm, near Derby

palustre, white ladies' bed straw, moist meadows, July, white, P. Coxbench, near Bowbridge common

saxatile, smooth heath bed straw, heaths, July to August, white

uliginosum, rough marsh goose grass, moist pastures, August, white, P. Coxbench, Pleasley park, &c.

erectum, upright goose grass, moist pastures, June to July, white, in a wood near Wheathill

pusillum, least mount. goose grass, mountains, May to August, white, P. Matlock
bath, Middleton dale, very plentiful
verum, yellow ladies' bed straw, bushy places, July to August, yellow, P. in dry
pastures near Duffield

Mollugo, great hedge goose grass, hedges, July to August, white, Pinxton, frequent aparine, goose grass or hairiff, hedges, May to August, white, Á. hedges and gardens, very common

montanum, mountain goose grass, high pastures, July, P. Middleton dale
procumbens, trailing or creeping goose grass, heaths, on Quarndon common

Plantago major, broad plantain, meadows and pastures, June to August, road sides, common media, hoary plantain, meadows and pastures, May to August, on gravelly soil on

the side of roads lanceolata, rib-grass or plantain, meadows and pastures, June to August, P. fre


Coronopus, star of the earth, or buck's horn plantain, June to August, A. on a sandy bank at Swarkstone

Sanguisorba officinalis, great burnet, meadows and pastures, June, P. Breadsal meadow Cornus sanquinea, wild cornel or dog berry tree, woods, June, white, Derby, Kedleston, Glapwell, &c. common Parietaria officinalis, common pellitory of the wall, walls, May to August, green, on an old wall near the Holmes, Derby Alchemilla vulgaris, ladies' mantle, meadows and pastures, June to July, green arvensis, field ladies' mantle, corn fields, May to August, green.


Cuscuta europæa, greater dodder, hell weed or devil's guts, on thistles, July to September, a parasitical plant on flax and heath Epithymum, lesser dodder, on shrubs, August, on heath and thyme.


Ilex aquifolium, holly tree, hedges, May, white

Potamogeton natans, broad-leaved pond weed, rivers and ponds, July, green

perfoliatum, perfoliated pond weed, rivers and ponds, July to August, purple
densum, close-leaved pond weed, rivers and ponds, June, green
lucens, shining-leaved pond weed, rivulets, June to July, green

crispum, curled pond weed or the greater water caltrops, May to June, red-
dish, in ditches, stagnated waters, and rivers, stem six feet long
compressum, flat-stalked pond weed, rivulets, June to July, green
pectinatum, fennel-leaved pond weed, rivulets, July, olive, in large ponds and


lanceolatum, lanceolate pond weed, rivulets, June to July, greenish Sagina procumbens, trailing pearl wort, chickweed, or break stones, rubbish, May to Aug.

white, dry walls and gravel walks

apetala, annual pearl wort, rubbish, May to June, white, walls, gravel walks, and

other dry situations

Monchia erecta, least stitchwort, gravelly soils, April to May.


Myosotis scorpioides palustris, water mouse ear or scorpion grass, May to August, blue, in

the Wilderness, Priory near Breadsall

arvensis, field scorpion grass, corn fields, May to August, blue, on the high grounds about Derby, frequent

versicolor, small flowered field scorpion, April to June

Lethospermum officinale, corn gromwell, on the side of the road between Matlock bath and

Matlock, June, P.

arvense, corn gromwell or bastard alkanet, corn fields, May to June, A. Breadsall and Allestree Cynoglossum officinale, hound's tongue, rubbish, June, purple and red, P. Ashover and


Symphytural officinale, common comfrey, wet places, May to June, white, hedges and banks of rivers, common

Borago, officinalis, common borage, rubbish, June to July, blue, A. corn fields and road sides Lycopsis arvensis, small bugloss, corn fields, June to July, blue, A.

Echium vulgare, viper's bugloss, limestone hills, July to September, white, B. Horsley Castle and limestone hills, frequent

violaceum, violet coloured bugloss, Ingleby meadows

Primula vulgaris, common primrose, hedge banks, April to May, yellow, P. on hedge banks between Brailsford and Ashbourn

elatior, oxlip primrose, woods, April to May, yellow, P. Mickleover and near Breadsal

officinalis, common cowslip, meadows and pastures, April to May, yellow, P. veris, great cowslip, woods, April to May, yellow, P. Glapwell, Hardwick, &c. Menyanthes trifoliata, water or marsh trefoil or buckbean, in marshes and moist meadows at Mackworth, South Normanton, and Shirley park, not common, June to July, white, P.

Hottonia palustris, water violet, ditches, Chester green and Dead man's lane, near Derby, June to July, flesh colour, P.

Anagallis arvensis, scarlet pimpernel, corn fields, June to July, scarlet, A.

tenella, bog pimpernel or purple-flowered moneywort, boggy places, July to Aug. rose colour, A. on Quarndon Common, Pinxton, &c.

Lysimachia vulgaris, yellow loosestrife or willow herb, waters and shady places, July, yel

low, Markeaton woods, banks of rivers, &c.

nemorum, pimpernel of the woods, woods, May to October, yellow, P. Mack

worth, Markeaton woods, and Coxbench

Nummularia, creeping loosestrife, moist shady places, June to July, yellow, P. in a meadow opposite Spondon, by the Derwent

Convolvulus arvensis, corn bindweed, corn fields and road sides about Derby, June to July,

flesh colour

sepium, great bindweed, in moist hedges about Derby, common, July to Au

gust, white, P.

Polemonium cœruleum, Greek valerian or Jacob's ladder, mountains, June, blue, Lover'sleap, Buxton, limestone cliffs and meadows near Bakewell, Alfreton brook, Woodheaves near Ashbourn, the colour greatly exceeds that of the cultivated plant in brilliancy

Campanula rotundifolia, round-leaved bell flower, heaths, August to September, blue, P.

High Tor, Matlock, Dale Abbey, and Chee Tor

patula, field bell flower, pastures, July to August, violet, B. in the Nut-wood,

Darley, frequent

latifolia, giant or broad-leaved bell flower, shady moist places, August, purple, P. Little Chester, Dovedale, Matlock and Rowsley

Trachelium, Canterbury bells, woods, July, violet, Duffield, Pinxton, &c. glomerata, clustered bell flower, chalky places, July, violet, on old walls at Haddon Hall, in fields on a dry soil

hybrida, lesser Venus, looking-glass or codded corn violet, corn fields, August,

violet, not very common

hederacea, ground ivy or alehoof, moist shady places, June to August, blue, under hedges, very common Jasione montana, hairy sheep's scabious, sandy pastures, June to July, blue, Derby, Pleasley, Wingerworth, &c.

Viola hirta, hairy violet, chalky soil, March to April, blue, P. Matlock bath, not very common odorata, sweet scented violet, shady places, March to April, purple, P. hedge banks about Derby, frequent

palustris, marsh violet, mossy bogs, April, blue, Dingle near Quarndon Common and Markeaton wood

canina, dog's violet, heaths, April to May, blue, P. in Markeaton wood

tricolor, pansies or heart's ease, May to September, yellow, corn fields near Quarndon, Ripley, &c.

lutea, yellow mountain violet, meadow pastures, May to October, yellow, P. Dovedale, Lea, Wirksworth and High Peak

grandiflora, great yellow violet, Moor lands

Verbascum Thapsus, great mullein or lady's foxglove, road sides, July to August, yellow,

Matlock, Middleton dale and Dale Abbey

Lychnitis, white mullein, road sides, July to August, cream colour

nigrums, sage-leaved black mullein, chalky soil, August, yellow, B. on dry banks at Duffield, Makeney, and Stanton by Bridge

blattaria, yellow moth mullein, gravelly places, July, yellow, Haddon Datura stramonium, thorn apple, rubbish, July, white, A. Derby, Pinxton, &c.

Hyoscyamus niger, henbane, rubbish, June, straw colour, B. Darley, Little Chester, Derby,

Chellaston, &c. a poisonous plant Atropa Bella-donna, deadly night-shade, rubbish, June, violet, P. Repton, Horsley and Hardwick, a scarce plant, the berries and plant are poisonous Solanum Dulcamara, woody night-shade or bitter sweet, hedges, June to July, violet, P.

common about Derby

nigrum, common night-shade, rubble, June to October, white, A. in a lane leading to Normanton near Derby Chironia Centaurium, common centaury, gravelly pastures, July to October, rose, high ground about Breadsall

Lonicera caprifolium, pale perfoliate honeysuckle, woods, May to June, yellow pericly menum, common honeysuckle, hedges, May to July, yellow, Duffield and

other places, frequent Rhamnus catharticus, purging buckthorn, hedges, May to June, green, in hedges on the

Duffield road

Frangula, black berry or bearing alder buckthorn, woods, May, white, S. in moist woods and hedges, frequent at Glapwell

Evonymus europæus, spindle tree, hedges, April to May, white, S. romantic rocks at Mat

lock and Stretton

Ribes rubrum, common currant, woods, May, green, S. Derby, Duffield and Mackworth alpinum, mountain currant, woods, April to May, green, in a hedge near Ilam grossularia, rough gooseberry, hedges, green, S. in a stone quarry at Horsley Castle, Duffield and Pleasley Hedera helix, common berried ivy, woods, October, green, Kedleston church is completely covered with it Vinca minor, lesser periwincle, bushy places, May, violet, Little Chester and near to Ash


major, greater periwincle, groves, May, blue, Matlock bath and Pleasley park.


Chenopodium Bonus Henricus, English mercury or allgood, rubbish, May to August, green,

old walls and sometimes in fields

murale, nettle-leaved goose foot, rubbish, August to September, green, some

times in cultivated land

rubrum, red goose foot or sowbane, dunghills and rubbish, August, green urbicum, upright blite, dunghills and ditches by the road side, August,


hybridum, maple-leaved goose foot, rubbish, August, green

album, white orache, rubbish, August, green, gardens and cultivated land viride, green goose foot, rubbish, August, green, frequent on cultivated land serotinum, flag-leaved blite, rubbish, August to October, green, dunghills olidum, stinking goose foot, rubbish, August, green

polyspermum, round-leaved goose foot, blite or allseed, rubbish, July to August, green, dunghills and cultivated ground

Ulmus campestris, elm tree, hedges, April, brown, very fine near Duffield church and about


montana, broad-leaved elm or wych hazel, woods, April, brown, not common Anethum fæniculum, common fennel, dry soil, July to August, yellow Gentiana Pneumonanthe, marsh gentian, moist heaths, August to September, blue

Amarella, autumnal gentian, August, purple, Matlock bath and High pastures,


campestris, field gentian, gravelly pastures, September, purple Sanicula europæa, wood sanicle, woods, May, white

Daucus carota, wild carrot, meadows and pastures about Derby, common, June to July, white Scandix Pecten Veneris, needle chervil, Venus comb or shepherd's needle, corn fields, July,


Anthriscus, rough chervil, hedge banks, May to June, white
cerefolium, garden chervil, hedge banks, June, white'

Torilis Anthriscus, hedge parsley, hedge banks, May to June, white

Caucalis arvensis, corn parsley, corn fields, July, yellowish

Chærophyllum sylvestre, cow parsley or wild cicely, hedges, May to June, white

Myrrhis temulenta, hedge chervil, hedges, July to August

odorata, sweet chervil, hedges, May to June

Sium angustifolium, water parsnip, rivulets, July to August, white, ditches, common

nodiflorum, creeping parsnip, rivulets, July to August, white

Sison inundatum, least parsnip, rivulets, ponds and stagnated waters, May to June, white Bunium bulbocastanum, great earth nut, kipper nut or hawk nut, pastures, May, white,

common about Derby

flexuosum, common pig nut, pastures, May to June, white, common in sandy meadows about Derby Tordylium nodosum, knotted parsley, on heaps of loose stones and on the sides of fields,


Cicuta virosa, long-leaved water hemlock or cowbane, ditches, August, white

Ethusa cynapium, fool's parsley, corn fields, July to August, white, a common garden weed

Conium maculatum, hemlock, hedges, June to July, white
Apium graveolens, wild celery, ditches


Egopodium Podagraria, gout weed, ash weed or herb gerard, shady places, May to June, white, under hedges and in gardens Imperatoria Ostruthium, masterwort, August, white, found near Buxton, probably from a garden, it being a Scotch plant Angelica sylvestris, wild angelica, moist woods, July, flesh colour Pimpinella saxifraga, meadow saxifrage, dry pastures, August, white

magna, great golden saxifrage, woods, July to August, white, in moist grounds, in woods and near springs Hydrocotyle vulgaris, marsh pennywort, marshes, May, common in boggy ground.



Galanthus nivalis, snowdrop or fair maid of February, hedge banks, February, white, Breadsall meadow, in a meadow near Duffield and at Kirk Ireton Narcissus pseudo-narcissus, common daffodil, meadows, March to April, yellow, P. it covers a whole meadow on the banks of the Derwent near Lea wood Allium vineale, crow garlic, meadows, July, flesh colour, Ashover, Breadsall, &c. plentiful, a weed in grass land

ursinum, ramsons, wild garlic, woods, May to June, white, P. Dalbury, Darley, Derby, &c.

oleraceum, streaked field garlic, corn fields, July, green Fritillaria meleagris, common fritillary, meadows, May, purple

Narthecium ossifragum, Lancashire asphodel, bogs, July to August, yellow, P. Dethicke Hyacinthus non scriptus, harebell hyacinth, woods, May, blue, P. Markeaton wood, the roots are said to be poisonous

Scilla nutans, wild hyacinth, woods, May, blue, P. Markeaton wood
Ornithogalum luteum, yellow star of Bethlehem, woods, April, yellow, in the Holmes,


umbellatum, common star of Bethlehem, meadows, April to May, white, in the Holmes, Derby

Convallaria majalis, lily of the valley, meadows, May, white, Dovedale and Via Gellia in


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multiflora, Solomon's seal, woods, May, white, woods opposite Matlock bath Julipa sylvestris, wild tulip, meadows, April, yellow, in the Holmes, Derby

Acorus calamus, sweet-smelling flag, pools, June, green, P. Cutthorpe near Chesterfield.

The root powdered might supply the place of foreign spices

Juncus glaucus, hard rush, meadows and pastures, July
conglomeratus, common rush, meadows and pastures, July
effusus, soft rush, meadows and pastures, July, canal banks
articulatus, jointed rush, moist pastures, June, pastures near Derby
uliginosus, prolicerous headed, fur heaths, June, pastures near Derby
squarrosus, moss rush, wet heaths, June

bulbosus, bulbous rush, moist meadows, June, Little Chester near Derby
bufonius, toad rush, moist meadows, July

Luciola campestris, hairy field rush, barren pastures, May to June

pilosus, hairy rush, meadows and pastures, April
sylvatica, wood rush, woods, May

Berberis vulgaris, barberry bush, bushy places, May to June, yellow, S. hedges at Mackworth and on the Kedleston road. This plant is injurious to corn lands Peplis portula, water purslane, watery places, September, red.


Rumex sanguíneus, bloodwort or bloody dock, shady places, July, B. Dethicke
crispus, curled dock, dry pastures, June to July
acutus, sharp-pointed dock, moist pastures, June
obtusifolius, broad-leaved dock, rubbish, July to August
pulcher, fiddle dock, dry meadows, August

Hydrolapathum, water dock, pools, July to August
maritimus, golden dock, July, P. Swarkstone

palustris, yellow marsh dock, marshes, July to August

acetosa, meadow sorrel dock, meadows and pastures, June, P.

acetosella, sheep's sorrel dock, meadows and pastures, May to June, P. Triglochin palustre, arrow-headed grass, marshy meadows, July, greenish Colchicum autumnale, meadow saffron, meadows, September, purple, very abundant in Breadsall meadow.


Alisma plantago, great water plantain, pits and ponds, July to August, purple ranunculoides, lesser thrum wort, pools, July to August, purple, rare lanceolata, narrow-leaved thrum wort, shallow waters

damasonium, star-headed water plant, pits and ponds, June to August, white, rare.




Epilobium angustifolium, rose bay willow herb, meadows, July, purple, Darley, Matlock, and on the edge of Markeaton brook hirsutum, great hairy willow herb or codlins and cream, watery places, July, pink, P.

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